Transcript The Collective Imagination Radio Show June 4, 2013

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Transcript The Collective Imagination Radio Show June 4, 2013

Chris: Good morning, everybody, It’s Chris Hales here. Welcome to The Collective Imagination. Okay folks, I’ve gonna have an unusual show today. The guys in Morocco are off on a road trip, doing something mysterious in the Sahara, which we’ll no doubt hear about at some point, which will be extremely interesting. The upshot is I’m your host for today. We’re actually going to do not so much a Collective Imagination show today, though I’ve got a few announcements to make, because The Collective Imagination is Lisa, Bob and myself and Brian and one or two others at times. I’m going to do an update with Julien Wells. Now a lot of you may have heard the sessions I’ve done with Julien. They posted on various places. Been doing them for about three or four months, since January, as Julien has progressed through his rather remarkable, shall we say, evolution. He’s been going through an evolution. Now, the only complication here folks is I’ve gotta pick the right one; he’s got his hand up. Morning Julien, how are you?


Julien: Have you got me?


Chris: I’ve got you.


Julien: Okay, great.


Chris: Excellent. You’re on the road.


Julien: (laughs) I’m on the road. I won’t be on the road the whole time, just for maybe the next half hour. Hopefully it’s not too much interference.


Chris: It’s pretty good. There’s a little bit of road noise.


Julien: Okay, sorry everybody. Still got a day job, so …


Chris: Yeah, Julien and I just had a little bit of catch-up earlier before the show, because this has been a little ad hoc. Lisa and Bob basically said don’t do a show this morning, but there’s some announcements that we really need to make. I was gonna do an update today with Julien anyways, so I thought ‘ach, we’ll take advantage of the time’.


Julien: (laughs) Yeah, so where do you want to start?


Chris: Well, actually what I’ll do is I’ll start with an announcement if you can just sort of keep your eye on the road for a moment. Okay folks, a couple of quick announcements. Actually, a couple of funny things first. There was a posting by Mr. Drake yesterday, which was drawn to my attention. It actually aligns exactly with the ridiculous bit of misinformation from Ben Fulford, whom I’ve read for years. I’ve always been aware that these guys are given a lot of false information, but apparently, apparently, 11 of the 15 OPPT persons are hiding out in the mountains of Ethiopia and the FBI is actively looking for them, which I find extremely amusing. And apparently there’s a bunch of people from Swissindo who are hiding out in the jungles of Indonesia, which I also know is absolute bunk. So hilarity actually, it’s just ridiculous the disinformation these guys are passing around. Maybe someone could drop a few of the show links into Drake’s website. I used to listen to Drake. I actually feel kind of sorry for him. I think he had a couple of months worth of interesting information and unfortunately for him, that was about 18 months ago. (laughs) Ever since then it’s just been … what I actually call “waffle”. Don’t have any loaded guns nearby when you’re listening to Drake, because you may want to do something drastic to yourself.


Now the other interesting thing was a video that’s been out out by one of the crew called Muxi; it’s called “Ethiopia”. It’s inspired partially by these silly things that have been said in the last week or so about the crew in Morocco. So if you just go to YouTube, search for “Ethiopia” and you can have a few minutes of hilarity with that as well.


Now for a slightly more serious announcement, we actually have … and this is one of the reasons I wanted to come on today, because of a rather serious problem for one of the crew associated with the UV Exchange website. Now there’s an article on Removing the Shackles and I’m gonna just pop it in the chat room. It’s on Removing the Shackles; it’s actually called “Urgent Exchange of Value Required”. This is something we’re going to be talking about this morning with Julien is what is our value? Just what is it. We’re going to try and get to the bottom of that. As you recall, Bob, in the course of about an hour and a half on several Skype chat rooms, went from having no money for his plane ticket to having over $2000 for his plane ticket. This is simply a reflection of the way that our value system actually works; this is the human value system.


What we’ve got now is a problem with BZ Riger. Now, BZ is absolutely the stalwart and main man/girl on the IUV Exchange website. BZ has got a housing problem. BZ had an accident; she had her leg broken in several places and she’s been recovering from that, plus she hasn’t been able to get employment. That doesn’t add up to a great cash flow. She needs our help. She’s got about until June 15th to move out of her house. She’s got a pussycat, computers and she is really, really needing help. What I’m doing is putting out a call. Assistance could be financial. Assistance could be helping her move. Assistance could be giving her some space to come and live in. The accommodation she requires in the Seattle area in Edmunds, Washington. She may be able to extend past June 15, but she does need to resolve this so she can get on with it.


She’s put a HUGE amount of work…she’s been putting about 60 hours a week in of her value into the website. She is fantastic at it. If we need something put up, she can have it up in minutes. She’s completely dedicated to it. She’s actually done a couple of interviews. She did a really, really neat little interview with an Australian couple the other day, who are quite successfully fending off the banks over there in our country on the western side. If you haven’t heard it, pop on to the website and have a look at it. The name of the person she interviewed has just completely gone out of my head and I won’t attempt to pull it back just at the moment. If you want to meet BZ, so you know who we’re talking about, just look up the interview. It’s within the last week. Actually, the interview’s with a lady called Sidney Mytten. She did a lovely job. She’s actually going to be a good interviewer as well.


So a PayPal donation has been added to the website and donations can also be made through American Kabuki. So if you know someone in Seattle/Edmunds, Washington area, perhaps you can ask around. Perhaps you got a room to rent. There’s a complete article describing the whole situation on the Removing the Shackles website. This is a classic exchange of value. She’s put a huge amount of time in and she’s got great results and we need to return in kind. Folks, let’s put it out there. Let’s just show what our value can actually produce.


Okay, Julien, you still there?


Julien: I am!


Chris:Very good!


Julien: Hanging out. I am actually in Seattle! I´m not sure what I can do for BZ right now. But obviously I guess I´m gonna start looking into it. So if she needs a hand. BZ, if you can hear me, you need a physical hand, I could see if I can come and help you. I don´t know what sort of help you need on a physical level. I don´t know what kind of monetary support I can do. I´ll have to look into that with my financier – my wife. But, yeah, I´m here if there´s something I can do to lend a hand somewhere.


Chris: Well, there you go. That’s … how about “the universe answering”. Talk about instantaneous! You know … (Julien interjects something inaudible) … can you repeat that?”


Julien: It´s not coincidental I suppose.


Chris: Apparently it´s not – apparently it´s not. When we had Geri on last week reciting her poem and I asked her if she could do a poem on peace, she said “I´ve got one!” and read it out. So, that’s the way the universe seems to be working at the moment. The synchronicity is quite stunning! So, Julien we´ve got a couple of minor announcements for yourself as well. For a show tomorrow night – well, tomorrow for you – called OPPTimystics, where you’re gonna be dropping in and chatting with the folks.


Julien:”Yes, they´ve invited me to hang out and talk to them. I´m not sure if anyone is familiar with that show, but it´s like O-P-P-T-mystics. They’ve been running it for a little while. I have not, honestly, called in or listened in to too many of their shows, so it´s gonna be “ad hoc”. Just see what there is to chat about. I gather they love talking about everything, so that´s my department. I´ll talk about whatever, just from my point of view.


Chris: Yep. I think we have one of the ladies who’s in that show actually in the chatroom at the moment. Hello, Diane!


Julien: Oh, Diane!


Chris: Diane´s in the chatroom, yeah. In fact, she says “Yay, Julien!” I don´t usually watch the chatroom very heavily, folks, but I´ll pay as much attention to it as I can for this session today, because it´s just me. Usually it´s kind of split up between Bob and Lisa watching the chatroom. But look, as far as the Transitioning Show, Julien. What have you got in the next couple of weeks on the show?


