The Colbert Report: Global Terror Warning (NOT)

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The Colbert Report: Global Terror Warning (NOT)




It is interesting to see just how quickly people are seeing through the miss direction and lies with the rising energies.



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  1. alison says : Reply

    Sorry, can’t resist a bit of lippy cheek here!
    When I try to view the video, this message comes up because I live in England: –

    “It’s one of the detriments of living under a monarchy.
    But in case you can’t give up your silly accents and move to America,
    Watch clips from the Colbert Report at” (which I will be sure to do as soon as I’ve written this…)

    As a Brit, I would just like to point out to whoever composed this note that the LANGUAGE is ours, the ACCENT is YOURS!!!!!



  2. Bev says : Reply

    Nice, got a message across video “Were sorry, but this video isn’t available in your location” I thought we were global???? I am in South Africa

  3. Andrew Duddy says : Reply

    If the show doesn’t air in your country, then it can be blocked.

  4. Au Matu says : Reply


  5. Reni Storm says : Reply

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I cannot remember when I laughed so hard at the start of my day. What a wonderful way to begin. The serotonin is rushing as my sides calm down.
    This is better than a cartoon, It is comic relief as this world is taking itself way too seriously and getting more comical to watch. Satire- it puts everything into perspective.

  6. Iris says : Reply

    “But in case you can’t give up your vegemite and move to America” 😉

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