#UniversalCleanUp : TRANSCRIPT-RL-01-23-18TAV-Beane (excerpt)

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#UniversalCleanUp : TRANSCRIPT-RL-01-23-18TAV-Beane (excerpt)





TRANSCRIPT-RL-01-23-18TAV-Beane (excerpt)

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TRANSCRIPT-RL-01-23-18TAV-Beane (excerpt)




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  1. Tallison says : Reply

    I already knew how corrupt this alleged trial was. The fraud that was perpetrated was so blatant and the intent was to not be fair in any way shape or form. Reading the transcript from day one proves what a farce these play actors are. Trickery at it’s finest for the cabal court.

    • Bill T. says : Reply

      I don’t understand the issues as well as you do about what makes corruption. But I think Heather and Randy were really making a big mistake when they decided not to give an opening statement like the judge asked them to do.

      If I get how this is supposed to go, the government got up and said that Heather and Randy were criminals who stole money and bought an RV and engaged in money laundering, whatever that exactly means. Then Heather and Randy had a chance to get up and talk about how this case is all about freedom and about access to money that’s really held in the treasury in the secret accounts, and how the government is trying to put innocent people in jail. But they didn’t. They missed a chance to help set everybody free.

      But when they didn’t give an opening statement, then what happens? The government gets to say that Randy and Heather are criminals then they get to present a ton of people who testify that they broke the law. Only after a couple days of witnesses do Heather and Randy get to talk about their side. But that’s a long time for the jury to hear only the government’s opinion about what Heather and Randy were up to. THe jury could have made up their minds by the time Heather and Randy got to give their side.

      I am really disappointed that Heather and Randy got convicted. It doesn’t matter how corrupt the government may be. They knew that. And it sure sounded like Heather understood all the tricks that they might try to pull in court and planned ahead to beat them. But even if she knew about the corruption, she made a mistake here by not talking as much as possible about freedom, the secret accounts and all the other larger stuff about foreclosing the government to help the jury understand the truth before the government came in with lies and opinions. So they have some blame for getting convicted.

      And after they’re convicted, Heather keeps sending in papers where she writes “rejected” on other court filings. That didn’t work all the times she did it before the trial started. They rejected her rejections at first and then just ignored them and still held the trial. If that didn’t work then, then why would it work now after they’re convicted? Aren’t you supposed to file appeals if you get convicted instead of just doing the same thing over and over?

      I really want the truth to get out about the secert accounts. And now I’m really disappointed that Heather and Randy are going to be sentenced to jail without trying harder to change things. They didn’t use a big chance on the first day of trial to get the word out, they keep filing papers that don’t work. Getting access to the money that’s ours is important. I could have a much better life just like everybody else. Isn’t there somebody out there who could do a better job than Heather is doing? I’m sorry if I am hurting anyone’s feelings but I am really frustrated and I think things are never going to change. I’ve even almost been starting to doubt that the secret accounts really are even real, that’s how bad I feel.

      • Tallison says : Reply

        Bill T. I can’t make you ‘understand’ what is really happening. I will say this. The court has no jurisdiction. Not just this court but all of them thanks to the UCC filings that Heather did. This was all planned this way to expose the corruption in plain sight. Your thoughts are creating your reality. Change your thoughts and you change your experience. You and everyone else are Creator BEings. Until you choose a different path and reclaim your personnel power you will feel this desperation your having now. Everything is changing before your very eyes.
        “Change he way you look at things and the things you look at change” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

  2. Sheila Corona says : Reply

    #ALLBecomesTransparentNOW #UniversalCleanUp
    Yep… corruption in full view!

  3. Chris of Masters says : Reply

    Only in Maritime Jurisdiction can non-existing legal fiction be a plaintiff.
    How about calling UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to the stand for cross-examination?

  4. Joey says : Reply

    Here comes some great reading

    Thanks BZ!

  5. M. Battaglia says : Reply

    So it was Cynthia F. Davidson who caused the HONORABLE THOMAS A. VARLAN to be put into a position where he had to issue an order, which essentially legalizes (but may not be lawful) such deceptive acts and practices…because the government filed a motion (Document 97) to amend the indictment to correct a “clerical error” thus reinstating said indictment? But Heather caught on to what Cynthia F. Davidson was trying to do and quickly did not consent verbally nor in the subsequent filing.

    Heather stated…”there will be a written version entered into the record of my oral due rejection at this moment of both Document 97 as well as your order for lack of verification and validation of authority, authorization, identity,and endorsement. It is duly rejected without dishonor for due cause.”

    Wait for it…this is the meat of the court case…because she has on record the link between that specific moment and President Trump’s Executive Order # 13818.

    Heather states, “This is accepted as proof of exactly the national security threats that this case has been put in place to be able to ferret out so that things could be changed within the
    judicial branch. Legislative branches are held by other universal cleanup crews.



    Assistant United States Attorney
    United States
    Department of Justice
    Office of the United States Attorney
    800 Market Street
    Suite 211
    Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

    Heather stated…”and I don’t consent or give
    authority, authorization for Cynthia Davidson to file such a
    blatant deceptive act and practice to reinstate an indictment,
    which had already been duly canceled and
    as well as putting you [the HONORABLE THOMAS A. VARLAN] into a position
    where you have to issue an order, which essentially legalizes
    such deceptive acts and practices.

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