Julien: We’re going to have Andrew Bartzis on the Transitioning Show – that´s Saturday. We have a lot of excellent subjects to cover. If you haven’t heard of him before, he does a really good rundown of the basics of what he talks about in the Walking In Energy show, which is on Sundays. For the past three Sundays, Chris and the gang from Walking In Energy, Michael Monk, they’ve been basically been discussing what´s really been going on and what we can do about it – giving a really good overview of where we stand. From that point people may have questions, as I have, so I plan to take that conversation a little bit further! So if you wanna be on-point with what we´re probably gonna be discussing, it will be built upon this last Sunday´s Walking In Energy show. The archives are available and ready. But I don’t think it should be too hard to follow, but Andrew and I have quite a few subjects that I would really like to speak to – on an energetic level. And just sort-of elaborate in ways on things that I´m interested in, so I can pick his brain. Now, I´ve had conversations with him in private and I´d like to have those now in public.


Chris: Well, that will be extremely interesting and the following week you’re having Thomas Hughes on.


Julien: The following week we´ll have Thomas Hughes. I´ve been getting telepathic contact with the Sasquatch and of course he´s much more an expert on that. We´ll elaborate and discuss what´s going on with those individuals that we know that are here, but we´re wondering what they´re up to. I think we´re going to get an update or a download and start speaking to just how involved many different races are in this cosmic moment in time that we´re in right now.


Chris: Yeah, in fact Julien, we’re going to have Thomas on for a while on the second half of the show, so we can actually have some of the discussion today and you can just continue it a couple of weeks from now.


Julien: Oh, excellent! Sure.


Chris: That will be fun. What I thought we’d do with the show today is … because it’s kind of a Julien Wells update, which is what we’ve been calling these discussions we’ve been having … I thought I might do kind of a run-through the sort of material that we normally run through when we do an update. Then we’ll start talking about value and what is our value, because that’s one of the things that’s prescient with people. The Universal Value Exchange is going to be coming online soon. We need to just discuss some of the philosophical aspects of what actually is our value and how that relates back to how we use that value in living and working together.


Julien: Philosophically sounds good. I would speak to it energetically, but that’s about the same thing, I think.


Chris: Yes. Yeah, it’s going to be very interesting. The next year is going to be … I think interesting is the only word i can use, because I don’t think there’s a word that will actually describe it, when we get to the other end of it. We might have worked out words to describe it, but there we go. So let’s kick off into the update. Now we normally just, first of all, discuss the energies, because the energies at the moment are just rippling around the place. Getting lots of comments from people about how energized they’re feeling or how affected they’re feeling about energies. How are you feeling about them? What are you seeing?


Julien: Well, let’s piggyback something that I mentioned the last update, which was in the Transitioning show because we played that recording during the Transitioning show last Saturday. I mentioned that there was this kind of wave of energy that was going to crest and was gonna really turn into high access to dueling energy. From yesterday to today really being obvious. My being sensitive to energy, of course I can feel and I’ve been accessing and I’ve been using this. It’s been really phenomenal, so I can speak to my own experience more than I could speak to just everyone’s experience, but it is. It’s a particular boost of energy. It’s like a wave that’s been long and building; it didn’t just suddenly appear. It’s like if you’re looking at the ocean, it’s like a wave coming in. It lasted through last Friday and probably will continue until tomorrow, particular noticeably. Just yesterday and today, we can see it’s sort of like within a wave, you can see the light part, right? I’m just going to give that to the symbology of that part of the wave as an actual transition manifestation; an actual manifest reality effect. So with waves, of course, and with energy, in order to harness it, you need to recognize it. Still be a part of it and just sort of like send you along like a boat on a river, but if you want to harness it, it’s to recognize that you have access to it. In particular, this one I like because it’s very broad. It’s just a very overall, incredible empowerment of energy.


It’s a gift. Very specifically offered. I’d like to liken gifts as not necessarily astrologically determined, if you know what I mean. Like we have a of portals that we go through where energy is more accessible, but there’s been these gifts. These gifts are relative to the personality of the energy that we live within and that is the surroundings of Gaia and the surroundings of the soul system and the Sun. Obviously the energy pulls from further off than that and may actually have astrological origins, but my personal perceptions don’t expand too much past the sun. So is there actual solar flares or anything like that? I don’t check for that, I’m not exactly following that type of data but what this empowerment has brought is basically a degree of confidence in that you may be able to take action, you may begin to actually do what you’ve been thinking about, and you have a greater – some people may call it blessings to do so. You’ll find it much easier to take action in the span that all that there is meant to develop. When I say all that there is meant to develop, I say the awakening of humanity.


So if you have actions that you may take that you know about that have maybe been waiting to do so like, say, you’ve been wondering when is a good time to tell your parents about this or address something with your spouse that you weren’t sure how to address well, if it’s all in the name of the betterment of all our experience as humanity then you’re going to gain a lot of support and this energy will be very accessible to you. And I’m starting to sound like a fortune teller or something like that but I’m speaking from personal experience knowing this, that I have, I really feel like I can do not anything, but I’m really, I really feel that I can address things in my life very confidently and say this is not serving, let’s recognize this for what it is and begin to put it aside.


Now, when it comes to relationships, it’s not so easy to just put things aside as we probably all know. What we’ll be looking at is how to address the discretion with those that are in contrast to us. At first it seems that we get into arguments, whatever, over semantics or circumstances, we get caught up in the drama and we begin to find ourselves getting lost in the subject and it goes off on a tangent and of course, every conversation is a co-creation. You can’t always expect to go in there and get what you want out of the conversation what you intended to be when it started. But in this time and place now, the grace is there for you to address your personal relationships that seem to be slowing the process down and also to take action that you might have been wondering when the best time it is to be and do or, to begin addressing things on a physical level. Now, over the past


Chris: I have to say Julien there’s been, I just checked the last three days on the solar flare situation, pretty quiet, little C class flare and that’s about it, and nothing happening in the way of electron proton storms but I must say that over the weekend the ramp up in drama was extremely noticeable. There’s an awful lot of drama going on, things playing out, situations developing, and to be honest I sort of arrive at this point, and I’m feeling pretty much over drama. I’m pretty over it.


Julien: Yeah, so, one of the symptoms many people should easily recognize is people are getting angry easily, or irritated, right? They, the people who are not quite awake you might say or having some really difficult times expressing themselves or they’re just bringing up dramatic energy, and what that’s a sign of the energy wanting to push through the blockages within their physical body and their energy body, right? It’s sort of like, I don’t want to get too crude here, but it’s sort of like working the plunger on your toilet when it’s clogged, right? There’s some work and it wants to flush, the water wants to flow, and it’s gotta get some plunger action in there to get the flow going so this energy is the plunger, right? It’s not terribly creative (laughs).


Chris: That’s a very interesting comparison you’ve made there because, yeah, some of the drama I encountered over the weekend fell into that category. (laughs)


Julien: I’m sorry to use it but it’s the best visual I can offer to symbolize the energy.


Chris: No, it makes the point.


Julien: But as an individual who is familiar with the access of this energy, we can be the individual that is a little bit more functional with the use of the plunger, right? We can take the skill, we can take our skills and make functional use of the energy as if it was a tool, right? Now, you’ll find that it is 100% anti-manipulative. So if we have any ego involved in this, it’s going to actually work against us 100%. So be careful because you might be forced into your own clearing. Now, that might be precisely what you need, to bring up the base and what’s not — you may find yourself being actually the one who benefits the most from dealing with the energy wanting to find a way to come through.


