TDA Success: 7.19.17- proof of success from a very happy pup!

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TDA Success:

7.19.17- proof of success from a very happy pup!
“I learned today that I was successful in setting up an account on Amazon. The order I placed arrived at my house today. Next I am attaching a photo of the “recipe” I used bureau of debts # + my drivers license number.

Alert: I used the bureau of debts #. There has been a lot of negative info on that in last 24 hours. But for me it worked!!



Accounts List





Invoice Shipping Notice



On my success with Amazon I meant to attach mailing label and my dogs new bed. 😀



package label



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  1. Nala says : Reply

    Wow !!! That is a blessing , Im happy for you. Thank you for sharing your sucess.

    • YABOII says : Reply

      Could original poster of proof please explain the logic behind the state id number? i cant find anything on that so like… why try the id? any reason because the social and BC make more sense atleast to me!

    • NOEL says : Reply

      For the complete story on what JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ HAS DONE OVER THE LAST 3 TO 4 YEARS SEE HERE

      • realview says : Reply

        The biggest problem I’ve seen with this is that the people who claim success even such as this will not post the failure when it’s reversed or the next transaction fails. Amazon. What is needed isn’t someone saying they’ve had success but someone who’s waited 30-60 days, done this multiple times and has no rejects. No rational for rejects. Just no rejects. And/or can apply the “Factualized Trust” document and consistently for 30-60 days get rejects reinstated. It is still a good policy to not buy what you can’t pay/payoff if needed.

    • John Ramos says : Reply

      Any other reports on this today entered exactly as in the box above, I have an old account and don’t want to jeopardize it.


    • Caren says : Reply

      OMG I just read a report this morning this use of TDA is NESARA
      That’s a great vibe .
      I am so happy I could burst !

    • Sarah says : Reply

      I have a question, I purchased a couple of gift cards with my tda account information, instead of using the federal reserve banks I used one of the lesser banks, everything went fine, they sent me the gift cards via email, I tried this before using the federal reserve bank and routing number and it did not work, but this time it went through, I spent the gift cards, I assumed everything was ok, the the gift card store I choose called me and accused me of giving them a false Routing number and said that the crime I committed was called glitching or something like that, then she sent me a link to a story on a couple who found a weakness a glitch in Lowe’s online website and they had scanned them for like 240,000 dollars in merchandise, this is not even remotely close to what I did, so does anybody have any advice. Am I going to get in trouble? I do not see how they can say I used a facticious account when they approved it, they sent me the cards. It’s not my fault if they changed there Mind about wanting to except my payment or whatever they did, they sent me the gift cards, I got a confirmation number, I assumed it was ok to use them, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

      • Sandy says : Reply

        It’s likely you were talking to a ‘bot’ who was just pulling words like ‘glitching’ out of thin air to discourage you.

  2. YABOII says : Reply


  3. slaithe says : Reply

    I allowed my driver’s license to expire, long ago. Would the number still work?

    • Jaime B says : Reply

      i cant imagine you need a dl for this to work…not everyone is a driver but everyone still will receive their inheritance… we will wait to see how we do this with no dl… a dl is not required for any person… your ss# tells it all… you know? …we will see 🙂

  4. Mystic says : Reply

    Awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing…..

  5. Roger Sirringer says : Reply

    Chances are, part of Amazon’s ability to ship fast is ‘floating’ the payment. It may take several says for a check to clear, which is slower than Amazons service operates. Hopefully I am wrong, but I would not be surprised if you still get a bill for this. Like I said… hopefully I am incorrect, but the routing number ‘auto-fill’ may be creating the “illusion” that the accounts are getting accessed.

  6. Dawn says : Reply

    I did the payment update and the worked for me as well! I’ll let you know if the purchase I made comes! It was accepted by amazon. Thank you! In order to access this checking account otherwise the account number is not long enough for others sites. Any info on how to make the account number the right amount of numbers?

    • Dutchhawg says : Reply

      On the main page there are posts stating that the FRB, you add 22 for checking and 32 for savings. I haven’t gotten that far. I’m taking very small steps. I’m on Amazon now checking it out.

    • Brandy says : Reply

      Add a zero in front your ss#

    • Jackie says : Reply

      Hi Dawn, Thank you for sharing, always happy to see success stories. I have a couple of questions: Did you use the same method as Dawn with the Bureau of debt #, did you get your item and was your payment reversed?

