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UPDATE FROM HEATHER  8/4/17  6:08 pm EST
Via Phone








She SAW ALL who were present in the hearing today and FELT EVERYONE – and so did Everyone else in the hearing.

She was Amazed and In Awe of the Beautiful energy permeating these doings today – inside the court room and out!!!!

Reminded Everyone that she is doing what she is doing now so that it will never have to be done again!!!  EVER (lol)


She is delighted with how things went today!!


Her Public Defender could not believe that the judge violated her constitutional rights.

His attitude toward her and the whole situation has shifted. 

He was very upset with that and was having a hard time comprehending it – the transparency is off of the charts.

Heather told him not to worry because she cancelled all of this 4 1/2 years ago.


She recognized a presence in the judge, and saw the beauty of her doings.

She is not sure when the extradition will be, but she is in awe with everyone, ALL of the doings – even the judge, Mr. Bos and Parker Still.


For now – she is going to relax for a bit over the next day or so.. She is having fun!!


We are ALL DOing this TOGETHER NOW and she sends her LOVE and GRATITUDE (heart)








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  1. Anita says : Reply

    Thank you so much for the updates ❤️ Heather is Transformation’s and Transparency’s Wonder Woman

  2. AJ Witken says : Reply

    She is amazing……lots of love from Mt. Shasta……

  3. Tony says : Reply

    Sounds like Heather is enjoying a game of chess with her jailers, I know she is keeping someone awake tonight trying to figure a way out of checkmate,…LOL,..go get H.

  4. edgar says : Reply

    It’s All good! Sending back to Her all Love and Gratitude!

  5. Pamela Moseley says : Reply

    Sending Love and Light all Day. Big hugs to our beautiful Angel…Heather…Know we are with you always.
    Let my people go!

  6. Very happy with this update… Upliftment 4 ALL We are in awe of you Heather and everyone feeling the celebration being prepared here!!

  7. BRIDGETTE says : Reply

    In Admiralty court where she is the judge is the captain of the ship. The captain can choose to do anything the captain wants. In the old days could be months to have communicated with the queen on land to make a ruling on what to do with certain people or events on the ship. All legal authority was given to captain even to execute. There are no rights in an admiralty court. Only the law of the water, ship and the captain who is acting as a judge. Once you board that ship, cross over into the gated area anything goes. I have been through similar things with my private practice that lasted over 4 legal attacks by the state and gov against me. Like them for no reason. You just have to have the strength to stand tall and keep going no matter what comes. Sometimes we do not understand this until we have been there and done that. All and all I would have never changed a thing, I learned so much about myself and my work and law during that time period. I even citizen lobbied for the citizens of Nevada for a whole term 6 months. I fought against 50 bills that would do harm to people. It was so hard, but I learned to do things I never ever wanted to. I spent 100 hours a week and it is not a paid job. I presented research, listen to the opening of legislation, read law, learned law, I testified, I did it all. I would never do it again. However, I learned to work with many people I would have never even talked to in my past. You cannot explain this kind of stuff to people who have not been there, but I will never be the same, nor will I ever deal with the world in the same way. I look at all my amazing Native friends and their lives who have had it so much worse from the system that I cannot even imagine, my Native teachers and friends teach me to move more towards prayer when events happen and to always pray for the enemy, the person who is in darkness in heart and mind that they come out of it in a good way. I call upon the Creator now, the creator of all things. I come to pray for those whom their hearts and minds are not in a good way. I ask that if they allow having a change of heart in a good way that it be If they allow having a change of mind in a good way then let it be. I ask that if they allow having their minds in a good way and their hearts in a good way that their good minds and good hearts now be aligned in a good way. AHO
    In Service, All My Relations

  8. Stormy says : Reply

    This must be quite the experience for dear Mr. Bos. as well as those aware/experiencing these events/doings. I am happy to experience these doings. Love to all.

  9. Alistair. says : Reply

    awesome , this is what I think is what the OPPT and Heather was and is all about, it’s the highlight of her roll, and purpose she knows it, and I strongly I feels so as well, much thanks to her and all who has played a roll in bringing humanity this far, I can feel it’s coming close to everyone on this planet waking up to the fact that we were all rich all along..one can just imaging how happy and angry some will feel at the same time after getting to know of this…truth.am looking forward to seeing the walls of this global slave plantation come crashing down, both physical and mental. may the creator in all it’s liberating,wise, and protective aspects be with you heather on this journey. love .. and Thank you.