When I say coming through I mean what’s on the other side? I mean what should we expect from this type of energy flow? We should expect basically to be at a greater degree of comfort with all that is and when I say that I mean, you know how those following the show and whatnot have gained a greater ease of understanding of the power of their imagination over a world circumstance and just getting a greater grip on what’s really going on on the bigger picture. Well, it’ll be more easy to speak on these things when harnessing this energy.


Now I’m already talking to – it’s kind of exiting tomorrow and that doesn’t mean that we still can’t be BE’ers and DO’ers and be highly charged, I’m probably expanding a little bit on what’s going on but this is a first among several wide scale energy gifts. I’ve used the word bumps in the past to describe a sudden shift of energy and this is bigger than that, it’s larger scale than that. And a lot of the bumps have very particular energy patterns that they support, but this is a wide scale offering of energy, it’s almost like the next best thing to receiving cash from Gaia sort of feel. Now go on and do something with this cash that benefits everyone because you don’t want to misuse Gaia’s gift and it won’t work being misused, it’ll work against you. It’ll work exactly how it’s meant to, so if you go out wanting to harness this energy and try to place some truth in someone’s lap that’s not ready for it you might turn out that it’s a better lesson for you in that using of that energy and bringing it forward.


Chris: Now Julien, two things. There is some serious rioting going on in well, about three or four locations. There’s Turkey, there’s some in Japan and elsewhere in Europe. Now are the energetic circumstances actually just amplifying the angst and contributing to this? Do you think?


Julien: I would say they wouldn’t have existed without this wave. That’s a pretty bold statement on my behalf but they’re a result of people doing. Knowing what the truth really is and what we really do, what we do actually have access to when it comes to the knowledge of ourselves, in who we really are, what we deserve, and where we belong, and those that don’t, and pointing that out.


Chris: Yeah, it struck me, it stuck me that – quite striking the fact that those events were taking place while this wave is coming through. And my second was, the thing that we always go back to in these updates is the event, this shift that we’re talking about, I think we’ve well established it’s coming in stages, it’s a process and not just a one-off ten minute whatever, this wave would appear to be part of it.


Julien: Well, I want to help clarify, perhaps. There is an event that is the mysterious event, and it is a short span of time, major circumstance that everyone will experience. But what there are is, there’s preparations for the event. There’s several moments that are developments that will allow the event to be more easily invited. Now the event, because it doesn’t actually have a date or time, is a threshold of, I don’t want to say invitation – but it does involve invitation on our behalf to transpire. But it still has a setting in which it would be most effective so the setting still needs to be placed, and that is invited by these particular moments where we’re given opportunities to prepare for the event. It’s an oxymoron preparing for the event when the event is impossible to prepare for, and it won’t matter it seems after the event what preparations we’ve done, right? It’s like why not have the event now, but there are specific things that need to come in line. I am not entirely familiar with these moments, but I do know that the moments will be recognized when you’re in the flow because things like this energetic wave of this last weekend is fundamental to transformation on the planet. I mean when I say fundamental, I don’t think many people are coming out being the same person unless they literally have been sitting in front of the television for the last five days, even those sitting in front of the television will be somewhat affected.


Chris: One of the things that comes up particularly with Lisa when she talks about her ever-shifting evolution throughout the last couple of years is just the fact that she looks back you know, some times a week, and can’t recognize herself from last week. I have a feeling that what’s going on in Morocco between the crew over there is very, very much a co-creation, you know? They’re actually – sort of coalescing and working together as a collective. That’s very much an evolutionary thing and I think it’s driven by all the processes that have happened to this point. There’s obviously things going on there energetically on the spot, but I think all of the things they’ve gone through as a group have led them to be able to take that next step. That’s really what these waves of energy are doing, I feel.


Julien: They are. For some people, I’m going to apologize because it’s going to sound like we’re walking through a fire. But it’s a purifying fire and it has only the best intentions behind it so it can be painful. I’m not going to make up stories and say that this energy isn’t potentially uncomfortable, you know. If you had a clogged toilet, you’d feel uncomfortable. The point being is that after going through this circumstance, you should be at a higher level of comfort. These types of waves are actually mandatory through the next two months. Because there’s so much illusion that just needs to be scrubbed off right now. There’s so much veil in the way of progress, and people need to get a couple slaps upside the head, and if you’re comfortable harnessing that energy you’re going to be blessed in those actions. But the moment your ego creeps in, know that it may be very much more supportive of helping your own development. So there’s no fail here actually, but I’m letting people know there’s a choice. I’m also going to let people know that next weekend we get another one. It’s going to start again next Friday. There’s another thing very similar and they’re not necessarily going to be bigger or smaller, but radical energy that will develop from a lot of visible doings. So, and these doings are clearings, they really are clearing.


Chris: We’re going to see more of this manifesting amongst – well sometimes in these updates we discuss what we sometimes call the unconscious ones, those who have yet to awaken. A lot of the action that’s going on in places like Turkey are superficially, it’s geopolitical. It’s the government doing something, some social issue, that’s provoked people, but is it really a clearing. Is it really all of this angst that’s been going on for generations, you know, foisted upon us by the system actually being served back on the system?


Julien: It’s the system recognizing how dirty and crummy it is right now. Okay? Now obviously there’s a good reason why it’s not being reported on mainstream. That’s a sign that is really good. I know it sounds like it’s a bad sign that mainstream is not talking about it, but trust me, it’s a really good sign that they’re not talking about this. For those who want to know that there’s progress being made, okay? Don’t be disappointed when mainstream is not doing what you think their job is, they’re doing their job better than we knew they were capable of doing their job and their job isn’t what we think their job should actually be. They’re doing their job and they’re doing a fine job, you can reward them, we can offer congratulations to doing your job and being that point that represents a development. I know a lot of people are concerned about mainstream never waking up. That’s an impossibility, okay? Mainstream is waking up. It has to and it actually is, but don’t beg for it to step forward in a short span of time. If it did, there’s a lot of people who will fall asleep again with the new data. If it’s spun in any way that those that are still in the control of negativity, it can be spun in any way and you can – if you continue to actually rely on an outside source, it’s going to – you’re still going to have a lot of work to do because that’s only the tip of the iceberg with regards to reality.


Chris: My sort of view on what’s developing with the potential scenario for the mainstream media is the rubber band effect that Bashar talks about where it’s going to progressively become so obvious that things are being concealed, painfully obvious, it’s going to start looking like the three stooges comedy capers. It’s going to be quite ridiculous that they don’t actually report, which means that when it snaps the other way, the effect will be hopefully permanent and people won’t go back to sleep again.


Julien: There’s many ways of interpreting it, I mean some people might look at the three stooges and actually think they’re hurting each other, right? So they’ll have the empathy related to the pain of what that must be, right? So there’s many ways to take one’s observations of what is going on, and so the doom and gloom people can empathize with the way that the Three Stooges act is going on and they can say, oh my God things are getting worse, understand? They may just use it for the aspect of the doom and gloom because they’re in alignment with the decline, right?


So there’s unfortunate duality in almost every observation we can have. Since most people, even the lightworker communities, are not purged of duality virtually no one is because everyone has an ego and a personality and an alignment to what they’re comfortable and not. There’s always ways to misinterpret the data they see in front of them. It’s not that it’s misinterpreting, they’re interpreting exactly the way they’re comfortable with it. But you can’t just point to a (inaudible) of truth and say look, this is clearly evidence of progress. They can say no, this is clearly evidence of the opposite. Right? So what can we do to sort of reduce that contrast and get out of the this or that, me vs. them, hell or heaven? Because that’s the old paradigm, and to come out of it, it can be really challenging for people.


