#UniversalCleanUp #HATJ & RKB : Pacer Doc # 116 HATJ FILING OF DECLARATION – 02-01-18 & Doc 118, 119, Docket History

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#UniversalCleanUp #HATJ & RKB : Pacer Doc # 116 HATJ FILING OF DECLARATION – 02-01-18 & Doc 118, 119, Docket History

published on The IUV,  on February 1, 2018



Pacer Doc # 116 HATJ FILING OF DECLARATION – 02-01-18

to download directly click here

Pacer Doc # 116 HATJ FILING OF DECLARATION - 02-01-18


Pacer Doc # 118 Witness List

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Pacer Doc # 118 Witness List


Pacer Doc # 119 Special Verdict Form 02-01-18

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Pacer Doc # 119 Special Verdict Form 02-01-18


Pacer Live Database Docket History 02-01-18

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Pacer Live Database Docket History 02-01-18




20 Responses to “#UniversalCleanUp #HATJ & RKB : Pacer Doc # 116 HATJ FILING OF DECLARATION – 02-01-18 & Doc 118, 119, Docket History”

  1. derek says : Reply

    Cia keeps crashing the site

  2. Kevin says : Reply

    I’m lost! Can’t handle all the wrong doing on a personal level. I have nothing left. Devastated!

    • Anke says : Reply

      Dear Kevin, I know how you feel… however remember what Heather’s motto is… “ALL is Perfect and Perfectly Done” … and “Nothing is what it seems” ! If the lineair 3D world was still valid… but it ain’t 🙂 With DOJ and FBI plotting to JFK POTUS…. you think this alleged court’s rulings have any real power still?? #ReleaseTheMemo is on its way…. and this is all part of #ALLBecomesTransparantNOW LOVE 2 U

  3. Carlos says : Reply

    Possible date correction at the end of number 8. of Pacer-Doc-116-HATJ-FILING-OF-DECLARATION-02-01-18.pdf Heather probably ment Jan 12 2018 instead of Jul 12 2018

  4. Gary says : Reply

    Is there going to be an appeal?

    • Anonymous says : Reply

      I don’t believe so Gary. If the alleged defendants were acquitted or not guilty verdict was given, then an appeal should be done. This is not to change what would’ve been a positive outcome, but rather to have an additional adjudication in favor of Heather and Randy. If 2 courts drew the same innocent conclusion, it would be irrefutable in this linear scope and perspective. Love and light. Please see my other post of the special verdict❤️❤️

  5. Richard says : Reply

    You never, never step to the BAR in matters like this without enforcement of the truths you present.

  6. Allen says : Reply

    How do i get in contact with Heather Ann Tucci?

  7. Stevan II says : Reply

    is this to intensify the surprise? I mean I perceive clearly we are in a “new” reality of some sort, and everything IN this new reality has led me to this point….I mean I dont feel “the old fear”, just curious because I KNOW THIS IS GOOD WITHOUT A DOUBT. I mean with everything said and thats happened and happening, how does it read guilty? does that mean we are guilty? or is this just my own reality??? confused, sorry.. I Love Everyone either way, however it turns out.
    Stevan II

  8. Anonymous says : Reply

    A special verdict! Well that is quite rich. To take another step into the rabbit hole, a special verdict can be found in the ‘Federal Rules of CIVIL Procedure. Rule 49(a)’. So this criminal case has been given a verdict from civil law? Whether a court is using general jurisdiction or whatever it claims to be using, including the attempt to invoke Feudal Law with the RECOMMENDATION letter, the current verdict is from,

    the Fed.R.Civil P. Such rules also govern bankruptcy proceedings in bankruptcy courts; and supplemental rules, in addition to main body of rules, govern ADMIRALTY and MARITIME actions.

    Also check out the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and how they are different from the prior. Even how the Federal Rules of Evidence are taken into account in this ‘trial’ in the state of Tennessee and shadowed by the Federal Tort Claims Act.

