Video Updates: Winter Solstice 12.21.17 Rainbow Portal Conference Call

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Winter Solstice 12.21.17 Rainbow Portal Collective Activation Conference Call


Conference call on Thursday December 21, 2017 5:30 PM Pacific time.



Come Play in the conversation on 12.21.17. We will be talking about the return to our Original Code- as is our divine right. As we move through the Rainbow portal and the Quantum up jumps in vibrational frequencies.

We will be looking at the Waves of Expansive energies sweeping the planet and through each individual.

At what that means to our own predominant vibrational frequencies.

What that signals for what we will see Revealed and Unfold in the External and the Internal.

What we can expect in navigating the 2 World Split and how to Ride Out / Ride With the continually raising energy frequencies with the Next Super Moon- The Wolf Moon on 1.1.18 and the Blue Moon Total lunar eclipse Blood Moon on 1.31.18


Time to Be ALL In! as Creator Beings, because anything less will make the ride extremely Uncomfortable to say the least.


What are you creating and to what heights are you willing to Rise!


I Love You






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  1. Doreen says : Reply

    Many good humans sowed seeds of a new reality in the ether. Now it’s up to us to nurture them [balance, peace, love, harmony, unity, healing, freedom etc.] Join us to help harvest them with most ease.

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