Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts

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12.9.17 The option to upload screenshots or image files of Transaction Confirmations is now available on the A2V Testing Form. Click here

 8.2.17 There is so much more to all of this than just accessing your TDA accounts and utilizing them.
All the background you need on the original filings and supporting information can be found on the I UV.
Look at the top Navigation bar and click on the OPPT Absolute and all the subnavigation. The earliest information is at the bottom sub nav links.
Much of it has been translated.
(You can click in upper right corner of this site to translate the whole site via Google translate.)
This may be a helpful place to start- https://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/oppt-goes-public/

HATJ: Note to YOU! (kiss)    https://i-uv.com/hatj-note-to-you-kiss/
Delivered from HATJ, to you on eve of 7.28.17,     bz


 7.25.17    Current Status of Events Now Unfold : HATJ Washington DC




I have created a page “Documents for proof of ownership for funds” you can find it by Clicking Here  it needs to be finished but will give you a start.

its busting loose- https://i-uv.com/the-wizard-behind-the-curtain-awareness-of-control-structure-on-earth/   you pushed it over to critical mass.!!!


If you are clean and clear, 100% responsible and liable and Know Who You Are then there is flow and fun in these Doings and elation that the time Has Arrived! for us to access our factualized trusts. 🙂

This is an unfolding Creation by All Enbodyments! Please use the comment section to share/document your : Blocks, declines, reversals… And your Successes. This will help the Energy expand and flow it throughout ALL systems. BZ


A brief description of what these Treasury Direct Accounts (TDA) are: They are repositories of property being held IN trust, for You. A Factualized trust self secured created on the day of birth for each Being on the planet. The ones that are being accessed right now are called US Treasury Direct Accounts. There are so many accounts all around the planet with your name on it, you would be staggered, not all of them are ever seen. There is state level, federal level, international level.. all these districts…

In the old days, someone might find one of these accounts, like a state level one and there would be like 300-400 million in it and the PTW bankers, would say take it and go, sign this and never come back… the bankers would laugh because there would be Billions of dollars left behind and that person would never know about their Billions…

Everything on the planet was put into one big trust. This is all “the property” held in the trust. This “property” is a conversion of You. Your Value, converted into property and held in these accounts. It used to all be held in one large account, all Enbodyments’ conversion of value on the planet being held in one large trust. Everything got moved out of that trust and into each and everyone’s own Factualized trust which was pr-existing to the actual large trust the PTW used to hold everything in. They are actually called factualized trusts, they are factualized, created on the day of birth. They are Yours! You just did not know it.

The PTW have been using them all of this time, Now they cannot. Actually they Have not been able to use since The OPPT closed the one big trust. For those who want to refresh your memory or look into the OPPT for the first time click on the OPPT Absolute link at the header of this blog, you will find original findings and tons of info there. These Treasury Direct Accounts are tied to your social security account- your factualized trust account. The social security card is basically an ATM card, Your ATM card, without the magnetic strip. (expect it is connected to an unlimited account 😉 The word picture I would paint to describe the amount of money in Your Treasury Direct account- is to think of it as a Non depletion account. example- You draw out $500,000 and if you checked the balance it would be $500,000.

HATJ- Heather is working on getting all of the blocks, reversals… etc worked out so the flow to access and Utilize your representation of value out of your TDA’s is smooth. Keeping in the flow of the process, in joy and warp speed is important for all, documenting everything with screen shots and saving emails etc for successes and blocks, cancels, reversals … allows Heather to work with the bakers, family’s, dragons… to stop and resolve those tricks/issues….


The comments section is a great place for you to share your documentation process. The comments can be easily scanned to see where there is flow and blocks and to open up the river of abundance. I will scan the comment section, most of the time I will add what answers I can in the main post under that area it connects with. Please look there for update info.


We are all together in coordinated cooperation, and collective energy creation to open the flow- I will be adding a link section to other blogs, Facebook sites etc where people are working in these collective energies. Please send me links that fit there.

Tip: As you are working through the different steps to access and utilize your TDA accounts, remember, like in my paypal recipe, the same protocols and procedures that apply in accounts, bank and other wise apply in this case. Length of days to transfer, time for account to update, min/max amounts and many others. So when you are connecting your TDA to something to utilize it, ask yourself, what is the usual way this is transacted, that sort of question. Then you will have a frame of reference for what to expect.


Spreadsheet of TDA Testing:

This form has been created so that people can fill in the Doings that they have created so far. The data can then be exported to a spread sheet so the success and fails can be worked through. Clean up the block with the fails and create recipes and best practices from the successes. Here is a shortened link to use for the google doc form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxnofrWHQZF8IqUCG9EUj0feeCjXi5pdWUPEgsHkFH3WpyBw/viewform

You can see the results so far at this page https://i-uv.com/hatj-trust-all-on/documents-for-proof-of-ownership-for-funds/testing-spread-sheet/
Direct download by clicking here  The option to upload screenshots or image files of Transaction Confirmations is available on the A2V Testing Form.

7.19.17- proof of success from a very happy pup!

Purchase from Amazon. https://i-uv.com/tda-success-7-19-17-proof-of-success-from-a-very-happy-pup/


Have a look at this scenario-   https://i-uv.com/testing-the-new-financial-system-by-fireswan-7-14-17/

now have a look at these supporting pieces of data:

1. “For ACH, check, or adjustment support, please contact 877-372-2457” –

2. https://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/060717-same-day-ach-debit-reporting.pdf


Saying that each one of You is having a MAJOR Impact in Changing things is a HUGE Understatement!!

Most financial institutions are feeling what you are doing and know the impact you are having. You, I mean, They are employing lots of new people, lol to fill in for all their seasoned employees they are having to move, to specially created new departments to ball things up so your efforts are delayed, distrupted, diverted. Excellent, 🙂

Paypall, is hopping up and down and pulling their hair out! with all the beautiful beings in the Millions who are flowing this expansive energy into their system and working through steps to use paypal as a portal for letting their TDA’s flow.

One perspective might be to hold that you are not having success, or its not working… in a small narrow linear perspective for many that is fact. In a broader, larger linear perspective that is not fact. In a multidimensional perspective on all levels that is False.

Things are changing very fast and some pieces of the information below do not always work the way they first did and are described below. Everything on This blog post is being watched very carefully by the PTW. – Hi guys, thanks for letting us show you we know how to stand in our power.-  Everything in that small working skype room, that HATJ mentioned on Wednesday Nights unfuckersunite call is watched and reacted to. Everything. They also have minions who watch and scan all other blogs, FB, etc that are having discussions and doings there. Excellent,  🙂

Things at this moment are changing so fast, with routing numbers working, then not working, then working again, and variations on that, its hard for me to pin it down long enough to write a new recipe or make intelligent coherent updates to the info in the post. One tip is that in each section of this post, like countries, resources… the information at the top of each individual section is the newest information I have to post for that area/focus. When I get a moment to do it and some data I can pin down at least for a few minutes, lol, I will update the post totally, keeping all original information at bottom for refference. And recreate a clearer, as up to date as that moment allows new version of the info in an organized way.

Right now HATJ’s focus is on extracting Randy form his kidnapping situation/cell. She is also working on steps and calls and meetings and docs/details to push things through, when I get it you will see it here. See message update from HATJ on that, on the post for randy HERE  , and see reference to it in comment section of this post.

One of the things I am working on is taking details and specific language that HATJ has given me to create a recipe that you can all use along with Your factualized trust docs, to show proof, origin and ownership of your accounts and funds. This would be used for any bank/institution/business… that needs it for verification the property in the TDA accounts are yours under your sole control. I will have the emails you would send out, complete with the contents you leave as is and where you put your pertinent information along with what docs, pdf’s get attached to what email and the order in which you send them.



If you are worried, afraid, stressed, confused, _________,  __________, … Then Stop!

Take a breath, go outside in Gaia. Tune into the waves of Love washing the planet. Then if you feel connected again to who you are, tune into what would be a next step for you to take?



Update: 7.12.17- My personal recommendation is that everyone pause for a little while. The reason for that is there seem to be some people who do not understand who they really are, that they are the value, and these accounts are Your accounts, created because You were created to come to this planet to complete this whole cycle. To End The Enslavement of Humanity.

You are warriors of Love. Your Love, Your Light, Your Limitless Creator abilities are your sword which cleaves through all the last vestiges of deception fear and oppression. In you, there is a deep Knowing this is so, and this is what you came here to do. So the pause is prudent for You when you do not stand in this knowing. You are a creator being, as I said at the beginning of the this post when first posted. “If you are clean and clear, 100% responsible and liable and Know Who You Are then there is flow and fun in these Doings…” This accessing and utilizing of your accounts is about “money”, yes. (Don’t let the old energy of money suck you back into a place of fear, worry, uncertainty and They Said I can’t Do It so I must Obey.) But the truest abundance and power of this is accessing and utilizing YOU, and creating the End of the Old sytem and the Birth of the New. 

I know people have had success that has not been reversed, I know first hand on that as I’m one of them. I know people have had problems with reversals, refusals, glitches…, I know first hand on that as I’m one of them. I know some people have had some freezes etc. As soon as I get some details about the meeting, the paperwork etc. I will post here, thank you each, for all of the beautiful beings that you are and for standing in your power to free All Beings in Sources Multiverse from the tyranny of the old system. bz


Opening post- 7.9.17 This will be a working post. Things are moving at hyper-speed so I will do my best to keep it updated and organized. You do your part to Start Doing, try different things, learn, play, flow where you want and need to … Dip your toe in or dive into the deep all at once. I live in the US, so I have done things with the US routing numbers etc. This is an international blog and post so as people dig into the particulars for each country I will post those details. Use the recipes as a guide and modify for your location. I will keep updating the information as new resources get uncovered. I will try to help put together a step by step recipe of how to go into different institutions/banks… ie: paypal, large banks, credit unions, bill pay, car dealerships, real estate co… as I sort through all the Doings all you Beautiful Beings are doing so we can refine and define each one with specific steps…

What people are doing, and there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many of us doing Beautiful Doings. People are taking steps to access and utilize our TDA’s. Just start, play, come from your heart, KNOW the TRUTH of Who YOU Are!. Be 100% responsible and Reliable and get started. They are paying off utility bills, credit cards, buying CD’s from their bank and cashing them in early, buying cars, RV’s, helping others pay off a bill, buying something they want. One person put in a skype room 2 days ago, that so far he had accessed 29 Million and spent 2 Million. Limitless possibilities.


Has everyone had success with everything they have tried, the first time they have tried it? No. Do they keep going, keep digging, keep taking the next step? YES!


Recipe Section: I will be creating different recipes of of to step by step do things. You provide the joy and energy and then share what you did. Sometimes I will post an outline of a recipe and then refine…

There was a 3 hour call Friday night 7.7.17 with 62 people on it. HATJ gave some background and answered some questions. There were other questions answered by Bob and others. the call is split into 3 files as it was so large and long.

Call 1 part 1 click here to play or download.

Call 1 part 2 click here to play or download.

Call 1 part 3 click here to play or download.

Getting started Recipe-

1. Get your social security card. 2. look on the back for red letter and number or black… (mine was red). The red letter is what you want (in US, may be different internationally) The letter corresponds to the district branch for the Federal Reserve Branch, FRB, your TDA is linked through. look up branch on the charts below.

Tip- When submitting a question or sharing a block with a routing number. Please write the number in question like this F-0640001010 . The capitol letter will let everyone know which district of FRB.

**** Note- For USA- If your social security card does not have a red letter/black letter and number on the back you will need to get a new one. Usually if it was issued before the 70’s it does not. If you do not have a social security card request a replacement. Information Click HERE

****people outside of USA, I don’t have any recipes yet. There are many people all over the world working on the banking protocols used in different jurisdictions. The links below by country are the ones that seem to connect the most dots, I left out the other reams of data being waded through. If your country is not listed Yet, its because someone has not brought forward info. You can and I will add to this post.


Return Codes:

7.22.17  Treasury :: Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Enterprise Data Architecture. Data Dictionary/Change Log


– ACH Return Code R34 – Limited participation DFI
Description: The RDFI participation has been limited by a federal or state supervisor.RDFI – Receiving Depository Financial InstitutionSo the receiving entities participation in the ACH system has been limited by a federal or state supervisor.So this – ‘A Financial Institution received an Entry to an account that was sold to another financial Instituti’sa on. Your Customer account was sold to another bank but the Customer Record in PaySimple was not updated with the new bank information, the the payment you processed was sent to the old bank and cannot be honored.’ – sounds like a misinterpretation combined with an excuse, or an obfuscation. Possibly one that was also given to the Landlord. If an account is sold to another bank the new bank notifies you of the change … or somebody does.
We’re looking at the end of ‘money’, once and for ALL. How that plays out, may not require a description. or even a language. But it will BE FUN. Beyond our wildest dreams. So what’s your wildest dream for this now? Bring it! ALL CREATORS WELCOME. 😀 (heart)

*** Any one having trouble accessing or been blocked in anyway, ask your bank for the reason code. Here’s a link to them;


7.22.17  Treasury :: Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Enterprise Data Architecture. Data Dictionary/Change Log



7.22.17 a post from Skype

“from David Arnold: JUST SAW THIS LET ME KNOW HOW IT GOES!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys good news! We’ve been using our SS routing numbers wrong!

My best friend has discovered this as well and here’s what we’ve uncovered: The FRB is just the funding source to a Central bank where our real accounts are held. Each persons bank location will be different. The bank must be a full service bank that accepts ACH and Fedwire.

But wait there’s more, any bank with a name that has the words America, Citizen, Federal, Trust, or United are where the accounts are actually held. And it’s those routing numbers in conjunction with the SS with a “0” added to the front as the account number is how you access your money. The reversals happen often times because the bill collectors we are trying to pay our debts off with, are really not equipped to take the FRB routing directly. This explains why everyone is getting the code R34 when the payment is rejected.

That code means limited participation and it’s telling the cable company for example that their VIP access to the FRB directly is being denied. So the cable company needs the routing number from that bank with the word “America” in it to then activate the FRB to send funds through. Now the FRB may turn their routing numbers on and off but to do that with a lower bank would draw too much attention and further validate what everyone is learning; they’re LIARS.

We also noticed another pattern, the letter on the back of the SS is not as important as the first number of the SS. This is a more organized plan than what we thought. It seems that everyone who’s SS begins with a 2 really belongs to the FRB with the 02 that bank then funds a lesser bank with the word America in it and that routing also starts with 02 the letter on the back of the SS shows what FRB services that one.

Now we haven’t figured out what it means for one FRB to service another but what we did find is that my friends account is with the bank with the word America in it! It really took just paying attention to the patterns but it appears we may have cracked the code. I’ll keep everyone posted… oh btw.. I found out that the very bank I already have an account with also has my secret account there… smh! It has the word Trust as part of the banks name and just as I said their routing number is also the same as the first digit of my social and the matches the FRB branch that funds it.

Anyone with a gmail.com can set up google wallet to plug in the routing number and the SS with the “0” in front of it’s the correct routing it’ll say thank you and tell you to wait to verify 2 small deposits. Of course you can’t verify the deposits but what you will be able to verify is what your correct routing number is of the lesser bank the FRB is actually funding. I’ll try and find the link we used to get the list of all the lower banks that use Fedwire and Fed ACH because those are the routing numbers everyone needs.

Side note: These people are Luciferians and they do things in reverse. We found the answer by working in reverse which led us to the beginning if that makes sense. And before anyone ask, no, my friend and I are not luciferians, but you have to know your enemy to beat him at his game! God bless”


Current Routing Numbers of Federal Reserve district branches- These routing numbers have 7.14.17 as their update date


011000015 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
021001208 Federal Reserve Bank, 100 Orchard Street, East Rutherford NJ 07073
031000040 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
041000014 Federal Reserve Bank, Ach Department, Atlanta GA 30309
051000033 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
052000278 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
053000206 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
061000146 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
064000101 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St, N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
071000301 Federal Reserve Bank, 1000 Peachtree St N.e., Atlanta GA 30309
081000045 Federal Reserve Bank, Po Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
082000138 Federal Reserve Bank-lr, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
091000080 Federal Reserve Bank Of Minneapolis, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
101000048 Federal Reserve Bank, Po Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
101050001 The Vault Federal Reserve Bank Kc, 1 Memorial Drive, Kansas City MO 64198
102000199 Denver Federal Reserve Bank-ach Unit, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
103000240 Federal Reserve Bank Oklahoma Branch, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
111000038 Federal Reserve Bank, Po Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
112000011 Federal Reserve Bank El Paso, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
113000049 Fed Reserve Bk, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
114000721 Federal Reserve Bank San Antonio, P O Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480
121000374 Federal Reserve Bank, Po Box 291, Minneapolis MN 55480


Updates to Routing numbers-

The capitol letter refers to the district FRB and will match the letter on back of your ss card. B- Just successfully used 021001208 to pay my car insurance. The only time that number has not worked was for my purported student loan. In that instance I used 021050466.

E- The Richmond ACH Routing number that worked for me for a Wells Fargo CC : Routing Number 051050339. When I plugged that in, the bank and address autofilled.

E- FRB Richmond routing number 051050009 if you are NOT having success with 051000033


Guys, sometimes there are “branch Federal Reserves” like the one in Denver. It’s mother is the Federal Reserve in Kansas City. Always use the main Reserve routing number, not the branch, as the main holds your accounts.


2. Find the section that corresponds to your letter. go to this site http://www.usbanklocations.com/check-routing-number.php you can either type in the routing number or the bank name or FRB and the main city. It will look something like this when you click on the routing number that gets returned in a broader search.


fed routing example




This is an example of A FRB routing number screen.

Notice the 1st highlight with a T. This should say FedACH if it is a valid routing number for setting up a funds transfer. Like when you link an outside bank account to an existing bank account of yours to transfer money back and forth etc. or if you go to a vendor like a utility and want to pay your bill using a bank account of yours as the funding source. If it does not say that then you will need to suss out a different routing number for your Letter region.

Notice the 2nd highlight with a W. If you want to wire funds to pay for something, like a car, real estate, or anything else that you would wire funds to… the routing number you have selected needs to provide this information.

Notice- its different then the ACH. This is the additional information you will need to supply when completing a wire transfer to complete a transaction. The third highlight is the date the record was updated.


3. Now you are ready to start to utilize your TDA account.

4. pick a place to start and use the routing number that is correct for you and correct for the kind of transaction you want to complete, your social security number no dashes is your account number. ** note- when filling in a routing number, some forms cap you at 9 digits, if you have to many drop the zero from the end of the routing number.

5. You would select Checking from the drop down menu. When entering information about the account you use your name that is on your social security card as the account holders name. You use the FRB branch address as the “billing address”. Use your phone # as the phone.




Resources Links:

Documents from HATJ- Click here to see the Page-                  Trust ~ ALL ON!!!

Post of Randy’s Experience-







link to some of Harvy’s videos https://i-uv.com/pay-bills-now-using-your-secret-account/



Research Directions:

(f)  DOCUMENTATION AS EVIDENCE.–In any action involving a consumer, any documentation required by this section to be given to the consumer which indicates that an electronic fund transfer was made to another person shall be admissible as evidence of such transfer and shall constitute prima facie proof that such transfer was made.” from https://www.fdic.gov/regulations/laws/rules/6000-1350.html

(e)  TREBLE DAMAGES.–If in any action under section 915, the court finds that–
(1)  the financial institution did not provisionally recredit a consumer’s account within the ten-day period specified in subsection (c), and the financial institution (A) did not make a good faith investigation of the alleged error, or (B) did not have a reasonable basis for believing that the consumer’s account was not in error; or
(2)  the financial institution knowingly and willfully concluded that the consumer’s account was not in error when such conclusion could not reasonably have been drawn from the evidence available to the financial institution at the time of its investigation,
then the consumer shall be entitled to treble damages determined under section 915(a)(1).
(b)  BURDEN OF PROOF.–In any action which involves a consumer’s liability for an unauthorized electronic fund transfer, the burden of proof is upon the financial institution to show that the electronic fund transfer was authorized or, if the electronic fund transfer was unauthorized, then the burden of proof is upon the financial institution to establish that the conditions of liability set forth in subsection (a) have been met, and, if the transfer was initiated after the effective date of section 905, that the disclosures required to be made to the consumer under section 905(a)(1) and (2) were in fact made in accordance with such section.

