The-Creature From Jekyll Island on Federal Reserve

by / Friday, 23 February 2018 / Published in Removing the Veil

The-Creature From Jekyll Island

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5 Responses to “The-Creature From Jekyll Island on Federal Reserve”

  1. Arthur says : Reply

    There was another book I read in the early 70’s entitled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”. Although it was first written in the mid 30’s, it was not widely read. It covered the information given in “The-Creature From Jekyll Island” and more.

    It amazes me to this day, that the vast majority of us are unaware of this gross assault on our flesh and blood, that has been used to enslave the greater number, for the smaller served. I am Soooo grateful for the Internet along with the collective bunch of us, who continue to shed light on this bludgeoning saga of Humanity. I am sure that by now the so-called “elites” are a bit nervous of the outcome.

    I do balance a general expectation of revenge, with a much bigger view of eventual realizations and collective advancement (think forgiveness of ignorance). The Universe sheds difficult lessons for Us to understand sometimes. 🙂


  2. M. Battaglia says : Reply

    The Federal Reserve… see Glen Beck describe it here……..

  3. Aidan says : Reply

    Reverse the strategy take back all control of your accounts instruct the Federal Reserve to do so, it is that simple create the Bond to release your Trust Funds it is up to you as an individual to do so & Yes it has been done countless times…Even if one files a full Bankruptcy use the Collateral of said accounts on your filing, the Creditors get Paid & you get the balance…Your Collateral is your Strawman Name in full, your Original Certified copy of the Birth certificate & your social insurance number. This is one way of reversing said accounts…Ask also Federal Reserve for a full Audit amount in your accounts your Value of the Master File

  4. Ingrid says : Reply

    Aidan, please tell me in detail where to start. My BC is from Germany, but I became a US Citizen early 80’s. Is that where I start? It would be nice to know the sequence in which to attack this task.Are there certain forms? So willing to learn the right way!
    Thank you

  5. Tallison says : Reply

    Can you say DEBT JUBILEE?

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