  7. Dutchhawg says : Reply

    An awesome blessing!! I rcvd a call from Cox this morning saying that routing number is incorrect. So it didn’t work for me, and the info on the BOPD changed. Funds transfers no longer available. When I call Cox back tomorrow to pay the bill again. I am going to give them this number again for the routing number and if they say its incorrect, I will call them out.!!!!!!!
    It is an active routing number……..they changed the name, the location, and disabled funds transfers. That doesn’t explain the routing number doesn’t exist. I am going to Amazon now and try this recipe. Thank you for sharing! Infinite blessings of love and light.
    051736158 is valid bank routing number in MICR format.
    The following is the detail information of the bank
    FedACH Routing
    Routing Number 051736158 doesn’t process FedACH Payments.

    Fedwire Routing
    Name: Treasurydirect
    Telegraphic Name: TREASURYDIRECT
    Washington, DC
    Funds Transfer Status: Ineligible
    Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status: Eligible
    Revision Date: 12/21/2015

    *The information for this routing number was updated on Jul. 19, 2017.

  8. Rowan says : Reply

    I made a purchase on amazon using the BPD routing number and the red number on the back of my social security card with a 22 in front of it for checking. It sat there for about 3 days and then it finally shipped. I’m trying another with the BPD and my social followed by 22. I will try this method and report back. My license doesn’t have a letter on it though.

  9. Cassandra says : Reply

    What about just identification cards not drivers license?

    • Gary says : Reply

      I have just recently used BPD to pay a Capital One bill. I used routing number 051736158 plus my SSN. It accepts the payment, but 3-4 days it reverses the payment. ACH payment returned. I have also tried my SSN plus numerous Federal Banking routing number only to have those payment to be reversed also. I will be trying this method this morning 7/20/2017 to try to Capital One account again. I do believe there is a way to do this, but I don’t have much hope in this turning out any different than the other efforts. Will let you know how it turns out in 3-4 days!

    • Chris says : Reply

      Only one way to find out.

    • Rudy says : Reply

      Cassandra, the number will usually be the same one for either the ID card or the Driver’s license…to be sure, go online, look up your state’s licensing office and check the faq’s…pretty sure you’ll find an answer there!

  10. Anna says : Reply

    Congratulations!!! 🙂 🙂
    Well done!

  11. Christopher Bosak says : Reply

    Question before I attempt to buy anything on Amazon using this routing number. One source on YouTube mentioned using your Social Security number as your bank account number. I mean its your money so why not use it.

  12. ravager12 says : Reply

    Well I just tried this recipe and it went through, I created the checking account using my drivers license here in Cali and it worked. Grain of salt to see if I will get these items that I ordered. The display name of institution read (US Department of Treasury ending in 41). Will update if items come in or get billed.

  13. franc says : Reply

    I tried this earlier this evening and it did not work for me.

  14. Ismael says : Reply

    I want to try this but what did she use for the billing address??

  15. Oscar B says : Reply

    Anyone know how to get physical money in hand.

    • Toni says : Reply

      Pay your credit card bill then go to the atm

    • Rudy says : Reply

      If you have a Paypal debit card, you can draw money up to $400 per day…You can also transfer funds to a different bank account (I would keep these transactions in a sep account). It may take a day or so, so transfer on a Mon or Tues…They operate on business day schedule, especially if this is first transfer. (of course, money from bank to Paypal is instantaneously approved…grin.)

  16. Dawn says : Reply

    My orders were cancelled, reason being it said payment from the bank account was declined. Now what’s up with that?? The fact that it showed up as an account with department of treasury is enough proof for me. And my children set up the accounts on Amazon as well. We all have this account. Now how to access it???

    • Rowan says : Reply

      Just like with Amex and other companies, many of their employees are being told to go in and manually cancel transactions based on certain criteria. I’m pretty sure Amazon is doing it too. I’m going to keep putting in orders for random shit until the system implodes.

  17. Rowan says : Reply

    Social with 22 on the end and my driver’s license number were manually cancelled on amazon while I was asleep. I know it was done by a person manually because I didn’t receive a single email about it. They are trying really hard to keep us from this.