Hmmm…no. 6 under ‘Strategy’ is  i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g :^) http://www.internallydisplacedpeople.org/joomla30/index.php/articles/35-the-1776-agenda-of-the-new-world-order-ordered-by-a-rothschild-designed-by-a-jesuit
“6) The power of their resources must remain invisible until the very moment that they have gained the strength so that no group or force can undermine it.”

7.19.17  Paypal: BZeven though my TDA, account was verified by phone with a paypal representative and then linked to my account on July 8, then once the transfer of funds process from that TDA account to my paypal business account was initiated, and then returned by paypal. and no other routing numbers were tried to link to my paypal. On July 18th, they limmited my account. Paypal informed me, via email,  I needed to upload a bank statement. So I called them directly. (they were closed last night, 18th)

7.19.17 – just had a nice long chat with Jake, at paypal. And I now have “hidden” link, to direct upload url to be able to upload all my “proof of ownership docs” for my tda account in question.

I told him I was happy to submit the proof of ownership with specificity and particularity. But did not want to have that information lost in the que, of someone just processing formation with no understanding of a lawfull, legal, fiduciary document stating the proof of ownership, the origin of funds and the account being under my sole controll.  I stated that this proof of ownership document was Complete in its detail, and included all the commercial code references, the law of the land in financial maters, documents that are in the proof of ownership document Paypal was requesting. So that when their corporate security back office reviewed the proof of ownership document they would have the complete documentation and evidence before them.

I pointed out that their interface for uploading a bank statement was not set up to take the legal document of proof of funds I have to comply with their request. I was happy to do it, with full details but their system would not comply with my upload.

He finally said he would give me this specific url for handling a case like mine.


‘U.S. Treasury securities’ 


Treasury Services-
Consumers can buy and redeem marketable U.S. Treasury securities and savings bonds directly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form through TreasuryDirect.
The Minneapolis bank is the only electronic site in the Federal Reserve System that provides purchase and account maintenance services to the public on behalf of the U.S. Treasury. The bank also processes the redemption of paper savings bonds.    https://www.minneapolisfed.org/about/what-we-do/treasury    1-612-204-5000


Clearing Codes:






Dots that have been researched for countries around the world:



Look up US Bank routing numbers http://www.usbanklocations.com/check-routing-number.php

National Insurance number format https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/national_insurance_number_format_2

Money without borders- transfer money online https://transferwise.com/register#/

Search your ssn with dashes on this site to see who is trading on your acct… https://www.gmeiutility.org/search.jsp


International (mostly for outside of USA, but not all)

Here is another site that gives info about some TIN#s worldwide. http://www.oecd.org/tax/automatic-exchange/crs-implementation-and-assistance/tax-identification-numbers/

For all those looking for their TDA in Europe, this link summarizes the codes of the national personal identification codes, much like the encodings used in america.


from the main link




FRB- International Payments Resource Center   https://www.frbservices.org/eventseducation/education/international_payments.html

Some useful information on BIC, IBAN and SWIFT for Europeans : http://auctionfeecalculator.com/iban-transfers.html

International bank codes list    https://www.tgbr.com/tgbr/help/RTN.html

Look up SWIFT codes https://www.swiftcodes.info/united-kingdom/page/41/ https://www2.swift.com/bsl/facelets/bicsearch.faces

Oracle Payments Implementation Guide https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26401_01/doc.122/e48768/T387353T469339.htm

International Securities Identification Number – https://www.isin.org/isin/
ISO Maintenance Agencies – https://www.iso.org/maintenance_agencies.html


this PDF document has interesting info on credit card encodings and cards used as a document …..
Download it to this link   https://www.regexbuddy.com/manual/RegexBuddy.pdf
For example on page 327 of doc. It is about coding the various credit cards and just after those used as documents ….. it is not easy to read, but it can be useful to decode the SSNs of other countries ..

Thanx T… I’ve checked https://www.frbservices.org/files/serviceofferings/pdf/fedach_global_service_orig_manual.pdf and as it seems we in Europe have to go through DZ Bank in Germany in order to reach the FED at the other end.. “The Federal Reserve Bank, Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank (DZ Bank) and Equens work together to serve as conduits for bidirectional payments into and out of the United States and the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

DZ Bank acts as the foreign gateway operator, while Equens acts as the processing service provider and agent for all cross-border items into these countries. This service supports forward ACH 1-day and 2-day credits originated in the U.S. and destined to any receiver’s account at a commercial bank in participating European countries.  Items originating in Europe are delivered to the Federal Reserve Bank and are then edited and distributed to U.S. RDFIs.”
Over here we have to add a OCR (Optical Character Recognition) number when paying bills.. which has to be done from within a local bank, this number links who’s paying to who’s getting paid.. i.e. individuals/companies..


United Nations Directories for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport

http://www.unece.org/trade/untdid/d10b/tred/tred3055.htm https://www.unece.org/trade/untdid/d00a/tred/tred3055.htm



7.27.17 Australia

Hi guys, I don’t know whether this is important, but I will share any way. I am in Australia, and I successfully add my TDA account to my Amazon account using Richmond Routing No. 0517-3615-8 (which handle “TREASURYDIRECT” and “BUREAU OF THE PUBLIC DEBT” and my Social Welfare No. (which is “Centrelink No.” = SSN of America) , then I order an item worth $A28 just to try out on 17 July 2017, so far I haven’t got Reversal, and the item is on the way here, here is a few Screen shot of this Doing.

see images : https://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/scrn1.jpg


In Amazon, when you choose to add a “Checking Account” at the bottom of “Payment Method”, the SSN# allow you to input digit number up to 17 digits, so 11 digits for French shouldn’t be a problem, the same field, you can also try to use your Driver’s Licence Number, then Routing Number use the Richmond One (0517-3615-8), at the bottom, put your Driver’s Licence Number again, State field, choose “VA” for Virginia (which is the State for Richmond).



ok this is what i have done so far: 00006 or 000000 are bank of canada transit numbers. (we don’t have regionals like in the us, as far as i can tell.) 010 is the bank of canada code.

for the account number: nine digit SIN (Social Insurance Number) i have “added” this account successfully with the 00006 transit number using the PAYPAL account. don’t know how to do that with a regular bank.

next is to call paypal using the method above. the oracle [i ching] is on our side : 787677


Wondering how this may work for someone like myself from Canada, who used to work in the US. I was given a SSN even though we have SINs here on Canada.

I plugged my SSN into https://www.gmeiutility.org/search.jsp that I remembered out of the blue when I saw Roberts message above and see that in fact many are trading on the account tied to my SSN from years ago that I worked in Michigan.



Info on payment clearing in Europe https://www.ecb.europa.eu/pub/pdf/other/glossaryrelatedtopaymentclearingandsettlementsystemsen.pdf

For those in the EURO https://www.bis.org/cpmi/publ/d105_eu.pdf Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

http://www.lseg.com/LEI http://www.lei-lookup.com/#!search




Here’s an overview of SEPA, which is the ‘framework’ which covers ‘credit transfers’, ‘direct debits’ and ‘card payments’ in europe. This is posted to complement the link posted above in relation to SEPA and written in italian –http://www.ecb.europa.eu/paym/retpaym/shared/pdf/SEPA_e-brochure_2013.pdf

Bank transfers in Europe involve a BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) Here’s the former ECB’s blurb about that –


An interesting list of abbreviations in relation to euro area transfers – https://www.iban.com/whatis.html

Found this link which demonstrates a wire transfer from the US to an international destination amongst other things. Shows the use of the IBAN in such a transfer – https://www.key.com/kttu/pdf/ugWireTransfer.pdf



http://expertinalllegalmatters.com/hmrc-fraud This may help in investigations by UK researchers and also give insight to everywhere else. Evidence that everyone in the UK that pays income tax thinking it’s for the betterment of the UK then check this out I don’t think you will be very happy happy with what they found. I discovered that my BC has been traded 833 times so far and most are still active. All the evidence is here.

NZ has what is called IRD ( inland revenue department) IRD=8 digit, this # is for ‘tax’ & receiving any ‘government benefits’ no letters I know of yet, this is after speaking too IRD direct, Nz’ds routing # is RBNZNZ22 xxx xx, NZ reserve is a Reverse Billing facility ( URL to follow)
And yet the way NZ’ds SS works is anyone who’s port pass, passes through NZ customs are covered by SS with no application or payment towards?
UK routing similar as is the BIS, there is much to the coding, especially internationally as this is where elites 2nd & 3rd Gen attempts are being Made to lock us in subvertantly e.g 2015 taking away new registrants non-citizen entities? Things are very different down, down under
Have located acc in Aus ACNC’s attached to American Res’s, as well as new letters such as V, seems to attach to AuRes, to which routing #’s are similar to US, however it seems all in house ( Aus & NZ) commerce is coded internally, and extra codes are needed, as #22 & #32 = chequeing & savings respectively, the 22 code for RBNZ denotes a reverse billing RESERVE BANK ‘status’, BIS & UK similar STATUS’S, as it would seem the different types of RESERVES in the US e.g Treasury Dirrect vs Public Debt vs Treasury Reserve etc
Lots more fishing to do, remembering also this crap is still apparently attached to Cest que vie 1666, which contains how a claim /proof of life, for the estate+ interest to be returned for administration
Thoughts?? Still fishing


This is for people from the UK

Pls join this FB group so that we can work together https://facebook.com/groups/776660549180928?_rdr
I was able to locate an account that had account number in this format: YYXXXXXX – AAAAAA
YY – year NINO was issued
XXXXXX – numerical part of your NINO
AAAAAA – sort code of the royal bank of Scotland in the city / town where NINO was issued.
Find different sort codes for your city here:
http://bank-code.net/uk-sort-code/bank/the-royal-bank-of-scotland-plc (or use another website that might have more codes – do Google search)

Then start inputing your account number and soft code combinations here and see if anything pops up:

If the account exists, it’ll show up which payment options are available. The one I found doesn’t have direct payments or faster payments allowed so PayPal won’t link it.

Can you pls join me in that FB group so that we can figure it out?



Hello UK

This is where we are at the moment, we are thinking that our National security number is working like this ( maybe!). The first 2 letters relate to a year, ether the year of issue…. 16 years after your birth, or your birth.
Also if you move, the year you received the new one…( not sure?).
This maybe helpful

Not sure if any of this is of any use for the UK. anyone? https://www.thomsonreuters.com/content/dam/openweb/documents/pdf/tr-com-financial/white-paper/legal-entity-data.pdf

https://www.fca.org.uk/markets/mifid-ii/legal-entity-identifier-lei-update https://www.gleif.org/en/about-lei/questions-and-answers Not sure if it’s any good, just trying to find some kind of information that would help.








NZ has what is called IRD ( inland revenue department) IRD=8 digit, this # is for ‘tax’ & receiving any ‘government benefits’ no letters I know of yet, this is after speaking too IRD direct, Nz’ds routing # is RBNZNZ22 xxx xx, NZ reserve is a Reverse Billing facility ( URL to follow)
And yet the way NZ’ds SS works is anyone who’s port pass, passes through NZ customs are covered by SS with no application or payment towards?
UK routing similar as is the BIS, there is much to the coding, especially internationally as this is where elites 2nd & 3rd Gen attempts are being Made to lock us in subvertantly e.g 2015 taking away new registrants non-citizen entities? Things are very different down, down under
Have located acc in Aus ACNC’s attached to American Res’s, as well as new letters such as V, seems to attach to AuRes, to which routing #’s are similar to US, however it seems all in house ( Aus & NZ) commerce is coded internally, and extra codes are needed, as #22 & #32 = chequeing & savings respectively, the 22 code for RBNZ denotes a reverse billing RESERVE BANK ‘status’, BIS & UK similar STATUS’S, as it would seem the different types of RESERVES in the US e.g Treasury Dirrect vs Public Debt vs Treasury Reserve etc
Lots more fishing to do, remembering also this crap is still apparently attached to Cest que vie 1666, which contains how a claim /proof of life, for the estate+ interest to be returned for administration
Thoughts?? Still fishing





French Social Security Number

Charlotte’s social security number in France and what it means
2570567482112 12

2-Pour femme, 1 pour homme (2 female, 1 male)
57-Année de naissance (year of birth)
05-Mois de naissance (month of birth)
67-Année de naissance (year of birth)
482-Code de la ville de naissance (code number of city of birth)
112-Numéro sur la liste des naissances du mois dans la ville de naissance (Number on the birth list of the month in the birth city)
12-Numéro de contrôle (control number)


A French account looks like this

FR76 1027 8010 1200 0345 6789 071 (paper version)
FR76 10278 01012 0003456789071 (digital version) 27 digits

FR: code pays (country code)
76: identique dans presque tous les cas, sauf exception (identical number for all, except for special accounts) – 2 digits
10278: code banque (bank code) – 5 digits
01012: code guichet (office code) – 5 digits
00034567890: compte bancaire (bank account) – 11 digits
71: clé de contrôle (control key) – 2 digits


So the IBAN from the French TDA-Account at Banque de France in Paris (take always the highest level of bank in a country) from Charlotte is in theory this one:

FR76 3000 1007 9425 7056 7482 112 (paper version)
FR7630001007942570567482112 (digital version) – 27 digits

Note: the control key (12) from the social security number disappears and the number on the list of birth become the last digits of the account number.

But when you check the IBAN of an existing account based on an existing social security number, you will enter 30001 and 00794 for bank codes and your social security number as accout number 2570567482112 without the control key here: https://fr.iban.com/calcul-iban.html, as it does not fit in and you can not enter (1), just one digit of the number on the list of births. You will then see that the calculator puts a 0 at the beginning of the social security/account number and calculates a new control number, so the new TDA-account of Charlotte would look like this:

FR76 3000 1007 9402 5705 6748 238 (27 digits)

If you use the classical presentation of accounts in France, you would write:

FR76: code pays (4 caractères)
30001: code banque (5 chiffres)
00794: code guichet (5 chiffres)
02570567482: numéro de compte (11 chiffres)
38: clé de contrôle (2 chiffres)




Only hits I get on Sweden.. or hang on a sec will check on the name Sverige which is our domestic name for Sweden.

*The following is the bank/financial institute that have “Sverige” in the name. The routing number of this bank/financial institute is 021081448.
FedACH Routing
Routing Number 021081448 doesn’t process FedACH Payments.

Fedwire Routing
Name: Sveriges Riksbank-oper Account 1
Telegraphic Name: SVERIGES OPS ACCT1
New York, NY
Funds Transfer Status: Eligible
Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status: Eligible
Revision Date: 08/10/2011

The information for this routing number was updated on Jul. 12, 2017. Check the date of the update!!





Deutsche Sozialversicherungsnummer

Charlotte’s social security number in Germany and what it means

23-Rentenbereichsnummer, bezieht sich auf die Zeit der Vergabe (sector number for retirement at time of issuing)
12-Geburtstag (day of birth)
05-Geburtsmonat (month of birth)
57-Geburtsjahr (year of birth)
V-Erster Buchstabe des Geburtsnamens (Initial of birth name)
55-Zahlen 00 bis 49 für männlich, 50 bis 99 für weiblich. (00-49 for male, 50-99 for female)
8-Prüfziffer (control number)

Quelle: http://www.rentenversicherungsnummer.eu/


A German account looks like this

DE89 6600 0000 0193 2047 50 (22 digits)

The social security number which is in fact the retirement number looks like this 23120557V55 4

So the German TDA-Account at Bundesbank Zentrale Frankfurt from Charlotte is this:

DE75 5040 0000 2312 0557 55 (22 Zeichen)

DE: country

75: control number

504 000 00: bank code (8 digits)

2312055755: account number (10 digits)













Anyone in Ireland who is trying but been refused here are the reason codes; https://www.bankofireland.com/fs/doc/wysiwyg/bxxxxx-mss130386-sepa-reason-codes-july-2013.pdf

https://www.iso20022.org/standardsrepository/public/wqt/Description/mx/dico/codesets/_YsS_xdp-Ed-ak6NoX_4Aeg_-819075130 This link is a good one, lots of data.

Irish Social Security Numbers

This number has 7 digits and one alphabetic character and can have 2 alphabetic characters, which can include a space! (see the wikipedia link below). These are known as a Personal Public Service Number, otherwise PPS No. and more commonly PPSN. Specific details can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Public_Service_Number and here: http://www.welfare.ie/en/Pages/PPSN.aspx

Irish Social Security Cards

There are 2 versions. The earlier one, is believed to have been issued since 1998 and the current one first issued in 2012. The former has a magnetic stripe. It has a PAN (Primary Account Number) embossed on the front which includes an ISO issuer number and a card issue number (see the above link). The card issuer in one particular case is Discovery. It seems to be a Discovery Debit Card of some form. It may be a custom issue for the Department.

The latter, the PSC (Public Service Card) has a magnetic stripe on the back, a photographic image (laser embossed and all that). It also has ‘Chip and PIN’ technology (blink) and has applications for assorted government services. It also has a PPS number and a 12 digit card identification number – http://www.welfare.ie/en/Pages/Public-Services-Card_holder.aspx

Routing Codes

In relation to routing and Bank Routing Numbers the link you provided ( https://www.tgbr.com/tgbr/help/RTN.html ) mentions Ireland and the example is a 6 digit code with dashes every 2 digits. It will be recognisable as a “sort code” in Ireland and is used to identify a bank branch internally (as in domicil) and is used in conjunction with your bank account number, BIC and IBAN

Central Bank of Ireland  (wave) 😀 – https://www.centralbank.ie/ Hey you, “insiders” (that’s a very big word) at the former central bank of ireland, get your act intact now lovies because we’re comin’ in.

And you, ‘Bank of Scotland PLC’, I’ve got my beady eye on you. As for your good self Lord Blackwell you know we know the score over here. Yes, the little people, as you are no doubt aware. So let’s get on with this now in a responsible fashion, because, ya know, “we’ve got things to do man”! and we’re pissed off with running around after you. I’ll sit down at any table with you anytime, no assumptions or presumptions, just the cold hard facts; and the Notice of Declaration of Facts, lol!. I know you know what i’m talking about … yes, I AM THE ONE

with love, without prejudice … and no more prejudice; ever! (kiss) (heart)



Czech Republic

hello there. i’m from the czech republic. i would like to work out how the czech accounts are composed.

czech birth or identification number has 9 or 10 digits and you can find out the date of birth of the person and their gender (at birth) in this format: xxxxxx / xxx (with either 3 or 4 digits behind the /) first 6 numbers are the date of birth:

yymmdd. i’m a girl, so i add number 50 to their month. i’m a girl and i was born march 30, 1984, therefore my first 6 digits are 845330. if i was a boy, these numbers would be 840330.

the next part is so called “control part” and identifies different people of the same gender born on the same day (since they have the first part identical).

it can have 3 or 4 digits. i don’t know if any of this helps but i read similar analyses of french number so thought i’d add this one.

how do i go about finding out the accoutn numbers? we are in the EU, but do not use EUR. we still use our own currency CZK, Czech crowns. we do use SWIFT. any help please.. where to begin? thanks, Petra Quirke


South Africa

Hi All

The routing number for South Africa is 630232. A full document on various countries’ route numbers are at:

Various Swift codes for the South African Reserve Bank:

SARBZAJ4XXX (J4 -J8) e.g. five codes-replace J4 with J5 etc.

