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Written by Ollie, published on I Uvsweden, on September 3, 2017


So the Theater continues… with various scenarios and dramas playing out…

… with glimpses from the back stage. Heather has been released with and ankle bracelet under curtain conditions.. Randy is still in jail but has his hearings soon.

For awhile at felt like we all were waiting for some things… TDA releases, Technology releases or what not?! Things are often not as they seem.. 😛

I’ve released some personal stuff the past 2 days that are connected to the ‘New’. In fact I’ve experienced several ‘New’ realities all making perfect sense at the time through my adult lifespan. They have been linked to some struggle though… which is not the case this time.

I’ve said this many time when we acknowledge there is an issue/problem the ‘solution’ pops up immediately.  Bill made an update the other day concerning Randy and Heather.. find a piece of it below.

[Written by Bill, from Terran Cognito]

Heather has been released on her “own recognizance”, has a curfew, is required to remain in the Eastern District of Tennessee until this case is resolved.  She is electronically monitored while she is preparing her case.  The conditions of her release means she cannot say much until this case is resolved, and she cannot have contact with Randy or support him on his case.

That also means you will not hear daily statuses or much about the case from either me or BZ.   BZ has done an amazing job of keeping you informed but I ask that you be patient with both of us in this moment as we do have to be very careful not to complicate matters for either Randy or Heather.

What Heather and Randy are doing is for all of us. Please do not forget Randy, keep sending plain white postal cards (they do not let him have picture postcards) to him letting him know of your support in what is the worst possible jail here in Knoxville.  He is literally housed with the murderers, which is strange for a man accused of a “white collar crime” who has not yet been convicted.  But then nothing about this case is normal.  Its very difficult for Randy to be in such circumstances.  They are trying to break him.

Also please do what you can to support Randy by sending funds to PayPal ID:  RKBFUND@GMAIL.COM.   This money goes to covering expenses for Randy’s case.  Randy fired his public defender (I won’t speak to as to why but he had good reason).  The public defenders biggest concern in Randy’s hearing this week was that those reasons would become public, not Randy’s situation.  The court is appointing him new stand-by or “elbow counsel” as they call it here.

Randy lost his apartment, he was evicted, the apartment did get a visit from the FBI and the management used the excuse that two of Randy’s friends had used his address as a mailing address. Randy’s cousin Patricia has moved his personal effects into storage at her own expense.  The apartment complex was very unhelpful in arranging freight elevator times, which meant Patricia could not assist me in picking up Heather’s husband Youssef, and I had to arrange an Uber ride for him.

Randy is on his own as to his representation, but he does have stand by counsel to walk him through court procedures and other nuances of the court.  The circumstances of both cases are so closely linked to the same documentation. Randy does know what to do.  But his task is not an easy one.

The good side of all this is all the documents Heather has filed are now part of the court record, and Heather is able to discovery on documents she needs to prove her case.   There will be a jurisdiction hearing coming up, and the case could literally be dismissed at that point.  I don’t have the exact date before me, I am sure its at BZ’s site, I will come back and edit this with the date of the hearing.  If it does go to trial the date will be January 23, 2018.

There is lot of talk about unity consciousness but not even the ’11’ seem to get their acts together might be they should only be 9… if they exist at all. Given the data provided by Bill I think it is even more important to work out our own life kinks in the most joyous and loving way we can.. keeping the support for both Randy and Heather intact of course.I think one of the main purposes with this exercise linked to the TDA’s was to make them visible to all that wanted to see them. Our value does not reside within the TDA’s it is just one expression of value, YOU KNOW THIS! I’ve noticed that as soon as I get into ‘I don’t give a shit mode’ concerning issues I unconsciously tried to control the perceived limitations just vanishes.Since I have very little attachment to our TDA’s I can continue with my doings and would probably have done so even without knowing about the TDA’s. It really does not matter cause I truly think we tap into our value all the time I know I do..<3 I’m constantly challenging myself which I admit sometimes scares the crap out of me but I know I have to do it in order to ‘break through’.

I’m rolling full steam ahead no matter what.. it is all about choices.. !I’m making the best choices I can in order to live the life I want to live.. I hope you do it as well…

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for




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  1. nannerknight says : Reply

    With all do respect maybe you guys should not state “reversal of the reversals” or “unfeathered access” you used us in a game and gave us false hope. (we dont have time for systematics. People are dying and starving, Im not playing the victim I’m stating facts) Now your distancing your self from TDA. And now your saying information regarding heather is limited. You also say we have to stop being the victim and you have to accept both negative and positive in reality. the null zone. Vibrate into your reality. Sure. no problem. if we have to accept the negative of our reality based on the choices we make , then accept my negative into your reality based on the choices you have made. (false hope, Sensationalism and little information to fight reversals just drama) Sound fair. Dont care if you remove my post . this message is meant for you.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      please nanner…no one was used in any game. You either felt the call to play or you didn’t. Your choice and your choice alone. No one put a gun to your head to try to access anything.

    • Judith Wallace says : Reply

      Hey, nannernight.
      U need to turn your headlights off ,radio off , noises off.Bring your vibration to a level of stillness. Be at one with self. Then you will understand what’s around use to this . I’m from the Carribean, and the vibration there is so high , especially if your in the isolated country area’s. You see other dimension existing alongside yours , they even communicate with us through words not telepathy. We don’t seem to have a scarsity, we farm , others make clothes, ( sewing ,tailoring ,

  2. Christie says : Reply

    Much LOVE & prayer support for ALL Y’ALL, especially Randy.
    I deeply admire your dedication & fortitude. We are hanging in together; this ascension is planetary-wide, right?!?! Thank you so much for everything

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      you say:
      “this ascension is planetary-wide, right?!?”