  10. Donna in California says : Reply

    You are an Inspiration , Heather ! just wondering, what are ya gonna do for an encore ? Lol .

  11. Theresa says : Reply

    prayers and positive energy to Heather.

  12. Mike says : Reply

    This update tells me nothing about what transpired today in court? She’s being extradited? To tennessee? Can BZ Please explain(not in love bombs) what this admiralty judge fool pulled on HATJ today? I’m sure she’s got it handled, but the above tells me nothing about what the SYSTEM pulled on her today, thanks?!!

  13. aaron says : Reply

    After listening to Heather’s DC hearing today (8/4/17) caused me to revisit this perspective … the perspective that when one is fully awake and aware of who/what One is, it sees and knows everyOne as …. Original/Heart of Source/Source essence … of all that is.

    This i feel may be a possibility of how One may operate from … giving everyOne the opportunity to choose … to be transparent and come “clean” or choose to continue the old ways of separation. Either way it chooses it is Loved dearly … liken to a parent allowing a child to make its own choice … no matter what is chosen it is still supported and Loved.

    What i think and feel is that all that participated in the hearing were looked upon with the eyes of the heart and seen as Original/Heart of Source/Source essence … allowing all to make a choice with much Love … as well as to make more transparent of how everyone stood, so that the next steps could be implemented based on “their” choices.

    i remember the words of Heather … expect the unexpected … all is perfect … perfectly done.

  14. Mamma G says : Reply

    So wonderful to get such positive, uplifting updates. Such confident BEing and DOing by all

    • Tenorsax999 says : Reply

      Indeed. If we are all in a state of allowance and surrender to the flow of the divine, then we can experience the outcome of our collective positive intention. We open up the field of infinite possibilities by simply letting go and not resisting. It appears that Heather completely lives this truth and gives us inspiration through her example here. There is light in all of us. And when we resonate at the higher vibration others will follow along. Gratitude to Heather for being a way-shower.

  15. Joe says : Reply

    It’s the same old story. These corrupt people will never relent to anything but their criminal behavior and would rather force this situation to become worse for Heather instead of better for themselves. They don’t know any different because that’s the way a sociopath reacts to anyone trying to usurp their false authority. Once you force the emperor to see it has no clothes it gets mad and angry and will strike out in anger towards anyone one that has the audacity to reveal their corrupt and fraudulent ways. As I’ve said before, Heather will be lucky to walk out of that courtroom unscathed or jailed for whatever bogus charges they can illegally muster against her.

  16. John Gro says : Reply

    Bomb shell: “I don’t consent to trial in an Admiralty Court” ! ! ! (You have not rights under the Constitution)

  17. sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

    most of the people in jail and prison, and on the streets, know what you mean, Bridgette Here we are in the so called modern times and the courts are in the dark ages really really hard on humans but, we are one love…………………..

  18. Tina Mason says : Reply

    We miss you Heather take care of yourself i asked for The ArchAngels to be by your side and protect you and Randy too. Your a great person and deserve so much better. They have no right to keep you there , you didnt commit a crime. Many people are using your Promissory Notes and Docs, you are an American Hero and Idol. Please get out of there soon. We love you.

    • Anna says : Reply

      I was not aware of Heather producing a Promissory Note template… I know her Bonds, but not her PN. Could you tell me more on that please and where to find it?

      • Elie L. says : Reply

        It’s actually a Declaration of Factualized Trust document which is the base for all you see happening . Heather used the system’s own principles to shut them down . All that is going on right now is some of our brothers and sisters in the court system and law enforcements that are still in the dark about this whole thing being no more , holding no more power because us humans are finally taking care of ourselves . You can certainly find a template of the document on here by clicking the home link . Blessings !

        • Anna says : Reply

          Thank you, Elie, I know about the FT… which is not a promissory note. It’s a proof of ownership document. Indeed, I had never heard of a PN by Heather…
          Thanks again.

        • Mitchell says : Reply

          I know the Factualization Trust Document has to be notarized, but does it need to be recorded in the public records at the county courthouse, as well? Thank you.
          Blessings to Heather!

  19. Rainbow says : Reply

    Infinate love to ALL from down under

  20. Deborah Sue says : Reply

    She is falling into the moment, she trusts everything is and will be fine, truly a fun experience, hehe! making snow angels!

