The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

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The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light



BZ: I have posted this video many times, as it contains codes and triggers of light within it. With the wave of unprecedented Love and Consciousness that has surrounded Gaia and all of us coming in the 11/11 portal it feels like a great time to post it again. : -)

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8 Responses to “The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light”

  1. Jay J says : Reply

    This was very informative. Thanks.

  2. Not only are we living in a simulation, it’s generated by a system we can contact with our mind and actually change the simulation itself; in effect, hack the universe.

  3. Carol says : Reply

    There is so much to learn. Sometimes overwhelmed with the truth. Thank you for sharing this message.

  4. myaraine says : Reply

    Victory to the Light, OXOXO

  5. Alex jimenez says : Reply

    I’m in all the way!

  6. Elisabeth says : Reply

    What can I do to help I part of the family of light I am informing people about the Slave system for years!

  7. The truth of life does not change anything except people’s minds. Things stay the same. The truth just removes unnecessary suffering, conflict and confusion from life.

    If you are willing to master your cognitive dissonance, the unseen enemy of every human, and learn the truth of life, click here

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  8. Lydia says : Reply

    I loved it! The truth will set you free. Why work hard as a slave . . . and pay taxes, with no $ to spare? Is it because you were programed, schooled, and/or forced by those that were in power to OBEY? The Debt Note keeps you in debt, the gold backed $ is on its way into our hands.

    See on You Tube: Karen Hudes – Network of Global Corporate Control8 8 17 –
    This is a very informative show for those who desire more knowledge as to our history of fraud/enslavement!

    It is up to us to make the change for a better system to live in of light, love, and joyful play to enrich ourselves and other life forms.

    a bunch of lies to keep people in misery, because the evil overlord demands its fill of our

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