    Very peculiar stuff folks. Continue expansion! This verdict is still opening doors and paths down our journey in this life. Much love and light to all. Prayers of protection for Heather and Randy. Your selfless acts and sacrifices will never be forgotten. We are excited for the next phase of the universal cleanup.

  9. Heard talk from Sheila that BZ mentioned every thing is part of Universal Clean-up plan. So consider that HATJ and RKB have been placed in “protective custody” for this part of the plan. They had also said, RKB has had US Marshall protecting him daily for quite some time.

  10. JP says : Reply

    Unless RKB & HATJ signed up for these roles before this particular incarnation to agree to make themselves “Sacrificial Lambs” for this cause for all ManKind on Planet Earth …. I am Really having a hard time accepting this outcome.

  11. Ginger Snap! says : Reply

    imo among many things all perfect, this verdict illuminates the deeper darkest even more … to be seen and loved

  12. Mariela Tage son says : Reply

    What I had to say about all this*!?
    And I’m quote.,
    I am a lion….. I will walk through the fire the fire will not burn , the heat feel cold I didn’t burn I walked through the other side ,they see my face I sense some feared they looking at me they are afraid,
    they know who I am they know why I’m here why I decide to cross to the other side,..
    I’m a messenger I speak only the truth… I carry no weapon only the truth the truth about the entire planet the truth in the Secret
    they how they keeping my brothers and sister in slavery I am the Messenger ….and they are afraid….
    and I’m carrying the key to open the door
    and how to liberate my brothers and sisters.

    they are afraid
    I feel no fear the time will come my brothers and sisters will be liberated from slavery…..
    The Universe law will be restore and we all be free again..

    this is you HATj….. you are the lion you are the one that walk in fire you the one that show your face no fear you are lion… ??

    this is for you Heather we not afraid anymore we walked and keep our head up we know the truth we know all the dirty secrets we know everything we not afraid anymore

  13. Christine says : Reply

    I totally am with you Anonymous. Prayers and protection for both Randy and Heather. Your personal sacrifice to clear the path in order to free humanity will never be forgotten. We must never forget these two wonderful BE ings. Love and light.
    My love and light is with you all keep strong.

  14. Aidan says : Reply

    I wish them both wellness I still feel things will turn around for both of them I’m Sorry it turned out this way I have said all along I have no Faith whatsoever in this Corrupt Judicial process & I did say if they went to Trial the outcome would not be good & they would deny everything of their filings as evidence I always felt they should have Plea Bargained but also knew they had a cause to fight & their Courage showed that right through I just pray someone steps in & turns this sham around & to me this is not Justice huge monetary Bonds were created out of these Cases & the Court is a Bank the Judge a Bank Manager creating off ledger book keeping which is Not Legal…Follow the Money there is no doubts 100% Stocks Bonds created from their Birth Trust Accounts the Judge is a DEBTOR SERVER a Bank Manager creating DEBTOR NOTES…God Bless them both this is not over that is for sure…A Judge always has 2 files the Creditor & the Debtor files & the Court Clerk only carries the Debtor file

  15. TRON says : Reply

    This abrogation of free will choice can go on forever.

    “Judge” strikes down HATJs paper, as “judge” claims his paper is the only important paper. Where is proof of any EVIDENCE that the ‘judge’ has jurisdiction? OH, I forgot: the ‘judge’ gets his authority by being a bully…

    Paper and the words on it seem to be important to some. What next, HATJ ?

  16. Paul Mc says : Reply

    Verdict? … what verdict? There is no verdict … it’s an illusion. Wait till you see what happens next. Oh boy, this is going to be so much fun!!! All eyes on the prize lovies, it’s not over till it’s over … and we haven’t even started yet. Parker H. Still knows where the bodies are buried. Everything is seen and it will all come tumbling out. Truth has a habit of doing that. Lotosolove, keep it fluffy, keep it original, all the best for now :-*

  17. Michael says : Reply

    God Bless you all

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