  21. James and Cherie says : Reply

    Thank you soooo much Heather for everything you have done for all of us in the past, present and future!!!!! This whole process is so very AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

    I stand in AWE! You are more important than anyone else in the history of the world. The faithful, the angels, the aliens, are all watching with unimaginable antisipation. You know the outcome, don’t you. So do we. I am going to go home now and sing “Vaghissima Sembianza”!

  22. Chrstine says : Reply

    Following on this journey with you Heather, you are amazing. We love you I and a whole bunch of us meditated during your court hearing shining the light of love energy to everyone in the court room. I am happy that you are happy about how things are working out. We will continue sending the light energy on this case until you and Randell and anyone else is freed. We love you sending you all our love and light in our prayers and spreading of the word. From Australia we thank you and your team of dedicated souls to see us as free peoples of the world. Love and light from us down under. ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. William Hicks says : Reply

    So what was the result of hearing today?

  24. Elie L. says : Reply

    I love you Heather and all the beautiful beings playing a positive part in this whole thing . I meditated around 11 AM with a picture of Heather on my computer screen so did my wife and brother .
    Humanity is winning ! Humanity is waking up ! Hosana Hosana !
    Our Galactic family is here and rejoicing with us for the day has finally come .
    Love and Light to those still blind to see this is for all of us .
    Love and Light to the Judge, Parker, and anyone else opposing this awakening .
    Love is permeating this veil .
    PEACE is with US !

    • Kim says : Reply

      So well said Elie, The more light and love we all send to this situation the harder it will be for them to maintain the deception. Where there is light there is no darkness. Just remember what happens in a dark room when the light comes on – it is no longer dark. The lights the brighter the room. We are all the light on this situation. Shine bright my brothers and sisters. We are the light of God that never fails.

  25. mary ann says : Reply

    Heather, I love you, and thank you .For all you are doing .I am so thankful this is going to be taken care of ,so we all can get what is ours. I know Prime Creator is with you ,so I know you are in good Hands.I know you are of the Light ,to have the Love for the people like you have .I send Love to you and all others. So take care Love,,, Bless You, Bless You

  26. Vanessa says : Reply

    So happy to read this update! Only love and positive thoughts, it is all done! ❤️

  27. Stormy says : Reply

    Peter @ New Paradigm TDA team https://newparadigmtda.slack.com/threads/ dug up some interesting data regarding alleged Magistrate Debra Robinson: http://bit.ly/2hw7soF . Hope this helps.

    • Elie L. says : Reply

      Very very interesting data indeed . So now we have even more evidence and understanding of what went down yesterday . Regardless humanity’s sovereignty will prevail .
      Thanks for sharing Stormy !
      Love and Light

  28. Hybrid33 says : Reply

    Per Rob FreeMan of ‘Truth and Trust’:

    “I love Heather and this description is almost exactly like my own hearing 4 years ago after I was arrested on some bogus charges as a cover up for calling out the Vatican and the US in the Detroit Bankruptcy hearing in September 2013. There is no Constitutional rights as I too was treated the same way after the judge in my case openly admitted the court was a military tribunal before quickly jumping off the bench to hide in the back until they hauled me off back to jail and all the witnesses that showed up to support me that day had left the courtroom. Heather’s case is playing out almost identical. In a military tribunal, which all courts in this country are, there are no constitutional rights because the constitution is suspended unless we stay in a constant state of emergency. This was done by the Emergency Banking Relief Act which amended the Trading With The Enemy Act as it made ALL US citizens enemies of the State.

    Heather will win as long as she keeps standing in her Divine Right which it’s pretty clear she has no intention of doing anything else ❤️”

    Follow or join in on our research Slack group: http://bit.ly/2t1CJAZ

  29. Juju says : Reply

    Thank you Heather once again for what you do!! I can’t wait for the big change that will come. I’m longing for one. Tired of wars, suffering, ailments, famine and poverty because of the lack of “Money”. I wish this is it… Thank you Heather’s team and I hope Randy is doing fine. Wishing that day when you guys gather and have a happy after party and sharing it with us… while the changes unfold in front of our eyes.. Longing for that day!!! <3

  30. Angie Sinclair says : Reply


    “ONE LOVE”

  31. tara mclean says : Reply

    Such a delight full and delightful beauty you are heather…hearing from you …feeling your ease and joy as you and all unfold .. My gratitude peace joy and love of love with you

  32. Jay Saran says : Reply

    Im just wondering a few things and I wish someone who is connected to heather could get in touch with me to discuss the following matters.

