Testing ,Knowing, Showing and Trust

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Testing ,Knowing, Showing and Trust








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2 Responses to “Testing ,Knowing, Showing and Trust”

  1. Helen Walker says : Reply

    Its an honour listening to you all. Thank you for sharing your truths… x Helen

  2. Lori says : Reply

    I haven’t even finished listening to this heart expanding transmission, yet I am nudged to express my indescribable gratitude and appreciation for your transparency and sharing. I am feeling so much love and validation. I called in Monday, Dec. 3rd to the Cosmic Creators Chat and shared I had been experiencing fear– I couldn’t even get out the sentence without bursting into tears. I too, have had moments of what I would describe as, panic, or overwhelming sadness resulting in severe discomfort. I felt ashamed to voice it out loud on the call, when the energy of the call was so joyful, and, because, I know that I can choose to feel a different feeling- Yet, I felt I needed help. Thank you to those who offered insight and suggestions then and now. And, this call, with the Trinity is so, sooo helpful for me. .. “choosing, or choosing”– POWERFUL!
    I will listen to this call over and over… Namaste’

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