#TERRAN aka Bill .. where we are..

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#TERRAN aka Bill .. where we are..

by Oliie, published on I Uvsweden, on August 4, 2017

terran where are we

Terran aka Bill is one of HATJ’s closest friends since years back. He is currently in DC supporting Heather on the ground along with Neil, Youssef and others.

I’m sharing some information from one of my Skype rooms which is in full support for both Randy and HATJ . I’ve compiled data from the room with only Bills comments in order to make it easier to read and follow. There are some references that people might not be familiar with I list them before the conversation below.

RV – Revaluation
Little background: There has been a lot of talk in the alternative community about a so called RV of currencies that would take place. Some have speculated in Iraqi DINARS and others in Vietnamese DONGS. Phone and conference calls have been going on for years since after the last Iraqi war about this!!! The idea is that these currencies would revalue one day as the Kuwait DINAR did after the first Iraqi war. Meaning that the people would suddenly be ‘rich’ over night if they were holding these currencies when the revaluation kicked in!

There is only one problem the RV people were never told that the Collateral Accounts that would help trigger the alleged RV are linked to us the people since we are the COLLATERAL! Have you never wondered why the RV never happens? Cause there is no RV in the money sense, it is a REVELATION … and it is linked to control were money just plays a tiny part.

SSP – Secret Space Program
If you have followed Corey Goode and friends the term SSP is not new to you. If not then there is tons of information in the alternative media suggesting that Secret Space Programs have been run behind the scenes for decades. The major powers in the world have all back engineered crafts in order to keep the balance globally and used them to their advantage by dealings with off world beings.

Why do you think the Nazis were developing so many state of the art weapons already during WWII? They had help of course making these leaps and bounds in engineering. They lost the war officially but they moved the most important gear else were. Don’t be surprised if data concerning Hitler living in Argentina after the war surfaces together with data linked to Antarctica.

Most people think that our monetary system is controlled from the West when it actually is controlled from the East! All roads lead to Rome, right? (Many actually do.. to the Vatican but that is another story).

All transactions in the world are run through S.W.I.F.T (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). SWIFT provides a network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment. Swift also sells software and services to financial institutions, much of it for use on the SWIFTNet Network, and ISO 9362. Business Identifier Codes (BICs) are popularly known as “SWIFT codes”.

Now the interesting part is that SWIFT is owned by HSBC! I bet you didn’t know that.. Oh wait isn’t that a Chinese Bank? Thanx for the head up D from Removing the Shackles who found this out 2013!

Well lets get on with the rest of the data then.. AND also have HATJ and RANDY in our hearts especially today since HATJ’s next court date is today !





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  1. Ken Hamel says : Reply

    Thanks for the update

  2. Tina Mason says : Reply

    Thanx for everything. See if Donald Trump can help theres a new Trump website, its a News Station. Maybe we can get the message to him to help. I feel so sorry for Heather and Randy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uytwu2fs4Pg
    I will pray and meditate ask the Arch Angels to help and they will.

    • StarryOne says : Reply

      Tina..Please do not feel “sorry” for anyone, especially Heather and Randy! They are guided perfectly in this NOW to BE and DO all that they ARE! We are ALL much grander than we can imagine and more powerful! They are demonstrating it to make it Visible.

      The most beneficial energy to send out is that of knowing and trusting that ALL is Perfect and Perfectly DONE!

      All ways and ALWAYS!

      An Original…

    • vfclark says : Reply


  3. Anastasia says : Reply

    Thank you for sharing that communication. Very enlightening indeed!

  4. Tony says : Reply

    Heres a link to the only update i can find at the moment,…looks like a stalemate happening in courtroom,


  5. Jim says : Reply

    Holy crap! Sorry – that’s all I can say. This is so bizarre. Thanks for the update.

  6. Allison says : Reply

    I’m confused. At the live feed today while HATJ was in court, Neil talked about BOS like he was there but it seems that he was fired. Could someone clarify. Love and light to all. Thank you Neil for being there and and keeping all informed. Thank you to Heather from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you BZ for all you do.

  7. Terri says : Reply

    So, one question that is left out there, even though I’m pretty sure I know the answer to it, that I’ve been wanting to ask is this:
    We all have these accounts.

    The bankers do as well, dont they? They steal from us and slave us all our lives, while they ALSO hold these same accounts. Why?

    Is it because they are reptiles who DONT hold these accounts? What would be the purpose of stealing from everyone for generations if they have access to the same?

    And if they dont, then the real fight is exposing just who, or rather what they are, right?

    • sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

      It`s really difficult to to follow the truthful path with all the possibilities and fake leads One guy said something like,…all the life forms, their different vibrations, generate vibrations of thought energy and that these energy combinations formed us. Unknowingly, the energy manifested us and we became what they collectively couldn’t do now if some of these manifestations happened, lets say, to produce a reptilian human form , it might be smart, but not compassionate and maby compassionate reptilian forms manifested too……. made me think………….thanks Terri that was a trip .

  8. Aidan says : Reply

    Best wishes to Heather & Randy always remember WE ALL WILL WIN THIS FIGHT & Keep in mind always ‘off ledger bookkeeping’ is actually not Legal & the Judge always has 2 Files the DEBTOR the Secured Party the Court Clerk always has only one File the Fiction DEBTOR only…Blue Ink Pen What would Signed ‘ACCEPTED FOR VALUE’ do in

    these Scam Fraud Court Cases ask to see the Judges full file right in Court? Left Side/Right Side 2 Files they CREATE BONDS MONETARY INSTRUMENTS it is FRAUD 100% a Scam…Close the Proceedings with ‘ACCEPTED FOR VALUE’ would these Court Cases Die right there? Otherwise, the Judge will Close the file & create the MONETARY

    BOND INSTRUMENT…Also Super Plaintiff Notice Immediately into Court but not sure if a good idea…It is actually YOUR COURT, not the Judges, tell the Prosecutor to SIT DOWN it’s your Court, not theirs??? TAKE BACK CONTROL??? Also, a Doctor’s Letter stripping you down & sees you are a Woman in writing a Doctor letter proves this you are a Female with also your Name upper/lower Name 🙂

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