“Testing the New Financial System” by Fireswan – 7.14.17

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“Testing the New Financial System” by Fireswan – 7.14.17

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 5:19 PM EDT on July 14, 2017, published on Intel


NESARA must be very close.


The NPTB are testing the new financial system on the general public.

How do I know this?

I work in Information Technology (IT). Before we release a new service/product/application, we test it with knowing or unknowing beta customers.


To get real work loads to look for behaviors that were unexpected to catch bugs in the system. Even the super-duper computer cannot “see” the unforseen.


Humans have a random component to them that makes them unexpected. Maddening for the controllers, but also gives us our juicy “secret sauce” that makes humans so interesting. We are not very predictable.

So, when testing a new system on the unsuspecting public, especially with a very “activating” agenda like a new financial system, what does an IT director do?

Release features one-at-a-time in a very controlled way, with a lot of machine learning features turned on to try to capture how the system responds “with actual customer use cases” to “actual loads”… as it’s known in the biz…

First. Release info. “You can access your secret FRB account… here’s how…”

Test “What/Why” – can the unsuspecting public figure out what FRB is associated with their SSN, and what happens when they try to pay off bills, and which bills do they pay off. Great data set. Does anyone attempt to buy a Bentley? Or are most of the attempts just to provide relief…

Next. Test “How/Where/When” – watch what happens as the unsuspecting users go into their various banking systems and attempt to improve their situations. Some follow the instructions exactly, some don’t, but it’s all good from a tester’s perspective because the data analytics needs both kinds of “data flows”.

Next. Reverse some of the payments.

If there are “problems”, the unsuspecting users contact customer service (or not). Reach out for help from the folks who released the info. Or do other things to “get it to work”. Usually the unsuspecting user has some “skin in the game” and will keep trying alternatives. They will act out varying levels of entitlement, insult, patience, trust, gratitude, disbelief, etc.


Once a user has “gone down the road” once, they’re somewhat invested and committed to getting it to work. I know. It’s a human thing. Programmers and UX (user experience) designers are always evaluating the fine line between hope and giving up out of hopeless frustration. How creative are the unsuspecting users to come up with new and unforseen work flows? How many attempts do they make before they give up? How do they try to get around the obstacles and road blocks? What do they do? On-and-on.

The programmers will change their models. The work flow analysts will update their processes.

And then what do they do? Turn the test system off and UPDATE to get everything into a “known state” and release it into “production.

At somepoint the test system switches over to the production system when the risks of catastrophic failure from unforeseen data input or workflows are deemed acceptable, and it is more costly to “gold plate”… again, term from the biz… the system… than to “ship it” and make corrections as fine tuning happens in the “wild” or “the field”.

OK. So that’s all adding up. Now what?

We’ve tested the FRB system (thank you unsuspecting), now have them test the NPTB system.

Out comes the golden ticket. Only one number.

Users are relieved that there is only one routing number.


Simpler. The advantage of this new test is that the tester will accept a “clean slate” and start over.

If their transactions were returned, they’ll try again with the new info. New input. Are they going to do it in exactly the same way, or now try a different approach? What is the learning curve like? What do they do if this also has problems, but they are different problems than using the first codes. How do they respond, adjust? Do they have more hope (investment) or are they more easily frustrated? What do they do when frustrated?

Notice, now the guidence is to report the codes that are given when the system fails. There are leaked places to report these codes…

How able are ordinary people to “game” or reverse engineer the system? What happens when they find the error codes? Are they motivated to fix the problem “with the bank”, taking some ownership and responsibility, or are they helpless and hopeless? Do they give up and not report.

Or do they “wait for NESARA”?

Do the reports of success “go viral” faster than the reports of failure? Gotta have some successes for the users to provide their free testing services for the system owners. The carrot has to be more juicy than the stick is painful.

Usually beta testing with actual users/customers doesn’t go on too long because they’ll need to switch over to production before there’s a catastrophic breach of trust and the situation spins out of control. Gotta upgrade the chomping at the bit users to a real/working solution before they start going “awhal”.

Therefore, with all of this analysis from an IT perspective, we must be very close.

Very close.



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  1. Golden Rule says : Reply

    This makes sense given the pattern i have witness so far.

    • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

      Good luck and sending love and helpfulness good vibes! 🙂

    • Crystal schwarz says : Reply

      I have been blocked from my treasury direct account as of July 19th. 2017 also just got my birth certificate and after 2 months of waiting they sent me the short version without the signatures and I told them I needed it for my bond and to get my freedom papers and they have been messing with me since I told them I wanted the birth certificate for the bond and freedom. So I tried to long into my treasury direct account to change my route number and account number and iim putting the right information in and its telling me to keep putting it in and I did 3- 4 times and I’ve come to the conclusion I have been locked out. What the fu##

    • noel says : Reply

      It begs the Question, why is the PRIVATELY OWNED FEDERAL RESERVE BANK involved with your SSN and not GOVERNMENT? The Social Security Department is a Government Department is it not.

  2. Keven says : Reply

    RT number 051736158

    whats even more crazy is the Bureau of Public Debt was dissolved (out of business) as of october 2012 yet the treasurydirect website is using the routing number that the Bureau of Public debt once used as the routing number to issue payments. I smell some something and its not roses.

    The Bureau of the Public Debt was an agency within the Fiscal Service of the United States Department of the Treasury. Wikipedia
    Headquarters: Parkersburg, WV
    Dissolved: October 7, 2012
    Founded: 1940
    Number of employees: 1,950 (2009)
    Parent agency: United States Department of the Treasury
    Preceding agency: Public Debt Service
    Employees: 1,950 (2009)

  3. Ken Hamel says : Reply

    works for me otherwise they wold cut you access off

  4. Earthangel says : Reply

    I used the above number given on Friday 7/14 for a transfer of funds to my savings account. I must wait three full business days, so I won’t know until Thursday 7/20. I will submit information when it is available. Blessings to everyone who have worked so diligently on this humongous task. We The People will triumph. God is on our side.

  5. Sue J says : Reply

    My friend it’s nothing short of all aspects of our journey we call life ! Thanks for keeping it real!

  6. TE says : Reply

    So what if we do buy a Bentley? Or a Laguna Beach mansion? Or three? Or 6 elephants and paint them our favorite colors? Its OUR money. Who the fuck has the right to question what I buy as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else or the community?

    So by this author’s rationale this article is really just another “leak” and a virtual carrot. This whole thing is just an elaborate joke or very real and those who have held the reigns are trying to prevent another French Revolution.

    I don’t know. But I DO know money is there and it is mine by birth. I want mine. Fuck them.

  7. Zen bo says : Reply

    I think the bigger picture is about humanity breaking free from money and living off the earth. Ive been mentioning it on many YouTube videos in the comments section on things that correlate.

    The teslas will be temporary and if you stay longer in the us you will have to decide if you want to worship the new money system or return to the jungle. Up to you. Choose wisely.

    As for how to obtain funds or mainly to pay off debts, so the pubic debt routing number we can also use to pay off our debt? It seems some people if not most are haveing much more success at using that number as apparently the fed bank routing number is dead now or change…. correct me if I’m wrong.

    Also as of today 7-15-2017 what is the most up to date method of using our accounts to successfully discharge debts?
    Someone should make a spreadsheet listing all the fails and success and which companies as well as if people are married or not, name changes, he amounts people are trying to transfer as well as whether or not they filed any forms such as ucc or not. Someone please get back to me. Thanks!

    • I M Power says : Reply

      we have a spreadsheet compiling. I posted a while back the link to the form, so people could fill in their tests and it can be imported to the spread sheet.

      “This form has been created so that people can fill in the Doings that they have created so far. The data can then be exported to a spread sheet so the success and fails can be worked through. Clean up the block with the fails and create recipes and best practices from the successes. Here is a shortened link to use for the google doc form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfxnofrWHQZF8IqUCG9EUj0feeCjXi5pdWUPEgsHkFH3WpyBw/viewform

      • Zen bo says : Reply

        I see thanks. Also I seen your recent update with the PDF form the federal reserve stating that they are basically updating the system and that there will be a small window of time while in this time, people may try to extract from the system they also see it as a beta test and learning phase. Once they speed up ACH then purhaps that is when the time is right for us to retrieve our funds as it will be instantaneous and could be quickly taken out. Once THAT happens then it’s over. Correct?

        It seems that’s their plan to take down the U.s….

      • ChristinHerStand says : Reply

        anything yet regarding a recipe

    • EliB33 says : Reply

      Zen bo- I am with you on that….

  8. Matthew E Rodriguez says : Reply

    Hey why don’t we all donate money here with our team and have these people transfer some money into our real bank account. Say I donate 100000 then they could send 80000. Idk what do you guys think??

  9. Shawn says : Reply

    Curious why the above numbers(o51736158) is the golden willy wanka ticket??