    1. Why has a habeas corpus not been filed to get her out of jail? If done correctly I believe a habeas corpus would do the trick.

    2 . Why are none of the documents related to Randall Beane or Heather showing up in the PACER system?



  33. Claudia Hendrix says : Reply

    Think this guy can assist,
    The Liberty Brothers Radio ShoW

  34. Jay J says : Reply

    I thank you for what you have done, HATJ and Randy Beane – you are both in my prayers.

  35. Anna says : Reply

    Deep Gratitude and Love to the Lord in His DO’ings for us Humans!!!

  36. Gisella says : Reply

    With pure heart and pure love Humanity is free

    Our infinite gratitude to Heather for the Being the Doing the Transaparency

    We send Love to Her !

  37. Anastasia says : Reply

    Thank you for the update. She has been in my thoughts constantly. I wonder what’s ruminating in the minds of Bos/the Judge/Parker – it’s certainly a time of change for all. And we’ve got this wonderful, magical eclipse coming to further support these doings.

    The bottom line is none of us came here to be slaves. I’m not about fighting against that paradigm in any way but it’s about dissolving it and rising on up out of the morass. Enough of this silly nonsense already. Enough. We came here to experience so much more. Stand up everyone. Stand up.

    Those poor actors in the court room drama thinking they are doing something valid. Well yes, they are showing to All the silliness of the current system of enslavement and pay for play of the court system. It stunned me to hear Heather say not even Bos knew of the $ behind the scenes. A Federal attorney not knowing – wow.

    This continues to be a monumental time for all. Even if it put a bandaid on accessing the TDAs, it actually created a much larger wave that there is no stopping now. You can’t bottle the truth. Who cares about $ when this is about freedom.

  38. Henry Mayhew says : Reply

    Think this through…..

    Isn’t it physically impossible for you to re-present your life?

    Your now…..

    “Pro se” is a syntax trap.

  39. Henry Mayhew says : Reply

    Lufkin Trowbridge says that the Tennessee “federal” court fails to be viable this side of the Potomac.

    Is not this “court ” a mere MUNICIPAL COURT?

    Did not OPPT foreclose all corporations? Why we here?

    Did not the Pope have no choice but to follow suit? MOTU PROPRIO

  40. Oceanno says : Reply

    I am all that is Perfect in all Doing and Being. Love too Heather and Randy!

  41. Tony says : Reply

    Plea to BZ,..Can we maybe remove some of the old threads, on your website, I and i am sure many others do not know where to join the conversation, too many updates,…to read thru to get information, Have just one thread, instead of 6 different ones, The info is too scattered,….Not a complaint,..Appreciate what ya do, Just would like it to be easier to know which one to read,.for current info,… on that I was a awake thinking about H. last nite, Has anyone checked to see if all the indictments/warrants now say United States v WHOEVER or was that done for Heather alone,.might be useful to know this, Because we all know it should read all CAPS!, also, i recall when the Government wants to screw with ppl, it makes errors on purpose, Like with the BONDS it gave the world for their gold,. mis printed, errors, ect…so they can later claim not verifiable or counterfeit, wiggle room, for denying a claim,..Just wanted to share my thoughts with the Randy n Heather Team,.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Hi Tony, the post for Updates of the Ongoing situation with HATJ and Randy in —> 1: 17-MJ-531
      is always here https://i-uv.com/current-status-of-events-now-unfold-hatj-washington-dc/
      Always easy to locate. When you go to https://www.i-uv.com it is in the top line of the 3 posts at the beginning of the blog.
      Posts that I am calling attention to, that I am signaling to have a look at are made “sticky” and are in the first 3 post spots.
      If you are reading from a phone or small screened device. Any post after the “Letter from The I UV WebPortal Imagineer” is content that flows by date published.

      On the right hand navigation bar- I have put a Header, Updates: under that a direct link to the https://i-uv.com/current-status-of-events-now-unfold-hatj-washington-dc/ post.

      Under recent Being and Doing I created the HATJ category. This will let you find a collection of posts that I have tagged HATJ- that are specifically valuable related to the curtain being pulled back and ripped down- AKA- Waking up to What is So.

      hope that helps

    • Trespass Unwanted says : Reply

      When looking for recent, I start with find and enter the date
      August 5,
      August 6, for tomorrow.
      I keep track of how many results. If results is 21, I keep track.