  18. MARISOL says : Reply


  19. Shaniqua S. says : Reply

    Not working

  20. Rowan says : Reply

    After placing multiple orders with DL, SSN, red number on back, amazon has been removing those banks from my account and now they have completely blocked my amazon account. I called and they said a financial officer or some shit would call me back within 24 hours. Using a DL number is not a final/universal solution, nor is anything else. I saw someone suggest creating your own debit card using the Fed Res routing number and your social, I’ll try that whenever I can afford to purchase one of the card programming machines. But yea, this is all hit or miss, varies from person to person. Everything I’ve tried using all combinations of numbers has either been cancelled or reversed across multiple companies, except for 1 blanket I purchased on amazon using the 8 digit number on the back of my SS card prefixed by 22.

    • Jackie says : Reply

      Thank you for your participation and sharing. This can all be very confusing for me. I have placed an order on Amazon, but have not received it yet. Did the account ever pay for your items?

  21. Ginger says : Reply

    Right. Shipping label proves nothing. Need to see invoice showing form of payment and source account number.

    Glad her puppy has a comfortable bed, though, however she got it.

    • Anna says : Reply

      You are quite right. I did notice, but did not want to play killjoy… so I sent my congratulations instead! You wonder why the bank’s address was blurred whereas this information would give use a sound clue. We are being lied to so as to “keep us trying”. I think that Harvey Dent had no success either. He is just making money with his YT ratings on the TDA subject. 🙁

      • I M Power says : Reply

        did you notice on the first screen shot, where it says your Amazon accounts.
        Under checking, it CLEARLY says: US DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY ending in 50.

        did you notice on the second screen shot, where it says Amazon confirmation and shipping notice-
        payment method:
        bank account last 2 digits 50

        • John Ramos says : Reply

          The last 2 digits are the last 2 from the DL number(account number), not a fed number.

        • Anna says : Reply

          I M POWER,
          You seem to make a point of showing where “lies” the proof in this thread. Fine. I made a point of showing where DID NOT lay the proof with Harvey Dent, and you censored my post(my reply to Anastasia) . Is there, therefore, an “editorial line” that one MUST follow on this website? Are you the only one to be ALLOWED a right of reply?

          • Esse says :

            Need to stop being so negative on here. I’ve read all your post and I see you and Ginger just negative all around the board. Snide comments and shade thrown upon the people theses methods actually work for. If you don’t believe and it don’t work for you leave the chat room with dignity and respect in tact. Frankly you two are acting like children. Let people be. Stop trying to down the community and the effort they are putting in day in day out. Sounds like your playing for the wrong team .

  22. John Ramos says : Reply

    Ok, something I don’t see this in the thread, who came up with using the driver’s license as an account number, I can’t find it anywhere. And… using the number minus the letter in front and with the letter? It looks like it worked but how does it correlate to your “account number”?


    • Rowan says : Reply

      Every contract you sign is value, because of your signature. You signed for that unnecessary license, creating an account for them to play with. If you have any summons/citations/ect there is an account. Accounting is about balancing the ledger, all these accounts for them to “move” imaginary values around.

  23. James S. says : Reply

    I used one of my old pre-existing bank route # and used ssn as acct # and it worked on Amazon! Though, after it shipped Amazon did suspend my account, but still recieved package!..

  24. I M Power says : Reply

    For those beautiful beings who emanate such a strong vibration of discord, doubt, negative energy…, it would be helpful for you to explore the source of that.

    The process of utilizing your TDA accounts is NOT, all about money, buying things or paying debts.

    It is MUCH, bigger than that.

    IT is about the Truth of Who YOU Really are-

    When you emanate such a strong vibration of discord, doubt, negative energy…, it is a wake up call that there is not balance within you.

    Because coming into balance and Knowing the Truth of Who YOU Really are will attract to you and flow from you more amazing things than you have ever possibly Imagined even in your Wildest Dreams.

    You are unlimited. You are a Creator Being. Its Time to Act Like it. 🙂

    • Anna says : Reply

      <3 🙂 😉

    • Cyntia says : Reply


      • Robert Sweetman says : Reply

        Good for you when they realize millions of people are trying to access what they setup from the beginning as Fraud peonage, press hanging,identity theft.barratry the crimes have all been vetted to the ICC.the Vatican AKA the Draco from Orion parasitic vampire energy stealing from us.

    • Question Everything says : Reply

      If that were the case, you all wouldn’t need to be tripping over yourselves to get access to some unlimited fantasy accounts. Being open minded is one thing… being so open mined that you leak out any and all common sense is just foolish.

      • I M Power says : Reply

        I appreciate your thought process and the place where you are coming from. Its free will choice and I honor yours and all others.

