What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Flu

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What the Media Won’t Tell You About the Flu







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  1. Mariela Tage son says : Reply

    With my respect I believe the flu shot is just another industry using the people is a commodity for the bankers each individual imagine that how much money ,they make but they don’t guarantee you they injection is going to work they don’t care they don’t care
    they only see money 💲💲💵…
    We are just be in use it’s a guinea pig…
    We don’t see this son in anymore we all know with a blue sky anymore we don’t know what happened to the real clouds in the sky all we see is plane going by spraying toxic chemical our our air
    To make the human population sick for they can make money that is so evil everything they’re doing is against the human race is against our Galaxy.
    the time will come and they will pay for for all the damage they had cause in our planet those evil entity they hiding in the dark,

    Pretty soon every single one it’s going to be exposed and I hope the next one is going to be about the geo-engineering.. Chemtrail
    And the fake cell phone tower…

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