Oftentimes when you speak to a place where it looks like you’re above something, people only understand that as a superiority complex. It’s like the only angle they can interpret the way that people speak from that point of view. Right? Like, ah, I understand something, it’s too bad you’re not getting it. So to speak in that direction is difficult. To act from that point of view is more useful because ego doesn’t always act if it has something to lose, right? An ego wants to be rich but it’s not willing to go rob a bank to do it. But someone who is the new paradigm truth doesn’t need to rob a bank. How does that person find themselves wealthy, you’re wondering. There’s no judgment over robbing a bank or where the money came from, they’re just saying this guy’s got it and that’s inspiration and that’s what’s of value with our everyday activities.


Chris: We’ll jump into that later in the show actually, and we have to keep an eye on the time here because we don’t want to run out of time to talk about that. Let’s whip through the other updates that we normally talk about. How are our friends upstairs going? Any news from their camp?


Julien: What am I allowed to say. Not that I know yet, I’m going to see what they’re willing to offer me here.


Chris: What we can offer them is we’re definitely saying reports have increased sightings that is definitely happening, so thank them for that.


Julien: Oh, they hear everything that I experience, so if you say it and I hear it they experience. I’m a walking camcorder for them. It’s a bit embarrassing sometimes, but they’re very polite. Sometimes they’re not polite (laughs). Sometimes they’re a bit obtuse and it turns into a funny little thing. They’re wanting, oh gosh, its’ going to actually be a really big download, give me a minute.


Chris: Are you still driving, Julien?


Julien: No, I just parked at home. I’m safely able to concentrate a little better.


Chris: I was going to say don’t be doing that while you’re driving; it’s not a safe thing.


Julien: Actually, if you can hold the air for about five minutes, I’m going to walk into my house and say hi to my kids and then I’m going to come back on again when I’m in my backyard and relaxed, okay? Want to do that?


Chris: Yep.


Julien: Okay, so I’m going to mute.


Chris: I’ll mute you at this end as well. Okay folks, well, while Julien’s – Julien is a remarkable character actually. He’s someone who really only took up energetic practices I think 16 months ago. 18 months ago, he started doing the course with avatar energy and I think he’d done it by decision. I think he felt he always had a bit of talent in that area and he wanted to develop it. He proceeded to go through the course and found actually yes, in fact there were certain aspects, particularly the energetic aspects, which he really clicked in with. Now, subsequently around about December last year, January this year, he really started to create an intention to work with the Akashic. Found that he could do some very interesting things like creating realtime bar graphs of data that was coming through. Eventually over a period of weeks developed it to a point where he could start to see a 3D time-scaled version of the Akashic if he actually requested. Not that he could understand what he was seeing, because the process of his evolution on it is actually working out what all that data meant.


But in addition to that he actually managed to establish telepathic contact with more than one ET group, and in fact learned also how to actually communicate with the higher mind of the individual that he was in communication with. So if you’re speaking with Julien and you give him permission he can at times, not 100% of the time because it depends on the permission aspect, he can actually help you communicate with your higher mind, you can actually ask questions of yourself, your higher mind. Should you ever do that, be aware there’s a permission aspect. There are things that your higher mind won’t tell you, because they’re parts of lessons you’re yet to learn but there’s kind of a set of rules relating to how that all works.


The reason I’m talking about this is because Julien’s a signpost for us. He’s a forerunner, a wayshower, of things that are coming for us in the near future. Because he’s sort of a recent, he’s recently walked this path, he’s not that far ahead of us. I personally find it really encouraging to talk to him about how he got to where he is because he’s not so distant from us. I’ve met a few people who are, to be blunt, very much more advanced than where Julien is at a lot of levels and it’s like talking to, you know, if you’re an amateur anything, sports person, painter, talking to someone who’s been doing it for 30 years, I’ve had this experience myself. The guy I train martial arts with, he’s been at it well over 40 years. There’s just an aspect to that kind of mastery that, I look at it and think wow, I could never get there but when you view someone like Julien, you know it’s possible, quite possible indeed.


Okay, so the other thing that we’ll be talking to Julien about is what our value is. The subject of access to value has been coming up continuously since the OPPT material started to come out. We’re not going to be necessarily talking about how the IUV exchange is going to work in its initial phases, etc., I’m more interested in identifying the galactic view of what is value in a civilization, community, in an individual. An important subject because initially whatever the IUV exchange turns out to be it’s going to be firmly rooted in3D technology, 3D concepts, and hopefully interfaced into the 3D system to an extent to it can get a bit of relief for people who need it.


Now, what I might do while Julien is out, he should be back in a moment, is actually take a call here, we’ve got some people on hold and what I’ll do is go for area code 347. Hi area code 347, how are you?


Caller: Hello. This is Flo.


Chris: Hi, who am I speaking to?


Flo (caller): This is Flo. I’m doing pretty good, I love you guys. It’s a little difficult for me to hear, maybe you can’t hear me too well either. I’m having some connection issues. All love and peace, no ranting tonight, just relaxing and listening.


Chris: Have you heard Julien speak before? Flo, have you heard Julien speak before?


Flo (caller): I’m sorry. Yeah, I heard him a couple times before, you know, and I’m real familiar with what he’s doing. I love what he’s doing. I wish we could have a little more time to have a chat about it and go into more detail, but I love what you guys are doing, man. I mean, I just say more power to you. I’m not sure how to get in touch with all of that you know, other energy and Akashic stuff. I really, I don’t know. I feel it. I understand it. I get it, but I don’t have any of that of my own.


Chris: I haven’t gone down that path. I don’t’ know how that actually works. I get little bits of information every now and then as most people do, just kind of learn to recognize them. As I was saying before, it’s a great example of what it could be. I think it’s coming and I’ll pop you back on hold Flo, and it’s great to hear you.


Flo (caller): Good deal, thank you guys so much, peace and love.


Chris: Okay, I’ll see if Julien’s back yet. Hey Julien.


Julien: I am. I’m back.


Chris: Very good. I’ve just been doing a couple of calls and yeah, how’s the family? All well I hope?


Julien: They are. They are. Doing very well.


Chris: Excellent. Okay, so we were talking…


Julien: It’s funny how I can get downloads over a period of time so even just by the initiative over the last five minutes I’ve been able to get access to our galactic friends sort of filling me in a little bit… what they want to share. There’s an intensity about humanity that they can observe as if it was a light, and it’s as if the Earth is its own sun. It is like a beacon of light. It’s extremely majestic from their point of view – not just the Earth, but the inhabitants of sentience and high level of consciousness on the planet coming forward. They can recognize when there’s a dampening – when the light is not as bright. They can observe lack of light, you might say, or darkness. For the most part, the light is very engaging and interesting to observe because light is also representative of data/information and so it’s sort of like being able to swim through the Akashic.


You can find out all sorts of interesting things, kind of as if you’re able to poll everyone’s minds… see what everyone’s interested in and their daily activities. But there are spots in which there’s a lot of lower energy relative to pain and suffering and these are actually anchors to reduce the opportunity for the event to transpire. There’s lots of deep, dark, thick energies that still exist on the planet. A lot of these are intentional. They’re not accidental. They are intentionally fabricated to be that way. And what they are doing actively is working on those. There are people that are in positions that are like physical slaves, mistreated humans, mistreated animals, mistreated elements of Gaia that are particularly in a state of discomfort with where we all want to go, and they’re really focusing on this. I can feel it. And it may not be public information that we need to know about day by day, but they’re not trying to stand on their soapbox saying “we are doing stuff” or something like that. They’ve been letting me know that there’s been a lot of fundamental things that we can’t see but has to be taken care of to raise the overall energy. There’s not many people that can do this stuff because it’s not like what you might think of as like boots-on-the-ground, soldiers knocking down the door to like a crack-house or something like that. There’s a lot of subtle energetic influence and if you can understand telepathic messaging like Jedi’s do, they give suggestion of thought. They have those capabilities to influence and sort of allow the energies to flow so that circumstance will lead to these dark spaces freeing themselves.