  10. Randy Sharp says : Reply

    I was reversed for a small test with my Cap One credit card. ($200). I used the FRB routing number for Atlanta. So I called Cap Obe customer service. I was calm but firm and asked for the person that reversed my payment. I was given to a supervisor who told me over and over that they did not get paid by the FRB. I asked by what authority that was was done without my consent. She put me on hold, came back on the phone and said the the flag they got was “this is a limited participation bank”. Not that it was fraud, or that there was no such account. I said thank you and moved to the BOTPD routing number. I psid fow three other credit cards. Just like with the FRB they all posted Friday. So I wl know by Tuesday if thst is reversed. I will report back. I also have a few other ideas to try.

  11. alice says : Reply

    Can someone direct me to where I can find and download the Factual Trust Form? Thank you. Alice

  12. Jim says : Reply

    The question I have is when the USD becomes the USN what happens to the value of the USD after the fiat system goes down ?

  13. Burglnar says : Reply

    “Golden ticket” routing number is NOT working for the NY FRB trust accounts. 🙁 Neither are any of the 3 numbers listed on the FRB site/ routing # directory anymore. Just tried all 4 with no luck at all. Have heard the same from other series “B”/ NY account ADMINISTRATORS. Help?! Does anyone know a working NY FRB routing??

  14. Jim Sweeney says : Reply

    There are a lot of people who worked very hard in the rain and cold and heat of some scorching summers with thousands of hours of overtime put in and got a little and some a lot broken up along the way including myself and have not so much to show for it because of owing the system most everything out of their pockets as they earned it, I say; “Grandfather let them have the Bentley if they want one”. For my brothers and sisters…

  15. J.P. Bumby says : Reply

    FIRESWAN, this is a great new angle to see this from.
    Something happened last night and today that what you’re presenting seems to be validated. Let me try to explain tersely.
    I’m taking my time and not running out to pay bills or buy stuff. I don’t use PayPal at all lately, so I’ve been experimenting in there.
    July 12, 2017 -DISBURSING DIVISION – NEW YORK, account confirmed over the phone, but frozen with yellow timer icon, email 2 days later from paypal, problem with account money was returned because bank didn’t recognize account (I didn’t take any action, didn’t make a transfer or pay anything, I couldn’t, it was frozen) acct. removed from wallet (not by me)
    July 14th, 2017 – BUREAU OF THE PUBLIC DEBT, account confirmed on the telephone on July 15th, loses the yellow icon, and I could make it the preferred method of payment in my wallet.
    I took screen shots of my paypal wallet with the different statuses, and the paypal email.

    So last night I noticed a yellow light on the camera icon on my ipad, that I never noticed before and though I have tape over the lens of my MacBook and iMac, I don’t on my iPad (just now realizing this for the first time) Felt creepy.

    I’ve been using my iPad more than usual because I wanted to screen shot my dealings with PayPal,

    I’m not 100% sure what I went to this morning on my ipad, was it facebook, or paypal when a square came up saying I won some ipad thing and they wanted to send me an iphone 7 for BETA customers, press button to accept. Well, I didn’t want to accept, I don’t even use a cell phone at all and I didn’t understand the beta customer bit, and I just wanted to get it the hell off my screen and the only way I could do that w/out touching the accept tab was to double click the touchbutton.

    Now it makes some sense, and I’m glad I didn’t fall for the ‘bait’. Thought you’d like to hear about this. What you are saying is valid and important, but it’s totally out of my scope , but hope this helps the process. We’re all in this. NO FEAR

    • Tracye says : Reply

      I’ve run into those on fb before also. And yes the only way to get away from them is to close it/fb out and then go back.

  16. fitz says : Reply


    give it a try. I submitted, funding with the G routing #, and red numbers on back +22. Not instant approval, if at all, but i applied for several other secured cc and none accepted the ach payment. Also attempted a cd (BBVA) with TDA, error message on account info.

    • Angel M. says : Reply

      Hiya Fitz, I visited the link/site you posted and was pleasantly surprised to know I can OPEN & FUND a SAVINGS ACCT with an $100.00 ACH transfer! PLEASE CLARIFY FOR ME: so I use the BOTPD #’s or do I use the respective FRB Routing # reflected by my SSN#? THANKS. PLEASE REPLY, Angel M.

    • Ann says : Reply

      How is this working for you? Any reversal of any type? And please clarify that you used a routing number G in association to your SS# and at back of SS card the numbers with an added 22 number?

