#UniversalCleanUp: What’s Next… Do You Choose… Does Someone Tell You…

by / Thursday, 08 February 2018 / Published in Abilities, Quantum Playground

#UniversalCleanUp: What’s Next… Do You Choose… Does Someone Tell You…

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This is a Conscious Conversation Central, discussion that was between Lisa Rush, Sheila Corona, and BZ Riger.

The focus and spring for the conversation is people asking, feeling well What’s Next…

We play with all the energy and perspectives floating around that question from others.






4 Responses to “#UniversalCleanUp: What’s Next… Do You Choose… Does Someone Tell You…”

  1. Veronica says : Reply

    Exactly! Thank you for sharing this! What’s your email? Where are you located BZ? And where are you Sheila & Lisa? Please email me!

  2. Carolyn Dorris says : Reply

    Wonderful. Have you spoken to Randy or Heather? Please give our love. We are all in this together. It’s not nearly over.

  3. Marty says : Reply

    Total responsibility for oneself is real, that is how it is, like it or not. It is this fictional system of privilege, and limited liability we have been indoctrinated into that is not real. It is a man made construct we consent to, prejudiced toward those in charge, a production, as in Time Warner, evidenced by the trials of Heather and Randy. They do not even play by their own rules, so why do we continue to play? They are without honor. Take control of your life means to get out of the system completely. Stand back, observe, and direct rather than except what they offer, dictate the terms yourself. Give them what is theirs, discharge their charges with a higher authority than they used to create them. What happened in Tennessee was out of fear, everyone, the so called defendants, the observers, the prosecutors, the Judge, all of the officers, all are operating out of fear, fear of change, negative energy, get positive. If we were positive we would have been thousands strong flooding the courthouse in Tennessee, we were not, its not to late, but it will require effort. Are we so comfortable in our slavery that we choose it over completeness? We are living a revelation, we are becoming alive in the truth, its a rebirth, as we repent our wrongs, and forgive the wrongs of others. The true laws are written on our heart and in our minds, we all know what they are. Start living the truth,stand up for those who are being oppressed by fictitious constructs of men, how can we stand in that kind of inequity? Live in honor, provoke no one, serve one another, the creator, and creation itself. Be strong in knowing the truth, and quit living lie’s, make believe, legal, money, feelings, and all things oppressive….” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Take control of your God given Estate, and dictate its path.

  4. aaron says : Reply

    Whats next? From a funny kind of way (metaphorically). Taking in account that what is happening has never been done before in all of existence. So, i felt and thought of a box of Cracker Jack popcorn with that unknown surprise toy inside, one can guess and guess and the guessing is usually based on surprise toys one got in the past. Until one goes through the final process of emptying out that box … the surprise will stay unknown.

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