Chris: Julien, the riots sort of going on, I mean there’s a lot of human emotion being expressed there. Would those areas be amongst the dark spots or are they areas just kicking off baggage and are in the process of clearing themselves?


Julien: There are high-contrast spots. High contrast spots are considered areas where there are wars or physical conflict, right? Let’s call them high-contrast zones. They usually get the most attention. You’ll get a lot of non-physical beings highly involved in those circumstances. Unfortunately there is a high degree of both types of beings – like not good ones and good ones – right? But to be sure, the light ones outnumber the dark ones, if that makes sense. It’s almost like each person has their own individual support team. So it’s not like just sweeping energetic influences. It’s very individualized for each individual, but they’re working as a team for the bigger pictures as well. Many people have multiple guides, you can say personalities that you don’t know about, that sort of follow you around in your life that you made an agreement to… at an unconscious and a higher aspect sort of level. These guides set up lots of things in your life. They’re sometimes the cause for you to have synchronicity. They arrange synchronicities. And they can also be the ones that help you learn lessons because they have particular interests in waking you up. So a lot of these have different specialties, so in places like these riots these guys are working overtime.


Chris: Yeah, does that involve actually using ships to do things energetically? Or do they actually just work at a distance in the ships?


Julien: So the ships are related to the more physical galactic friends. These guides that I speak to generally don’t have physical form, okay? So there’s both sides of the story helping. Now the guides don’t take a lot of physical action but they support a lot of the energy that influences eventual physical effects. When I speak to the galactic cousins, they are actually specialized on different subjects (instilled?) to different areas, and the way that they can influence us or support us the most is to continue to work on an invisible spectrum. When I say invisible spectrum it means they actually can be in a room with you, but you won’t know that they’re there.


Chris: You wouldn’t know they’re there, yeah. Julien, it’s coming up to the hour so we’ll take a break in just a minute, were there any other specific messages that they wanted to pass onto us? Because after the break we’ll have Thomas on and I want to make sure we get at any critical information they might have for us at this point.


Julien: Critical information is not going to come through me, unfortunately.


Chris: Okay… important? Relevant? Anything you’d prefer to get out now?


Julien: If it was information for us to know, then they would tell me something like that, but there’s lots of data that I’m just being reminded is sensitive.


Chris: Sure. Now what I meant was, anything that you wanted to get out because once we get Thomas on, the subject matter will change, okay?


Julien: I guess what I can speak to is that there are some people right now, probably even in the audience, that are inviting close encounters… I guess is probably the best word to use? Physical close encounters. And they want to remind you that they really are not not noticing it. So they are taking a very high notice of the invitation and obviously they want to do everything they can to come into balance with those people asking, and find opportunities for physical meetings. And it’s almost like… I don’t want to say something but I guess I’ve got to say it because they’re telling me too, but these people that are inviting are most likely going to be the first people they’re going to want to come see when the sightings are officially up to… (talk over)


Chris: Well that makes sense. Why would you visit somebody who hasn’t even been thought in that direction? Obviously you’re going to see people who at least a desire to meet you. So I guess the message there is to folks, is to keep that intent. Now Julien, just to make sure we get through the morning in expedient fashion, we’re going to have a song break so people can go off and do what they need to do. I just want to put out the number for the Opptimystic Show phone-in line. This is for (Mono?) I hope you’ve got a pen there. It’s 347-205-9129. That’s the Opptimystic call-in telephone line for tomorrow’s show. So having said that, Julien I’ll put you on hold and we’ll just play a song and everyone can do their thing.



(Song break: 64:10 – 69:06)



Chris: Welcome back everybody. This is Chris Hales. We’re on with Julien Wells in the second hour of the show, and I’ll just bring Julien back on again to make sure we still got him. Julien are you still with us?


Julien: Yes.


Chris: Excellent. Okay I’m just going to bring in Thomas. Thomas, how are you?


Thomas: Oh, I’m making it.


Chris: Well that’s good. It’s better than not.


Thomas: True enough.


Chris: True enough. Okay for those of you guys on the show who haven’t met Thomas… you’ve been on the Collective Imagination before, haven’t you Thomas? A number of times?


Thomas: Yeah, it was in the countdown back in December.


Chris: In the countdown and at least once since then, I think.


Thomas: Yeah, two or three times when you were doing the OPPT with Heather Tucci.


Chris: Yep yep yep…all that stuff is still ongoing. It’s just morphing and changing into other things. But look, welcome. It’s great to hear you and one of the things that’s happened while I’ve been doing these Julien updates since January is he has actually acquired a connection to your good friends, the Sasquatch.


Thomas: Yes, we talked about that for a little bit here a few days ago…that’s when I…Julien?


Julien: Yeah. Just between us, I was reaching out. We had actually not formally met, so I wanted to say hi and share a bit of my experiences.


Thomas: Ok. This is rather interesting for me. In 24 hours I have been on two radio broadcasts and I’ll put the link in the skype chat if you’d like to publish that. People can look at the date of June 3rd with JP and he interviewed me last night, so this is the second radio show I’ve been on in about 24 hours. Chris: Well then maybe there’s some information that the universe requires you to pass onto us Thomas? How are things with your friends?


Thomas: They’re, oh what’s the best verbiage to use? The volume is being turned one thing I can say. It’s increasing or going faster. I’m working with more and more people in regards to their experiences with Sasquatch and it comes down to a firsthand experience where they actually go out, in the woods perhaps. Or they live in the woods, they live in a rural area and they have questions and for some reason, I get the bulls eye painted on me so… but I’m not the only one. Thankfully. I do the best I can with it.


Chris: Indeed. These are people who are actually just curious about Sasquatch or have some previous experiences with them that wanna push it on further?


Thomas: They show people how to have ongoing experiences. There’s a man in Canada, and I’ll just say Canada and that’s a rather wide, wide country similar with North America…he’s having firsthand experiences. If you would like to see some of the videos that he has with recorded language, or anything like that, you can go to YouTube and and search ‘Sasquatch Ontario’ and you will find some of his videos there. Or you could just simply go to YouTube and search ‘Apes Don’t Weave’. That’s one of his videos:

He is being left weavings, I guess, from different types of vines or plant material. They are leaving them on the deck of his house or on the railing. So that’s all I can say about that.


Chris: Okay. But I mean, leaving a gift like that is actually, that’s a form of communication of course.


Thomas: Yeah. Something that I went through five years ago, I call it a peace offering so that there may be peace between that particular human and the Sasquatch person…that’s wanting to have further communication or interaction with that human because as we go through this time that we’re going through. Those connections will come closer and closer and closer and it won’t be long before having the Sasquatch people, or whatever you’d like to call them, is common in our daily life as the Wookies were in the movie, the Star Wars series.


Chris: The thing that kinda strikes me is that people always, they look to the skies and look for ships, in terms of other races who we could potentially interact with, and what we have, we have one living amongst us, at least one. I know there’s more, but it’s rarer to speak about them. The Sasquatch are probably the obvious one there, but there’s also those inside the Earth in the form of the Agarthans, which Julien has had some contact with. And Julien, are you still with us? The Agarthans, have you actually bent your thought in that direction of late?


Julien: I’m gonna be honest. After finding out that I have a particular alignment with the Pleiadians, my missions are with communications relative to them. So most of my communications come through a feed, because I can understand them best telepathically. It’s almost like if I’m gonna speak to the Agarthans, I either invite one to talk to because they aren’t coming to my door step. Or I go through the intermediary of the Pleiadians that I have access to and then they sort of invite the conversation into place. It’s particularly interesting about the Agarthans as they are like a mobilized physical force, right? They’re very boots on the ground, physical beings. Right? And so they’re quite literally doing things that I probably shouldn’t talk about. Not that I know about them but, I’m not finding out because they won’t really speak to that. They recently explained to me that there’s a lot more than I think they are because they’re particularly good at psychically shielding themselves, they really need to. Because if one is not psychically shielded then any number of goons can go and chase ‘em down, if that makes sense.