      If I have seen most of the date’s posts and search again, and see 23, then I’ll move to time.
      August 5, 2017 12: or 13: or 23: Whichever has results, is what I look at.

      We are moving to being adults. The tools we need is available, in plain sight. They treat us like this because we pretend we need help in things we really do not need help with. Adults, not infants, not child.

      I prefer BZ keep the threads, no matter where people respond in them, this is a history of a new beginning.

      I would suggest BZ keep a backup, because I know of sites that were maintaining a history of events, and then unexpectedly their entire archive is ‘removed’.

      I see more people using their eyes and seeing more than what is shown to them. This is good, the heart mind has not been used and the more we use it the better we will be knowing and not deceived by what they show us.

  42. Dr. Cathryn Parkman-Lafayette says : Reply


  43. fitz says : Reply

    Ok, just to be clear, no such thing as constitutional rights, only protections. Not only in Heather’s, and Randy’s cases, but all over the Republic, in every state, county, city, township, the Constitutional protections are non-existent. We are way past invoking those protections, and that should be painfully obvious for anyone fighting the fight. Those of us remaining vigilant to guard our precious freedom(s), are too few. However, the supernatural gifts (and no, i don’t mean like Wonder Women, those who know, know….although, wouldn’t the be nice..) bestowed upon us, make up for the lack of numbers. I am however constantly conflicted, and struggle with the whole yin/yang thing. I want to destroy the enemy, crush it, kill it. On the other hand, empathy, love, hope, and kindness for my less fortunate earthly brother and sisters, gives me pause.
    Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come, we are here and now. Whatever our purpose, live in the NOW.

    • Andrew says : Reply

      The constitution may be viewed through the lens of contract law… Are you a party to the document? This question has seeming been overlooked by many claiming violations of their “constitutional rights”.

  44. Bruno says : Reply

    Heather ti amo da Napoli Italia

  45. donna says : Reply

    I used the OPPT UCC filings in a court case in 2014, its on file at Ohio Supreme Court docket, year 2014 case number 0036 name Donna Farley. the prosecutor never filed a reply or waiver to my Jurisdiction Memorandum, our judicial system does what they want, I’m sure Heather is aware of this, it’s in the paradigm report, we need our common law courts back, national liberty alliance.org has been pursuing this. Victory of the Light

  46. Rebecca says : Reply

    That’s a lot of Comment, also wondering what exactly went on at hearing.
    BUT also, what about Randy? Where is Randy now and is he OK?

  47. MJ says : Reply

    To the Judge, the Officers of the Quart 🙂 There is a Universal Truth and the eyes of justice are upon you.

    Thank you Heather for the remembering of the I Am presence in all of us. They can never own / change that spark of the love of the Christ selves as we claim our Being and show we understand Universal Law. We are bright lights of truth and lies and deceit cannot stand.

    What a powerful experience that was given to the judge and the others. I smile thinking about the judge brushing her teeth that night pondering what the heck went on in her quartroom that day. Shazam, her cellular energy has been charged with the light of what Heather radiated. She will never be the same. Aloha!!

  48. Renata van den Bussche says : Reply

    Thank you so much Heather for everything you have done for all of us in the past, present and future !!

  49. Paul says : Reply

    Much love and appreciation to Heather. I must admit I find the way the courts are treating her is in fact exposure and of course the lame stream news media is ignoring this. Heather will be successful as it was planned and designed long ago. It has been seen and is known. So be it!!

  50. Trespass Unwanted says : Reply

    This post is opinion, not for legal advice, use for education if you prefer, I am not a lawyer.

    Bryan on August 4, 2017 at 9:58 pm says:

    Trespass : Supposedly since the 2013 Motu Proprio published by the Pope dba FRANCISCUS, they no longer have this immunity you speak of. That is my understanding. FRANCISCUS is the boss of ALL these people – the whole of the govt “services” corp. FRANCISCUS is the boss of bosses – and he took away their immunity.

    The answer is complicate, it’s multi-faceted. Life is multi-faceted, the deceit they did to us is multi faceted. I This post in it’s entirety as an opinion. Opinions are protected. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    We are witnesses to what they do to us, they have no immunity among the divine. They have no immunity to hide behind the corporate entity when they act against us, and it is public now in Washington D.C. that the corporate entity which Heather claimed by paper, they ignored, and gave that corporate entity to the attorney in that courtroom.