I hope this help.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica Central Bank info:  http://bankroutingnumbers.biz/banco-internacional-de-costa-rica



Hello BZ. Here is some info I’ve found for Barbados.

Routng Number 021083213
Telegraphic name BARBADOS
State NY
Funds transfer status eligible
Funds settlement-only status
Book-Entry Securities transfer status eligible
Date of last revision (YYYYMMDD) 20080131



Thank you for all the info provided here, however I seem to find very little about how to use your method in other countries, ie in Europe.
I am interested in Poland – and using your information and steps, here is what I found here http://www.usbanklocations.com/routing-number-021082667.html:

Bank Routing Number 021082667, Narodowy Bank Polski Designated Acct
FedACH Routing
Routing Number 021082667 doesn’t process FedACH Payments.
Fedwire Routing
Name: Narodowy Bank Polski Designated Acct
Telegraphic Name: POLAND DES ACCT
New York, NY
Funds Transfer Status: Eligible
Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status: Eligible
Revision Date: 03/24/2010

So it proves that the National Bank of Poland is also linked to the Federal Reserve. Is that the routing number to use with my ss number ??

Then the ss number, which for Poland is most probably the PESEL number, info found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PESEL
It is an 11-digit number.

Do I assume that the above routing no. + the own PESEL number are the ones that constitute my TDA account number ? Or am I wrong ? If not, what then does make it up for Poland ?

Please help my train of thought here:
– I first need to establish WHAT is my TDA account number – do I do it the way I described above, or how ?
– Having done that, I follow your Pay Pal procedure and add that account to my PP
– Then have it verified using the method described by others – that it is a private trust fund account which I do not get bank statements from, so PP representative will have to verify that with me over the phone
– When all goes well, I first use it to pay off smaller bill amounts to get PP used to the
idea of my client profile
– Once a few smaller bills have been paid, I can try to ie pay of my mortgage, maybe in installments

I would greatly appreciate your help with this procedure for Poland, mainly on how to find out what is my TDA number. I cannot move further without first finding this information out.
Thank you.


I also found some other links and info which might help you connect the dots quicker:

PolishNationalClearingCodeIdentifier link:

NBP Bank Sort Code and SWIFT (BIC) Code
Bank Sort Code

Narodowy Bank Polski

BTW – please note 2 different SWIFT codes for the National Bank of Poland (NBP). Interesting.

Global Clearing System Codes__for Poland link:
15 PL 8!n Polish National Clearing Code (KNR) PLKNR Polish National Clearing Code Bank Branch code used in Poland Poland [0-9]{8,8} PLKNR12345678 (example only)

NBP_Bank codes explanation_and on IBAN acct link:


Data Resources:

Links to look up of Routing numbers and banking documentation etc:
Payment, clearing and settlement systems in the CPSS countries

Volume 1 http://www.bis.org/cpmi/publ/d97.pdf

Volume 2 http://www.bis.org/cpmi/publ/d105.pdf


Master Account

A Master Account is the record of financial rights and obligations of an Account Holder and the Administrative Reserve Bank (or any other Reserve Bank maintaining a Master Account identified in Operating Circular 1) with respect to each other, where opening, intraday, and closing balances are determined. A Master Account is identified by a Primary nine-digit Routing Transit Number (RTN).

Foreign-related institutions. U.S. branches and agencies of the same foreign bank and Edge and Agreement Corporations will have a single Master Account for each group of offices located in the same state and same Federal Reserve District. However, the U.S. branches and agencies of a foreign bank and the offices of an Edge or Agreement corporation can simulate a single Master Account nationwide by passing required reserve balances through a single Correspondent.

If your organization holds the Master Account, you are eligible to establish additional services by completing the following forms in Step 7 -Complete Forms/Agreements.

Form 1 – Daily Statement of Account and Monthly Statement of Service Charges Delivery Options
Form 4B – Delivery Profile for Intra-Day Premium Services
Form 6 – Affiliate Access for Account Management Information (AMI) Service
Form 7 – Request for Fedwire Details via the Search Feature in the Account Management Information (AMI) Application



For UK


published on August 1, 2017
“Super Packed, seriously rich information!! Bob Wright goes straight to the heart of True Value and calls all sleeping self to the front lines to join the party!! Times up, this is DONE.. let’s get on with the good times we brought forward to our now!! Message from Heather, via telepathy.. and much much more!” ~ posted video description




*** Note this table was made with information pulled on 7.5.17, see date stamp at top of each screen shot. The codes may have been changed… Go here http://www.usbanklocations.com/check-routing-number.php and do a search on: FRB Boston for example, do Federal Reserve Bank Boston etc this should bring up all routing #s for the A- Boston FRB. Depending on your district branch do the same, putting in your branch area from chart. then follow the tips and recipes and routing updates in this post.

FED-Letter1 FED-Letter2



Bob Wright hosts this call.. 7.14.17 Lots of juicy TDA intel on avenues being used successfully and many discussions helping to clear up and make sense of what has taken place so far. This is about freeing and empowering Humanity. We are on the verge of shutting down the old 3D faulty system.

Re-Member, Accessing your Value begins withIN ~~~~ IN JOY~~~ IN LOVE!!!

A live stream that took place today, 7.12.17 to talk about Utilizing your TDA accounts and where we are with the PTW. There is a strong language warning on this video. (mostly for D)



Messages from HATJ-


7.22.17  End of Old- Beginning of NEW- Send Them Love- Energy to Recharge and Clarity



7.22.17   Unfettered Access to Your TDA’s, Treasury Direct Accounts. Will begin and be announced, by “official” Government channels, for ALL Planet Wide, beginning of Next week.

This is the audio of the phone conversation just recorded with HATJ- Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf.

Click link to play



Comment from skype and HATJ, reply- Update-
[Roger- native language Norwegian-] “As I have said before related to the Routing being and doing so called resolving that matrix, was moe part of an awareness jump doing as it made sooo much data became visible for sooo many that even did not know about the strawman and the trading With teh birth certificate, which was the bigger part of this reason for that beautiful doing, but as said…

I did feel that the solution was not this as of every being had to resolve this Matrix by this Routing tracking and trying numbers mixed With thei SSCard in order to get Access, cause that is tooo complext and would have taken tooo long and it also because of different system in Norway Sweden and Europe and some other Places then the way it Works in US it would be a to energy harvesting way of being and doing that would be taken away a lot of the enjoying the limitless Access of ours as THESE BOOTS ON THE GROUND MECHANISM has been tottaly foreclosed on.

You will be amazed what is about to be revealed and what so called soloution it will be for all to enjoy INJOY (inlove) (Penguin) (inlove)”

[ HATJ ]
HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .

honey our trip to wa dc and all the doing by all, means all will not have to worry about that anymore…all are to be given unfettered access and facilitation to their respective accounts…everyone…regardless of location
(whew) brilliant beings all be!  ”


7.20.17       via skype relayed by – lisa shannon
Good Morning Everyone (sun)

Quick update from Heather – just now:  Heather’s flight was delayed yesterday and she took a later flight.  Alex and Val drove to DC and they all 3 met up in D.C. and decided to get a room and go to the Whitehouse this morning.

This morning, they left and Heather intuited a different path to take for their walk to the Whitehouse – which took them just past the US Treasury Dept.  As they began to approach the Whitehouse – and many tourists were present – Secret Service began ‘roping off’ and pushing the tourists back to expand the area being ‘roped off’.  Local police came in with guns, several helicopters were flying above and Navy personnel quickly moved to the area being ‘secured’.  Television crews showed up on the ‘scene’ and it was not certain the particular ‘reason’ for this action – although it appears it may be someone was being brought to the Whitehouse.  ATM, Heather and Val and Alex are still outside the ‘roped off’ area (along with tourists) awaiting completion of this particular action.

As Heather stated above, since the appearance in court – Randy has been moved from 23 hour lockdown to a different area where he has access to email and phone and is much more comfortable.

End of update.

In Gratitude to these Ones and ALL of you everywhere for assistance being Done NOW – and ALL are assisting – whether it is recognized or not.  (heart)(bow)(heart) LOVE YOU ALL


7.18.17- late evning, posted 7.19.17 early morning-

“All who may inquire about Randall, sharing a conversation that took place in another Skype room where Alex and Valerie share their experiences with yesterday’s events. I was in this room at the start but very quickly felt an overwhelming need to laydown and read the rest this morning.  Alex and Valerie’s perspective is very important as these moments unfold and I am grateful (heart)

[7/18/2017 8:36:54 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: she is not exaggerating…understating, maybe…but not exaggerating
[7/18/2017 8:37:33 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: val and alex…please, give your observations…because i am officially speechless
[7/18/2017 8:37:41 PM] Terran: What exactly took place?
[7/18/2017 8:38:08 PM] Alex and Valerie: Asking for grace, as we are new to the formal protocols…
[7/18/2017 8:38:58 PM | Edited 8:39:10 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: none…as you feeeel to do…because we basically pulverized any protocols and formality that still existed today
[7/18/2017 8:39:18 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: all did
[7/18/2017 8:40:09 PM] Alex and Valerie: the morning began with a short walk to the office of Forrest Wallace.  He agreed to meet us at 8 a;nd was 20 minutes late.  We walked into the reception area and FW came down the stairs with a ohpuk energy.
[7/18/2017 8:41:38 PM] Alex and Valerie: We went to the conference room and HATJ owned hin LOL and all he worried about was getting paid
[7/18/2017 8:42:44 PM] Alex and Valerie: From MY (Valerie) perspective, I scanned FW, for blocks, or stuck places, snags, shall we say
[7/18/2017 8:43:34 PM] Terran: Ohpuk?
[7/18/2017 8:43:44 PM] Alex and Valerie: I wanted to inspect his energy body along with his physical body.  Good energy flow Heaven to Earth, not so good Earth to Heaven so I made the correction
[7/18/2017 8:44:12 PM] Alex and Valerie: Ohpuk = OhhhhhFFFFFFuuuuuuuuuu……….k
[7/18/2017 8:44:35 PM] Alex and Valerie: Trying to keep it G rated, I’m not sure if there are kids on the ship…
[7/18/2017 8:44:38 PM] Denice D: lol
[7/18/2017 8:44:40 PM] Terran: (cwl)
[7/18/2017 8:45:40 PM] Alex and Valerie: The agreement was made, price set.  I wondered if this is what it feels like to buy a hooker LOL
[7/18/2017 8:47:33 PM] Alex and Valerie: THen we made our way to the courthouse, but needed an ATM for cash.  Journey to cash machine was FILLED wil cop vehicles along the route.  K9, motorcycle, cars, suv.  WAY too many based on the time of day
[7/18/2017 8:49:35 PM] Alex and Valerie: NOTE:  Courthouse is surrounded by a parameter of holly bushes!
[7/18/2017 8:50:00 PM] Terran: Ouch
[7/18/2017 8:50:43 PM] Alex and Valerie: Holly is a classic magicians word.  It carries a frequency that helps hold a cast spell
[7/18/2017 8:51:00 PM] Alex and Valerie: ooops WOOD
[7/18/2017 8:51:39 PM] Terran: It’s also spiked and sticks you
[7/18/2017 8:52:40 PM] Alex and Valerie: The room is packed!  Close to standing room only.
[7/18/2017 8:53:04 PM] Alex and Valerie: We make eye contact with Randy, and he gets scolded
[7/18/2017 8:53:43 PM] Alex and Valerie: Apparently, the uniformed officers also have their superpowers turned on as they KNEW we were communicating just by looking ay each other
[7/18/2017 8:54:14 PM] Skye Macleod: On 19/07/2017, at 02:52, Alex and Valerie wrote:
> The room is packed!  Close to standing room only.

who were all these people?
[7/18/2017 8:55:15 PM] Alex and Valerie: great question, my apologies.  the judge hears probably 50 cases just in the morning.  They were spectators, victims, witnesses for the other cases
[7/18/2017 8:55:37 PM] Skye Macleod: ok right thanks Valerie
[7/18/2017 8:55:38 PM] Terran: Templars have been in Tennessee prior to Columbus
[7/18/2017 8:55:41 PM] Alex and Valerie: Marshalls, uniforms, a gaggle of attorneys
[7/18/2017 8:58:11 PM] Alex and Valerie: so body language is pretty easy to read, there were MANY stares at HATJ and they projected an energy of invincibility….until FW relayed all the information to the prosecuters – wow, cant spell tonight
[7/18/2017 8:59:42 PM] Alex and Valerie: now, the Asst Attorney General for RKBs case is named Judd Davis.  he began the morning pretty pompous and arrogant.  after his discussion with FW, his face went totally red blotchy and he had that film of sweat on his face
[7/18/2017 9:00:04 PM] Alex and Valerie: The room began to really shift
[7/18/2017 9:01:26 PM] Alex and Valerie: For me, one of the things I do is clean spaces energetically.  That way, only the truth can shine through.  I started cleaning at this time.  I use some reiki and other symbols that are tried and true in my world
[7/18/2017 9:01:58 PM] Alex and Valerie: is this kind of what you wanted?
[7/18/2017 9:02:28 PM] Denice D: yes 🙂
[7/18/2017 9:02:46 PM] Skye Macleod: perfect Valerie
[7/18/2017 9:05:05 PM] Alex and Valerie: as we watched the other cases, my personal compassion grew and I send out radiant love and healing to all the defendants and their families.  The cases we heard were all the same theme, horrible experiences with an authority figure whether is be police, judge or lawyer.  Drugs are a huge factor in the judicial system.  Its really heart wrenching, so I stayed busy
[7/18/2017 9:07:17 PM] Alex and Valerie: So I also worked on the uniforms.  as the DIstortion became visible, I enhanced it with the intention the barriers were broken.  too many times it subsides and the being just goes back to the program.  not today.  the distortion was potent enough to shift the lives of everyone in the courtroom
[7/18/2017 9:07:27 PM] Alex and Valerie: Probably courthouse
[7/18/2017 9:10:10 PM] Alex and Valerie: Finally, at about 12:50, FW went before the judge to enter Randy’s …..request to be transferred to SC.  The room was nearly empty.  About 3 defendants, maybe 6 or so spectators, the judge, a couple attorneys and us.
[7/18/2017 9:10:48 PM] Alex and Valerie: And then a literal herd of Marshalls and uniforms entered the room.
[7/18/2017 9:11:15 PM] Alex and Valerie: All standing in the rear of the room, we had to pass them all as we left.
[7/18/2017 9:11:41 PM] Alex and Valerie: ……ok I’m getting some kind of transmission right now….
[7/18/2017 9:12:20 PM] Alex and Valerie: my physical being has shifted into a very refined shimmy???
[7/18/2017 9:12:25 PM] Alex and Valerie: give me a minute
[7/18/2017 9:12:39 PM] Denice D: (inlove)
[7/18/2017 9:12:50 PM] Alex and Valerie: I need to walk away for just a sec
[7/18/2017 9:30:34 PM] Terran: (Borrowing Bevs laptop for trip to Wyoming)
[7/18/2017 9:34:10 PM] Terran: Did everyone flip a circuit breaker? Don’t leave us hanging on the story! (cwl)
[7/18/2017 9:34:25 PM] Denice D: I hope Val is ok. . .
[7/18/2017 9:35:06 PM] Denice D: Is H still going to DC tomorrow?
[7/18/2017 9:38:34 PM] Denice D: I can get up early if you all want to work in the morning 🙂
[7/18/2017 9:48:40 PM] Terran: I must leave here around 3am. So I’ll have to catch some sleep and catch the story later. Amazing doing! Can’t wait to hear the rest! Love you all! ❤️
[7/18/2017 9:58:47 PM] Skye Macleod: keep falling asleep here too…. Love to all (heart)
[7/18/2017 10:44:36 PM] Alex and Valerie: to be continued……. (like)
FYI – Forrest Wallace is a private attorney who Heather hired to speak in the courtroom by her instruction.  Only an attorney licensed in Tennessee can speak ;)”

7.17.17 HATJ  Update via Skype

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .
Randy update:  Colorado “case”, with attempts to extradite on “FFJ” charge was dismissed on the basis it was an mistake.

Now, there is purportedly a warrant, with issue date of July 13, 2017, for SC (yet was not showing in any systems) as of morning, July 14, 2017, and today was first any of us had heard of it.

I am flying to Knox this evening to coordinate further with the locals and DOJ.  Intending to get the last purported case dismissed tomorrow in the a.m.

Following is a message regarding emails I received, starting at approximately 4:44 p.m. cst.  It is also ties in with Anna Von Reitz’s flury regarding a purported bankruptcy/creditor and debtor status/position, etc…and it is also the beliefs that caused the unlawful, unauthorized, and non-consensual assault, abduction, and dentention of Randall Keith Beane….my response in regards to purported bankruptcy, etc. will follow that message:
a woman, identifying herself as Nancy O’Shea, in federal law in forcement, wa d.c. (former fbi 28+yrs, now special agent with fed housing agency…google for cv) contacted me, approximately at 4:44pm cst on July 14, 2017, and offered help with key agencies in d.c.

july 15, 2017, i wrote her that i would contact them after my arrival in d.c.

this morning, July 16, 2017, she communicated a shared concern (shared with whom not stated) which I asked for one clarification, before i duly respond…and the communications can then flow.

concern expressed:  “I share a concern the process creates the legal presumption that one is subject to the bankruptcy and at the mercy of Secondary Creditors.  I am certainly open to discussion.”

clarification requested:  “Nancy, Please identify “the process” you are referring to.  There are infinite utilized in these moments.  You have my attention. hatj”
hatj response to all:  “Original, being due sole owner, title-holder, and authority, did duly make, issue, secure, perfect, and notice the full performance and satisfaction, with order to reconcile, in existence, known and not known, inclusive of full performance and satisfaction of all positions, status, contracts, agreements, obligations, and all property, value, and currency, therein, thereof, therefrom, thereto, and thereby, inclusive of all bankruptcies, creditor and debtor positions, and obligations thereby, thereto, therefrom, and thereof, nunc pro tunc, praeterea preterea,  Original Issue, restated, specially Article V.B., AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE, DECLARATION OF CERTIFICATE OF SATISFACTION, AND DECLARATION OF ORDER, dated December 10, 2012, with UCC record number, 2012132883, and The Perpetuity, restated”
there is no bankruptcy, no creditors, no debtors…never was, never will be…hence, the AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE, DECLARATION OF CERTIFICATE OF SATISFACTION, AND DECLARATION OF ORDER, was duly factualized, issued, secured, and noticed…to duly closeout (gently, compassionately) all beliefs given to believe  were truth that bankruptcy, creditors, debtors, etc., had existed.

message from HATJ- from Skype- 7.1617

HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .

all reported and not reported systems “glitches” around the world, 2012-2016, were the systems being recalibrated, re-coded, and re-programmed for the correct ownership, title, and authority…specifically, for this moment of all doings.

in joy

and enjoy

[7:00:41 AM] Heather / Libby Guy / Paris /Angel Voice: meaning they are all connected to 1 unique place

[7:01:40 AM | Edited 7:02:06 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: yes, and that “1 unique place”, as you put it, was recoded and reprogramed with original source code on December 10, 2013, per March 18, 2013 order.

[6:59:49 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: all reported and not reported systems “glitches” around the world, 2012-2016, were the systems being recalibrated, re-coded, and re-programmed for the correct ownership, title, and authority…specifically, for this moment of all doings.