  17. LIndia j says : Reply

    The donation idea is good I love it , help us drowning g victims of this crazy world Debt relief before I can’t get up for air, I owe almost 25 k in credit card line of credit single mother for decades and so little help now 60, I have had no one here say yes in Canada the number is the same it’s all under the
    Federal reserve all countries,, Maybe we are under a different system like under the Queen of England or Vatican who knows , If you guys can help in any way through donations then yes hallelujah

  18. Loyd major says : Reply

    I agree that it is the system trying to do damage control – heather and her people have changed the game – they are testing a living allowance in the orient next month – they are minimizing the loss of control – i have not tested the access yet because i have no debt, and pay my needs 6 months at a time – i am prepparing all of heathers docs & power of atterny of my strawman – wuhat i want to know is what is the protocal they have been using to access the accounts since the disolution of the one big trust in 2013 – i am researching FRB & they are still accessing the funds or atleast faking that they have access, since the fund they create are not backed by anything but our value accounts- i am not will to accept a living allowance – which is what they seem to be offering

  19. Loyd major says : Reply

    Suggestion- if the FRB only deals with banks then can we establish our own local co-op banks in the location of our choosing, backed by our trust accounts as backing – I want $100 mil to develop a community offering free housing & self master education to all seeking awakining

  20. JCF says : Reply

    so ultimately are people using the “universal” routing number of 051736158 or are they using the one that is tied with their federal reserve bank, mine being Atlanta….. I personally have tried to pay a lawyer bill online using my account number. In the name section I understand you should write in capital letters and offer your name exactly as it appears on your Social Security card. I have a middle name and there was no middle name section so what I did was put my first and middle name (in ALL CAPS) in the first name section, and my last name in all CAPS in the last name section. I then put the address of the Atlanta reserve 100 peachtree etc and I used the Atlanta routing number (061000146). I paid a debt of basically 2,900. It allowed me to press send and came back with a payment receipt that says processing and that it should be about 3-5 days. I don’t know if its 3-5 business days or just 3-5 days) BUT so far it has been since JULY 14 2012, and today is JULY 16, 2017. They even sent me the your payment has been received and processing email that most companies generate upon receiving a payment. It has a confirmation number and all. As for now the status still says processed and that it is still waiting to post. So I am waiting to see. Again I used the F-Atlanta federal reserve routing number to do this.

    I saw an interesting video on how to get cash from your accounts by creating and ordering checks with your SS account number and a routing number and then deposit it straight into your bank account. I want to try this. I am slightly unsure of which routing number I should use to try this though….The “Universal” one or the original Atlanta one. But I will make a decision because I want to attempt this asap. Also I am not sure why I’ve been getting this particular insight but I feel like these accounts in a strange way (that may not be “weird”) just unknown to us for whatever reason have a lot to do with our BELIEF in them and how CONFIDENTLY and WITHOUT FEAR that we use them. As if they are only truly accessed by people who aren’t afraid to use them.. Like they are somehow ties to us in a spiritual way that we don’t yet understand because the information is missing. Just imagine what type of questions you would ask if you knew about these from birth and what type of answers that would leave you with.. Who created them? Why did they create them? Who loves us so much to do this for us, It would empower us in a way in which ever individual would feel extremely worthy AND it would definitely limit fighting, stealing, wars, a lot of anger, greed, jealousy, killing etc… just my opinion, but I will keep you posted, and if anyone has a suggestion on which routing number I should use for the checks and why, feel free to let me know.

    • Arteestic says : Reply

      I wouldn’t do the check thing right now. I watched that video too! Even more, steer clear of the black credit card. Don’t use that info. You could be going down the wrong path. The energy is NOT aligned.

  21. nontaxpayer says : Reply

    I’ve been aware of these accounts existing for quite awhile and just started listening to and reading everything I can about accessing them for only about a week now. The one question I have is if we can’t see these actual accounts how can we know for sure that the routing and account numbers we are using are actual accounts in our names? It seems that people are using so many different variations of routing numbers and different account numbers that I’m not sure how anyone is positive that they are in their name. I’m not trying to be negative but would like to know what any of you may know to enlighten me. Thank you.

    • JCF says : Reply

      @nontaxpayer …. We believe it is in our name because even though the routing number may change, the actual account number we are entering is our own social security number which as far as we know is unique to the individual.

      • nontaxpayer says : Reply

        That’s my main concern is not knowing without a doubt that the account referenced has at least a variation of the name associated with the social security number if I have the factualized Trust docs confirming ownership if at some point any of the payees attempt to involve law enforcement based on my actions.

