UPDATE: Donations for RKB and HATJ





UPDATE: Donations for RKB and HATJ

The Current and Only PayPal email address for any and all Donations to assist Randall Keith Beane with his expenses is :-

rkbfund@gmail.com Managed by Patricia, Randy’s cousin. Go to Paypal and click send funds, enter the email address and what you would like to donate and any note. (heart)



Donations for the assistance of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf with her expenses may be sent via PayPal to the following email address :-


Please put a note in the Paypal message box ‘for Heather’

Can you all please update any links, web pages or contacts that you may have accordingly. Very much appreciated. (heart)



11 Responses to “UPDATE: Donations for RKB and HATJ”

  1. Kelly Michel says : Reply

    Money sent energy sent gratitude sent!!!!!

  2. CEC says : Reply

    Someone please send teach me how to send ACH to help Randy. Its time for him to go home. CEC

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      those email addresses are linked to paypal accounts. Go to paypal and hit the send money tab and enter that email address, then you can put a note in the message field.

  3. LiHu says : Reply

    Hi BZ,
    I was given Heather’s Paypal info from Bill to BE : PROTELISLLC@GMAIL.COM
    Can you confirm that this is ALSO a legitimate paypal email for Heather as I am BEing accused of trying to scam $$ from people with an incorrect email address. No doubt it is a troll trying to cause problems – but I would like to have it here on this site as what I have published on several FB pages as BEing correct. Thanks for all your amazing BEing & DOIng. With much love & gratitude,

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      That is a correct email address from Bill, and one that with donations marked for H he makes sure to use for H,there is also this one.
      Donations for the assistance of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf with her expenses may be sent via PayPal to the following email address :-


      Please put a note in the Paypal message box ‘for Heather’
      Bill is Bill and those are tied to his paypal account and donations help Bill to be on the ground, doing what needs to be done, and those with a note for Heather, are directed with specificity to the expenses we have talked about like pre-paid phone calls.

  4. Kevin says : Reply

    Just wondering if you’re going to upload the conference from 8/23 I couldn’t make it. Thank you and I love you all

  5. William E Webb says : Reply

    Dear BZ,

    It is my understanding the Heather was released yesterday and will be allowed to Represent herself. Is this correct?

    I have direct contact with a Litigator that I made aware of Heather’s case last month, and he has been following her case since that time. I spoke with him today and asked if he would be willing to discuss his ability to assist Heather in making this case go away and he said he would. He is able to “Move the Court” on her behalf, and get the case Discharged, never to plague her again. Heather can Speak on her behalf, but he will be able to tell her what to say, how to say it, and what to do in order to avoid the Legalees and create a further snare for herself.

    He needs to be retained for his expertise and his track record of success so I have arranged for him to speak with Heather as soon as possible. Trust me on this and my experience, No Bar Card carrying member will be able to assist her as need. Please give me a call so I can hear your reply. Thanks again and God Bless. Light & Love, Peace & Blessings.

    Minister Will W.

    • Steve says : Reply

      Considering Heather’s past, and experience, what makes you believe a BAR member would be of any use to her? I do not know what her strategy is, Personally I get the feeling she has contracted with the court, so if it is deliberate perhaps it is to ensure this doesn’t get swept under a carpet.

      • noel says : Reply

        No Steve, Heather would never do that, she knows they have no authority if you do not consent, she also knows that they have no authority because they have been FORECLOSED. cheers

    • noel says : Reply

      This case is not Heather’s nor Randy’s, IT IS OURS, ALL THE HUMAN BEINGS IN THE WORLD. Don’t underestimate Heather’s ability she is a very smart LADY. She was an Attorney herself prior to… the BAR FORECLOSURE, along with Banks, Corporations and Corporate Governments. Why would she want to be represented by someone that no longer exists, that’s why she is no longer an Attorney. Heather probably knows more about the law and the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE than most. If Attorneys are so smart why haven’t they recognized the FORECLOSURES they were done in 2012. Why hasn’t Judge Shirley recognized the same Laws. They were all NOTICED 2013,

  6. ren says : Reply

    Money sent to Randy. Not much $ ; better than none 😀 We have never met, yet I feel in my heart we will and I embrace that day, as if it is here, now.

    I recall him recently saying, he liked Kryon. I included this Kryon message as my note. I am sure Randy will KNOW, they are Kryon words:

    Congratulations, dear old soul, for coming into this planet at this time, knowing these would be difficult times. You weren’t going to miss the party, were you?
    Hugz, ren

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