    The constitution never gave them permission to attach a corporate entity to our living bodies, and our soul.
    This is exposed when Heather would not claim the corporate entity, but claimed her own divine self.

    To thine own self be true.

    The judge did nothing to lose immunity, when it comes to Heather, the real living free people, she didn’t arrest her, she didn’t walk her through the White House and out the back, she didn’t lock her in the jail, she didn’t make her change clothes, she may have scheduled the person to appear in court to determine who is the person, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, to get the identity of who’s representing the person, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF.

    Heather, right now is not body of the person, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, the attorney is the body of the person, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF.

    Whoever called for Heather to be picked up, claiming she’s the body of the person HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, has an issue. Why keep Heather’s body in jail, when the judge has already given the person, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, to the body of the attorney.

    The situation is, after the attorney assumed the role, reluctantly but as a responsibility of duties of the court to represent the person, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARAF.

    The question is who claims the right to control the people, who controls the real Heather and gives the direction to touch her, or move her or keep her where she is.

    The judge has her identified, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF.
    Who claims the rightt to keep Heather? A prosecutor?

    A person does not need two bodies, so Heather does not need to be kept.

    EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE is in a bit of a situation.
    The indictment mentions in

    7. HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, is not a duly licensed attorney in the states of Tennessee and Washington authorized to represent others in legal matters.

    See what they are showing in plain sight, the state of Tennessee and the state of Washington are only mentioned that way with that spelling in their respective state constitutions.

    #7 is factually correct. the state of Tennessee doesn’t have any duly licensed attorney, the state of Washington does not have any duly licensed attorney, so a person, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, would not have any authority to act in the state of Tennessee and state of Washington, because those places belong to the people.

    They played with words, and are expecting people to not see, #7. doesn’t mention a single thing that is agasint the law or criminal. Find a person, anywhere in the state of Tennessee that is a duly licensed attorney, find a person, anywhere in the state of Washington that is a duly licensed attorney, and they will not be able to find anyone. Why don’t we ask for that discovery from the purported grand jury. They only duly licensed attorneys will be found in the STATE OF TENNESSEE and STATE OF WASHINGTON

    In the codes written by men you may only find reference that specific people are allowed to use the seal of the STATE OF TENNESSESS and the seal of the STATE OF WASHINGTON, but you won’t find how these entities were created, and they are not mentioned in the state constitution.

    If the EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE issues extradiction, the only One they can pick up is the attorney.
    If they pick up Heather, after it is public that she does not have the person, the attorney has it by judge’ order, the crime falls on who ever signs the papers claiming authority in the EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE to knowingly keep as slave, Heather, the real living free people, the divine. If EASTERN DISTRICT OF TENNESSEE does not plan to extradite the attorney who has Heathers, person, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF; then the problem falls back on whoever in Washington D.C., gave the order to move Heather, the real living free people, the divine, as if she were their slave, and put her behind bars and keep her against her free will as if he/she were her master.

    Who ordered her moved pretending she was the person, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, and having found out she is not the person, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, the attorney is by direction of the federal court in Washington D.C., has some strong legal issues for keeping the body that is without the person.

    The attorney is the person, and there is a legal maxim
    Crimen trahit personam – The crime carries the person.

    So why is the attorney free and Heather not free? The one who keeps her is the only one to answer that, and it si not the judge keeping her. The judge has had the identity hearing and has determined the person to be the attorney.

    ——————- The Matrix, 1999 ——————————

    Neo asked Morpheus.
    “Why do my eyes hurt?”
    Morpheus replied
    “You’ve never used them before.”

    ——————- end The Matrix, 1999 ——————————

    We must see what is real, not what is shown to us. We must know there are two, the real and the fiction.
    We must know what they are doing to the real at all times and what they are doing to the fiction at all times.
    This is not a table with a ball and three shells, this is just one person, and two bodies, and right now we know which body has the person, and that is not Heather’s body that has the person, it’s the attorney’s body that has the person.