  22. JD says : Reply

    Comcast payment was reversed. Interestingly, Comcast said the reason provided (return code) was for “insufficient funds”…not invalid routing number…not invalid account number…but the supervisor was adamant that the reason provided by the financial institution was “insufficient funds”.

  23. chitz says : Reply

    wish this info will be bless and be benefited to all the recepient…Awesome

  24. Crencenthia Ferguson Brown says : Reply

    I tried to Western Union money frist I did. It didnt work. Thenmy husband did it. It ask to confirm,he did it. Was sending only 100. It confirm but few minutes later it said that it was debited. Did this happen to anyone else?

  25. Imani M. says : Reply

    I for the first time am doing this and I tried to connect my routine get number to pay pal as an additional back. When I did today it said it couldn’t do it because it was disconnected. I’m a D. Going to try again with utility bill, and see what happens. Grateful for the information I’ve learned so far. Thank you all.

  26. Corinna says : Reply

    I lost everything in 2013 when I was laid off because of a disability then could not get disability from SS. I had to pay for a bankruptcy and IRS from using my 401K. I have no debt but I want a house back so I am not paying rent on a dump. How do I get cash for a house. Not an expensive one. I live in Ks. They are reasonable here. Then I want to help others get their money and debt relief. I feel they still want to keep us controlled and slaves.

  27. What I have learned from my Native teachers is that very thing is energy..energy is the same as data..everything communicates in energy..sharing data..I have learned this more of late as.I developed microbial medicine for soils..our body ..water..animals..all that is sick and sterile. EVerything in nature communicates by shared data or information. That we called energy..this makes total sense we are sharing a lot of data to the AI system which expanding its.self for good or bad..but massive expansion non the less.

  28. Clive says : Reply

    If I jump on this at some point, I will only use it to pay utility bills, internet, income tax or something I really need, not something I want. What happens if everyone goes crazy and spends, spends, spends, more currency in circulation may cause deflation and it will cost a few thousand dollars for a loaf of bread? why would anyone buy six cars and three houses?

  29. Scott says : Reply

    Seems to me from my stand point we’re being tested like guinea pigs as per usual.

    • Lightchild says : Reply

      I agree with you 100%. To think these vampires going to let people get something without sucking their blood is being à little naïf. I live in a french country and have found what seems to be an account existing with my ssn but havn’t try using it yet. According to the reports coming from yall i think it’s pointless, nothing goes thru or when it does it’s reversed. WE ARE BEING PLAYED!!!

  30. Teresa says : Reply

    When trying to pay my Citibank cc last Tuesday, non of the given “E” routing numbers were accepted. I waited. The next day Harvey Dent posted a video saying if your routing numbers aren’t working try this FR Public Debt routing number and posted it on a T-shirt. I tried this number and it went through, but unfortunately was reversed 3 days later. I am still very encouraged and my heart is filled with excitement and hope! Lets keep pressing on loves, we’re almost there….I can feel it 🙂

  31. Shelly says : Reply

    I made a payment to WF and tried to add it to my PayPal account but both was reversed. Keeping an eye on the utilities bills!

  32. Klorgh says : Reply

    I have a $22K auto loan, with 343/mo. payments through a credit union. Should I attempt to pay entire loan amount at first using TDA? Or better to try just one payment first? Use the universal routing number–or one of my E routing numbers?

    • Mark DeNunzio says : Reply


  33. Rickey says : Reply

    Ok, so all this info is awesome. Bring the neanderthal that I am, “in the most positive way possible”, I’m having issues know what to do to take the proper steps in utilizing my account. I’m almost certain it has been explained, I’m just not seeing it. All I see are the tools and “some” results…but no way or fashion on how to put these tools to use to see or experience the results. So, with a heavy heart, I’m asking, did everyone pay druanna Johnston for their answers?? Please email me… Pkaiveman@gmail.com , please help me help myself… I’ve been chasing this dream for a year now… Please!!

  34. Rui says : Reply

    Hi,do you know for Portugal ?

  35. Brad says : Reply

    Hello, ive been wondering, how can i acess my fbr. ive been watching alot of videos, but most of them never tell you how to do it. any help here? trying to pay my bills with my fbr. How?

  36. RYAN MILLER says : Reply

    More BS no real info here

    • Icy says : Reply

      Instead of just saying it’s BS, I’d be interested in your breakdown of the article for the reasons you think it’s BS.

      Put yourself out there and let’s test your ideas.