  25. Caren says : Reply

    Ok PP. I just got off phone with Steven waited 30 min to talk with him. They received my ID and now want a photo of my SS his final statement that they will release the restrictions on the account and will not accept the fed reserve routing# ” not compatible with their systems” I used the number attributed to E
    I have eBay and my booking system on this and I told him I would be seeking other options since Pay Pal has not been very nice

    • Caren says : Reply

      Oh and also I was looking for a way to download docs to PP
      My new friend Steven did not seem interested in that. He asked me for the photo of SSCard ?

  26. Randall says : Reply

    In my studies I was informed that one of the biggest reasons that those in power didn’t want to release credit to the masses that it would destroy the economy. Sure, I was told, the release could be used to pay off debts, but they were afraid that the public would go wild with the money buying everything that they wanted. Just imagine if every person would buy anything and everything possible. It would be worse than it is now. Inflation would destroy the value of money because nothing would be available to purchase. I’m beginning to see they were right. Now we who have lots of debts will not be able to get access to the funds because the founders of this process lose control of their wants and desires, buying everything to satisfy their cravings leaving the rest who have accumulated debt for 20 years and more in the spot we can not leave. Thanks. Figure out a way to stop greed and I think we can win. The best of luck. I’m sorry, so sorry to hear this news that so many naive individuals can’t get the message.

    • slaithe says : Reply

      hey randall

      there is exceedingly more than enough of the best of everything for everyone

      manufacturing lack is a means of coercing others to your will

      free energy technologies exist but are shelved away

      there is no lack, randall

      we can create heaven on earth

      first create it in your heart and mind

    • Robert Sweetman says : Reply

      Do you know how to live in harmony and balance without money? Before there was Money,there were the highly magnetic ley lines, that the 12 Human Tribes and 12 Klans that were the last group in the harmonic history of earth tells us, that we as Human Tribal members had 3 Pole DNA I have an original copy smuggled out of a Vatican Draco lab, the original 3 Pole Trinary Base 9/DNA energetic configuration that allowed us to manifest With thought alone using the ley lines of magnetic energy,before the Draco altered both the poles to put ice there where electric current can’t conduct in fresh water versus salt water that GAIA is changing it all back to original 3 pole ley line configuration She is sending g out currently our 3 pole repair signal and why they worked overtime, to setup thrir Gwenn Towers,microwave cel phone towers to drown out with electronic smog,GAIAs signal. You also need Salmiak a trade name for God salt in Scandinavia that allows for lght transfer between phosphorus pole in the First two poles to light up with the 3rd and now you HAVE 3 poles lit and it repairs the pole 1 and 2

  27. Victor says : Reply

    Please, I looked on the amazon and I couldn’t find to set a payment account, just a new credit card. Can somebody help me wit an answer?
    Thank you very much

  28. Victor says : Reply

    I couldn’t find a way to set a payment account on Amazon, just a new credit card. Can somebody help me wit a suggestion?

    • Jackie says : Reply

      Amazon doesn’t allow all purchases to be made by ACH or telecheck. When you go to cash out if it doesn’t have the check option then either the items you are purchasing or the value cannot be paid that way. I ran into the same problem.

  29. vanessa gutierrez says : Reply

    What should i send them?


    There was a problem processing your order. You will not be able to access your account or place orders with us until we confirm your information.

    You can help us resolve this issue by replying to this message with the billing name, address, and phone number registered to your card. Please reply from the email address registered to your account.

    Once we have this information, we will reply within 12-24 hours.

    If needed, update your information with the card issuer.

    For your security, we restrict access to your billing details to a team of account specialists. Our Customer Service team cannot access these details or provide you with more information on this issue. They can only verify that we sent this request.

    We ask that you not open new accounts as any order you place may be delayed, and your customer experience may be adversely affected.


  30. I M Power says : Reply


    1.22.17 Unfettered Access to Your TDA’s, Treasury Direct Accounts. Will begin and be announced, by “official” Government channels, for ALL Planet Wide, beginning of Next week.

    see blog post at

    • Caren says : Reply

      I will have one of those in October please.
      More debt has been added and the banks seem to be gloating over how much in fees and access to our accounts. Cutting us off in many ways.
      Perhaps I don’t need to work with any of these companies ???I wish PAy Pal had been cooperative and welcoming. At the same time they would have made more in fees. Makes no sense.