    If a judge has jurisdiction over the subject matter and person and in exercising this jurisdiction performs a judicial act, he is immune from civil suit even if he acts maliciously or corruptly. Cadena v. Perasso, 498 F.2d 383 (9th Cir. 1974); Jacobson v. Schaefer, 441 F.2d 127 (7th Cir. 1971); Sullivan v. Kelleher, 405 F.2d 486 (1st Cir. 1968); Sires v. Cole, 320 F.2d 877 (9th Cir. 1963); Wade v. Bethesda Hosp., 337 F.Supp. 671 (S.D. Ohio 1971); Huendling v. Jensen, 168 N.W.2d 745 (Iowa 1969).
    Pierson v. Ray , 386 U.S. 547, 87 S.Ct. 1213 (1967)

    The judge has jurisdiction over the person, and the attorney is in contract with the court to represent the person whenever called to do so, and they only one who could sue the judge for malicious or corrupt would be the attorney, but the judge did not violate anything they have in agreement by contract, oath, or BAR allegiance.

    Heather is exposing more than people know, and only the people who know what to see, see what she has done, in Washington D.C. of all places, where it is in their U.S. Code, peonage, involuntary servitude, is illegal.

    The legislative purpose of the Anti-Peonage Act was to implement the Thirteenth Amendment by striking down all laws and usages in the states and territories which attempted to maintain and enforce the involuntary service of any person as a peon, in liquidation of any debt. Clyatt v.United States, 197 U.S. 207, 25 S.Ct. 429, 49 L.Ed. 726 (1905); Bailey v. State of Alabama, 219 U.S. 219, 31 S.Ct. 145, 55 L.Ed. 191 (1911); United States v. Reynolds, 235 U.S. 133, 35 S.Ct. 86, 59 L.Ed. 162 (1914); Taylor v. State of Georgia, 315 U.S. 25, 62 S.Ct. 415, 86 L.Ed. 615 (1942); Pollock v. Williams. [427 P.2d 974] 322 U.S. 4, 64 S.Ct. 792, 88 L.Ed. 1095 (1944). Peonage is defined as ‘a status or condition of compulsory service, based upon the indebtedness of the peon to the master. The basal fact is indebtedness. * * * Upon this is based a condition of compulsory service.’ Clyatt v. United States, supra, 197 U.S. at 215, 25 S.Ct. at 430. Johnson, In re, 427 P.2d 968, 71 Wn.2d 245 (Wash., 1967)

    We have ‘aggravated identity theft’, peonage,

    18 U.S.C. § 242 Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law
    This statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive or cause to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the U.S.
    This law further prohibits a person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation or custom to willfully subject or cause to be subjected any person to different punishments, pains, or penalties, than those prescribed for punishment of citizens on account of such person being an alien or by reason of his/her color or race.
    Acts under “color of any law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any official to be done under “color of any law,” the unlawful acts must be done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.
    This definition includes, in addition to law enforcement officials, individuals such as Mayors, Council persons, Judges, Nursing Home Proprietors, Security Guards, etc., persons who are bound by laws, statutes ordinances, or customs.
    Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to one year, or both, and if bodily injury results or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire shall be fined or imprisoned up to ten years or both, and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    18 U.S.C. § 241Conspiracy Against Rights
    This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

    The judge protected Heather, seeing the charge is against her person, she gave the person to another, and all I see is posts calling for action against the judge, by people who have never been anywhere near these systems of control to view how they are actually working and manipulating your mind. Now that Heather doesn’t have the person, who would use it without authority to do so? Who is the real man or woman, male or female, or living being claiming to own Heather as if she is their slave with obligations of debt to be held in peonage?

    That’s where your eyes need to be looking? The wizard, the One behind the curtain, the one not seen, calling all these plays of all these actors, acting in their roles while they are at work, and not acting in their roles when they go home.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      So eloquent Trespass. I so value reading your “opinions”. 🙂

