Talking Telepathy!

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Talking Telepathy!


We intended to speak on HATJ and RKB, but the flow took us in another direction!






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  1. Bek says : Reply

    The key to this is noticing and paying attention to that little feeling, not discounting it. There are different types of intuitives, some see images, others feel emotions, others simply know things. The internet is enhancing this ability because of the instantaneous messaging, so when I send a message, I quite often know when the person i sent it to has read it. This also happens with texts and paper mail – letters and cards. Also I know when my dad is thinking about calling me, then the phone rings, or he tells me later he wanted to talk but did not want to bother me. It is a skill and in the presence of an adept like Heather, you can become more sensitized, simply by being around them, you get sensitized because they teach you how it feels, how it works, because they use these skills all the time. Some people are untrained natural intuitives, I had an experience with someone trying to read my mind, uninvited, I blocked him. I do not believe he was even aware of exactly what he was doing. Basically he was an untrained empath, with natural ability and telent, but untrained, undisciplined. These abilities are more common that most are taught or are aware of.

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