Vaccination Visuals

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Vaccination Visuals

by James Perloff, published on April 5, 2017


Picture credit: David Dees

My book Truth Is a Lonely Warrior has an extensive chapter on vaccines. No pictures in that chapter, though. So for this blog post, I’m going visual-intensive, because we’re in a visual age.

This article includes many videos. I have tried to select ones of limited lengths (ranging from 30 seconds to 15 minutes) to keep busy readers from getting tied down. And YouTube videos, of course, can be speeded up by clicking “settings” and “speed.” However, the post is still not a quickie read and will more likely serve as a reference.

We in alternative media don’t have the billion-dollar marketing resources that Big Pharma does. I want to thank all the creators of memes, charts, banners, cartoons and videos utilized in this post. I especially credit Whale, VAXXED TV, Hear This Well, and My Incredible Opinion. I encourage you to visit their websites and YouTube channels for further information, and especially to watch the movie Vaxxed.




Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, pediatrician:

dr. palevsky


Dr. Alvin Moss is interviewed by Polly Tommey, co-producer of Vaxxed, and herself the mother of an autistic son:







Dr. Boyd Haley, former chairman of the Chemistry Department, University of Kentucky:




Dr. Hale explains her views on vaccines here.



Dr. Humphries interviewed on vaccines:







Here’s Dr. Rachael Ross:

You can read Dr. Ross’s views on vaccines on her website.




Former Merck sales rep Brandy Vaughan:

Former Merck salesman Scott Cooper:

Research nurse:

Calgary nurses:
 Nurse Julie Sterns:

Personal anecdote: I (this post’s author) am a retired registered nurse. In the early 1990s, I was working at a major Boston-area hospital. One day, an announcement was made that an urgent all-staff meeting was to be held in the auditorium; we were to attend in staggered groups. I thought some sort of emergency had occurred.

As it turned out, the big news was that the CDC was mandating that all health-care workers receive, for our protection, three injections of hepatitis B vaccine. This made no sense to me. The only real way we could contract hepatitis B in the hospital environment was by accidentally sticking ourselves with a contaminated needle. Now it was true that, in the old days, we re-sheathed used needles, and if you were careless, you could prick yourself. However, needles were being phased out; we no longer piggybacked medications into IV lines using needles; instead we used adaptors. Furthermore, if we did use needles, we never re-sheathed them; every patient room had a red drop-box for them. Chances of accidentally sticking yourself with a dirty needle were nearly zero; and if you did, what were the odds of its being contaminated with hepatitis B?

What especially startled me was that even the hospital’s housekeepers were instructed to get the injections. I asked why this was so, since they had no contact with patients. The answer: “Well, some careless nurse might leave an uncapped syringe lying on a bed. And when the housekeeper makes the bed, she might not notice it and stick herself.”

I said that the odds of getting hepatitis B that way must be billions to one. I was told, “Even so, as long as it’s possible, they should get the shots.” I thought to myself, “Well, it’s possible that, while I’m walking down the streets of Boston, a piano might fall on my head. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to buy anti-piano insurance, or wear special equipment to protect myself from falling pianos.”

I refused those hepatitis B shots and signed a waiver. At that time, by the way, I had never doubted the efficacy or safety of vaccines. But we were being told to do something that made no sense, and in medicine, we were supposed to act rationally. I made a mental note to myself that something strange was going on, and that I should explore it in the future.

First, take a minute as Bernard Rimland, PhD, founder of the Autism Society of America and the Autism Research Institute, asks parents in his audience a question: (Dr. Rimland was investigating autism when it was still a little-known phenomenon, half a century ago, as this this 1968 documentary shows.)
 Sheila Ealey:

Nicolas LaHood, Criminal District Attorney, Bexar County, Texas:

Eric, a single father:

Australian mom Tasha David:

Cindy, a mom in Beaumont, Texas:

visit to see more proof of the harm of vacines


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