The Event Part 6 ~ Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head

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The Event Part 6 ~ Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head









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  1. Belinda says : Reply

    I’m confused, this man does not seem to be in a deep state trance. Once again QHHT is not as Delores Cannon said it was. Very few of the QHHT sessions I have watched are clients in a deep state. I was not in a deep state after paying a whole lot of money to get what Delores said I was going to get if I hired one of her practitioners. I love what this man is saying and I feel good about it, whether it’s QHHT or not. However, I’m real tired of all the people coming out of the wood work claiming to be able to give you something worth something, something legitimate. I guess something is telling me to stop looking outside my self. I can do this stuff on my own. No more paying for help that is not real help.

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