    • Avau says : Reply

      Thank you Trespass Unwanted, that is so true. With so many of us like minded souls looking at Heather case, we are seeing in our own naked eyes how true we’ve being saying all along. The odd is stacking against us (real people), so we much find that needle in the haystack. Great insight though! Like I said last night on my post ref. to Gordon Leroy Hall’s court-appearance transcripts that may help Heather. He, too, had a similar case like Heather and Randy, all help indeed! These are un-awakened humanoid minions operating in the same slavery obsolete system that OPPT had shut down, and they do not want to let of their control.
      We want NOT to have them appoint their attorney to represent Heather, that is dragging her in their favor. That probably the next step they will do, however, reading Hall’s case we get some idea to help Heather. Feds stack the deck on Hall, even though Hall had the right idea in moving to litigate his own case; unfortunately, he couldn’t avoid the federal attorneys, nor their trap, nor the fact that the judge was one of them. The Judge’s decision was base on Faretta vs California case. Under the ruse of a Faretta Hearing, the Federal Court ruled that Hall “failed to demonstrate a knowing and intelligent waiver of his right to counsel” and compelled him to be represented by a court-appointed attorney. In other words, they INTENTIONALLY stacked the deck against him. During the next six months, Hall made several attempts to have his court-appointed counsel removed so that he could proceed on his own. But each effort was denied by the court. Burdened with the weight of his federally-appointed attorney, Hall proceeded into a jury trial and not surprisingly he was found guilty.
      Suggesting, we must put on our thinking caps and focus on finding our own “kind”panel (maybe you, BRIDGETTE(AHO) can help Melissa, BZ, Terran, Bill, to find these like minded attorneys to help Heather. No offense intended to Heather, but one or two like minded attorneys plus Heather in the same unison, build momentum and empower her, them and all of us moving forward.
      Oh, since that Prime Creator is here observing Heather’s case, may be we can all ask Prime Creator to be our defender attorney for Heather, huh? Sorry, Prime Creator, but you said to ask, so I am asking please to help be our defender’s attorney for Heather, please, please! Maybe if we all light up our hearts and ask Prime Creator, she’ll do it. Or we can ask Sananda? Sananda is more aware of Heather’s case because he was the one persecuted on our earthly plane as Jesus on “identity trial.” so, why not? They said they are willing to help if we ask, so let’s ask. Just think, who can represent us better than our own higher Archy? Just put it out there to think about. Let’s rock this earth plane and show them we were never ever separated from the Cosmos beings because we and them are all part of “ALL THAT THERE IS.” Much love and light to all.

  51. Naima Akida says : Reply

    I am the “I” I come forth from the void into the Light. I am the wind that brings life. I am that emptiness, that hollowness beyond all Consciousness, The “I”, the “Id”, the “All”. Drawing my bow of rainbows across the waters, the continuum of minds with matters. I am the invisible, intangible, elusive breeze, the undefinable atom of creation, I am the “I”

  52. julio c says : Reply

    knowledge is Power .love to Heather .Victory is ours .Power of the people

  53. SuperKenn says : Reply

    Thank you Heather! Love the updates! Victory!

  54. Raymond says : Reply

    Heather you have a great attitude. Its admirable what you are acheiving. God speed. We are praying for you and Randy. 2 Tim. 1:7 God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and of a sound mind. You are fearless and courageous. I just found out about this and would love to see this through.
    Thank you for all the information everyone is sharing!

    Best regards,
    Ray Lauifi

  55. Barbara jean says : Reply

    Thank you Heather. You are much loved for your sacrifice. Keep the faith. The divine universal power is with us all that believe.

  56. FRANZ says : Reply

    Oh Donna amata Vaghissima Sembianza

    From the Alps of Austria I m with u and praying fot u and all the others GOD with you
    All the Light for u
    Eternal Love and gratitude

  57. Kennyboy says : Reply


  58. Kennyboy says : Reply

    I AM…I AM THAT I AM…When Moses ask GOD for his Name…THIS was God’s response…Moses should have looked into a “Mirror” when God said that phrase, for then HE would have SEEN Who God IS…HIMSELF!
    Much of mankind has been mislead about WHO God is, when all this time is was written down right the so-called “Holy Books” when HE said WE were “Created in HIS/HER IMAGE and LIKENESS…In Short, WE ARE THE “I AM”!
    In the “Cosmos” Highly Evolved “Be-Ings” do NOT have Names because they “Understand” that THEY are fracteral parts of GOD, and thus NOT separate from God.
    US Be-Ing exactly the SAME is the REAL reason WHY the court system at present has NO jurisdiction over ANYTHING…BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER GRANTED OR NEEDED! This is the REAL reason for all the “Run-Around” they are using to stall for time.

  59. Joe B. says : Reply

    Heather, in the company of everyone involved in this movement, known and unknown, I for the first time can feel the oneness of the direction of energy and a very strong shift just like back in the 60’s with the civil rights movement. No one was afraid anymore and had just taken a stand to push forward at all cost for the right of equality. This is the same energy but on a global scale and with the assist of a new age and wonderful beings like you… and all of us, this will be a peaceful transition into a new world that mankind has so long yearned for. Much LOVE!!

  60. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    ******** Update 8.6.17 **********


    Beginning at beginning at 7:38 PM EDT, over a period of several hours.




    ******** Update 8.6.17 **********

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