[7:00:06 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: in joy

[7:00:13 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: and enjoy

[7:02:15 AM] Heather / Libby Guy / Paris /Angel Voice: would that be the unique routing number that was put out ?

[7:02:21 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: no

[7:04:11 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: all codes recognize original source code, and original source code controls all code…since December 10, 2013.  May 18, 2013 to December 10, 2013 was the “grace period” to let go of all beliefs at the former “top levels”.

[7:05:04 AM] Heather / Libby Guy / Paris /Angel Voice: ok so you guys have 9 digit routing + 9 digits SS N° … so that’s 18 digits all together …

France has a 13 digit SS N° + 2 digit key security .. so we have either 13 or 15 … so that’s a miss out of  3 to 5 digits to connect to a FR place

[7:05:30 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: 2014-2016 was the “complete context/complete transparency” period for the former “top levels” to let go of all beliefs.

[7:06:00 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Now, is the completion of all original enforcement

Follow Up by Lisa S.

[8:08:00 AM] lisa shannon
quoted —- “”[Saturday, July 15, 2017 8:10 PM] Reuben Emmanuel of the Bailey family Ⓘ:
<<< “it bums me out to be so predictable…and being used for data crunching most likely for their AI…”The problem (for “them”) is that they didn’t anticipate how the info would get “latched onto”, how hard the push would be, or that their “AI” would recognize the people when it wasn’t “supposed to”.   They forgot that their “AI” is also a part of Original.””

lisa shannon: Yes, Reuben (like) and this is the remembering process.  (lovegift)

lisa shannon:

We were never going to throw the baby out with the bath water.  All ‘systems and structures” were designed, from their origination, to be used for for the highest good of all – this is happening now. We simply had to remember, recognize and reconcile (hug) The paradigm/support systems/foundations of Power Over Others (aka POO) are now in an accelerated process of transmutation and transformation, eliminating any and all confusion, dis-ease and -dis-tortions of the frequencies used (all designed for this amazing and now FULLY and COMPLETELY experienced model of seeming separation) and now unbound to the Original Design for play, Prepaid PreAuthorized and Pre Approved (aka PPP or for short – P) 😉 DONE – this is unstoppable and we do now with the pure intentions of a graceful and easy transition for every role played.  All that was bound is NOW unbound in the same way in which it was bound – and it ALL takes place in the PHYSICAL. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. There are no reference points – ALL NEW CREATION.

This is already KNOWN in HEART by ALL – we move forward now with pure love and compassion and gratitude for the completion/closure.  WE – IS ALL OF US – EVERY BEING PLAYS and chooses how graceful and easy it is for their particular experience.

No words to express the gratitude I am feeling for everyone – even and especially the ones who assist now, with Randy, in the roles of commandeering by force, to expose and ‘connect the dots’ within the financial/military/government structures used for eons. (lovegift)  Quite amazing!!!

Oh – and AI – really it is Assimilation and Integration/Innergration – be steadfast, clear and have fun as we do only that which brings the greatest joy and is for the highest good of EVERY ONE EVERY WHERE, in pure love. (hearteyes)


Msg from HATJ-            ” thank you all and everyone for all your being and doing…it has changed all of existence forevermore…brilliant all be!”

“danni i have read anna’s piece…

in all my experience, it is a very transformative moment for all involved, when you come to the precipice of source of all that is…to make a choice to let go of all you have been to be all you are…and the choice to tenaciously hold on to all you have been i am grateful for anna and the catalyst she is and does…for her and all….she is loved completely, and nothing can change that fact”


1.27.18  “I would like to ask the moderator of this forum to rally all our brothers and sisters tonight @ 10PM EST to release our synchronized energy wave to Heather and Randy.
Love is a Divine Currency. Let’s exchange it freely toward another another for the deliverance of humanity. And don’t leave home without it.”


files received

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: This blog post and all of the comments written to the blog post  are only personal  opinions, held by the individuals who typed the blog post and blog comments. Any and all documents or graphics that is shown with each individual opinion cannot be construed as legal/lawful advice in any manner, but for entertainment purposes only. Any actions you take from the information given is your responsibility and to research the proper laws pertaining to your jurisdiction. This NOTICE is from a private non-citizen national pursuant to 8 U.S.C. § 1101(a)(21) under Common Law Jurisdiction. “U.S. adopted common laws of England with the constitution.” See Caldwell v. Hill, 178 SE 383 (1934).


2,831 Responses to “Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts”

  1. Michael says : Reply

    I would like to know if anyone has signup on http://www.treasurydirect.gov and had success filling out form FS 5444. I have seen a few comments on youtube that are claiming they are using this to discharge debt only. And also people saying to avoid paperwork all together.

    • Johnny Rodriguez says : Reply

      Can anyone help me with this I am the United States of America and I have the letter F and 8 numbers I don’t have 9 numbers I have done everything possible to find the routing number and nothing

  2. Byron says : Reply

    Does anyone know how to utilitize one’s TDA to pay off a mortgage in excess of $100,000. Which 3rd party money provider would one use to do an ACH or fed funds wire?

    • Jeff says : Reply

      Heather Ann is showing how you can access your account. If you try to shortcut the process then the payments you try to send will be reversed. It will show paid then 2-3 days later it will show that the payment is reversed. DO it the right way and avoid the denials.

      • Blanca Diaz says : Reply

        Do you have a link for her I am new at this forum and I am very interested to this process but I want to do it right.
        Thank you

  3. Byron says : Reply

    Okay. So I paid my car note with a lesser bank and it came back reversed four days later as inaccurate account number. Not an invalid account. So I sent the payment in again and this time it was returned without explanation. So I called the trust company and requested to speak with someone regarding my account. I was asked my name and account number, which I gave (my strawman and ss#). I spoke to someone in charge and he stated they were an investment company not a regular bank. He also stated that it seemed like based on my account number that this was a social security number and he had heard about people searching for their TDA’s but they do not handle that. I ignored what he said and asked whether he saw my information in the system, which he then replied no and I told him to have a great day. This is very confusing. The reversal came back due to inaccurate account number but he tells me I don’t have an account there at all??? Someone tell me what my next step should be to verify accounts in my name. This run-around is getting very tiresome.

  4. Adrian says : Reply

    How does this work for Australians? We got no SSN. We have driver licence number? I seen people say CRN but I’ve never seen one or used Centrelink. Help? Please. Is there a guide for Aussies?

  5. Cathy says : Reply

    Bryan…….you are correct in saying that there is 3 or more ways to find these routing numbers. I have been doing research now for weeks and am confused as to who is telling me that right info. There is certainly allot of DisInfo out there and I have been doing a lot of discerning as to who to count on. I have to say that I like Mike Obrien for all his info. I think he is trust worthy. He is also able to help flush out those Trolls. Which is helpful to me. So I am gathering, that we can do this any one of the ways of getting the routing numbers.
    I want to bless this movement. I really believe in what we are all doing and think its time for us all to have unfettered access. And i am also praying for Heather and Randy. I do hope this gets resolved soon. I think this is going to happen anyway……as Juliala Starr says……”walk don’t run”. I am doing my best to walk not run. One moment at a time. I woke up in 1980. So have been doing this for a long time. Bryan ….you have a handle on things, and i am sure that you…and us all will figure this out…….we are smart. Still working on understanding the lesser banks. I did submit my cable bill and have not gotten a reversal yet. Its been only 2 business days….i am thinking its going through.

    WE just need to hang in there……i am telling myself that and telling you all that too.
    Blessings and much love to everyone. We are going to make it.

  6. Cathy says : Reply

    Michael ……..don’t use the fs5444. that will lead you into real trouble. Go to Mike Obrien youtube. He will tell you that that is a problem. Ginger was promoting that….He Mike Obrian says that she is here to spread mis info. So don’t believe me……go and look up Mike Obrien…..he is a good guy and has alot of info that is great. He says not to fill out any forms….really not any. He says that will lead you to being tied right back into the Matrix.
    Thanks….just trying to help……There is so much to look out for….and we are here to help each other.
    Blessings Cathy

    • Michael says : Reply

      Hi, Cathy, Yes I’am familiar with Mike O’brien and his channels on youtube I feel that he need’s to ask different types of questions when he calls places like treasury and other banking institutions. How will form 5444 get you in trouble? This is the form that treasury sends you when you sign up online This form is to remove a hold on the account.

  7. KAY says : Reply

    Husband and I have been charged 2 late fees amounting to 40.00…we’re out of options and we see over and over again that reversals are taking place…not reversals of the reversals…just reversals. So the TDA access is not resolved and anyone attempting to access their accounts should know there’s a big chance they will get added fees.

    • Chris says : Reply

      Kay, i got a fee on my M&T account. It took them nearly a month before they reversed it and charged me for last months miss on my payment. My wife attempted to pay at the bank earlier this month and they would not take the money, insisting the account was paid in full and closed. I also had no access to my account on the web site. So I called and was told the reason was that my account was paid off and closed so there was no opened account to look at. Yesterday I got a bill in the mail for two payments due and a $29.00 late fee. I will be calling them tomorrow to try and forgo the fee since they would not take my money last month.

    • Natacha says : Reply

      Hello Kay,

      Found a great youtube video which actually breaks down how to properly get access. I will attempt to share it here now. Yes, you must use the letter code on the back of your card to find lesser banks that get fed wire funds. This is what is going to help you get access to your account. By locating the participating bank you can use their routing number and your nine digit ss number to pay your bills. I’m working on this now myself and finally found the right information. Hope this helps.

  8. Cathy says : Reply

    BZ…… Hello, Dear……i know you are working hard. I am sorry for all that you have to deal with. I can see that you don’t want to ok my post. I am sorry if I said something you did not want. I really do believe that Mike Obrien is a good guy and would not post anything that is harmful to Heather. He has done so much work behind the seans. He has been up day and night looking into things that some of us don’t know about and has helped me figure things out ….so I have submitted a bill that has been paid by the Fed…..now and I am so happy about that. Please don’t think that Mike is a bad person. He is really a good guy. I am pretty attuned and think my instincts are pretty good.
    I am here to support not to harm.
    Love and Blessings Cathy

  9. Kellie says : Reply

    I am from Australia. I would like to access this to pay off debts. I have a CRN. Can someone please help.

  10. J Pace says : Reply


    From Federal Reserve Richmond


    The Federal Reserve provides banking services only to banks. Individuals do not have accounts at the Federal Reserve.
    Scammers might purport that the intended victim has an account at the Federal Reserve that contains money. In such schemes, the perpetrator might try to persuade victims to pay fees to have purported accounts activated, or the scammer might persuade consumers to use a Federal Reserve routing number (sometimes in combination with their Social Security numbers) to pay bills. Consumers should be aware that such checks or check payments utilizing a Federal Reserve routing number are worthless and will be returned. In addition, consumers who have attempted to use the Fed’s routing numbers to pay their bills may be subject to penalty fees from the company they were attempting to pay.


  11. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    Update 8.29.17 7:17 PM PDT

    Heather is Seeing the TN skies!!!!! headed to her safe, comfy, place now for the next steps of ALL


    • James Berry says : Reply

      I would like to talk and get help from Heather where she know more about doing this with the money that I can get to so I can help myself.. I don’t know where to start to start using it I found the letter on the back of my card..

    • J.L Harlow says : Reply

      Exactly! Charged 2k and then was not given the help promised. Totally unreachable for questions. Still don’t know how to find the region or routing numbers for the Red G on the back of my SS.

      Any assistance to this info and/or link to understand the order of process ofl for accessing accounts would be most appreciated.

      Kind regards

  12. Beverley says : Reply

    Is there any information for Canadians that has been updated recently. I can’t seem to find any information that works. Thanks.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Beverley

      I found info on the page above. I copied it below.

      **This is just a start, it should help you DO and BE. Keep researching you may find more. If you do Please post it here for ALL in Canada.



      ok this is what i have done so far: 00006 or 000000 are bank of canada transit numbers. (we don’t have regionals like in the us, as far as i can tell.) 010 is the bank of canada code.

      for the account number: nine digit SIN (Social Insurance Number) i have “added” this account successfully with the 00006 transit number using the PAYPAL account. don’t know how to do that with a regular bank.

      next is to call paypal using the method above. the oracle [i ching] is on our side : 787677


      Wondering how this may work for someone like myself from Canada, who used to work in the US. I was given a SSN even though we have SINs here on Canada.

      I plugged my SSN into https://www.gmeiutility.org/search.jsp that I remembered out of the blue when I saw Roberts message above and see that in fact many are trading on the account tied to my SSN from years ago that I worked in Michigan.

  13. Marilyn says : Reply

    Please all check this out, below is important,this information is relative to what is going on with us/against the corporations:


  14. Hello Bz, and all, I am a Brit in UK
    My Question is HOW DO I IDENTIFY WHICH of the number of banks that have shown Status green ticks with my account number IS or ARE “TREASURY DIRECT ACCOUNTS” ?

    I have been checking various banks using their Sort code and my last two numbers of the year I reached 15 year.09 months 1955 actually so 55+ the numbers on my Nino.

    I started checking the bank codes +my account number on this https://www.sortcodes.co.uk/
    From Petra’s info on the UK section I started with the Royal Bank of Scotland and found the bank nearest the city I was living near Bournemouth / Southampton which turned up nothing. I was in in Africa between the ages of 13 and 16, so I reckoned I’d look at .RBS’s. London branches.and see what showed up and if any of those Green Status ticks showed up.
    I have been “blown away”… in a manner of speaking

    HOWEVER, I am still wondering and ASKING my I AM Presence “How do I identify which of the bank IS or banks ARE MY actual TREASURY DIRECT ACCOUNT(S)

    There are quite a number of banks that show up with 5 green Status ticks I will share them in another Comments so this isn’t too long.
    Looking forward to anyone’s thoughts on this
    I’ll post this on Petra’s FB page too.

    Love and blessings Katannya from the UK

  15. Wonderful news re Heather … xxxx

  16. Successfully discharged a $300 chase/amazon credit card debt. Thank you for the great info!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mamma G says : Reply

    AUSTRALIA – I have finally got Amazon to add a U.S. Checking account, after a number of unsuccessful attempts, but it won’t show up in the shopping cart section as an option to use to pay for anything.

    To get Amazon to accept an account, I used the Lesser Bank method:

    1. For the account name, I used my full name in ALL CAPS, just as it is on my Centrelink card (Centrelink used to be called Social Security dept).
    2. Then, taking the first number of my CRN (Centrelink Reference Number – Aussie version of the SSN#) – which is 2 – I used an 02 lesser bank in New York. I chose the first one on the list, which is the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company.
    3. Then I entered my CRN# as my account number (exactly the same as on my card, but without the letter at the end).
    4. Finally, I entered my own driver’s license, and put the State as New York (the same state as the Lesser Bank number i am using).
    5. Amazon now has it listed as my U.S. Checking Account.

    N.B. As I mentioned above, I has a number of unsuccessful attempts to add a U.S. Checking Account, but the method above worked. Now all I have to do is try and find a way that Amazon will allow me to use the account to pay for things.
    Not sure how to go about settling bills with this, though, or how to make donations to different causes/people..

    • Andy G says : Reply

      Hey Mamma G, did you have to open/create a “seller’s Amazon account to be able to add an us account being outside of the us then?? I do have an amazon account (standard account) but since I am not in US, the option for adding a bank account is not available. Cheers!

      • Mamma G says : Reply

        Hi Andy. I only have a basic Amazon account, not a sellers account. I went into the Account section, then Payment Options, and down the bottom it gave me the opportunity to add a U.S. Checking Account. That’s where I filled in the details mentioned above.
        My account is with the U.S. Amazon, not the new Australian Amazon.
        Hope that helps.
        Cheers, G

        • Andy G says : Reply

          Hey Mamma G, thanks for the response. I managed to find a “working” Routing number and have successfully added a bank account to my amazon account as well. Apparently the account is existent and valid since a managed to go up to the very last page where you click to place the order (using an address in us). Now, the problem is that when I want an order to get delivered to my country of residence it suggests me to go to the country’s amazon where the newly added bank account is disabled. Where you successful using the account to pay for something? I am doing some research here if it is possible to pay anything with this, make donations to charities, etc.

          God bless!!

    • allstar says : Reply

      Can you please detail further the info for the metro bank with numbers? Also where did you put your Driver license number? Did you end up making a purchase?

      Any info would be much appreciated!


  18. alistfreedom says : Reply

    Multiple payment and fraud departments at different credit card companies have told me and others that using an account number with your SSN that gets returned will be closed!!

    Please do not attempt these methods on anything you care about or that will hurt your credit.

    Peoples credit card accounts have been closed and cars have be repossessed.

    This is a fair warning and try at your own risk.

    If your account was already closed, call the creditor and respectfully tell them that you were the victim of a scam. And that you were told that the accounts were in your name and that you were authorized. Anything honestly to make you look like the victim.

    I’m not calling our secret trust accounts a scam or fake. But this comment is to help people that have damages from trying all of these methods. Its too late for me, but may not be too late for others.

    Spread love and take care.

    • Gary says : Reply

      I had a Discover card account closed. Never missed a payment in ten years have excellent credit. The credit card account was closed for the sole purpose of using my FDA account for payment. The payments on the card were up to date. So these companies are willing to lose good customers just because of a returned ACH payment. Sounds to me like they have already received the payment through the FDA account payment. I have heard rumors to about this, so I ask myself why would they be willing to just throw away a customer they were making money on. Well, maybe that rumor is true. I plan on sending a certified letter requesting a forensic accounting of the account and a Confidential Annual Financial Report (CAFR). I will have my lawyer send it so I can use his return address to give it some clout. They are required to validate the debt, please provide verification through audit certification of debt entry in accordance with g.a.a.p., i.f.r.s., in accordance with basel 3 accord and u.n.c.i.t.r.a.l. conventions. I will also require copy of your Tax Registration certificate! I mean if they did keep the money they would have to pay taxes on it, right. Just my thoughts on the situation. I doubt they will comply with my request because they will have to divide to much information to me. I presume they will try to settle or just wipe the debt out to avoid this.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      I do appreciate you sharing the information above for 3D awareness, which is absolutely valid.

      I would gently and respectfully like to enhance the knowledge base here regarding the statement ‘hurt your credit’.

      Credit reports are for the ALL CAPS ENTITY, which was created by the Federal Goverment, and credit reports are a tool used to control the masses with fear and make it harder to get traditional credit.

      Please do not let these facts limit YOU (the HIGHER BEING YOU) in any, way, shape or form. Imagine if every single one of us stood up and said ‘no more’ to this nonsensical limiting crap. A stupid little dumb number (credit score) could never ever limit the UNLIMITLESS BEING YOU ARE.

      I have played in the field of finance my whole life and have observed the tricks used and standing from my place of POWER now – I can wholeheartedly tell you that’s all they are – tricks trying to trick you into thinking you are less than you actually are. What’s that cereal – tricks are for kids. It’s time to grow up and release the shackles that bind.

      And, there are many other ways to obtain credit if one needs to do so. Or, perhaps it’s time for people to go back to using cash only (even though I know it’s fake too), but maybe it’d be a start.

  19. May I ask if someone could please advise regarding the following: (and please excuse my current, though temporary ignorance)

    1. I have my original birth certificate…to whom or where do I send it?

    2. I have completed the factualized trust pages (7)…to whom or where do I send it?

    Thanks for your kind attention to this inquiry.