Chris: Mm hmm.


Julien: But they’re highly expected to be a part of, I wanna say ‘Wave 1.5’. There’s actual waves planned in terms of meeting of the galactic species and they’re gonna be on the heels, between the first and the second meeting. So they’re quite excited about that so that development could be. I know some people personally who through contacts made that are not public, who do say that they sense them very closely and do receive direct telepathic communication. In those cases those people have personal Agarthan bodyguards that remain invisible and they support the environment and help those individuals be protected from real serious goon issues.


Chris: Mmmmm.


Julien: It’s like having your own, sort of like, Secret Service agents.


Chris: Indeed. There’s at least one person I’m aware of that actually has a personal guard from, I think it’s the Arcturians who actually are constantly with this particular person. Folks, it’s quite amazing, we think we’re alone on this planet. We’ve got at least one species amongst us and others below us and above us. It’s actually quite crowded around here. There’s a lot of stuff going on; it’s quite amazing.


Julien: So there is actual planned introductions, like real things, like sign up to go to a conference and at that conference one or a few of them will make themselves available and not manifest, but will reveal themselves in front of a crowd. They’ll probably start with a channel, a channel that knows about them and then the channel will have a transition period where the individual who’s speaking through the channel will probably lower some kind of barrier to us being able to see them, and then become fully visible for anyone, even those who are completely non-psychic. That’s a little bit of the types of…


Chris: Introductions.


Julien: Interactions, yeah, they see coming forward. And the Agarthans, they all sort of came up with like a format that we’ll be introduced to in terms of that, maybe unveiling sort of activities. They’re gonna be fairly controlled but there’s also gonna be literally back yard landings too so, gonna be quite a gamut of just different societal groups will want different types of things that they’re comfortable with in terms of coming into terms with meeting face to face. My impression is that the Sasquatch have their own idea, but in terms of their introduction, it’s gonna be more like you come to our house and then we’ll talk, not like they’ll come into a conference or something like that.


Chris: Yeah, well all I can say is Julien, I’ve got this little concrete courtyard in the back yard here that would make a great landing pad. (Julien laughs) Just putting that out there.

Julien: Another thing is they don’t physically actually land a craft. They just create a gravity well so that they can float down.

Chris: Same thing. That would be fun. It sounds like they’re planning in quite a bit of detail as to how their gonna go about this. Now Thomas, I presume the Sasquatch are still ramping that up somewhat? You told a couple of stories last time we spoke of actual almost public contact happening between odd people here and there.

Thomas: Yes, there’s one I don’t know in Canada, an introduction to the man and I spoke with him about this, this woman in Canada she lives near a small town or a town in Canada. She was sitting on a bench on the jogging trail and one came out of the woods and began talking with her. In fact it was on a jogging/biking trail and it was 5:00 in the morning and there were some joggers that were coming behind. They stopped gasping in surprise because here’s this 7′ tall man with hair all over his body right near the edge of the jogging trail. She had to think on the fly and tell those people ‘it’s okay, he’s my cousin. We’re planning on playing a prank on someone this morning’. Then she looked at the Sasquatch and said ‘Looks like it’s working Billy. It worked on them; it should work on our friend’. So they laughed and they continued jogging. They just kind of waved their hand as they went by and he held up his entire arm and waved vigorously and said ‘HI!’ They kept right on. They didn’t even know it was a Sasquatch. They believed what she said. That’s why I have such a problem with the word believe, because, you know, question, question, question and people don’t ask enough questions.

Chris: No, they don’t and you know people’s beliefs are gonna be challenged right left and center fairly soon. The word believe is gonna become much discussed. That past, present and future beliefs. Thomas, have they actually spoken to you much more about, the concept that one of them put to you where they said you know, what if your dreams were flipped with your reality?

Thomas: No and I haven’t asked them any more questions about that. I’m still working on wrapping my head around that particular concept, so as questions come up I will ask them of course, but right now I’m still just working on the concept of everything I call reality is really imagination and everything I call imagination is actually reality. That’s the definition they put across to me, so enough said on that.

Chris: Fair enough. Fair enough. Look, just as a … I’ll make two quick announcements, well one quick announcement. Apparently it’s being asked as to where the Moroccan group has gone. All I can say is all that I know, which is they’re doing a trip into the Sahara, road trip of some kind. I think they’re going to be doing a kind of group meditation and some energy work and having a good look around. So consider it a sabbatical for those people who are wondering. We’ll get more details about it and hopefully some photos and videos of what they found. Love to all out in the desert. That would be a fantastic thing to do, so hope they have a good trip. So indeed, back to the discussion, ‘cuz last time we spoke they told you that within a few moons that things would really start to shift. Well that’s pretty much about now I think, Thomas. Maybe a few weeks from now.

Thomas: Well the event stream is not dependent upon time, it’s dependent upon events. As the events are going forward, obviously the IRS scandal is one of the events that is coming to light. There are other events that are transpiring as we speak that most people are unaware of. The fact that 80% of the bee population has been killed in the United States of America or North America itself completely, it’s one of the events that is speeding this along There are several events of that nature that are helping to speed this along, so the more they try to tighten their grasp or their grip on keeping control the more slips through their fingers. It’s all I can say about that.

Chris: Yeah, it’s like 9/11, it caused a short-term geopolitical shift that medium to long term it woke up millions of people to the fact that something really nefarious was actually going on in the background.

Thomas: Yeah, I watched a video today with Mike Gillevand…

Chris: James Gilleland?

Thomas: James Gilleland, I’m sorry. During the video I was somewhat disenchanted with the rehearsal or conference call he had. If you’ll allow me just a moment, I’ll look and tell you what it was. Hmmm…That’s not it… Ron Van Dyke and Bill Ballard, I’m sorry, who were the two that I was listening to. Bill Ballard said right in the video ‘Yes, it will be a dimensional shift, but everyone has to get where they’re going to go before the dimensional shift will happen’. So we’re nearly there. I checked about a month ago on the population of souls and human skin suits that are ready for this dimensional shift and we’re floating a little over 60% right now. Our target goal is 2/3 of the population of humans on this planet going through the shift, so I imagine as we approach 2/3 then we’ll shift and it will be, as it was explained to me, it will be a fast shift.

As Chris Thomas described on your show here back in December, we have the evidence to show how fast this shift will be because when a woolly mammoth thaws out in the Antarctic circle they always find the body of the woolly mammoth with the last thing it was eating still in it’s mouth not completely chewed. So you can imagine how fast the Ice Age had to set in or everything had to freeze in order to freeze the last thing the woolly mammoth was eating, freeze it in its mouth. So that’s how fast things change on this particular planet.

Julien: Not to necessarily expect an ice age, don’t worry. Don’t be concerned about that.

Chris: No.

Thomas: No, no. I’m not suggesting…I’m just suggesting how fast thing change here on this planet. And that’s what we’re approaching, so when it shifts all the people that are out there that are saying we’re already there, well I’m sorry I’m still in this skin suit and still in this reality. There’s still plenty of, shall we say, stupid people around me so we’re not there yet. But we’re getting there.

Chris: We are getting there. Okay, we’re coming up to the last half hour. There’s a few people with their hands up for calls. Just to remind you folks this is not quite the Collective Imagination show, just to remind folks. We’re doing a filler show and it’s myself Chris Hales, Julien Wells, and Thomas Hughes, and you guys up for taking a few calls?