  31. Reeta says : Reply

    Where did you get the routing number

  32. RAmy Gaiziunas says : Reply

    I followed the steps pointed out by the original author. All my amazon orders were” successful” about 5 hours later they were all cancelled! what the phuck. now when I try again, all orders get cancelled immediately. any other suggestions?

  33. CORYM says : Reply

    I was able to use a checking account to purchase on amazon a week ago, now the option isnt available..
    you can still add a bank account under payment options before you try checking out an order..

    but can no longer use any bank account as an option when checking out though…

    • Jackie says : Reply

      I ran into the same problem. For me, some of the items on the purchase did not qualify for a check payment. There is a link on Amazon website of items that cannot be purchased with a check and that there is a dollar limit of purchases. I’m just curious were any of your payments reversed?

  34. Arthur says : Reply

    Regarding the routing number, I check using the number on the back of my SS card with one zero before and two after and this message appeared “valid routing number in Federal Reserve format. However, we can not find an bank associated with this rounting number.”

  35. Anna says : Reply

    And would you care to inform us WHEN exactly this has been REVERSED? 😀 😀 😀 !!!! Did you have to use your bank card to settle the matter with Amazon?

  36. Timothy says : Reply

    Hello Everyone !

    I tired this out and just as the post stated, I now have an US Department of the Treasury account on my Amazon profile. However, I have not attempted to purchase anything yet. This is to validate that the account exists! I can’t BELIEVE IT ACTUALLY WORKED!

    • Scooter says : Reply

      I did the same with the federal reserve account for the letter on my S.S.C. instead of the US DOT. As soon as i saw the federal reserve account confirmed I deleted the account. Sorry, I have a family. I guess I’m taking a very reserved position here. Did you ever try to use it yet?

  37. Timothy says : Reply

    ATTENTION Disbelievers and Cowers of FEAR

    The information she posted in REAL, it is not lies. If you would simply stop being afraid to try it for yourself you will see that it actually does work. You cannot discredit something you have not tried yourself nor have any knowledge of.

    • Larry says : Reply

      Please have patience with me, can you instruct me how to find my routing number? I sincerely appreciate and thank everyone for their hard work, and persistence. May Peace and Goodwill be with everyone!

  38. Rudy says : Reply

    Hey all,

    I need some help here…there are gaps of information between finding my red number on back of ssn card, how to find out which bank to use based on the corresponding letter (G, in my case), and how to proceed in retrieving access to said account.

    Granted, there is a LOT of info here, and it is mind boggling, so I have stepped back and had taken a couple breaths…Is there a step-by-step guide I haven’t read or seen yet? There has been a couple mentions of a guide when discussing about driver’s lic numbers…For WA residents, there aren’t enough numbers to use for a routing OR account number.


    • I M Power says : Reply

      if you look at the main TDA post here
      you will see lots of information.

      If you scroll towards the bottom, you will see the original screen shot of the routing numbers with the Capitol letter code next to them. That letter will match your ss# letter, then scroll up to more of the beginning of the post and you will see the newer listing of routing numbers and a link to search for FRB #’s also you will see updates with what other people have come up with and you will see updates on routing #’s for different letters which are the different FRB, district branches.

    • Jackie says : Reply

      Hi – This was provided on a different website:
      • A Boston (1st District) 0110-0001-5
      (Zorra actually stated this routing number incorrectly as 0110005 and 01100005, twice on the call)
      • B New York (2nd District) 0210-0120-8
      • C Philadelphia (3rd District) 0310-0004-0
      • D Cleveland (4th District) 0410-0001-4
      • E Richmond (5th District) 0510-0003-3
      • F Atlanta (6th District) 0610-0014-6
      • G Chicago (7th District) 0710-0030-1
      • H St. Louis (8th District) 0810-0004-5
      • I Minneapolis (9th District) 0910-0008-0
      • J Kansas City (10th District) 1010-0004-8
      • K Dallas (11th District) 1110-0003-8
      • L San Francisco (12th District) 1210-0037-4

  39. Tony says : Reply

    I think this is just a plan to see who will follow these things. Nobody gives an exact way to do this on any site I have been to. There is never one bit of proof of someone getting out of debt!

  40. Rick says : Reply

    I was wondering if you could link this (tda) account to a prepaid debit card other than PayPal?

  41. Amy says : Reply

    Can anyone please explain the steps on how to set up my TDA account to my PayPal? And how the transfers to my PayPal would work.