    • Gary says : Reply

      Take your birth certificate to your county clerk to notarized that it is a true and original copy. This cost me $3.00. Then send it to the Secretary of your State Apostle office to notarize it. This cost me $2.00. Once you receive it back you will need o send it to the U.S. Secretary of State. You can find the forms you will need to use at your secretary of State on your States website. You will need to google form (OMB APPROVAL NO. 1405-0132) and print it from the internet. Once received back you are ready to move on to the next steps. It should take about 3 week to complete this step.

  20. Tim says : Reply

    I can’t get in. I tried to, but maybe I don’t get it. Could you help me?

  21. HopeFul says : Reply

    How do we find these “lesser associated banks”?

    Every time I put in the routing number of the main branches that start with a 0 or 1 it says INVALID routing number

  22. Bri says : Reply

    Yeah.. seems like they aren’t accepting the fed routing numbers anymore..
    Credit card companies….

  23. Joey says : Reply

    Hello All

    Just an FYI

    Everyone is saying ‘secret accounts’ These are actually not secret accounts, never have been. Nor has Heather or BZ stated this to my knowledge…from all the research I have been doing. Others have called these accounts secret.. Lets make sure we are providing correct vibrational energetic information.

    These are OUR accounts, have been since we came into the wind of birth on this planet many times over.

    Keep Doing and Being…

    Love all

  24. Sophia says : Reply

    my order went through gave me comfirmation then reloaded page and said my orders been cancelled…. what do i need to do to make it stick im also using amazon

    • Caren says : Reply

      Amazon is doing something fishy. I sent a case of Lysol wipes to HOUSTON as a donation (27.00)
      Using the lesser bank it was the credit union in Alabama for E. It went through no problem.
      I even got a notice last week it was delivered . This was through the Red Cross.
      I used the same account to order a skin care line I use for my Company and the order was cancelled by Amazon (600)

  25. Jay J says : Reply

    I was on Bill’s website (I think it’s Bills website), and boy, I wish I had money to send HATJ and Randy. As it stands, I have tried to pay a few bills, they reversed and I got some fees that hit me hard, as I am broke! I am responsible for me and what I have done – no I am not blaming anyone else. Still, I am praying daily for HATJ and Randy, as well as anyone dealing with this horrible weather.

    An update for anyone who is listening.

    Sent a copy of my trust to three of the people I paid my bills to, got a letter from one of them today, they are basically saying that I need to check to ensure that the money has been returned to my originating bank. I said to myself “Suuuuuuuuure – you guys sent the money back and I should check with them to make sure they got it.” Going to be doing some research this weekend, and I will get back with what I know and what happens.

    For those of us that maybe waiting for HATJ to deliver some magical speech that will announce “unfettered access for all after a big wave of reversals of the reversals” Please do not hold your breath for this. I do not say this to be mean or a jerk, I am a realist. Not to mention, from what I read, if I read it correctly, HATJ may not be able to speak on these types of things while she is out. The story that points me in this direction is on:


    The post is titled: The Immediate Real and Pressing Need

    I can be wrong and I hope I am – but time will tell. We have already been given a great gift of the fact trust and knowledge of the accounts.

    This may be why those of us that have been asking about the statement made that stated basically that the reversals would be reversed again in our favor or the PTW would lose access have not been answered (at least from what I can see). In all honesty, I showed up because of the accounts, stayed because of the promise that hidden technologies would be released and after reading the UCC filings, this seemed like a great place to be with like minded people. I was waiting eagerly for every new interview in the hopes of getting just a bit more knowledge or perhaps hearing about someone having a great success story. Now, the message I am getting is that the accounts are just a small thing in regards to the bigger picture. This is true, in the big scheme of things, the accounts are just a small piece.

    This being said, some of us have honest questions about the accounts (or more importantly, statements made about them). HATJ or BZ are in no way obligated to answer the questions about the statements made – but these are questions about something that is just a small piece – will we receive the same treatment if we ask about bigger things?

    Trust is something that arrives on foot, but flees on horseback. My horses are still here, you all were not lying about the accounts, the UCC filings nor the factualized trust – even with the question of the reversal of the reversals not being answered, I will stay on.

    Much love.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      Jay J – one thing you said stands out to me that actually came through in my channeling today. It is high time for folks to stop saying they are broke. That verbiage is of the old construct and no longer serves the current state of affairs.

      One’s true worth and value is in the BEING you are. Think of a vertical line of energy running from the Earth to the Skies. That’s where your value lies and that’s where your value expands. That currency / that energy can never ever be broke no matter how tiny the cord connecting you is – never.

      Now, the green stuff being used today as ‘money’ – circulates around us horizontally. And, yes, we can experience ebbs and flows with it. Times when we have more green and times when we have less green. But, in those times when there is less green around – you are in no way BROKE. ‘They’ (the controllers) would like you to think you are. But, I can assure you – you have never been and will never be ‘Broke’.

      Money has merely been used to tie us into the financial slavery construct. Funny thing is though, the cage door has been open for awhile, so it’s each and every one of our choices to walk out of it or not.

      Jay, I applaud you for taking responsibility for you too. Bravo. 🙂

      • Caren says : Reply

        I said same thing about verbiage today. I think of the system being broken and we are flowing our abundance around it being creative is my favorite. Every day I think of something new

  26. TWT says : Reply

    Has anyone had a phone call from the IRS? I used the printing / ss number with 2 bills and both were reversed. 3 weeks later ( yesterday) I get a computer generated VM from the “IRS” stating a federal case and warrant issued and I needed to contact the IRS via phone number right away. When I called the first time, the phone never rang. Just an operator the says, ” Internal Revenue Service. I explained I got a weird VM and wanted to call back. The operator then asks, am I speaking to ” my first and last name”? I replied with, this is, “first-middle” of the “last name” family. The call was disconnected. I tried calling back several times, never being able to get through nor ever hearing a ring. One attempt came back as busy and all other calls asked me to turn on “wifi calling” in order to make call. Like WTF??? Are they trying to pin point me? Am I facing fed prison??? Do I need to call a lawyer? Or is this just some hackers having fun? Or perhaps just a scare tactic from the fed? Please help!!!!!!

  27. Wink says : Reply

    As far as I know you must become a secured party creditor, do the UCC filings. Prepare the right documents done right to be successful. by doing this, you cannot get in trouble. People charge a lot of money for this process, all the info though is free online. People are attempting this without doing the right procedure and it does nothing but get them in trouble, even block them from their accounts. Redemption manual 5 is a good place to start. It’s readable free online and explains the whole process plus documents. It’s a shame that no on out there has the passion to show people how to do this fo free. It would sink the system, their just concerned fo themselves seeing this as a money opportunity to make more money off of people.

    • Gerry says : Reply

      To my knowledge Heather has already done the UCC filings for us.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Wink

      The UCC has already been filed. Heather did this for us in 2012 and 2013. Its all here on the I-UV site.

      You do not need any other docs.

      Hope this helps!

    • NOEL says : Reply

      Hi Wink, All the UCC/ UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE filings have been done by HEATHER you can read them all they are at the top of this page : under OPPT ABSOLUTE, be sure to read INITIAL INVESTIGATION, it is good to know how all this has unfolded over the years. cheers

    • FitMoma40 says : Reply

      I have the passion….just need to get myself and my abundance flowing. I have an office and I’m in a big city in Oregon, if you want to take me by the hand me and my helper could impact unlimited peoples lives. Even if I did ten people by taking them by the hand and ask for a commitment that they will do 3 or ten and then ask for commitments from their handhelds….lol….we could even call it holding hands or something fun!!! I’m excited just thinking about that!! I’m a fast learner too….

  28. Boss says : Reply

    Couldn’t you technically make a website that allows you to connect an account as a payment option and have that website operate as a “you post,you sell” and have you just “purchase” that item for a set price with your linked account?

    • ApexD says : Reply

      That’s a really interesting idea, Boss. Have you or anyone tried it?

      I was also wondering if it would work to sign up for a secured credit card, and fund it from the tda account. Does anyone know how these work? Has anyone tried this?

  29. Gary says : Reply

    Can some one tell me the right way to open a tda account so I can start to pay my bills thank you gary

  30. Byron says : Reply

    CBS/AP January 18, 2012, 8:42 PM
    Programmer arrested for stealing Fed Reserve code

    Comment Share Tweet Stumble Email
    NEW YORK – A New York computer programmer has been arrested on charges that he stole computer code used to track government finances while working at the Federal Reserve of New York.

    Bo Zhang was arrested Wednesday. Authorities said he stole the code last summer while he worked on it as a contract government employee.

    If convicted, the 32-year-old Queens resident could face up to 10 years in prison.

    A criminal complaint said Zhang admitted copying the code for use on his private office computer, his home computer and his laptop. The complaint said he then used the code in connection with a private business he ran training individuals in computer programming. A lawyer for Zhang declined to comment.

    Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a press release: “As today’s case demonstrates, our cyber infrastructure is vulnerable not only to cyber criminals and hackers, but also alleged thieves like Bo Zhang who used his position as a contract employee to steal government intellectual property. Fighting cyber crime is one of the top priorities of this office and we will aggressively pursue anyone who puts our computer security at risk.”

    Some of the things that the code that Zhang is accused of stealing does, according to the Manhattan D.A.’s press release, is it “handles ledger accounting for each appropriation, fund, and receipt within the (Department of the Treasury,) and provides federal agencies with an account statement–similar to bank statements provided to bank customers–of the agencies’ account balances with the United States Treasury.”

  31. NOEL says : Reply

    Gary have you filled out your FACTUALIZED TRUST DOCUMENT and had it Notorised yet, if not go here:
    https://i-uv.com/hatj-trust-all-on/documents-for-proof-of-ownership-for-funds/ After that you know as much as me.

  32. AJ says : Reply

    @David Arnold – Is this the website to look up the lower banks? https://www.frbservices.org/EPaymentsDirectory/search.html

  33. researchit27 says : Reply

    Hey Folks – We need to do some research!!! Credit card companies are closing accounts. That doesn’t make sense! What’s behind this? I have a new low-credit card that accepted my first “payment” unison of these “accounts” and it showed zero balance the next day (I have a screen shot), then they reversed it. They then tacked on a $20 fee and disabled the card (I discovered this when making a purchase – ugh). Then a letter came saying that I had to send a bank statement, proving I had an account there – or they would close the account and report me to the credit bureaus. After my initial anger subsided, I called them and had a very interesting exchange. The first offer was, again, send the bank statement. When I said I couldn’t produce one because the account was held in trust, she then made a second offer: send them a letter saying I have authorization on the account. (There was a lot more that was said – HaHa – it made my day!) When I pressed her on what type of form/letter to send, she just said to write up something, sign it and get it notarized – it didn’t need to be “official” or a Power of Attorney….no specifics…so I did. She gave me a fax number. She said it would take two weeks or so to review things. I am still waiting – time will soon be up, and I will call if I don’t hear anything soon. So, MY QUESTION here is: WHY are these CC companies closing accounts??? It MUST be affecting their “bottom line”!? I think there is a road-block and they are trying to figure it out – meanwhile, they are acting from a script. How many of you have called them to inquire why they closed the account??? ….without sounding angry or threatening??? Apparently BZ engaged her bank at length when they said they were closing her bank account and, in the end they told her, “We don’t choose to business with you anymore.” Is that REALLY the reason? Are they under threat from a higher level? …of losing their charters? It “feels” that way. The Banking Secrecy Act plus the Trading with the Enemy Act may be behind all this. What this group has “exposed” by these “doings” is considered “State Secrets” (hidden accounts) which are protected at the highest levels. The PTW may still need us to prove up that we have the status/standing to access the accounts, which some are attempting to do as we speak. I encourage everyone here that has had reversals to call and engage their bank/cc company, and just see what they have to say about why the account was closed. I was in a very upbeat friendly mood when I made my call, and we laughed several times about things. THIS is the way to do the research – in a positive mode – putting aside the anger. It’s a real test knowing who we are. My call turned out to be Very Interesting and I would share more, but it would be too long. xoxo

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Beautiful Being and Doing!!!!!

      Have you read the One People’s Public Trust 1776 fillings, specifically the information found here:

      You mention a credit card company. There are 5 major banks which own all the other banks and credit card companies regardless of the name on the logo.
      These Banks are owned and run by The Families… You can do research on the internet and / or you can start right on I UV, where you can find info graphics and blog posts and pages with this information in specificity and particularity. (And information about all the tie ins to what we think is real but really is examples of the false construct and the manipulation of what you thought was your reality.)

      Look at the fillings-
      Do they say who was foreclosed on? YES, they do with specificity and particularity. You will note that they are specific and particular to the foreclosure of Corporations.

      What is your credit card company?

      The fillings detail with specificity and particularity about “cutting off” (bz’s phrase) the funding to all of this. Because YOU/Me/Everyone/ALL are the Value.

      What does your credit card company provide?

      now replay your Knowing of the expansive phone conversation you had when you called your Credit Card Company, a Corporation owned by one of the 5 major banks, Corporations owned by The Families. : -)

      researchchit27—– Beautiful Being and Doing!!!!!

      • researchit27 says : Reply

        BZ dear one, I am honored by your response. I will do further research – yes. When I made the call, I was transferred to an “investigation specialist” (which at first, sounded scary) and maybe this one knew more than others. I suggested….and she “admitted”…that there was a LOT going on in the banking world and that their company had been having a lot of similar issues/inqiries. She LAUGHED about it. We BOTH laughed! We were having fun! When she went to her “second offer,” it was very loose….like they just wanted some “protection.” I was stunned at how the call had gone. I was so high when I got off that call that I had to immediately share it with my little Skype group. It seemed like such an affirmation. I can’t wait to see what transpires….next…

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          I will highlight for You the most important piece of data that you shared about the call, but perhaps did not catch yourself. Although you relayed it here in this comment you just made.

          you say:

          first- an important foundational point in your recounting of the data you had a direct experience of Knowing and experiencing.
          >>>She LAUGHED about it. We BOTH laughed! We were having fun!

          Now the highlighted data-
          You say:
          “I was stunned at how the call had gone. I was so high when I got off that call that I had to immediately share”…

          This is the brilliant piece of Data-

          That Feeling- those Feelings- that you describe/described in both those sentences you typed.

          That feeling is You touching YOU. As I say the Big Researchchit27 touching fully connecting with in that Moment the embodyment of researchchit27.

          You experienced Original FULLY, Consciously, absent of filters and Linear perceptions/perspectives. You experienced YOU being in sync/aware of/total connection with… however you want to language it.

          Reasearchchit27 Creator Being Original Source.

          • researchit27 says :

            Update on the above…. So after faxing the paperwork that the CC company had requested, 4 weeks went by with online access blocked, meaning I could not view the account, nor make any end-of-month payment which would have been due…nor, use the card. Nothing in the mail either…. Payment would have been due the end of last month. So, then I received an email, saying Urgent, your minimum payment is due. The online access still was not working for a couple of days. So, I called them again and spoke to the first agent who would not transfer me up the ladder to the “investigation specialist.” She referred to that department as “fraud investigation.” She was fairly harsh with me — not like the other agent — and she said I had to make a minimum payment to unblock the cc and that it would then work the next day. I could finally access it online so I paid the minimum using my local bank, and the next day the card worked. She also said they had received my paperwork on Sept 5 — I had faxed it on Aug. 16 !!! — so all i can think is, they are VERY busy…haha! She then said they would make a decision at some point and (I think she said this — it was hard to understand her, since she was in the Philippines with poor phone connection) that based on their decision, the added fees would be removed if appropriate. I thought about the call after-the-fact, and since her answers were so succinct and directed at my situation, I BELIEVE she was reading from a script, INDIVIDUALLY CRAFTED for MY situation. I had to ask her to repeat several times and she would repeat exacty what she had said….Is it possible they are “writing scripts” for each one of us? WoW!

      • Cynthia says : Reply

        BZ, This is great! What a beautiful and refreshing reminder/summary, (there is so much to recall and keep organized in one’s brain,) of all that has been done! ~Thank you!!

  34. L says : Reply

    The Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificate to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy. Each state, province and country in the fiat monetary system, contributes their people’s credit value to this worldwide trust identified by the SS, SIN or EIN numbers (for example) maintained in the Vatican registry.

    Corporations worldwide (individuals became corporate fiction strawmen through their birth certificate) are connected to the Vatican through law (from Vatican to Crown to BAR to laws to judges to people) and through money (Vatican birth account credit values to IMF to Treasury (Federal Reserve) to banks to people (via loans) to judges (administration) and sheriffs (confiscation).

    Judges administer the birth trust credit account in court matters favoring the court and the banks, acting as the presumed “beneficiary” since they have not properly advised the “true beneficiary” of their own trust. Judges, attorneys, bankers, lawmakers, law enforcement and all public officials (our servants) are now held personally liable for their confiscation of true beneficiary’s homes, cars, money and assets; false imprisonment, deception, harassment, and conversion of the true beneficiary’s credit trust funds.

    He signed this in so really I don’t see how anybody can get harassed for trying to access their accounts. The Vatican runs the world, so they need to back off. This was signed 2013

  35. Jonathan says : Reply

    My beautiful woman, who I love dearly, informed me on this video going around about our Social Security numbers being an account number to banks. I was very skeptical at first and so was she. We looked further into it and, of course, learned of our Treasury Direct Accounts along with the Federal Reserve Branches and routing number, so on and so forth. So we proceeded with trying to pay a utility bill, and remember we are still very, very, very skeptical. And long behold . . . IT WORKED ! ! ! IT FREAKIN WORKED. We were so excited and relieved that we both were suffering from GOOD anxiety. It’s been a long time since we’ve felt financially comfortable. But now, thanks to all of the individuals who have risked everything to bring this to light, we can finally relax. All bills are paid in full and I’m currently taking care of debt. And the OPPT website was also very helpful. I want to personally thank everybody involved because this is going to help me take care of my family, who above all else is most important to me. The Lord has blessed us with this and we all should be appreciative. I’m still trying to fix my credit with a little help from the OPPT. Seriously, thank you guys for the help. You have my full support. And I’m sorry about Mr. Deane and the B.S. him and Heather are going through. They are truly the front-line soldiers in this battle. If there’s any other tips and helpful guidance anybody would be willing to share, that would be much appreciated. This, by far, is the BEST website there has been created.

  36. Jonathan says : Reply

    By the way, I’m curious about if it is beneficial for us to make a Treasury Direct account through the U.S. Department of Treasury using this link, https://www.minneapolisfed.org/about/what-we-do/treasury. Don’t we have an account there already? How will that benefit us? What can I accomplish with having an account there and what should I do with it? In addition, how do we go about transferring money from our TDA account to our regular bank account?

    • MsM says : Reply

      There is a form on the Treasury Direct website for redeeming the bonds. The verbiage states the bonds should be redeemed if no longer earning interest. If anyone has done so, please advise how the process went. Does redemption of these funds in any way impact the use of the Trust connected to the social security number?

      • Chris says : Reply

        I submitted the FS Form 5446 on 2 August. I had the bank notarize it with the MEDALLION STAMP. I mailed it the same day to the address provided via registered mail. They got it but I never heard anything since.

  37. HopeFul says : Reply


    Please report back in 5-7 days and let us know if your payments have stayed. They get reversed

  38. HopeFul says : Reply

    Oh everyone also

    Do NOT try to pay Verizon with this

    When it reverse they’re charge you $25 fee,plus disconnects your cell service until you pay them for real. Then they charge you a $20 per line reconnect fee.

    So this just cost me $65

    • J.Pace says : Reply

      That’s what the FDIC is for! Cover discrepancies with bank accounts. WE ARE FDIC INSURED !!!!

      • Chris says : Reply

        I had the bank manager tell me about the FDIC after I asked a few questions. She said that you are covered up to a certain amount but the bank/FDIC can take up to 99 years to pay you for your loss. I thought she was joking around but she said it was true.

        • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

          yes. And the banking industry is in process of eliminating that.

          Did she tell you that once you put your money in the bank it is no longer your money. This has been disclosed to you in part in all that fine print they give you when you open an account.

          There are also “bail ins” the bank can take all of your money from your account to keep them solvent.

          The NSA, which created the block chains, Bitcoin etc, has put in the same mechanism into all the cryptos. They can just open the doors and pull your money(actually theirs, since you deposited it) out.

          I only keep a small amount of money in the bank. When I get paid, I take 90% out in cash right away, and have that given to me in as many hundreds as that adds up to. You want the New hundred dollar bills, not the old ones.

  39. Joey says : Reply

    Hello All

    Stuff must be really moving fast now.

    I received this canned response today. A canned response is sent to all user who have attempted to use the other means to make a payment.

    FYI: My account is not on any hold it’s works just fine. I dont and have not ordered anything. When I did order something very small a month ago via my TDDA account, I returned it because I just wanted validation.

    Very interesting to say the least.


    Amazon.com uses TRS Recovery Services, Inc. (“TRS Recovery Services”) to process customer payments made via electronic bank account transfers. TRS Recovery Services has been notified that your financial institution was unable to process a transaction relating to your recent Amazon.com order(s). There are some common reasons why this may occur. These include mistyping account numbers and/or routing numbers, omitting digits to account numbers, or recent changes to your financial institution’s ABA Routing Number and/or account number structure.

    You may be receiving, or have already received, a phone call from TRS Recovery Services about this issue. This contact was authorized by Amazon.com.

    Most processing errors are fixable with some simple changes to the electronic funds transfer request. To provide the information necessary to reprocess this transaction, contact TRS Recovery Services toll-free at:

    — Within U.S.: 800-366-1049
    — Outside of the U.S., please call 713-567-0499

    Hours are Monday through Friday, between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. CST, or Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST.

    Both TRS Recovery Services and Amazon.com appreciate your response and attention to this issue within the next 3 business days. Once you have addressed this issue with TRS Recovery Services, Inc., please allow 2 to 3 business days for your payment to clear.

    We have placed your Amazon.com account on hold pending resolution of this issue. You will not be able to access your Amazon.com account or order information online. We will remove the hold from your Amazon.com account when TRS Recovery Services confirms that the amount in question has been paid in full.


    Account Specialist

    • Joey says : Reply

      Love this one..updated on my update above

      I called TRS and they have NOTHING in my name….HAHAHAHAH….

      They are trying to create fear…well it doesnt work anymore…

      Love ALL

      • Anastasia says : Reply

        OMG thank you Joey – I absolutely love you saying “they are trying to create fear – well it doesn’t work anymore”.

        That is absolutely the ONLY tool they have to use against us. The only. Fear over this nonsense, fear over that nonsense (the dumb credit score is a tool of fear and manipulation too).

        Thank you to all beautiful embodiments who are saying no more!

    • Caren says : Reply

      Hi Joey. I got one of those from Amazon too!!!! This is not a group I want to work with. I actually sent some Sani wipes to Houston(Red Cross).Recovering from Hurricane Harvey
      They apparently got them
      andAmazon has closed my account. Sorry for them. I am sending everyone notice that I Am the origin of the funds. The FT should do that. Of course they collect the monies !!! Laughable

  40. Christopher Ferris says : Reply


    I have a couple simple questions for you if you could spare the time. Please contact me at: Christopher.ferris@ymail.com. Thank you for your time.


    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Christopher, can you ask them here then others may gain information from your questions and the answers that come forth for me to give?

  41. Anastasia says : Reply

    Oh, I’ve said this elsewhere but it bears repeating. I have lots and lots of financial accounts out there for my businesses.

    The tactic I have been guided to take recently when I deal with the companies is to let (with love and compassion) the representative with whom I am engaging know they are participating in mass global enslavement and how it affects their families too. I’ve been getting much, much different and positive responses to my various issues. It’s fascinating.

    No more hiding in the shadows and letting this chicanery go on one moment longer. It’s time for full disclosure on all fronts and I, for one, am delighted to share the knowledge one interaction at a time. 🙂

  42. CaptS. says : Reply

    Dear Friends: Quick question/thought. I have my car loan with a Credit Union. Are CUs truly of the people and by the people? Should I not use my TDA to pay off my car loan with the CU? Have CUs been foreclosed on as well? Thanks.

  43. Dorrell says : Reply

    Love and confidence to all. Knowledge is a powerful thing. We all have been through an amazing 7 weeks. What a rollercoaster of emotions.
    There have been times during this process of discovery that I have been excited, confused, elated, trepiditious, curious, disappointed, and sometimes just at a loss. To know your entire life that there has to be more, that we were meant for more then to discover, our true value has been enlightening.
    Our collective experience reads like a reality show, written in the dark. To come to the realization that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We as a people are experiencing some true hardships and to be aware that the struggle may be over is a promising reality.
    I have challenges and would usually panic with all the reversals and financial confusion as well as information that has not come to fruition. But i feel a very real calm that things are changing timely. Are we prepared for this new reality? I think so. Planning for a life of real calm is priceless.

  44. Claudia says : Reply

    I am confused by the entry way above that says: “now have a look at these supporting pieces of data:

    1. “For ACH, check, or adjustment support, please contact 877-372-2457″ –

    2. https://i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/060717-same-day-ach-debit-reporting.pdf

    The phone number comes from the link and is for the Fed Reserve. (877-FRB-CHKS)
    The link goes to a Federal Reserve Financial Services memo about Same Day ACH Debits Qualified Bank Reporting which tells us Phase Two will be implemented 15 Sept 2017. It concerns signatories on an Official Authorization List (OAL) for an ODFI institution. ODFI is an acronym for Originating Depository Financial Institution. The ODFI acts as the interface between the Federal Reserve or ACH network and the originator of the transaction.

    To actually wire funds, you first need to setup a Master Account – Step 1 – Complete a Board Resolution, an Official Authorization List (OAL) and the OC 1 Appendices 1-3 and Account Structure Guide (ASG) Attachments A and B (Agreements and Forms). And that is just Step 1!

    As I BE and DO, every time I venture in to this alphabet soup I manage through it for a bit and I become so confused. Is this ‘supporting data’ something to be used or purely informational?

    Love and Light to All!

  45. God.Is.Great says : Reply

    Please help answer this question everyone…..

    Those of you who have paid Electric Bills using this method,have the payments stuck?

    I have my electric bill due and may try this,but don’t want to get it shut off later down the road or get stuck with fees!

    • researchit27 says : Reply

      My own experience was that the utility companies seem most prepared to frustrate this activity. They socked a $10 fee on and also threatened to cut off my online payment access and send me to a walk-in place. So, grappling with them may be hazardous, especially if you are short on funds. They classify it as a “returned check” (bad check) and really won’t discuss it with you….my experience anyway. Very harsh. I also could not get a screen shot of zero balance because they have a 3-day “processing time,” which is BS with ACH, but that’s how they stop folks….

      • scottyboy66 says : Reply

        The best way to deal with utility company is to take control of the account by listing it as collateral on your UCC-1 via UCC-3 Amendment. Once you control the account, they cant control it. So they will face severe Liability if they turn off service, knowing they have zero claim against the account since you took control of it.

  46. Black Sun says : Reply

    I am struggling to find out the procedure for accessing the OPPT accounts in India. Could you or anyone here help me out with the method with respect to India.
    Here we have the 10 character alphanumeric code known as PAN (Permanent Account Number) issued by the Income Tax Dept of the Ministry of Finance. In all probability that’s our equivalent of the US SSN although it is alphanumeric code.
    Please provide all info.
    Thanks in advance

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      these are not OPPT accounts. OPPT, is a short slang people use, to represent the One People’s Public Trust 1776, and the tranch of UCC fillings that were done with that.

  47. Marc Lewis says : Reply

    Could be some useful information for UK maybe others from birth once a birth certificate is issued we are all declared lost at sea and have 7 years from birth to declare otherwise if not we are officially dead and our estate is put into trust accounts and used to trade.

    Claim back your life revoke the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666

    I love you all brothers and sisters
    thank you all for your combined efforts
    Speaking from somewhere lost at sea
    UK Origin

    Link below to the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 still ACTIVE


    • Sue says : Reply

      Hi Mark, Yes you are right. Many people keep trying but arn’t doing the process to become alive again.
      WE are in Australia and been going through this process ourselves with Druanna WElls. Some people say it hasn’t been working even going through the correct process. We don’t know yet either but will keep trying. If you know anything new let me know and I will add it to our A TEAM private group in AU.

      All the best i freedom

  48. Marc Lewis says : Reply

    Get your estate in order before you try getting access to your trust accounts
    Declare yourself alive and well and revoke Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 and that all your affairs are in order to the Vatican they must acknowledge that you are alive and not lost or dead at sea then and only then can you fight back and take ownership of yourself and your estate.

  49. ApexD says : Reply

    I just read an article in the NYTimes about the “hidden bank account scam” in which almost all of the writer’s information came from representatives or websites of the Federal Reserve banks… the usual corporate reporting of only one side (the corporate side) of the story.

    What I found very interesting and even delightful was this: “From the end of June to Aug. 15, nearly 107,000 payments, totaling in excess of $100 million” were attempted (and mostly reversed). That’s a HECKUVA LOT of us testing for the existence of the accounts, and confirming their existence, until the banking/merchant system could figure out how to block people’s access.

    We are part of an awakening. The flurry of activity in accessing the TDA accounts was a joint message sent by all of us that we know what’s been going on and we’re going to push until things change. There’s a whole big system that needs to be dismantled, including the money system and so much more. We The People (you and me and all of us) are the force that is going to change this world. Keep going! In all areas of your life, keep dissolving the old ways and opting for a new, grander version of the best vision you can see for all of Earth.

    • GodFirstLove7 says : Reply


  50. This secret Bank Account real? says : Reply

    Hello all, I have read a lot and been doing research, but i need more clearence!

    I live in the netherlands, i am trying to find my code, my bank account, is it real? Anonymous posted it to be real on youtube.



    ISIN application



    All links found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb6nxxvM2ps&t=271s

    Is there anyone that could give more explanation about this?

  51. Gentry says : Reply

    This so great!!!! But I need so help with this thing I am great mother Queen from SC.

  52. Don says : Reply

    Can we order checks with the routing numbers and ss# on it? Is it legal tender? I just paid on a credit one bill and at&t waiting to see if they will be returned. I am hoping and praying not. I have a friend that is in another state that has paid 2 months utility bills and no returns yet hope I have her favor. Is there any good news about outcomes?

  53. Marie says : Reply

    Marc Lewis how do you declare yourself alive and revoke all your affairs to the Vatican? Is there a special procedure? Documents? Have you done this? Have you taken ownership of your estate? It seems there’s so much info out there, and people are doing so many different things, I assumed the pope vanished all this in 2013 when he signed out corps etc. what is the truth? Why are there so many different ways to do this yet no one has succeeded in even given out the correct way to proceed. Who can you trust? What’s the biggie deal? We all want to be free of this matrix and it seems it’s still hear and not budging. Nor does it want acknowledge people’s efforts and it fights back. So over it….

  54. Joey says : Reply

    Hi ALL

    Great stuff here PLEASE go to youtube–>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me6mDhGjZ3g&t=311s

  55. Joey says : Reply

    Hi All

    As you can see I cannot sleep energy is high tonight

    Another interesting tidbit youtube—>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22iHb4IXYys&feature=youtu.be

  56. DNatasha says : Reply

    Hi guys, i just wanted to say, Ive been keeping up with this post since July, its all very exciting and hopeful….I’ve made several payments, utility bills and Even Dish network. I even had some payments seem to go thru on A WELLS FARGO card. But then all of a sudden everything was reversed, all the way back to the second week of July, i thought once the payments had cleared for over 10 days that they were finalized? ?? Now my lights are pending dusconnect and im really stumped. Had any one else experienced something like this?

  57. Caren says : Reply

    It’s seeming a random algorithm. I just recircle the wagons make sure you have taken all steps properly?
    I re listened to Bob Wright’s info and I think a lot of these companies should receive a FT and cert of authority. Authorizing use of fund plus Moto Proprio letter.
    I pray this ends soon and we can all get our debts cleared. And lights turned on phones and such /the living stuff of course
    Persistence makes unfettered access feel closer

  58. ApexD says : Reply

    I agree about persistence, and re-trying things. It might be helpful to call the companies or other parties involved (Telecheck, etc.) and asking them to look at your account and help you understand what happened… you’d be coming from a friendly, inquisitive place, asking them to follow the trail and see that the payments went through, and should be processed again. Ask them to put the payments through again. Call the companies you made payments to, and point out how puzzling it is to have a payment clear, then reverse days or weeks later, and then for you to be charged late fees. Be friendly and calm and help the customer service person help you. We’re all in this together, and it’s going to take people in many positions in the merchant economy to effectuate this change.

    Today (Sept. 15th) is the day payments (credits and debits) start being cleared on a same-day basis. According to this website, all payments made by 10:30 am ET are cleared at 1:00 pm ET, and all payments made by 2:45 pm ET are cleared at 5:00 pm ET.

    Maybe today and Monday would be good times for masses of people to access their accounts again…?

    • Caren says : Reply

      Yes agreed. You have to know who you are. !!! An Original
      And Certainly – Not a debtor
      I am very grateful to be here “. Doing and Being. “. We are part of this shift and it’s happening
      I just remain centered and focused

    • BT Shagnasty says : Reply

      Now retired, but having spent my entire career in corporate America and knowing a corporate PR flack when I hear one, listening to Virgo Triad, whom I absolutely do not know, tells me deep in my gut Virgo Triad is a high-paid “Crisis Management” PR flack trolling the Internet, likely hired by the Powers That Were to make their yuuuuuuuuuuuuge TDA headache go away.

      You guys must assume whatever Virgo Triad has to say about these TDAs is false, purposed to discourage you by any means possible, and must be ignored.

  59. guestimate says : Reply

    Very important Heather see this, from Eeon.


  60. I want to learn all about this…ive learned alot already. Reading and watching… I tried amazon. Amazon accepts my information as a payment setting; however, it does not give me an option to use it. I am wondering how many actual successes there have been without being reversed? Ill try utility…this will be such an amazing thing when it does eventually come through….i believe for sure!

    • Kelly A says : Reply

      Amazon worked for me for a few orders, then it stopped working. Initially payments would be declined but then go through without any action on my part. Later orders were simply declined and stayed that way. Sometimes the fed res bank was removed off of my payment options, and I would just add it back in and use it. Seems that certain items would make it through and certain items wouldn’t, but I couldn’t detect any pattern. I haven’t done any calling yet to rectify the problem as some other folks have. I may do that next. Initially I simply found my main fed res letter and city and then found banks and routing numbers on these sites: random411.com and usbanklocations.com . Good luck!

  61. bodoe says : Reply

    i had some amazon go thru and get revserved on aug 15 what do to now?

  62. Reallyro says : Reply

    Stayed up all night finally got Amazon to accept my new account info placed a 70 dollar order says it went through but It’s not showing anything on my orders no tracking number nothing so idk… will keep trying thanks for all the info and support

  63. Brandon Gully says : Reply

    Hi, im very impressed with the information i have received through your website amd documents provided. If there is any way i can speak with someonr from your group it would be appreciated. I only have a couple questions regarding accesing my account and wont take much time. Please let mw know of this is possible thank you and god bless!

  64. ApexD says : Reply

    I tried buying something for $50 on Amazon yesterday with my TDA. Got an email 2 hours later saying the payment from my bank account was not authorized. I called Telecheck. The person said the transaction needed to be sent to the Research Department and I would be sent a clearance letter in the mail within 30 days, explaining the situation. When I asked what the code was for the payment being denied, she said it was ‘0’ and told me that meant “payment cannot be processed electronically.” She said ‘0’ sometimes also means “needs verbal authorization,” but said she could not authorize this verbally and was sending it to the Research Department.

    I find that very interesting! Not getting an R34 code, like so many have, but the bank shutting off electronic access. hmmm. Especially since I had 2 successes buying things on Amazon in August, for $18 and $28, with this exact same account. (Universal routing #262083881 and ss#) Those August purchases caused some confusion for Amazon and a letter from TRS Recovery Services (an affiliate of Telecheck), but calls to Amazon and Telecheck resulted in everyone telling me there was no problem and the purchases were fine.

    My take on it is that the system itself is confused on how to handle these experiments we’re all doing. It really seems that there’s an unpredictable algorithm on which combination of routing numbers, vendors and the shoe color (being facetious) will result in a payment going through or not. And the rules are continually being changed to prevent our access. For those who are new to this info or frustrated that there’s not a plain-language tutorial on how to access your TDA, it’s because we’re not at that point yet! We’re all in this together, pushing and testing the system. Something like a particular routing number or formula will seem to work for a while, then it will be blocked, and people continue to dialog and push and test.

    3 weeks ago, I tested by using a routing number and my ss# in PayPal and Amazon. These no longer work. Can anyone give an idea on how to check on some of the other routing numbers + our ss# to see if an account exists and/or has funds in it, before we try to attach it to someplace like Amazon or PayPal? Thanks

  65. Dorrell says : Reply

    I though i remember reading the payments were not going to be manually reversed because the FRB would be locked out of the global system and the system auto- adjusts, auto-updates, auto-corrects itself. What happened to that?

  66. Shelly says : Reply

    I tried to pay my cable bill….they take bank payment but say the routing number isn’t recognized…then I tried to pay on a loan and they also said the number wasn’t recognized…I used the bureau of public debt rr number….what did I do wrong?

  67. Shelly says : Reply

    I also got the same response from amazonApexD did. It’s frustrating….

  68. John says : Reply

    I was heavily researching this subject over the last 48 hours. I have my phone off so could not be contacted, but my partner received a phone call today from a supposed Telstra Employee asking questions about who is using the internet, and saying there is illegal activity happening on the network. Ended up hanging up on her. anyone had something happen like this? Australia? Seems coincidental . Freedom of speech, Scare tactics

  69. HopeFul says : Reply


    Comcast charges a $30 returned ACH check fee. Verizon charges a returned ACH fee

    Capital One closed my account and won’t reopen it due to the returned ACH payment

    My mortgage company charged me a returned ACH fee too

    So this whole process just cost me a shit ton of trouble and money. No matter what forms I filled out or sent in. “There’s absolutely nothing we can do for you”. That’s what they all said.

    This sucks

  70. Shy says : Reply

    Capital One has sent me a new customer agreement which includes “special transfers” in a paragraph from the FRB…which I found very strange…if anyone receives new customer agreement…please read in it completely….

  71. William J Morin says : Reply

    So this page had not been updated since November? Nobody, NOBODY, has had successes. Yes the account exists. No you can’t use it.

    You cannot provide proof of successful payment. If you can, your probably going to ask for money to show how. And it still won’t work.

    The silliest part of this is the account is only supposed to be used to discharge debt… not buy crap on Amazon.

    We’ve been fooled into chasing a fake dream.
    File your UCC, and watch the magic as it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t work.

    A4V didn’t work. And I did this ACH process 6 years ago for a CC, didn’t work, it’s not new, just popular now. Did AHC again a few months ago. Didn’t work. It’s not working. And it’s costing us money.

    Please stop, Harvey Dent and Co. Whoever is peddling this shlop. Go back under ground and don’t come up until you are successful. Your fooling thousands of people into a crap shoot that will get them into financial hardship.
    “Redemption Manual” $200 piece of incomplete, copy and paste shit. A4V shit. Secure Party Creditor, shit. ACH fresh shit.