Thomas: Yeah, I wanted to point something out. What I wanted to point out: you were talking about how some of the people here on the surface of this planet have Agarthan bodyguards. While it hasn’t been made public that I’m aware of, I will simply make it public right now. You were on the call, in fact, when after the show was over. Here about, I want to say, about four months ago when Heather Tucci disclosed to all of us on the call after the show was over here on Skype that she has the watchful eye of the Sasquatch people. She said she has four 15 footers in her corner so if you recall.

Chris: I do, I do indeed. So they are also capable of remaining not visible to us.

Thomas: Oh yes, very much so.

Julien: You know what they have that I’ve heard from them? They have a spidey sense just like Spiderman does. They get a tickle where they know something’s coming that is not in line with them. Thomas: It is similar. I guess you could describe it that way. What I can say about that in my experience with the hairy folks, and that’s what I call them, the hairy folks, ‘cuz their folks or people and they’ve got lots of visible hairs, so I just call them the hairy folks. They are in such synchronization with this planet and everything on it that they can talk to the trees. And of course when you’re in a forest there’s nothing but trees, so one tree sees it coming and it alerts all the other trees. It daisy chains all the way through the forest, all the way to the mountain ten miles away, so they know where people are at; even the people that don’t believe that they’re there.

Chris: So they’ve got an advanced warning system through nature.

Thomas: Oh sure.

Julien: Yeah, so there’s like no way to get the drop on them.

Chris: How cool is that. Makes perfect sense. Absolutely makes perfect sense.

Julien: I bet they’ll teach that to us.

Thomas: If they want to actually see what’s going on, they will tune in to some kind of bird in the area, be it a crow or a vulture or a condor, vulture or a hawk or maybe even a small bird and they will look through the eyes of that bird.

Chris: So they’ve got early warning radar. They’ve got drones as it were.

Thomas: Yes! (Laughs)

Chris: They’ve got a fleet of whatever they like.

Julien: My impression is that they’re very much already energy masters the way Michael has access to his environment to just having his perception and those students (mumbled) and your perception and actual feel of your surroundings. It’s very pleasurable to be in that experience and I can imagine these guys being almost like that.

Chris: It would be impossible to find them should they not want to be found, even if they couldn’t make themselves invisible it would be almost impossible to find them because they’d just be too far ahead of you. Although if they were in an area of buildings only where there was no natural things they’d be back to just the birds and whatever other life was around, not just the trees and so forth. I guess it’s no wonder they stick to the forest. Indeed. (Chris takes several callers with general comments, which was not transcribed) Chris: One of the things Julien wanted to talk about on the show today was our value. I know Thomas will probably have his views on this as well. Julien, do you want to actually spend a couple of minutes talking about what our value actually is to you?

Julien: I guess that’s the only way I can do it. (laughs) Because if I were to say anything besides my experience, people wouldn’t have the greatest degree of empathy. Let’s start with what we think value is and work our way backwards into the reality of why we think things have value, such as money. Money and gold, precious and unique items and things like our labor, are functions that we understand that there’s value in. We understand that if I do a job for you, then it should be worth this much in cash. Of course, we all know that value is up to the discretion or understanding of the individual. If I mow your lawn, I could ask for $25 dollars or I could ask for $50 dollars. What does it really matter in terms of the difference between the 25 or the 50? It is the perception of the exchange. From the point of view of ‘Can energy be measured?’ and ‘Can value be measured?’ It can, but it’s not going to be significant in such a way that we can associate a dollar or a number to it.


Because in fact even our breath offers energy to the manifestation of our reality. There’s value in you just breathing. There’s value in you just placing your gaze in front of you. There’s actual transformation for every moment of thought that you offer. There’s value in your thoughts, not just your actions. Because what you’re doing is, you’re synching up with the moment that leads to another moment. What you’re actually doing is you’re developing a synchronization of moment to moment where moment becomes the next, based on the trajectory that you set for yourself. So we don’t walk around the world walking crooked lines. We generally walk to our objective in a straight line. So by placing our awareness on our intent, we move ourselves into the experience that we’re directing our attention to. Now, we often get distracted and it seems like it doesn’t happen by the snap of the fingers. You have to walk from your front patio out to your car, it might take a couple of things to get there down your patio because it might not be straight. But still know that it takes a still relatively 10 seconds, a few seconds, to make that journey.


Getting back to value, what’s of value is for your actions to be predictable, right? We all want a common value of exchange and that’s why we use money, because it’s predictable. Sometimes predictable and synonymous are being grounded, which means that we have an establishment of exactly what it’s going to mean and we can all cooperate and agree on this, even those who don’t understand money like our children. They’ll eventually get into the groundedness of the value that we associate with the dollar bill, or whatever or how valuable mowing the lawn is. Under those circumstances, the people who actually are involved with determining what the value is, they become the real money masters, you might say. They become the real people, because if someone tells you what this is worth and you agree to that, then you’re stuck with that worth. You’re stuck with that value. It’s determined oftentimes by default by us growing into a system. You didn’t grow up thinking that breathing and just having your gaze in a direction was worth $100 an hour. No one ever told you that had any value at all. In fact, some people say that breathing, you know, you’re a waste of space. The value is always used to recognize an inner change between two people. The value you have to yourself is infinite, right? Just being alive is of infinite value to yourself. You use the word value when working with another individual. So, often there is an exchange of some form and then the word value begins to start being used.


Now those who understand that value is subjective and that value can be grounded into many different forms and many different ledger-based balances, know that if they can get you to agree to a specific grounding of it then they can make use of it. Especially if they are entirely in charge of the rules. So, it would seem that it doesn’t behoove us to agree to any kind of monetary value, because it’s just a form of limitation when in reality we can experience ourselves and our intentions and our developments and our attractions infinitely. so we’re stuck in that perception.


Chris: We are stuck in that perception. Thomas, the Sasquatch, how long have they actually been on this planet?


Thomas: Oh, they’ve been here back and forth between the planet they used to live on and this planet as long as we’ve been here. They’ve lived here for about half a million years. Prior to that, they used to go back and forth between here and a planet called Maldak, which is now an asteroid belt outside of Mars.


Chris: To your knowledge, have they ever used a representation of exchange that is money? A representation of value.


Thomas: No, it’s more a case of how we can be of service to each other. So they assist each other. They’re maybe, for instance now, as things are at this moment in the Now, if one tribe has access to certain types of herbs, like echinacea for instance. Another tribe does not have access to those herbs, there will be a type of trade, because the tribe that needs echinacea may have access to something that the tribe that has the echinacea, they may have access to something that they don’t. So a trade occurs amongst them. Regardless of whether there is anything to trade or not, they will take the echinacea to the other tribe because at some point they may need assistance with something and at that point, the other tribe will come and assist them with whatever they’re needing assistance with. Chris: Yeah, because this harkens straight back to the very start of the show today, where I was talking about what happened with Bob and his plane ticket. Indeed, it happened with Lisa too. Lisa got assistance from friends and there were others in that group. We’ll talk about that at some stage over the next few shows, how the whole gathering of the group in Morocco took place. Because a lot of them just didn’t have the money to get there, but they put word out amongst the community where they’d been creating value. They’d been putting their energy into it and it was returned in the form of plane tickets. BZ Riger, the webmaster for the I-UV Exchange, who’s going to have to move house very shortly puts out a call for assistance in Seattle. Well, guess what, Julien lives in Seattle. So, Julien’s on the case. We could work that way. We’ve just had representations forced upon us for a really long time.