  37. Drew Bandy says : Reply

    I tried to make a car payment from DriveTime bank (Bridge.c.st ) on Sat ,got call reversal on Tuesday saying NSF, they charged me 15 dollars for returned check . Used ss numbers back and front. Should I resubmit with universal# or try like Chase routing # ? Has anyone had success ?

  38. David says : Reply

    I tried paying off a closed credit card account (closed bc I tried frb atlanta about a year ago), two utility bills, internet, and helzburg retail credit line with the Bureau of public debt number and they’ve all come back returned as of yesterday. I suspect either they are closing not to accept or that the name on the account is somehow different or encoded. I am still hopeful remedy is near, but tiring. My fiance is against me doing the UCC, tells me to choose our family or that. I think choosing the UCC-1 is also choosing our family. 🙁

  39. JMichael says : Reply

    I have followed the formula several times to pay off certain things. They are now being reversed even though some have been paid over two weeks ago. The same reason code keeps coming back. It is R34 – Limited Participation DFI. Can you help with what I should do next to get these to go back through?

  40. Mario says : Reply

    This routing #051736158 is no longer valid

  41. Cindy says : Reply

    Okay. This was a weird coincidence. I read about this on 7-17, so I tried it with PayPal (R34 and they closed my account, which really sucks because that was my only income) but on that same day, I got a few calls from a Washington DC phone number. I don’t know anyone there so I did not answer it. I did do a reverse lookup on the number. It said it was a scam saying they are the Treasury Dept. and they want to give you money. It was just weird it was the same day. http://www.whitepages.com/phone/1-202-754-8454

    • Cindy says : Reply

      Now this is even weirder. I told a friend about this (using TDA to pay bills) over the phone. He set up a PayPal account. On the same day he got the same Treasury phone call. He said it was a robocall, telling him the Treasury wants to give him money. He thought scam and hung up. The only thing I can think of is our phone call must have been listened to and that call was a scam to set us up. If we did it, real charges could have been brought against us from doing what the call told us to do because they can’t charge us for accessing these accounts, but they can set us up to do what the call says to do (something about loading money onto an itunes card). I know this sounds paranoid, but it did convince my friend that there is something to this or we both would not have coincidently gotten the same call.

    • ANGELA CANETE says : Reply

      Dont anser these are indias people saying they send u money for a fee look up for scamming # on google that number shows up

    • ANGELA CANETE says : Reply

      Its from inda there scammers do not anser them

    • Karen H. says : Reply

      If you call paypal they will open your account back up. Same with Amazon.

  42. Anonymous says : Reply

    Can there be any sort of repercussions for doing this?

  43. Karen says : Reply

    Can someone help me Step by step? Not sure where to begin

  44. SoonerBoomer says : Reply

    I read a few articles on the PA FRB. The reason I feel the increase in reversals continues to grow, are due to the new ACH program being implemented since March 2017. They have what the call Gate Operators that basically end up with all the transactions in their district and are subject to intensive monitoring. It’s called FedGLOBAL ACH…

  45. Ann says : Reply

    I am hearing about the Accepted for Value Money Order with a 1040-ES form. Anyone know anything more about this process? It is done by snail mail and all paper.

  46. J says : Reply

    It’s August 29th. Nothing since 8/1 ???

  47. Jus says : Reply

    I paid my Verizon Fios bill and my car insurance yesterday with the universal routing nbr and my SS it did go through even got a confirmation number but today I got a notification from Verizon saying there was an issue with my payment my insurance just says past due pay now….. my letter is G for FRB of CHGO I tried PayPal with that and it said denied due to risk…. I want to figure this out I believe this is rea because if it wasn’t any truth to it the fact remains our SS#’s and name are on these accounts so there has to be some way we can access the money to pay bills. I’m becoming more and more curious about this!!!!

  48. Claudia says : Reply

    Although is a valid routing number, it is not eligible for funds transfer. I do not think it will work for us.

    “051736158 is valid bank routing number in MICR format.

    The following is the detail information of the bank

    FedACH Routing

    Name: Bureau Of The Public Debt
    Room 313

    Parkersburg, WV 26101

    Phone: 304-480-6916


    Type: Main Office
    Servicing Fed’s Main Office : 051000033
    Status: Active
    Change Date: 07/18/2017

    Fedwire Routing

    Name: Treasurydirect
    Telegraphic Name: TREASURYDIRECT
    Washington, DC

    Funds Transfer Status: Ineligible
    Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status: Eligible
    Revision Date: 12/21/2015″

    Light and Love to All !

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