    I’m not quite understanding the recipe on how that works.

    Any links are helpful.

  42. So went threw the whole process with amazon (my numbers was accepted and link to the accounts). I had linked three separate routing numbers (all from VA FRB). Ordered some things and got cancelled. I link with pay pal and had so of the same results as most. My wife has gotten a few car payments process for $1000. She has been doing it for two days now. Hitting for a $1000 a day. I’m surprised too. She been mixing numbers. Mines also have been working (just verifying and validation)
    I found a new way to verify and validate ss and routing numbers . It verifies an active acct. holder through a active routing. Plain and simple, once I put in the FRB routing, it auto checks if it’s an active acct. That was the first tab you have to have to fill-in before you can input for acct. Number. Once you fill your ssn it auto checks to see if the ssn is associated with the FRB routing. My payment for a car went threw for 39k. Fully processed. Carvana is the online car dealer. Everything was going good. Got my contract fully processed, they send emailed to me via pdf file. I signed it electronically. I was very excited until the rep called me about the purchase and delivery date, all she needed was to be on a three way call with the bank and they’ll ship it off.
    Me: well I’m paying with a trust acct.
    The Rep: sorry sir but can’t pay with a trust or those types accts. But you send of a cashier check we’ll be happy to service you..
    Oh well still trying.
    I found an universal FRB routing # 021001208 hope it helps

  43. Robert says : Reply

    you got to be kidding me! I just ordered a laptop on amazon. Wow you guys are awesome that was the first thing I done now I got to study the rest. Man I want to be a part of your grope.thank you guys very much. So when it comes I will post a pic of it. Thank you guys

  44. Edoardo Longhi says : Reply

    Dear friends, I write to you from Italy, I am in a really desperate economic situation and having the opportunity to access TDA funds would be a matter of pure survival for me.
    Unfortunately I have seen that all the achievements have been obtained with US documents that I do not have. Can any of you help me to continue living by pointing to me the way to go here in Italy?
    With this information, I could help many people who are in my same situation, please do not drop this heartfelt appeal.
    I thank all of you for the important work you are carrying out for all of us Earth humans and please respond directly to my email:
    I am very eager to have your news and thank you infinitely.
    Edoardo Longhi.

  45. LSD says : Reply

    Have any of you had any experience with crypto currencies like bitcoin? I see most of your efforts are spent on trying to buy stuff on Amazon. If you can figure out a way to use these accounts to buy bitcoin you would be able spend the btc on anything that accepts them as a payment or turn them into cash. Definitely worth trying, the crypto currency bubble shows no sign of bursting. By the way there are currently 1000s of different crypto currencies right now that you could try. Just an idea to think about.

  46. Jon says : Reply

    I just attempted to use amazon with the fed routing number and the treasury universal routing number i was unable to successfully add them in the checking system I also attempted my drivers ID as mentioned in the beginning of this forum

    Seems like Amazon is catching on and now blocking the routing numbers 🙁

    Any advice is appreciated

  47. Katie says : Reply

    So I tried to purchase from amazon using my federal reserve bank account and I got a confirmation number and all and then I went to my purchased items and nothing was there! I had to click on cancelled items and there it was!!! How did it get cancelled with no email to me or anything? I tried again and it done the same thing!!

  48. Bryant says : Reply

    On 8/31/17, I successfully accessed my TDA account and using PayPal, transferred a small of $1200 from it, into my wife’s checking account, which she successfully withdrew. I then decided to go further and used my TDA account to take care of $2200+ worth of debt, which also was successful. But, about 4 days later, the reversals started happening and I was told that the account, was closed. I did all of this, without doing any of the paperwork, but now, I’m filling out all of the correct documents and will have the notarized by week’s end!

    • Lorrie jo Hanna says : Reply

      More info please I have paypal and tda account but how to transfer and what numbers were used recipes

    • lucy says : Reply

      how did you transfer money from paypal to your wifes checking, don’t you have to add your tda acct to paypal. if so how did you add it to your paypal acct, I haven’t had any success in adding it to my paypal acct

  49. ser2serv says : Reply

    Is the bank routing an ssn #.

  50. Wandat says : Reply

    What is this, correct paperwork, you are talking about? Can you either elaborate or give me information where I can find it?

  51. Rossboss says : Reply follow the movement to get access to your masteraccount. walk the road of a spc

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