The TD Account AND THE FISCAL SERVICE AGENT, I’m so excited, a better understanding– By EEON 2017

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The TD Account AND THE FISCAL SERVICE AGENT, I’m so excited, a better understanding– By EEON 2017

The TD Account AND THE FISCAL SERVICE AGENT, I'm so excited, a better understanding-- By EEON 2017









13 Responses to “The TD Account AND THE FISCAL SERVICE AGENT, I’m so excited, a better understanding– By EEON 2017”

  1. Aidan says : Reply

    Hope the next time you Post a Video it is 5 minutes worth of info, not 1:14:49

  2. George says : Reply

    who is this clown? sounds like he is under drugs…
    not sure if the information is good or not but couldn”t listen more then 5 minute.

    Pitty for a interesting information maybe…

    • noel says : Reply

      He is who he is and if people allow his process of communicating to take the focus off his information then those people lose. He is brilliant and judging him on his silly voices or need to sing and listen to music makes those who judge him miss out. Sad for you really.

  3. April LaJune says : Reply

    Well – if you want shorter videos gleaning through the abundance of BS, I’ve actually cut most of the information down to 7 minutes and under on my YouTube channel. Unfortunately, I have to weed through this mess to see if there’s anything I can get out of it. I’ll let you know.

  4. Eddie Gaddis says : Reply

    Fill out Form s95

    Jeff Sessions
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Creation created the concept of legal fictions– trusts corporate franchises name commit personage. Mischaracterizing the identity name as commerce. created franchises in my name. I am Citizen of the Continental United States having a valid Birth Certificate. The organizations that have created these franchises are completely, 100% liable To pay a % To Eddie L Gaddis. For the franchises corporate Name ( EDDIE LANE GADDIS) with SS Card acc 000-00-0000 With Routing number at New York 100 orchard street,East Rutherford ,NJ 07073. with Routing 021050466. I have paid bills to test the Acc.And i Did paid bills .

    • Rodney Griggs says : Reply

      Hey Eddie
      Did you have any success sending out that information to Jeff Sessions
      Give me a call
      At your earliest convinence
      I would love to go through the process as well

  5. Laurie says : Reply

    This is his normal rant you have to listen to how freakin great he his and all that he does but really doesn’t same old same old He isn’t worth the time he spends making these videos and most of the time all he does is put people down which I can not stand but this ass wants respect….. he will get my respect when he starts acting professional leaving all personal issues out of this and sticks to the facts. I debated weather to click on this or not I should have listen to my gut……

  6. Brenda Bryant says : Reply

    he may have some good info but delivery is so obnoxious not worth the time…

  7. lucas says : Reply

    Slaves petition their masters , owners mandate their employees….words mean everything in their world…

  8. Chenelle Stewart says : Reply

    That was very dramatic, but so are all of his videos. You have to take it or leave it. I took it. I am wondering has Eeon gotten access of his account yet…..

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