Zecharia Sitchin Lecture 2010 – Why Jerusalem?

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Zecharia Sitchin Lecture 2010 – Why Jerusalem?

Jim Grapek





This was the last time I filmed Zecharia. He passed not long after this. Being it’s my copyright and artistic work… after seeing it again in my archives I decided it was time to post it and make it available to everyone. I believe this was actually filmed in the spring of ’09 or ’10 — not 2012, as the video title indicates. It is an insightful and stimulating talk. Funny, I had completely forgotten what this talk was about. When I reviewed it and saw it was about Jerusalem, I thought, “Wow, how timely! What a coincidence.” Or perhaps a little nudge from the other side? LOL The talk runs about two hours, so grab some popcorn, your favorite beverage, and take in the insights this great scholar had to share.




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