      It is multiverse wide, All of Source’s Unvierse’s wide.

  3. Gerry says : Reply

    Couldn’t have said it better NANNERKNIGHT

  4. KAY says : Reply

    nannerknight…I have to totally agree with you. And add to what you’ve said… I will say this.
    I keep hearing people say that ‘it’s not about the money’ but it IS about the money and always has been about the money. As this is 3D we are living in and it’s not heaven. And if it were not about the money and only about LOVE… then tell me this…why have we not invited every last homeless human person into our places of living? Shared our living quarters, food and personal items with them? Hello…maybe because we have to take care of ourselves first in order to be able to take care of them? And with barely enough money to survive ourselves…how do we EVER get to the place of helping the others?
    It sounds so righteously majestic to tell everyone,’it’s not about the money’…but come-on guys…be honest…you know that it IS! The proof is in the pudding…as there so many homeless people on the streets and growing in numbers by leaps and bounds every day.
    And hasn’t the major plan of the ‘families’ been for us to never have money and to never be able to help each other? Isn’t THAT what they wanted for us? And I’ll tell ya…no matter what you say about the ‘families’…or what dark characters they are just ‘playing at’…I gag to even have to talk in reference to them. The word, ‘families’ is much too clean and nice of a word for what they represent to us, in this reality, as human beings.
    So, I would like to propose that MONEY IS LOVE and for everyone saying, ‘it’s not about the money’…get real and get off that right now. We ARE in a horribly stressful situation and ‘the system’ has it’s material limitations and requires us to have money. And unfortunately, most humans do not easily create a life support out of thin air when under this much stress. And I’m not talking ‘victim’ here…I’m talking about being honest and REAL and getting our heads out of the frickin’ clouds.
    Start by stopping the hi-jacking of people’s energy by telling them that something GRAND that was purposed (to receive what is rightfully theirs and turned heads in HOPE and even caused some people to LOSE money)…was ‘not important anyway’. Is that being honest? I don’t think so.
    The MONEY was important enough to get everyone’s attention and it’s still important…and the reason it is important is because it truly IS, LOVE. So, instead of making excuses…try it again!…try making LOVE a material reality….make it manifest or please stop talking about it with your damn tail between your legs..’oh, it didn’t work…guess it wasn’t important’ anyway…’well, it was never about the money’. HELLO….yes, it was ALWAYS about the money! Not the LOVE of Money…but the use of money as a tool. And the use of money as communication as everyone understand it. We are still in 3D here and money is the only way we will EVER get folks off the streets. It’s either that, or start inviting them into your place of residence out of your LOVE for humanity.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      oh Kay, I’m sorry but it really and truly isn’t about the money – lol. There are other ways out there to get bills ‘paid’ / discharged / non existent each month. But, the question is, are you prepared to take that journey to uncover the knowledge simply waiting to be accessed? It’s a tough path to take, but it is available to all.

  5. Belle says : Reply

    sorry…forgot to leave my personal info to the comment above….MONEY IS LOVE.

  6. CEC says : Reply

    I would just like to say that I have to wonder what the real purpose of all this has really been. I started this journey believing I had just been given the keys to the kingdom, that we had been given the tools to help the helpless, and give hope to the hopeless, and stop the suffering. I did my best to share the “miracle”…enlighten the ones that didn’t know, and unfortunately I ended up with a bunch of people questioning my sanity, and feeling like I had been made a fool of.
    I hope and pray that the charitable donations I made will not be reversed. Children with cancer don’t need any more disappointments, and neither do homeless or hungry children. I experienced the let down of telling everyone about the unfettered access that was sure to come, but hasn’t yet. Of course its about MONEY, money is oxygen and we all know it. If you don’t believe me, ask the person who cant afford their electric bill or pay the rent. Food takes Money. I am so sad about all this, and I am really sad for Randy. He is in JAIL. REAL JAIL. Jail takes money to get out of. Lawyers take money. So what is next?? My prayers are with all of us who have experienced negative consequences.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      I wonder why this post specifically has brought out so many naysayers? Strange…

      None of the stuff you mention takes money only. There are so many other ways to contribute besides ‘ green stuff’ – I could probably write an entire dissertation on how but people wouldn’t hear anyway when they are still hung up on the ‘green’, which is one of the strongest ways to keep people enslaved.

      Those enslaving you love witnessing this infighting and shows that the majority isn’t ready.

  7. Patrick says : Reply

    Nannerknight & Kay
    Heather never promised you anything, she said she was working to get people unfettered access, she was working on doing that from jail, dare I say that’s likely not something you would consider doing.
    And Randy put his ass on the line to prove something far more valuable than money ever could be, so try and have some respect please.
    If all this was to you was about the money, then you clearly know nothing about the steps heather has taken in her life for the last 20 years.
    The game has been going on for over 8,000 years now and you 2 wanna whine about not having your bellies rubbed? seriously?

  8. Belle says : Reply

    Patrick…I’m sorry to say that it’s obvious (to me) that you’ve misunderstood both messages. The expressions were not complicated so I have to wonder what went wrong?

  9. Anastasia says : Reply

    Thank you for saying that at the very end about the TDAs…I do the same in my life and you know what just hit me reading that – thinking about the TDA is a limiting belief. I know, and Heather has also said, there are many, many more accounts out there for us, in our names. So, focusing only on the TDA is just another dumb, limiting belief to place on ourselves. We are unlimitless beyond imagination. That’s what those who have been in control to date are trying to hide from us. Not simply some digits in various accounts.

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