Time to rest with the planet and enjoy her recreation

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published on February 16, 2018




Time to rest with the planet and enjoy her recreation.

Efforts of elimination are completing.

Elements of truth abound.

Participations are warranted as Gaia Spirits guide.

Florescents are plentiful.

Love the show.





2 Responses to “Time to rest with the planet and enjoy her recreation”

  1. bobby says : Reply

    good morning , I am hoping somehow, someway to persuade you to research the newest data on our earth being a plain not a planet…ERic Dubay amongst many of our scholars is a wonderful place to begin. I know you and your friends would love to know the things you share are as true as can be? Please allow yourself a chance to understand the truth many now are waking to this incredible awareness! It is I believe the most important thing I have ever awakened to in my life thank you…

  2. Belinda says : Reply

    Oh I do love the show

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