WILL SMITH Said “I Had Enough Is Time To Speak Out Can’t Burn Inside Anymore I Need PEACE”

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WILL SMITH Said “I Had Enough Is Time To Speak Out Can’t Burn Inside Anymore I Need PEACE”









12 Responses to “WILL SMITH Said “I Had Enough Is Time To Speak Out Can’t Burn Inside Anymore I Need PEACE””

  1. Zero Point says : Reply

    Why is what he says any more or less important than let’s say, You or I?

    Sorry, I’m not into celebrity SHIT Show!!!

    • Allison Keyte says : Reply

      I agree zero point, however. The ones that are awake feel this way. When someone like Will Smith speaks out, I jump for joy. The asleep hear what he says and then just maybe it will ignite them to begin to ask more questions, question the narrative. If the asleep would listen to what you or I or anyone in alternate media would present to them we would be golden. Love to all.

    • Yvonne Scarlett says : Reply

      Zero, the only difference, celeb or not, he took the time to speak out this short video. Make one, this kind of message can’t be said too many times. In this bumper car ride of the times reminders are always welcome. Peace

    • Even if you are not why is it necessary to be so negative?

  2. Belinda says : Reply

    You got it

  3. Stephanie says : Reply

    It’s called Pavlov conditioning by the Media!!! Yes break away, break to Peace, it comes from within!!!

  4. bobby says : Reply

    good point….I have`t watched TV for almost 5 yrs now and it cameos me sort of the same way….the news and …ducks selling me insurance?????I can speak now with little experience I watch nothing but netflix and such , movies and documentaries !!! the other day I went to the gym and between going back and forth (2 exercises) and (2) different TV screens I turned cuz a friend said ” how ya doin” and I said ya know I been here 5 minutes and between those 2 news shows on those TV`s I feel afraid and angry!!!!! I never noticed it before that time !!! just from looking and listening to MSNBC and CNN for 5 minutes!! I am so glad I do not watch that SHIT anymore….

  5. I absolutely love Will Smith’s awakened answer to his shocking thoughts. It shows people are waking up all over this matrix. Poor, rich, celeb or not. Great video. Let us wake the masses and make like a tree and leaf the heck outta here together. <3 🙂

  6. Ingrid says : Reply

    Love conquers All!!
    Let Peace Begin, and let it begin with us!
    It can be contagious!
    It was a long slumber but the alarm clock wet off and we are awake! WOOHOO!

    Keep spreading Joy – Peace and Love!

  7. Aidan says : Reply

    We need to get back on track going after our Trust Accounts I am getting really tired of IUV & all these distractions soon I will be moving on away from all this b.s.

  8. kris says : Reply

    youtube censorship strikes again, the video was removed

  9. Simone says : Reply

    Thank You Will. You are so right about it ! Peace can be addictive too. Just keep being mindful of how what you are doing makes you feel. So very important. Anger creates more anger and destructive reactions…peace creates intelligent decisions. Be at Peace, create a better world, wisely.

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