    “Oh but William, we all need to do our part, have skin in the game” shit, i already did. And this is my very valuable contribution, write this down in ALL CAPS red ink diagonally and endorse the back:


    • Bri says : Reply

      Hey Will I Am….I feel your pain homie….no successes on my end yet either.. but the fact that we can link these accounts and get the payment to go through before the reversals is proof they exist… That alone is waking people up.. awareness is a key component to change…just because “they” won’t let us access yet does not mean this process was pointless… An when the payment first goes through I had a joy that could be felt around me.. maybe that was the point..if I can recreate that feeling on a regular I know my life will change for the better..can you imagine a world where we didn’t need money to survive.. we can create and do what makes us truly happy?
      Anyhow.. where do you get November as the last update.. up top there is updates all the way till Heather gets arrested and some after that..

    • Athena says : Reply

      Hey Mr. William I have been following these ideas for about 7 yrs now… And You my friend are right. I havent followed through with becoming a secured creditor or party, mostly because I have been doing my research. Once you denounce your legalisy and become your own sovereign country as a person, what rights do you have anymore as an american? none because you are your own Sovereignty. In any case I have not physically met anyone who was successful in this venture, just more headaches. When someone is successful in all of this they claim, so you ask for more info and what are you doing wrong, these people ignore and avoid you. I do my own digging and I stand for the facts. And these are the facts my friends, sorry not sorry.

  72. melodrop says : Reply

    After a few reversals trying to pay off my auto loan I received an email stating that it was processed and the title will be mailed within 2 weeks. A week later the payment gets reversed and it was back to the beginning. A week goes by again and I received the title stamped and signed releasing the lien to my legal name.

    I now have the tittle but the loan is still open. My question is… What would you do?
    The loan is still open on their end and I continue to make payments. Just wanted to share that it did work although it was reversed…

    • Kathi says : Reply

      Hi Kathi,

      Same thing happened to me and I received a clear title. Then I received a letter from Capital One Auto Financing Title Dept. asking for the title back because they made a mistake. I did nothing. Then I received a letter from the title dept. again with “amendment to title” and a “lost title” application. She said to sign by the X on whichever one applied. Neither one applied so I did neither. I did receive one letter from them stating that I signed a contract and I am responsible for fulfilling the loan obligation. But my theory is that I paid it with my ss account and it obviously cleared and then a week later they change their minds? I can’t even look at my statement online, they blocked it. I check the RMV every day and the title is still clear. By making a payment, arent you stating that you didn’t really pay it off?


      • Anthony says : Reply

        Same thing happened to me paid it on July 12 an cleared the 17th then get the title 3 weeks later, traded the car in to get a bigger one and 2 days later they call me saying my payment reversed, I told them I traded the car in seeing that my payment posted.

      • melodrop says : Reply

        You’re right. I also have paid off credit cards and each of them are returned. I just keep paying them to each month and the late fees keep getting bigger and bigger. Should I just stop? I think you’re right…

  73. Andre E says : Reply

    What about South Africans.. ?? where can we knock..
    I was born in 1958 before the ZAR became independent republic, when it was under the British as a republic..? till 1960

  74. KAY says : Reply

    Hello BZ any update on Heather and the announcement she will be making about the account access for all?
    Also I do not see the last updated you had here in this blog…..
    Bless everyone and keep being and doing, I am and will not stop…..

  75. KAY says : Reply

    William J Morin. Please keep your negativity to yourself…. here we are all in the light and positive beings…..

  76. Tracy says : Reply

    Hey, this account is supposed to be for paying off debt. Also has anyone tried to DEPOSIT money to your account?
    If you make a few deposits over a period of time and then pay off your debts, it will be easier.

    • melodrop says : Reply

      Hello Tracy and thank you for sharing. Can you provide information on how to DEPOSIT to my account? Thank you

  77. Tracy says : Reply

    Also, had great success by calling credit card company over phone, using my SS# as routing number and the number on the back of your card with a 0 in front of it as the bank account number. It has always been my understanding that the number on the back of your card with a zero in front of it is generally used as the routing number. I’ve never used a FED or Public Debt routing number.
    Good luck!

    • Bri says : Reply

      You called the number on back of card the account number and then said it was the routing number.. which did you have success with? 🙂

  78. John says : Reply

    Has anyone tried using these accounts with paypal recently? Looks like they changed the account add verification process from small deposits to text message verification. Seems like it would make it easier to add.

  79. Caren says : Reply

    It is all perfectly done. There is no “right way “. So do what your heart/intuition tells you. I am a little scrambled so I have a Blk / wht notebook. The intention has got to come with knowledge do your homework *). I was still am a really good student. And I am Magic. I see Oct being a very prosperous month. All good
    Let’s plan on unfetterring

  80. Renee says : Reply

    How long do you have to wait once you know the treasury has received your factualized trust

  81. Caren says : Reply

    Dear Pay Pal. I have had a business account with you since 2011. I recently sent you verifications of my identity and have given you authorization to access my FedReserve acct funds. Somehow under your watch a security breach occurred and someone used my accumulated funds. ( the bank acct was removed) You locked me out of my account. Yes I still want to do business with you. My clients seem to like the ease and grace of your online transactions. Perhaps we can make a deal .? I’m an original. Let’s partner. I have already signed up online. Let’s get those funds in my account so I am hydrated and can grow we both win.

    • Caren says : Reply

      PP s answer the scripts are scrambled. We don’t know how to function one department does not know what the other is doing. We are bots

  82. michael says : Reply

    the number on my Indiana State Board of Health birth certificate, upper right hand corner, state file number, 113-’58 050936. there is no capital letter. in the upper left hand corner, Local No. 2339. on my st. joseph county health dept. record of birth, it has no numbers in either corners. in the middle of the certificate, there is Certificate No. 2339, then Reel No. 41-B. could you interrpret this? i tried getting a absract/book copy, long version but the gal on the phone could not tell me if such a version is available. crap shoot, i would get the short version, again if the long version is not available. seems to me there is a (my) bond note, somewhere. also, how do i find out the red # on the back of my social security card? i am in the process of purchasing a replacement ss card, the gal was not even aware of such a # and said it may be a reference # but, can’t say that the card will have said # on it. again, could shed some light on this so that i can be expedient w/ all the procedures i have follow to get this all in place? please and thank you. peace,michael stevens.

  83. HopeFul says : Reply

    Does anybody have verifiable proof that their transactions did not get reversed after a week or two?

    • Diana Smith says : Reply

      The friend I learned of this from payed an $11,000. credit card off using it two months ago and has not heard a word since. The bill says $0 still…. so it seems to have worked in this case.

  84. Mildred says : Reply

    Hi! folks, you need to read the following:

    1) How to use your treasury account to charge back the mortgage, car payments, college debts, medical bills, property taxes…: http://educationcenter2000.com/how_to_use_your_treasury_account_to_charge_back.html

    2) Administrative Remedy in Brief: http://www.educationcenter2000.com/remedies-in-commerce/administrative-process.htm

  85. William J Morin says : Reply

    Any updates guys? I would like to pay off Students Loans ASAP!!! Thanks

  86. HopeFul says : Reply


    Are you serious? Pay for this crap? It does not work! Simply put! They all get reversed! The accounts are non transaction accounts! You get chargeback fees and account fees! Please stop spreading bad info!

  87. Tracy says : Reply

    Sorry, I haven’t been back. The number on the back of your SS card with a 0 in front is the routing number for depositing money to your account. BUT when I paid off the CC cards, I did use it in reverse. Once you make deposits, it establishes YOU as the depositor. Hope this clears up some misleading things said earlier.

  88. Marc says : Reply

    Hope this help someone
    For discharging debt only

  89. KAY says : Reply

    Marc: this is another distraction… Please post only good info… People I would not follow this. Heather already filed all UCC’s needed. do not go down the rabbit hole without a bottom…..

  90. Tracy says : Reply

    Remember all that these are MINOR accounts and it means just what it says. These accounts are held in trust for MINORS. Has anyone claimed theirs? You must claim this account and the fact that you are not a minor. There are forms on the Fed’s website to claim your account. Please see UCC and CFR’s. Do your research!

    • E says : Reply

      Hey Tracy- have you had any reversals doing this yet- I have a friend who is doing something similar- not the same and just got reversals after almost a month.

  91. Kay says : Reply

    TRACY, PLEASE, you do your research YOURSELF!. We do not need to file UCC’s Heather bless her heart, has done all of that for “everyone”, if we file documents with the Feds that is admitting that they are still in control and they ARE NOT. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT MISS LEAD people in this site.

  92. Sue says : Reply

    FRom Australia I tried following the instructions trying a couple of options. Did you use your American drivers licence because none of it worked with an AU one…sorry.

    Have I done it wrong for Australia. I would really like this to work.

    Cheers Sue

  93. Jay J says : Reply

    So, to give an update on what has been happening with me and the account (I’m posting in the hopes that others will come out and say what has been happening with them as well):

    I tried to connect link my “original” account to my bank account – I sent my bank a copy of my factualized trust – the bank sent me a living trust form to fill out. I filled it out and had to call them back after about four days to see what was going on, since they had not called me back. I was told that I needed more trust paperwork from my “original” bank in order to link the account and remove the block on my external transfer page. I sent an e mail to my bank (not the original bank, my credit union), asking to speak to someone who could speak on the UCC filings, I also explained that this money is property being held “in trust” for me – there is no trust paperwork to be filled out.

    I received a call back from the risk department (This is just a summary – not all parts are verbatim):

    Risk Department: Is this Jay J?
    Me: Yes, it is. How may I help you?
    Risk Department: I’m calling in regards to the external account you are trying to attach to your bank account with us.
    Me: Awesome – can you speak to the UCC filings on the factualized trust paperwork I submitted?
    Risk Department: No.
    Me: You do know what the UCC is, right?
    Risk Department: No, can you tell me what it is?
    Me: It would take along time to go completely into it, but it’s the Uniform Commercial Code. (I doubted he was telling the truth)
    Risk Department: You opened your account with us in late September, correct?
    Me: Yes.
    Risk Department: Did you open this account with the sole purpose of connecting this external account?
    Me: No, I have my direct deposit set up through you all with my job – you’re not closing my account, are you?
    Risk Department: No, but I don’t think we’re going to be able to add your “original account”. If you are going to try to add this account, we’re going to ask that you try somewhere else.
    Me: I don’t understand, but I do know a bit about your security protocols, and the test amounts were submitted and accepted because the account is in my name.
    Risk Department: That’s not always necessarily the case.
    Me: Wait, I confirmed the account was mine through a third party vendor! I wouldn’t have tried to add an account that was not mine!
    Risk Department: We are not saying that the account you are trying to add is fraudulent….Listen, we’re a small credit union, and if you are going to try to add an account like this (original account) you’re going to need to go to a bigger bank. If you have an account you would like to add from a smaller bank, we can remove the block on your external account to let you add it.

    This is a summary. I wish I would have handled it a bit better, but I did thank them for their time.

    I’m not giving up on this. Sure, these accounts are a small thing. I’m going to tackle the small before I move on to the bigger things.

    Just knowing the account exists has opened up a world of questions for me. I thank the people at the OPPT for doing all they have done – hopefully this will be over and done with soon.

    • Cynthia says : Reply

      I think what you did and said was impressive. You did a great job! According to Heather’s last phone call/recording we will have proof soon!!

      • Jay J says : Reply

        Thanks much Cynthia – I was glad that they were honest and eventually straightforward with me. The funny thing is when I have asked for people to speak to that can speak to the UCC filings, they always send me to someone who can’t. I eventually tell them (but I didn’t say it in the above referenced account):

        “There has to be someone there who can speak to the UCC filings, since every time the Fed puts out new guidelines and announcements, they reference the UCC.”

        I (like almost everyone else who knows about this) would love to be able to utilize my account, but even if I can’t, why is it so difficult to find someone in these establishments who can speak to the UCC documents?

  94. Caren says : Reply

    Jay I will answer to this. There are some banks that are on some sort of special agreement with the FRB system. Some are favorites some are not . I also think that our accounts are pooled together and not easy to identify. I know this from my Mortgage (non) that was pooled and became something else. It was made for their profit and not mine. I just provided the signature and they took the home to boot and resold it at auction. We are busy blowing the fraud to their scheme wide open. I am saying this in public most of what goes on is in the private. Just people need to speak out on the crimes that have occurred. It was a nightmare . This is RICO and the roaches are being lighted up as they come out of the holes

    • Jay J says : Reply

      Hello Caren, are you talking about the whole Mortgage back security fiasco that went on a while back? I am sorry to hear that all of that happened to you. So many people were caught up in all of that mess. You are all in my prayers.

      • Caren says : Reply

        Jay Thank you. I know so much more now. I was caught up in it for sure. It’s amazing when the roof over your head is taken I worked really hard to obtain and maintain
        Yet still no remedy???? I even filed a claim In The banks BK
        I am really a little tired of all the debt nonsense game
        We seem to be at the end of all the trickery. My due diligence is done and I think a remedy is at hand. I can now stop playing the surfer song “ wipeout “

        • Jay J says : Reply

          I sure hope we have a positive end. I spoke with another banker today, and was advised that “the UCC does not apply to them.” No lie. I had no answer for what I was told, I was just happy that someone finally talked with me about it. We’ll see what happens from here on. Good luck to you!

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            Your “Banker” needs to to either 1. go back to banker school, 2. Craft his obfuscation to be a little more detailed, 3. Wake up to what is so

            Just for fun, after looking at your comment JayJ. I used the impartial, not slanted search algorithm ; -) of google to search this phrase:

            “Does banking comply with UCC REGULATIONS”

            here are just a few of the top results returned. Amazing- all of them have to do with banking! who would have thought that would happen (heart)

            U.C.C. – ARTICLE 4A – FUNDS TRANSFER (1989) | UCC – Uniform …
            This Article may be cited as Uniform Commercial Code–Funds Transfers. … (i) the instruction does not state a condition to payment to the beneficiary other than …. by the bank in compliance with the security procedure chosen by the customer.


            U.C.C. – ARTICLE 4A – FUNDS TRANSFER (2012) | UCC – Uniform …

            § 3-104. NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT. | UCC – Uniform Commercial …
            Uniform Commercial Code › U.C.C. – ARTICLE 3 – NEGOTIABLE … (3) does not state any other undertaking or instruction by the person promising or ordering …

            FRB: Regulation J: Compliance Guide
            Dec 28, 2016 – Also describes how and when a Reserve Bank can recover losses and … as it relates to fund transfers under the Uniform Commercial Code.

            FRB: Regulation CC: Compliance Guide
            Dec 28, 2016 – The EFAA requires banks to (1) make funds deposited in transaction accounts … States that compliance with subpart B of the regulation is enforced by each … To decrease the risk to a depositary bank that a check will be …. including the Uniform Commercial Code, that is inconsistent with the Check 21 Act …

            [PDF]Overview of Funds Transfer – FDIC
            May 11, 2010 – ○Uniform Commercial Code – Article 4A adopted by each of the states. ○Account Agreement between Customer and Bank can vary certain provision of … (2) Bank acted in “good faith” in compliance with security procedure.

          • Jay J says :

            I’m replying to my comment because it will not let me reply on yours, BZ.

            Thank you so much. There is a full story to all this (somewhat twilight-zonish) I will tell it in a day or so (’bout to turn in – lots to do in the AM), but I knew he was not telling me the truth – I just didn’t have the information to back me up. He and I had spoken a day prior and he was happy as all get out – he didn’t know anything about the UCC and I believed him (I even advised him that the Fed Res quotes the UCC when they put out new guidelines). I asked him to talk to the folks above him to find out what he could about the filings and when I talked with him the next day he changed up completely – it…..This has opened my eyes on a whole new level of WOW.

            They get their money from the FED, who abides by the UCC, but they themselves (the bank) are immune to the UCC and its filings.

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            after the last word in the last sentence of your comment it feels like a ?? or a , sure… might be more expansive than a .

            :- )

            Core Beliefs are being mirrored and shattered, for everyone!

            Its how we speed this up, its how we come to the New Now, its how people who keep saying We need/want/you promised… TDA’s get their access. And then some.

            Most importantly and Most Delicious, and Most Fun we get to PLAY as we see/feel/swim in the energies of the Big Picture and consciously create new amazing/orgazmicly delicious/cosmically expansive realities to experience.

          • researchit27 says :

            Jay J: My own experience has been that the initial interaction is upbeat and positive and full of warm fuzzies, THEN they consult with someone up the chain, and VOILA, they have a whole different demeanor. I think their enthusiasm is dampened by what they are told — or they get their arse chewed out. I’ve seen it time and again — the first interaction is positive — they try so hard to be helpful — then they go icy cold. SOMEthing they are told by their superiors scares them into compliance … it must be harsh for the ones that get chewed out. My take is that they are introduced to the idea that there are “State Secrets”— like a line they cannot cross. It’s good to have all these “field tests” tho, because we learn from them. Keep going, brother!

          • Jay J says :

            My punctuation and spelling are off -I was really sleepy when I posted the last few times. As of late, I am taking what little I have of my free time and scouring the net for news articles. Rome is slowly burning. it’s unfortunate, but everything is as it’s supposed to be. So much is happening – I am wondering what 2018 will bring. Hopefully RKB and HATJ will be free (as well as many others in the system that do not deserve to be incarcerated / in the system) and we, as a world, are moving into a peaceful existence.

            researchit27 – I wonder what they are being told as well. Whatever it is, it causes them to flip faster than someone with a sunburn who just got touched on the shoulder! Thank you so much for the encouragement. I hope your situation is going well. I have not had anything new happen on my end of things. It’s funny; I see almost all things differently now. I was watching a movie earlier called “A streetcat named bob” with a loved one, and I couldn’t help but see our society – it’s constructed around banking, usury and money (even when I turned on the radio – almost every news story was ultimately tied to money). Those at the very top seem to have it all, and for the most part, treat us like we are nothing. We, in turn, tend to scramble around trying to get as much as we can so we can walk with our noses in the air and treat those less fortunate like we feel the people at the top are treating us (the scene where a worker in the diner threw away food the main character couldn’t pay for keeps playing in my head – the worker would rather take a total loss on the product than help someone in need). Not all us are this way, of course – for that, I am grateful.

            I tend to ramble on this early in the morning. I’ll stop.

            Good luck everyone.

  95. Dorrell says : Reply

    So… from the submission of the praecipe, where it was mentioned failure to adhere to the dismissal of all charges, the dollar amount would be doubled every second ( i believe that was how it was worded) would a judge wait 30 days to render a decision?
    And from the conversation with Heather do we now, as in this minute, in real time, have access to our accounts? What is the interface? How do we access ,the “ALL of All?”
    Who would be distributing these Essence cards? Who will be making the announcement that the old system is over and what the ramifications are? Yes I know there are much bigger issues at work right now but I think people’s financial outlook is right up there at the forefront.
    Is there now no longer a reason for trepidation in using our accounts since it was stated that these folks doing manual reversals can no longer touch
    These accounts? When you say basically we will be informed with specifically reliable information of all we have available to us, what does that mean? And by whom? And through what mode of communication and When?
    We have access to what? BZ, you stated that we just had to “tune in and utilize …” what does that mean?
    Can i call up the FEDERAL RESERVE and say hey, I know i have xyz account, I’d like to transfer xxx dollars immediately. Is that what you meant by tune in?
    I was glad to know Heather is well and has so much information, and if the case is basically over, why is Mr. Beane still being held? Or is he? As you see, I have lots of questions as I am sure so many people also have that your conversation did not address. Yes, to be assured in some tangible way that this time we can actually have information we, the general populis can use.
    We are living in extraordinarily exciting times but also confusing times. The more clarity people have I think the better for all of us.

