Synchronicity + Creativity = Aha!

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Synchronicity +  Creativity = Aha!

by Barbara, on November 5, 2017




A response to OUR creativity and the amazing results.


I just got off the phone releasing my “overwhelm” to a good friend following listening to the 11/4/17 call between RKB and BZ.  Randy sounded so good and Strong that I just had to go all emotional, indulge myself in a good blubbering 10-minute cry of relief and gratitude for his safety and knowing HE’s right there intending the same vision— for HE had to be “on board” too! Randy!  You make my eyes leak!


It was a direct Aha Moment! for me, realizing that we really are in a new paradigm shift, and that we DO have the ability to create what’s  focused on with the results showing almost immediately! Case in point! We’re in that frequency NOW!  WOW everybody!  Think about that!  Know it.  Breathe it!


The orchestration of my getting the written meditation for Randy off to the Imagineer in a timely way, (on the 4th to utilize the Full Moon Portal to the fullest advantage in manifesting) was precipitated by my Readiness, Willingness, and Ableness (and fed-up-ness!).  I had to DO something about creating Randy’s Freedom with speed.   What’s most interesting is what was simultaneously going on in Tennessee at the prison, having planted my heartfelt and loving intention out to the Multiverse, and also feeling that the energies put out there were actually working! A big THANK YOU to TEAM RANDY who participated in this first intention.  The first step out the door has already happened— you get that, right?  THEY moved him, THEY are concerned for his safety, THEIR energies have clearly shifted toward end goal  (Randy on my doorstep!). It was a Green Mile moment—  taking all the negative energies and shifting/transmuting them into Light.  Remember the movie Green Mile?


Again, these positively charged changes in frequency/vibration are for the benefit of ALL.  It is time to wake up and realize our energies, personally and globally, have been subjected to harvesting by Beings who do not have our best interests at heart.   Those subjected to the global slavery system includes all the judges, prosecutors, guards, clerks, bailiffs, etc., who make a living through the judicial/bank/system. They have been caught in the trap just like the rest of us.  They simply get paid better!  LOL!


A possible outcome for a TEAM RANDY meditation could be seeing the above players/actors listen to the calls, have the feel the energies, and read the I-UV transparent information posted. Because if they do, they will see and hear that RKB and HATJ are not criminals, and those actors will realize the extent of their participation in the suffering and injustice of other human beings.  Those who get it, will.  Those that don’t, will wake up in another way in their own time.  Can the judge reconcile his own conscience?  The solution is there waiting for his action.  In his interviews on the TV show, Possibilities, he said he has been guided by a higher power.  As Creator Beings, might WE CREATORS lovingly “guide” him to make the right and just decision for the Good of All Humanity, and for the Good of the Multiverse?


Now would be good!

Collective Focus: Triggering the Sacred Passage

Another timeline choice-point opportunity is upon us. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Starseeds; the invitation to engage with the Cosmic Stargates has presented for Gaia, Solaris and Divine HUmans in service. We are in a sacred passage now; the November – December Gateway which holds deep support for our expansion and Ascension. This passage amplifies our desires, intentions and connections with pure Source consciousness. Call forth the wonderful, the unexpected, the boundless.” ~ Sandra Walter


Hey, Everybody!!  What shall we focus on that is wonderful, unexpected, and boundless?  Who’s in?  Time’s a-wastin’!  Gotta get crackin’!  Any boundless ideas?


We’ll still focus on RKB.  We will keep the energies perpetually high, but gosh, there’s a lot of work to be done just about everywhere.

Gratitudinally yours!



6 Responses to “Synchronicity + Creativity = Aha!”

  1. Thank you for this Barbara!

  2. Oceanno says : Reply

    We are all Loving through this painful labor! Thank You for all Your sweet Help Barbara!

  3. Jennifer says : Reply

    I have shared my intentional focus and have received deep, loving, full belly laughs. The end I am focusing on is just so “past” any and all limits perceived (by some) yet an infants view as compared to others creativity. More specifically, I have been picturing, feeling myself and a large crowd of other beings greeting Randy as he is released with the gift of a new RV! Barbara, Randy will arrive at your door in style! I Love You!

  4. Arteestic says : Reply

    There is so much light cascading/bombarding/INspiring/Trans-FORMing/UPlifting the Earth, oh beautiful Gaia right now that it is getting easier and easier to REALize that IT IS ALREADY Done! Your energetic words, Barbara, are part of the Forwarding the Action to the REAL-ization of the NOWness of Ease of Allowing All That Is. Hugs to you Barbara, for sharing and INspiring!

  5. Kelly says : Reply

    I love that! We can be the collective higher power guiding the judge! We love you Judge Shirley. We are one.

  6. West says : Reply

    Being and Doing with others is creation in real time! The only time that is real; Here and Now. Doing as One from our place of Being is our part in Creation. It is Us Being who we really are.
    So what kind of manifesting is going jon? I would love to hear about that. I would love to join at least in Spirit.
    I am involved in some really powerful life changing “stuff”. i have been involved in recovery work for decades and our group is making all of our decisions unanimously. It is undoing the dysfunctions of our past and opening up our endless potential.
    I would love to identify with others that are coming from a less dysfunctional place who are ready to “fly”. We are here, now, right smack dab in the middle of eternity. This is the time and place to develop who we really are. We have developed a principle based decision method that can be adapted to whatever we might want to Do. What kind of Doing interests you? If interested let me know!

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