The Upcoming Case Against Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: This Is OUR Case

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The Upcoming Case Against Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: This Is OUR Case

by Victoria1111, published on Love in Action Now, on October 23, 2017



As I have mentioned before, I become aware of the OPPT (One People’s Public Trust) earlier this year.  I have taken a crash course in our strawman accounts (which I was familiar with) and the TDA’s.  I was already fully aware the entire debt system is fraudulent and the banks have been getting away with enslaving the masses all this time.

On October 18, 2017, there is a Jurisdiction Hearing in Knoxville, TN for Heather.  There is also the case, separate from but also a part of the 10/18 hearing with Heather:  The alleged USA vs. the alleged HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF and the alleged RANDALL KEITH BEANE.

This case is not just about these two Beings.  It is about All Of Us.

This is about ending this financial slavery system.

This is about exposing the fraudulent banking system.

This is about returning Self Governance back to the People.

This is about exposing the accounts that have been created in our names without our permission.

Ultimately this is about taking back our Power and reclaiming Ourselves as Source Beings.  And as such, no other person or PERSON has the right or the authority to tell us what to do, how to live.  No other person or PERSON has the right to forcefully collect or take any thing from any of us.

Freedom.  For All.  Not just a little bit of freedom here and there but total complete freedom.  This is why I came to believe ideas such as the RV and Nesara and Gesara are just other control systems – and as I like to say – with pretty unicorns.  Do we want just a little bit more freedom or Total Freedom?

I opt (via the OPPT – lol) for Total Freedom.

Here are the words of BZ Riger who runs the site and is friends with Heather (about this upcoming jurisdiction hearing):  “Heather is clearly stating what has always been so, by their design. That is, the UCC is the Law of the land on planet and off. And is Noticing them that ALL, now know that. The UCC has been returned to Original with no thing/no entity/no standing between Original Source and each embodyment. As it is written and is standing law, unrebutted/unrebuttable since March of 2013”

There is more I could include I am sure but this is a good overall presentation.

I am asking each of you to get involved in your own way.  At the very least, intend the thoughts and feelings of Self Governance and Freedom For All.  Follow the proceedings.  Share with your friends and family on your social media pages. Contact local media and demand this story be covered.  Contact your government representatives on down to the city level and inform them of this case and remind them you are watching. Remind them you know who you are as a Living Being.  Remind them you will not tolerate their participation in this enslavement system and you are withdrawing yours.  Their time is up.  The time to concede is now.  As Anonymous says:  We forgive but we do not forget.

So while the STATE is claiming to go after these two PEOPLE, in truth this is about All Of Us.  So let us intend a quick end to this entire debacle and visualize and create the outcome we All want, desire and are worthy of as Source Beings:  Freedom.  For all of us.  Even the controllers.

Thank you awesome beings.  We can and will do this!

Much love~


Here is the link showing the documents Heather filed last Friday, September 29th, 2017.  They are really being filed on behalf of us all.


22 Responses to “The Upcoming Case Against Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: This Is OUR Case”

  1. Jennifer says : Reply

    Absolutely and perfectly said. Thank you! For ALL with ALL!

    Deepest Love all ways always,
    Jennifer B.

  2. Diane de kegel says : Reply

    Thanks and we stend up for freedom and human right !! The birth right off me I clame
    Thanks to HeatherAnn ThucciJarraf
    Send love to braek the un nownes

  3. Merry Valdez says : Reply


  4. Caren says : Reply

    Yeah. Today I am feeling the shift. It’s time to get off the roller coaster.
    All the BEing and DoIng its working !!!!!
    Grounding to the Earth. -Thank you to All ♥️

  5. I couldn’t get to the case files and I want to say that you all … ‘We’ all have been in my prayers every day … every moment for all time in the fullness of time ..Now! WE STAND IN LOVE UNITED AND thank you so much for all you do in every way…. YOU ROCK! In Heart love & light, Kundi also known as Dr. Fredda Hess ;)))))

  6. CEC says : Reply

    I send love to all of you. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, although I fall short just about every day, I still choose to believe His grace is sufficient for me. It’s funny, I know I am taught to have no fear, but my fear lies in the sad truth that there are so many that choose to stay in their bubble pretending everything is going to be the same tomorrow as it was today. I wish I knew what to say to convince the ones who choose to sleep that even if they don’t wake up, change is constant. Change is the only thing we know will always continue to happen, whether we embrace it or not. I have went to great lengths to try and help those in need, as have so many others, but one thought, one truth, one fact never leaves me…..A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND. We need to be honest, open, forgiving , but most of all, love one another. Jesus is Lord, and He is worthy of our praise.

