#UniversalCleanUp : RKB Randall Keith Beane’s Closing Statement Form The Alleged Case 1.31.18 #HATJ

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#UniversalCleanUp : RKB Randall Keith Beane’s Closing Statement Form The Alleged Case 1.31.18 #HATJ


RKB’s Closing Statement 1-31-18

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RKB's Closing Statement 1-31-18

24 Responses to “#UniversalCleanUp : RKB Randall Keith Beane’s Closing Statement Form The Alleged Case 1.31.18 #HATJ”

  1. Jay J says : Reply

    Freedom for RKB and HATJ!!

    Freedom for us ALL!

  2. Oliver says : Reply

    Wonderful statement Randy freedom for everyone!

    Hugs Ollie

  3. Barbara says : Reply

    Oh Randy! How beautifully said! Thank you so much for Standing so very Strong and Tall on all our behalf. Your True Value is immeasurable which is so awesomely reflected in this Golden summation of your Truth. I KNOW with your profound words, you Activated the common “Creator Being Value Thread” that weaves Us all together as One. No one in that courtroom will ever be the same again. Ever. Just Beautiful! I want to live in the World where you live. I see and smell the sweet and fragrant aroma of Aquittal.

    Deep deep Gratitude for you and all you and Heather are helping to bring forth!

  4. Jackattack says : Reply

    The light is shining!!!!! #ARRESTtheFED

  5. Donovan says : Reply

    Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Big Randy, huge statement and mic drop! Thank you for all you have done for all!

  6. Excellent speech! Truth spoken! Gratitude to you Randy for your selfless service to America and the whole world…. in your marvelous DOing on ALL levels. Thanks to you for protecting POTUS… the deeper Truth behind this all that was struck (Praecipe by Hatj) on the first day in this alleged court. #ALLBecomesTransparantNOW #UniversalCleanUp
    I feel absolutely wonderful about ALL that has been DISCLOSED in this alleged court about the Human Farming… life energy harvesting by the banking system an how this is connected to an offworld powerstructure, connected to the Secret Space Programs….
    Imagine the Jury… all the extraordinary info they heard … that hereby has been released to ALL of Humanity!! On the Record.
    The Wrap Ups of each day by BZ with the 3 ladies, who each bring their specialties to the play have been a brilliant way to guide us into seeing the bigger… expansive picture… the CONTEXT … on the physical, energetic and SoulSource level <3
    Awesomeness… Yes We are ALL walking each other HOME <3

  7. Shirley ZM says : Reply

    Dancing, Dancing, Dancing all the way to this day and beyond FREEDOM!!!!!! for EVERYONE!!!!!! folks

  8. Joey says : Reply

    I could not have been the only one crying while reading this outloud.

    This was a conscious effort written by each human on the planet, represented by all, and presented by our loving Randy!

    2/1/18 …..freedom is NOW…and circular…and divine…we are free

  9. kellybe says : Reply

    My soul flows over with abundance – you rocked that Polyester! This is now imprinted on the universal playbook. Consciousness just got kicked up in hugeness. AND, to also point out that this is Randy’s court and he chooses his words, not their lango. Truth keep rolling – the Power is the People.

  10. Rick Edmonson says : Reply

    IMAGINE THE WORLD CAN LIVE AS 1!!!!!! You may say I’m a dreamer, but I am not the only 1

  11. Dion says : Reply

    His words are so profound that they fall on Open minds,Hearts and Ears.. I hear you brother..I pray for a Speedy Release.

  12. Mariela Tage son says : Reply

    Wow that was amazing I just hope they know that we know those account they’re real ,the exist .
    and there we’re hidden hiding from us for too long
    and it’s time to be released to the people it is time no more secrets

    they greedy government is over we the people stand it in defending a Brothers in sister we are not slave anymore.
    the timeline has change the moment he stated we are free and we are going to be free no more slavery we know the secret now we will not put up with this anymore it’s done.

    And they’re scared but we are not scared anymore..
    They cannot hide it anymore it’s too big you cannot put the lid back..

