The Astrology of November 2013 – Finally

by / Tuesday, 22 October 2013 / Published in Eternal Essence Embodied


The Astrology of November 2013 – Finally

By Carly Boudreau, published on October 21, 2013



A month we have been waiting for a long time. The tide turns in favor of common sense and common decency on a practical, day-to-day level.


Shienalivingwater, made this comment on Carl’s November forecast… “If you are unfamiliar with my old (literallly) friend Carl Boudreau- you should familiarize yourself with him.  He is a seasoned, level headed, practical astrologer and NEVER gives speaks off the cuff, never applies opinion. He reads the heavens for exactly what they say.  So for him to give the statements he does in Novembers chart was “chilling” in a fabulous way! Wait for it, wait for it- for the”twinkling of an moment” is on it’s way. And he says it, he tells us- we shall prevail! For him to say this blew my mind. I have never heard him give undo hope. In fact he ends this with that comment- “I am sure for those of you who know me you are waiting for me to give you the “but”. BUT I can’t. It’s there!Please watch, share. This is a forecast that the HEAVENLY BODIES are giving us, Justice, Liberty- their full support but he adds “no group, individual, or organization that seeks to do harm to the 99% will be able to. The support the planets are giving to the people is totally out of their reach!” “


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