  7. Kennyboy says : Reply

    Did you KNOW that Jesus was a BLACK (Negro)Man???..and that the entire Tribe of Judah was ALL Black Negro’s..That the ENTIRE nation of Israel was a Negro Race???
    That the entire present nation of Israel is mostly FAKE or “Imposters”…AND that ALL the world’s wealth actually belongs to THE REAL JEWS…who have been scattered all over the planet and can be traced all over the planet?
    IF…you cannot connect, do a search about THE REAL JEWS….THE INTERNET IS LOADED WITH ALL THE EVIDENCE!!!

  8. Marcus says : Reply

    I assure you that nothing Heather does is going to overturn the criminal justice system under which she will be tried. Imagine if it was nullified – thousands of murderers, rapists, serial killers and pedophiles released at once from every prison in the country! You cant have it both ways. Every country needs a working system of law and order to keep chaos in check.

    • Mia says : Reply

      Sure we need a system of LAW, Marcus, but not the current LEGAL system which bears no relation to JUSTICE, otherwise it wouldn’t be monetised the way it is – with judges as shareholders in companies running the for-profit prisons, etc. A system where any ‘crime’ involves harm, loss or damage to beings/property, based on biblical and spiritual principles, and not on possession of a nature-provided plant for example. All ‘crimes’ are commercial. Heather & Randy’s cases are a small component of the huge amount of disclosure and transparency which is seeping out in all arenas at the moment. Bring it on!

    • Anita says : Reply

      The relevant word here is ‘working’… Some of those that are in jail have perpetrated crimes against one or two people, some not even that, while those that are behind the system, running it, have been raping, pillaging and murdering humanity for eons.

      And I would dare say that those who have committed crimes that they are now in prison for would probably not have done it if they had felt supported, fulfilled and abundant without the pressure to fit into the corporate machinery or being told that they are nothing / worthless unless they conform in the rat race.

  9. Tallison says : Reply

    Very well said. I have been following this story since 2012. Great summary of where were at.
    I agree wholeheartedly with all of viewpoint.
    Thank you for stepping up and sharing.

  10. Michael DePaola says : Reply

    It will be a very big portion to help humanity awaken and ascend to the next dimension.

    How grateful I am for Heather and Randy.

    With Love and Gratitude

  11. ApexD says : Reply

    Hi All,
    I got a note from Randy’s sister that he loves reading spiritual messages on the postcards we’re sending… messages from Kryon and Neville Goddard and the like. If you feel called to, why not look up or listen to a message and print it out on a card and drop it in the mail to Randy? These kinds of writings can help us stay tuned to a higher frequency, giving hope and focus to our thoughts.
    The latest I’ve heard (correct me if I’m wrong) is to send plain white postcards only, with our full name and address on, to:
    Randall K. Beane
    ID: 318366
    Blount County Detention Center
    920 E Lamar Alexander Parkway
    Maryville, TN 37804-5002

  12. ojoe442 says : Reply

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts I am also here and willing to go forward and wake up the masses. With much love for mankind. Take care my friends and be safe.

  13. LOVE eliminates and conqures evil. Blessings to all.

  14. Lori says : Reply

    Wholehearted appreciation to you Victoria for posting this powerful and inspiring message. Peace. Love. Joy. Abundance. Freedom. ~ these are my intentions for ALL.

  15. OpenHeart says : Reply

    With passion and confidence in the speedy and joyful conclusion of this divine act of kindness, my desire is already fulfilled. Thank you to all involved. It is done. Nameste

  16. Craig says : Reply

    God Speed to your Goal

    (say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

    “I make space in this world to ____be in total freedom______; in all moments”
    “I remove all blockages to ___total freedom_______; in all moments”
    “I stretch my capacity to ______be totally free_________: in all moments”
    “I am worthy and deserve to _____be totally free_______; in all moments”
    “I release believing ____total freedom__________; is too good to be true; in all moments”
    “I open all portals to ________total freedom_______; in all moments”
    “I walk into the reality of ____total freedom_________; in all moments”
    “I collapse and dissolve all portals to disappointment and unfavorable results; in all moments”
    “I infuse ___total freedom_________ into my Light Frequency and Sound Emanation; in all moments”
    “I resonate, emanate and am interconnected with all life in ___total freedom_________; in all moments”

    And you can do this again using any other positive quality, experience, state you desire:


  17. Marama says : Reply

    Fantastic.. thank you for your persistence in getting the truth out there.. Much love, peace, health, wealth and FREEDOM

  18. marcus stanley says : Reply

    we are the human family and we are supporting you in this movement Much love is here for and anything we can do to help let us know.

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