    Thank you to HATj and thank you to RKB..???
    Angels brought it from heaven to save Humanity much love for both of you the future looking good, much love for all Humanity.

  13. Bob Simpson says : Reply

    Freedom now and freedom forever for everyone God bless us all peace love and light to Heather and Randall

  14. C Costello says : Reply

    Thank you ALL who presented evidence and worked many years to get this excellent, presentation of the Closing Statement. This in its self is a true, from the heart, huge win!
    Thank You from my and the whole world’s heart!

  15. Sally S Heyns says : Reply

    Thank you, Randy. So brilliantly stated. It is far past time to turn the tables on this evil, corrupt system. I pray you will be setting us ALL Free from this satanic cabal. In Jesus name!

  16. CJ says : Reply

    There are no words adequate to thank you…sending much love & light, and prayers for your safety and victory.

  17. Helen Walker says : Reply

    Sending so much love to Randy and Heather and family. We are just going to raise our game… I love you both, ALL and know this will be a part of a bigger whole as opposed to hole. Sending you protection and love form a profoundly grateful heart. x

  18. claudio says : Reply

    that begin the games of truth for humanity

  19. Jay Pocket says : Reply

    Randall, my hat is off to you for what you have said in this statement. For over ten years I have been with “the movement” to expose these fraudulent accounts and the systems and entities that perpetuate them, as well as the audacious crimes against humanity that these wealthy attorneys and bankers have committed against all humanity through manipulations of language, wealth, property, spirituality, morality, mortality and universal knowledge. It pains me to see you take such a slanderous blow. Given the financial sector sympathizers which comprised the jury, “Goliath” was given the winning hand in this battle today. But, know this: We may suffer the slings and arrows funded by such worthless fortunes on this day; but, these controls were afforded themselves because of the simple fact that without a doubt We Will Win In The End. Prayers, Thoughts and Positive Energy are all I can offer, and my faith is willfully and freely backing your exoneration in the future. Thanks again, bro. All Love = Love All.

  20. I am absolute in awe of you Randy!! I read this whole thing. It brought back and piece of my life where I have gone full circle once I read this. You see I took on the foreclosure mill and stood in my own power in the courts trying to stop them from stealing my home after I had used bonded promissory notes to pay for the home. And they never sent them back to me which meant the accepted them and monitized them. I said as much in court and your whole narrative just brought it all back to me. How it’s time that the people all speak their truth and stand in their power and I am sending you all my energies in this for your freedom <3 Now is the time. Now is the time for all these changes to happen. We have reached the MARKER we have been looking for and we are creating it NOW NOW NOW. Hang in there and know that we the people are not all sleeping. We are pulling for you and Heather and so very very proud of how you have taken on this monumental task. If anyone can do it, you two can! Sending you much love!!

  21. Very well put! Those of us who understand the big picture also understand the verdict. WE are the value and we do have solutions if people are willing to choose alternatives to the failed financial system and other failed systems that have been structured to sequester “wealth”. Unfortunately, we still live in a world where wealth is measured by material things. We are part of a movement where we help people become financially free from this unfair system of debt. We believe this is the way to shift “wealth” and our value into things that will actually help us co-create a beautiful New Earth. I hope you will read my most recent blog and learn how: http://cwgnaf.wixsite.com/webshow/single-post/2017/12/09/Realizing-Our-Value.

  22. Daniel says : Reply

    RE: “the covert intent of our plan”.

    Yeah, it takes balls to cross a raging river in a Toyota Land Cruiser, yet; that’s what it took to get home, or; to get out, for; i am, as a child.

    The rivers were real.
    The [legal] sea is a deception of our minds.

    Lockdown, under duress, threat and coercion seems to be one of the few ways to pin the tail on the de facto Nonsense.

  23. Andrew says : Reply


    danke für die viele Arbeit die für uns investiert wird, mit jedem Tag werden mehr wach!!!

    Wo finde ich denn:
    Die drei letzten Artikel in der Kategorie #UniversalCleanUp in Deutsch???

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