The Federal Reserve, the Courts and CRIS

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The Federal Reserve, the Courts and CRIS



Published on Aug 31, 2013

The AIB Radio researchers share new information about the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is tied to our court system. The people have been monetized.



CRIS – Court Registry Investment System


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  1. Good day and good September to all 🙂
    Since you guys turned off commenting on this critical message from Heather to us (the TOP community), i.e. , and since nothing of this materialized so far, and 1st of September is HERE (re DOV docs, and the advent of the new world we all dreamed of), I really think a proper address from Heather or at least website’s lovely admin – BZ – is in order:-) It would be greatly appreciated by so many people around the world, having had exhausted all their faith to OPPT/IUV/TOP “promise” for so long, and after so many letdowns…
    Always with the best of intentions for humanity,
    Thanx in advance

    • Frank J Toomes says : Reply

      I agree with Fotis…..
      I mean where is all the “transparency”?
      Sometimes I feel like Heather is “intentionally” being vague in her answers…
      giving folks a sense of “I must be stupid” for not understanding plain english….
      and at the same time remaining elusive, uncommitted.
      lawyer behavior….as I see it…intentionally NOT transparent….
      Love her energy though….but getting the run around is exhausting.

  2. Casimir Milosh says : Reply

    Praying this produces the good people of earth to be an overcoming juggernaut to annihilate this enslaving System!

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