Julien: So the representations functionally give us limitations, right? Because what they do, is they establish a line and they say it’s not worth more than this. That is not inherent to our nature. We all know this. We all know that money is like Monopoly money; it’s used for the game in the purpose and time that it’s used, but we’re not limited to that. When it comes to exchange, we’re going to come up with completely different forms of universal exchange. Don’t let your imagination fool you. It’s gonna be something that’s gonna work world wide. Do I know what that is? No, but I know that is perfectly the way that it’s intended on a really grand scale within many embodiments. Many people are actually going to be able to live completely outside of it, but those numbers are few to begin with, I think.


Chris: When you say completely outside of it, completely outside of the current system?


Julien: Outside of a currency recognition.


Chris: Yeah, well that’s ultimately where I would like to exist. I have a brother who’s quite an academic and he’s skeptical about many of the pieces of information I’ve put before him. But in his entire life, he has never supported the use of money. Instinctively he knows its an obstruction to creativity. It’s a limiting factor like you just said.


Julien: I hate to use an outside source, but when you look at Star Trek and you’re a Star Trek fan, it does not take you long to understand how it’s possible. It’s not a stretch of the fantasy and imagination to understand how that is actually an advances civilization is intended to work and that we have the rights to be an advanced civilization.


Chris: The interesting thing at the moment is that one of the things that’s occurred to me quite recently is that there’s really a technological phase we’re meant to go through with free energy devices and various other kinds of devices that are quite different to the technology that we’ve been forced to use for the last 110 years. We really should have tumbled into that age with Nicola Tesla round about the first World War, it should have really kicked in. In fact, the first World War should never have happened for that reason, because the technology would have taken us to a point where we just didn’t need to do that stuff even by then. Because it was really about 1905, he was producing electric motors that could run themselves. So we’ve really been forced to miss that step and it seems to me, we’re going to jump via a couple of intermediary steps pretty much to using our own technology, similar to what the Sasquatch can do. Thomas, is that something the Sasquatch are actually telling you too? That’s going to be part of this evolutionary shift? The human technology is really going to kick in?


Thomas: Well, what I can say on that is that humans will begin to realize … I use the word humans because that’s something everyone understands … the body itself is actually a skin-suit that we live in. If anyone knew what we truly were, they would probably go into anaphylactic shock. In any case, as we go through this time and this age and the shift occurs, that’s when we will really realize, at that point, that the human body itself IS the technology. It is the true technology. Everything we call technology right now is just a false overlay to continue the control over us.


Chris: Well, Heather’s actually saying that a lot of the technology that we’re actually using are actually kind of low-grade hacks of things that come out of the human body. If we go to the real thing, why mess around with low-grade copies when we could go to the real thing? I’ve got two people sitting in front of me, Thomas is telepathically connected to the Sasquatch. Julien is telepathically connected to all sorts of things. Cheryl, who was on the line a minute ago, is a practicing shapeshifter. How much evidence do we need that the human body is not what we’re taught at school?


Thomas: The thing I would say about that is you have to basically reverse everything all of us were taught that we’re humans and we have a soul. The reality is that we’re souls and we have a human skin-suit. Go ahead, Julien.


Julien: i was just going to share there’s actually no surprise why kids are attracted to super-hero comic books. They’re gonna find out why within this lifetime.


Chris: How cool is that? Bring it on. The kids actually imagine they can fly, walk through walls. You see kids doing it all the time, what we call fantasy play. Is it fantasy? Or are they really just playing out stuff that they’re still kind of remembering? Because they haven’t been deprogrammed and reprogrammed by the system.


Julien: There’s several children in China that are doing literally law-breaking things. The laws that we seem to understand. Breaking the laws of reality.


Chris: The so-called laws are just limitations set up by the people who are controlling this current reality. Mainly by the media and the education system. They’re not really laws of the universe, they’re laws of this system. For the purposes of this system controlling this system.


Julien: Yeah. I can only express from my point of view. My reality got shattered a little while ago. Likely just before Michael came in and actually showed how when my reality got shattered made sense. I was like ‘Oh, okay’, well maybe I didn’t actually shatter my reality. Maybe I actually walked into more real reality or a greater understanding of reality, a space where more is possible.


Chris: I’d view that not as a shattering of reality, but breaking out of a cocoon. Would that be a better analogy?


Julien: Yeah, thats probably much better. (laughs)


Chris: Because if you’re in a cocoon and that’s all you’ve ever known and you break out … well that’s shattering your reality … but you’re just stepping into a greater one. That’s really what’s going on across the planet. We’ve been in a cocoon. Done our time in here. Folks like Cheryl and yourself and Thomas are really just examples of people who’ve broken out of it first earlier.


Julien: It’s gonna sound crude, but there’s still a pain within me that speaks to not being able to continue to fully explore these potentials. It’s almost like I’m the butterfly, but I’m pinned to like a pin. I’m stuck and not able to continue to expand at the rate that I want to. There’s a purpose in this point in time that is important to understand, why can’t we fly just because we believe so? When the understanding why we’re still pinned is kind of the purpose of this moment in time and this position of development. And why it seems like there’s only so few people who are having these experiences.


Chris: Yeah, apparently it’s not so few Julien. I don’t think it’s so few.


(general laughter)


Julien: I’m talking about I want everybody, I want everybody to know this.


Chris: Yeah, me too. Guys, we’re actually going to lose the on-air stream in about 60 seconds, but there’s a few people with their hands up. If you guys don’t mind sticking around for a few minutes, we’ll take a couple of calls. So they’ll be on the recording, but you won’t obviously hear them on this live stream. So Thomas and Julien, anything you want to wrap up with? Thomas first.


Thomas: Be yourself. Don’t let anyone change who you are. Really identify with yourself and don’t be afraid to express yourself. That’s my only parting thoughts.


Chris: Julien, anything for the folks to chew on?


Julien: I really like what Thomas said, so I’m just going to say ditto. Learn who you really are. Explore that within you. You’ll find a lot of truth in the nature you had as a child.



(Several people called in with general comments, which were not transcribed)



Sue (caller): We were just talking about what a great show this is and what a pleasure it’s going to be to transcribe. Awesome.


Chris: Well, thank you very much.


Thomas: Be sure and transcribe the proper pronunciation of Australian and it’s “strine”.


Sue (caller): Oh yeah, I gotta write that down, “strine”. (laughs)


Chris: In fact, in amongst ourselves, amongst Australians, that’s what we call the really hard-core slang version of the tongue, is “strine”. That’s its name, “strine”.


(general laughter)


Sue (caller): Well, this is really an awesome show. I can’t wait to take my portion to transcribe, because every time I do transcribe, I understand more of what you guys are saying. It really helps me sink in anyway and I know it helps other people when they can read the transcript. So thank you for all you DO.


Chris: How many people are on the translation team now?


Julien: Transcribing team.


Sue (caller): I’m looking at aaah (counting), I think we got about a dozen.


Chris: Look, thanks to all of them, because it is a fantastic service because there are people who just can’t listen to the shows for whatever reason. Or like yourself, they wanna read through in detail exactly what happened.


Sue (caller): Exactly. That’s what I do.


Julien: I wanted to say that I was one of the early transcribers and it was actually a major part of my energetic awareness development. As I was transcribing Heather’s words, I empathized at a whole new level and I really got to get it, because I had to play it at 50% speed in order to pick things up.


Sue (caller): Yeah (laughs), with her especially.


Julien: Her words really sunk in, in those moments in time, until actually I would not have begun to trust my intuitive psyche until that occasion occurred. So it was actually a pivotal point to me, to go through the transcriptions and transcribing The Collective Imagination earlier this year.


Sue (caller): Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun.


Chris: Yeah, that’s a really, really interesting piece of information, Julien.



(More callers with general comments, which were not transcribed)


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