  96. Stephen Beath says : Reply

    Tried this following all instructions to a T, nobody is accepting this information for payment, two credit cards let it go through then reversed it 3 days later. Getting discouraged! Help!

    • Citizen Kane says : Reply


      There is no proof it works. Only reversals and charge backs. Not one single shred of proof after all these years and months. No updates from Heather either. Promises….all left unfulfilled,and proof that doesn’t exist.

      • Stephen Beath says : Reply

        Yeah I keep hearing and reading that it works and people say they’ve experienced it but then they’re never heard from again. So frustrating

  97. Jay J says : Reply


    First, I would like to ask everyone to get your own proof if you can. This was another bank (older account), I tried to add my original account as an external account. The test deposits were sent and waiting for verification. I had my FT and went to the bank (almost a month and a half ago) to speak in person with someone about not being able to see the test deposits and to present my FT. The bank was almost empty, and I was able to sit with someone in almost no time. I explained that I had an external account I was trying to add and pulled up my account on her PC so she could take a look at the pending verification. She did seem a bit bewildered when she laid eyes on my “original account” I was trying to add, but was not angry or anything. The bank employee seemed nice enough, she took my FT and my SS card to her boss and was gone for about fifteen minutes. When she returned, she gave me my papers back and asked me for my account number for my “original account”, which I provided (she compared the number I gave he to the last four of the account number for my original account on her screen).

    “Ok. Well, it’s impossible to have an account that has your social security number as the account number. That’s now allowed.” The bank employee told me. (this is where it gets somewhat twilight zonish) I looked at her, and then back at her PC screen which held my account showing the pending verification. Here she is, telling me that it’s impossible to have this account, and it’s on her screen! I looked again at her, and then her screen.

    “Well, thanks for your time.” I got up and left. Getting in my car, I drove around the bank building once and then parked and went back inside the bank. (Gone maybe a total of four minutes) Standing back in the main line, I looked over and seen the bank employee who I had just spoken with. Her eyes met mine, and I motioned to see if I could step back over to see her again. She nodded yes. Walking back into her cubicle, I could see her screen, and she had been sitting, looking at my account and the pending verification the entire time! I asked her my question and then left.

    Now, I have a loan with this bank. It is behind. (no, I’m not about to ask for donations) The bank had been calling me to make a payment, and I have been advising them that as soon as I can get this original account added, I can pay the whole thing off. I would call and speak to a rep, only to be told that they would call me back (and they would not). A couple of days ago, the collections folk from the bank called me again and I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to him. I asked him about the external account I was trying to add and asked him to look at the paperwork I submitted in regards to showing that the account was, in fact, mine. I asked him if he knew about the UCC and he said no (his answer sounded credible). He kept putting me on hold while he went to talk to accounting, who eventually wanted to know how I received the money from my “original account”. I explained to him that the UCC filings on my FT would explain everything and asked him to please give a copy of my FT to someone who knows that UCC. I remember saying to him something along the lines of “Whether you all allow me access to the account or not, please ask whoever it is you talk to specifically about the UCC filings.”. He repeated this to me that he would do so.

    Later on that day he called back but I was at work and could not talk. I did return his call in the evening, and the next day (yesterday) he had someone else call me back. They wanted payment for the loan and advised me that they would not be able to add my external account. (I cannot stand when people go back on their word) This manager and I had an agreement that at the very least, he would let me know about the UCC filings and here he is, sending a lackey to do his bidding. Luckily, I remembered his extension and called him back. Asking him why he didn’t call me back personally, he advised me that he had been informed that someone else had just spoken with me. I advised him that this was true, but he and I had an agreement that he would call me back about the UCC filings specifically. He explained to me that he had been in contact with the fraud department and that this was fraud and that they needed to know when I would be making payment on my loan. His demeanor had changed greatly and he was no longer the friendly person I had just spoken to the day prior. He advised me that they were prepared to sue me for the loan I owe. I asked him a few times about the UCC filings that he said he would look into and his response a couple of times was that he had spoken to the fraud department and that this was fraud – then after tiring of hearing my plead my case that all I am trying to do at this point is find out about the filings he told me (at least twice) that the UCC does not apply to them.

    So, we went around that for a moment, and I advised him that I would be calling them back about the loan.

    Honestly, I had been prepared for another (different type) of argument – I was not prepared for a bank to tell me that the UCC does not apply to them.

    If anyone else gets a bank or creditor telling them this, the post BZ gave should come in handy. Good luck to you all.

  98. DMM says : Reply

    Hello Kind and Generous Beings!

    I’m in Canada and have been working on things here since early September. Funny how I just found a method for Canada on this page today. There is one slight error though. The BoC institution number os not 010 but 177. The transit number of 00006 seems to be correct though.

    In med Sept I was able to use the BoC account to set up pre-authorized payments for 2 of my bills but had to wait for the billing cycles to see if they got paid. The first, my cell bill was paid on Oct 14th and my natural gas bill was paid on the 17th.

    Yesterday (Oct 24) I received a call from the gas company. They told me that their bank, TD Canada Trust, does not accept payments from the BoC (even though my balance earlier in the morning showed $0.00 … been checking every day and capturing screen shots). I was pleasant while speaking to this woman on the phone and told her we all have accounts with the BoC. She was taken aback a bit. I told her that, because I was groggy from pain meds (DDD in lower back) so I’d like her to forward me the email. She responded with I don’t see any problem with that.

    I waited about an jour for the email and when it arrived it wasn’t the forwarded email, it was her telling me that, because of privacy issues, she couldn’t forward me the email. The email mentions nothing about their bank not accepting payments from the BoC. *scratches head in wonder*

    I’ve checked a couple of times today and the balance is still showing $0.00 (screen shots taken, one as I was composing this email).

    Is there anyone who can help guide me with … suggestions for entertainment and information purposes only?

    Peace, Love, understanding and as always In Honour.
    Dave M

    • andyG says : Reply

      Hello dave,

      i noticed you managed to access your BoC tda. were you successful at it? didn’t your payments get reversed? i have been into this since almost may. not sure if someone out there managed to utilize this without reversing their payments

      god bless

  99. I am not sure how to use the account information. Is the information to obtain money to pay bills and for any other personal uses? I am still not sure how to set it up and how this all works. I need help. Can someone help me, please? Where was this information when I needed it most for college!? I had to drop out of the university I got accepted to because I count not pay my portion of the student bill, all $8, 713.00 per quarter term.SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    Corey Lewis

    • Jay J says : Reply

      Right now, everyone is getting reversals and whatnot. Sure you could pay something, feel happy for a bit and then feel the total opposite if it’s reversed. What you COULD do is go to the OPPT absolute tab and read up on the history of the OPPT and read through the Factualized Trust and all of the UCC filings inside of it. As well, I would recommend reading “The Creature from Jekyll Island” By G Edward Griffin.

  100. Amy says : Reply

    We are in November. The 18th is 17 days away. This date represents the month from the court date that was held in Tennessee. Heather submitted a praecipe to the judge and there was information that he would respond in 30 days. Has there been any “upper top level” up dates or any “behind the scenes” concise updates?
    Yes people are tired. Yes people are in debt right now. Yes it is all a false construct , and should be ended. Slavery, debt, bills, the whole system needs to go and rebuild in the interest of the people. People are experiencing financial hardships that need to end. Where is the information?

  101. Chris says : Reply

    I am sticking to this to the end. I check on up-dates every day. Good will come from these actions. God Bless.

  102. andyG says : Reply

    hello all from canada,

    i have been able to use my tda and managed to pay my cell bill and my credit card. i was really happy and truly convinced that this method really works and it wasn’t another of those scams. after about 3 days of checking my balances and showing $0.00 the next day the payments of both cell phone and credit card had been reversed. honestly i don’t know/think if there has been people 100% successful in using this account without being reversed in couple of day (perhaps even weeks). yes frustrating,

    this proves that the money exists but do you maybe have to be invited to this by the 1%????? i wonder

    god bless you all

  103. andyG says : Reply

    i have tried paying some bills with my tda once and it got reversed. should i give it a try one more time? kinda risky? help please


  104. Rick Simpson says : Reply

    Dear Annonymous, Revolutionaries and Activists alike,
    We, the People, Thank you for your fight,
    to Free us from our suffering plight,
    I write to you from a South East Corner,
    to make your perspective of the 3rd World broader,
    For the Souls who exist,
    at the bottom of, or under a barrel.
    For 3rd World People,
    Exploited & Oppressed.
    Where Social Securities are Non-Exist,
    And the daily struggle reaches only for tommorrow’s rest,
    Where their greatest need,
    is but a bowl of rice,
    or where a single potato will suffice,
    Who need no toys,
    seeking only shelter,
    or for whom safe water supply,
    needs to get a whole lot better.
    Where our leaders are your joke,
    Yet millions suffer beneath their yoke.
    I ask you to consider, fairly
    from with the flow,
    to think of us dearly,
    Help us find the Freedoms,
    that we know so barely,
    & to share the bounty of which you speak,
    From Equitable Economic Programms,
    that we so desparately seek.
    An Equilibrium is sought.
    That which is needed,
    is to Bring Balance Back,
    between rich & poor worlds,
    now divided & distraught.
    Please create for us,
    if you wish, a recepie that turns
    Electronic currency back into Cash.
    For there lies a formulae still missing,
    because, for us,
    Synthetic Money,
    Is NO blessing.
    It aids the sevregation of our people,
    thru Economic-Apartheid Practice,
    It’s inflation pushing necessity,
    out of reach.
    For the billions of inhabitants,
    who have no internet,
    bank accounts, gadgets or data,
    in countries where electricity is unstable,
    or for those whose lives are led,
    by the light of a candle,
    on a table,
    It is for those whom I speak,
    who want also to be able to eat,
    fromFractualized Trust Account meat,
    In forms of REAL cash or Resource,
    Once stolen from them,
    by the Robber Barrons,
    of the Global Elite.
    In re-distributing their wealth,
    Please don’t let your campaign’s
    Consumerisms slice & disect
    1st from 3rd Worlds,
    further, in Effect.
    In Love-&-Light,
    I send you Blessing.
    From Global Earth,
    Rick Simpson – Nov.2017

  105. Citizen Kane says : Reply

    Thanks for the blessing!

    Hopefully we will have REAL proof soon,or at least a court update from Heather.

  106. Austin J says : Reply

    Been a while since anyone has posted. Sending positive vibes. Going through a very rough time financially, hoping we have some type of update soon!

    • Victoria says : Reply

      I agree! This waiting is not acceptable. Does not vibe with me. I intend for what I desire ~ daily. For now I am not sure what the best approach is (for unsecured debt). Courtesy notice? Challenge the validity of the debt by another means?
      Expecting us to teach ourselves is a bit naive. This is like getting a college degree and when you are in need of $$ relief NOW you simply don’t have the time to teach yourself every little nuance of this. I am doing all I can to learn and understand and I am left with more questions and no solid sense of “YES this will work!” Some are simply more gifted. I would gladly/happily gift someone to help me undertake this task!

  107. Citizen Kane says : Reply

    So much for happy thoughts! Back to the grind stone! Looks like it’s all empty promises and false advertising

  108. myaraine says : Reply

    we are co creators, so create, why are you waiting for someone else to create your reality, you have the tools. Blessings to you

  109. Seekeroftruth says : Reply

    This is frustrating and definitely not working for anybody but for the elite, the 1% or simply privilege ones invited to access this unlimited accounts making the wealthy and “powerful” even wealthier and more “powerful” in this materialistic realm. a realm where money (the worst invention and tool for human control) is unfortunately so essential for almost everything. not fair at all that a few individuals fool others. knowledge is power and some have the knowledge. Gaia needs to shake up now

  110. ojoma says : Reply

    Lets do a brain storm to see what er can do to assist Heather..
    there is enough of us. Lets get angry to get motivated. The door’s been cracks/d for us what are we doing about it? I know we can do something.

    • Austin j says : Reply

      I agree. I send all the positive energy that I can to both Heather and Randy. I’m ready for all of this to happen.

    • Jay J says : Reply

      I’m doing a ton of prayer for RKB and HATJ on my end. I wish I could say that I am an insider and have special knowledge of what is happening; I’m not. Once all of this is over (and RKB and HATJ are free) things will be a lot better.

  111. I have some student loans I would like to attempt paying them in full by using my TDA. I follow you all and it seems you have the most in-depth approach on this. It all does have a fair tale feel to it I will be honest. And I have a family to worry about if something was to happen to me for trying this. But the reality of things is I find it hard to believe that our creator of life or being wanted us to work so hard to only continue to fall behind. Seems like we work more or longer hours, only to miss out on the kids events and for What? So that we can continue to keep our heads down grinding on the job at hand yet never getting ahead or out of debt. I am ALL in and would be so grateful for any direction or assistance here. I live in Kansas City MO and want nothing more than to tell the world that these fuckers have pulled the covers over my head for the last dam time. So again please contact me via email dave.threlkeld70@gmail.com or text (816) 565-3388

    Thank you in advance

  112. Contessa. P says : Reply

    Hello All,

    I have been reading the comments thread and waiting on updates. It’s all so frustrating, I know. If the “accounts” were not real then payments would not go through originally. You have to do some leg work before accessing your TDA its called CYA. I think since this whole thing has been blown out of the water and the secret released to millions, all banks, and financial institutions are on high alert. When I was looking for my lesser bank I used the UPS store, went through the process of “ordering checks” I put in the routing number of one of my lesser banks, and the account number SSN, some went through and came up with a verification screen showing how the bank writes the bank account and routing number on the bottom of the check, and wants you to confirm. Some of the lessor banks didn’t work, some of them did. If there was no account number with that routing number UPS would not be able to verify it. Think about it, if every person took back access to what your parents signed over to the government they would be broke. They would fail. Do you really think they are going to give up so easily? People need to have faith and believe. Stand your ground. Right now might not be the best time to buy things off Amazon. I tried, just to see, and it comes back order canceled for “address verification” I tried to pay my utility with it, it went through and showed paid for 15 days, but then I got a letter, a nice one, stating that my bank returned the payment “unpaid” not NSF, not fraud, not no account, I didn’t incur a fee, just stated “unpaid”. I’m pretty sure the government has put in an alert to all of “their” Fed Reserve banks to be on high alert for these “account” numbers. I think we either need to step back, do some more research, and find that one little thing we are missing, or all be on the same page, do the same process, and stop having doubt. They are scared s**tless, think about it? They already said millions have been reversed. Do you know what millions is to the government? Its legally ours, its our accounts that they stole fraudulently when your parents essentially sold you. They sold your rights to that account. I have been going through the redemption manual and I am in the process of starting that. First thing I’m going to tackle is fixing my credit. The redemption manual made a lot of sense to me. What bothers me is all these people that have been successful do not share exactly how they did it. If we are all in this together why do they stay so silent? That’s one of my biggest complaints out of this entire process. If I found what worked I wouldn’t stay silent. I would want to scream it to the world. I know I wrote a book, but these are just my thoughts.

    Peace, love, and light.

    • Bobby says : Reply

      Hi Contessa,
      Thank you for your story and experience….may I ask you about this “Redemption Manual” . also I have read alot and yet still don`t quite understand why some people become (Secure Party Creditures) and copyright and trademark things and also alot I notice file UCC-1 ??? This would all seem important only I also see some people involve agencies in fulfilling their original obligations too??? I`m sure its all “good” but like you I`m interested in cutting to the chase and then perhaps introducing myself thru letters of intro to the places that are important to me later??? Question…Are there more official “Doc`s” to fill out in the process to gain access?? thank you very much for your time Cheers!

  113. Gary says : Reply

    The idea that payments are “going through originally” is wrong. When a company receives a check from you to make a payment on your bill, the check will usually show up on your account as a credit as soon as it is entered into their accounting system by the company to whom you owe the bill. That is before the check has actually cleared through the banking system. If the check does clear then the credit remains. if the check gets refused by the bank then the company reverses the credit and your account balance goes back to what you originally owed (plus possibly any late fees or penalties if applicable). The important thing to note is that no money left your bank account and then got reversed. All that happened is that a pending credit on your account in the accounting system at the company to whom you owe the bill got reversed when the bank refused the check. There is no payment and then reversal at the bank.

    Similarly if you deposit a check into your bank account, it will usually show up immediately as a pending credit even before it clears from the other bank on which it was drawn. If the check clears then the pending credit becomes permanent. if the check gets refused then the pending credit gets reversed. Again, the important point to note is that no money left the bank on which the check was drawn and then got reversed. All that got reversed is an accounting transaction for a pending credit at the bank where you deposited the check. As an aside, you’ll note that usually banks will not allow you to withdraw the funds from a ‘pending’ credit like this until the check actually clears and the credit becomes permanent.

    Please don’t be misled by people telling you that, because the credits are apparently “going through originally”, that proves that the accounts exist. It really provides no proof or indication at all of anything like that. There is absolutely no real evidence at all that these ‘secret’ accounts exist.

    You said it yourself in your posting above: “What bothers me is all these people that have been successful do not share exactly how they did it. If we are all in this together why do they stay so silent?”. Think about what you sad there. Don’t you think the reason for the silence may be that they’re not really successful ? if they were really successful wouldn’t they be rich (or at least debt free) by now ? Would people with access to virtually unlimited secret accounts still be trying to monetize YouTube accounts ? I see a lot of encouragement to ‘connect the dots’ on this website. Maybe it’s time to connect these dots and see that the accounts just don’t exist.

    • Carl says : Reply

      Your understanding is refuted by the countless people and examples where no reversal took place.

      People have reported that months and months later, a payment has still not reversed.

  114. Scott Watson says : Reply

    The accounts do indeed exist, but you cannot simply use it as a checking account. It is used to discharge debt, through the Accepted for Value process.

    • AndyGGG says : Reply

      Is this something you are just repeating from other people???? i think it’s pretty obvious everybody in this forum knows that by now (“The accounts do indeed exist, but you cannot simply use it as a checking account. It is used to discharge debt…” if this hasn’t worked for you please stop to pretend to sound interesting and stop spreading disinformation.!! god bless!!

  115. American Citizen says : Reply


    There no proof that your method works either. No factual based,solid verifiable proof. Please stop spreading disinformation. We’re all tired of unproven things,and celebrity hits on YouTube getting paid for our views.

  116. Juan says : Reply

    I am in the Dominican Republic. If anyone knows where i need to go to start learning of this process. It would be greatly appreciated.

  117. Jose says : Reply

    I know that the account is there I have used the account several times on a day to day basis,The account is your account, it is in your name,in order for a individual to be successful at this process you must come to the realization that it is your fund’s that’s been in existence since you were born and when you turn 18 years old you can make the decision to administer the Trust account in your name or not if you think that you owe a debt then you are a debtor and you must pay that debt,on the other side of that same coin if you think that you are the creditor then that means that you pay all your debts, you should you were born wealthy.and if you’re the creditor then you are the makers of the money and the exstinders of credit.so when your dealing with these minor,banks or minor account specialist you have to be the creditor and when you’re access the account you have to be the creditor that administer or run,or, control the account.according to the TDA policy in order to access that account you

    • andy G says : Reply

      Hello Jose,

      Im glad you have actually been able to access your tda accounts. i have been trying this method for more than a year now without any result. unfortunately all debt payments i have made have been returned/reversed. im pretty sure i am following every step but some how haven’t been able to succeed and pay some of my debts… would you suggest anything that could help achieve this accounts???

      GRACIAS JOSE!!!!


  118. Janna B. Hampton says : Reply

    Much love hath & rkb!!!

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