Sophia Love: as we shift – what will you do?

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as we shift – what will you do?

by Sophia Love, published on January 5, 2017



This inflowing energy fills me with possibility.


This is different than potential. Potentially, there remains a field of brilliance that has

been there these many years… This is the field that expands beyond my throbbing heart,

reaching for the cosmos.


Yet this year, this 2 thousand and eighteenth year, now infuses this potential with

possibility. The manifestation of our dreams is poking out everywhere. It is a radiant,

gossamer coating to everything. It stretches over countries, parties, systems,

generations and religions. It only needs recognition for it to become solid.


Recognize today the realization of all that we have worked for, come for, planned for,

hoped for and believed was possible. It plays out now.


It plays out differently on each stage and with every different group of humans, but

there is no denying the momentum. Believe it.


We will not reach the conclusion you alone worked for, but the one we all did.

This is our world, collectively created and uniquely experienced.


I’m hearing now just one question. It is this: “What will you do?”


If you are like many of us, you’ve been “on hold” for many years… not quite fitting in yet

resigning yourself to an idea that you just weren’t meant to. So, you sort of

manufactured a version of you that gets you by. You don’t deny who you are,

but you speak about your true nature only in safe spaces, where you will receive

agreement and validation.


The playing field is now wide open, and if you were waiting for a time to step out

there and be seen, it has arrived. We have a window now to do what we have said

we wanted to – bring as many with us as we can.


This calls for exposure.


It can be frightening, but there is no reason for fear. All that we are has come for this

moment. In the next five to seven years, we will declare and prepare for what

we’ve called Ascension. There’s scientific and esoteric and cosmic and off world validation

for this event. It approaches.


Now 5 to 7 years may seem an eternity, but realize that 5 years ago it was January of 2013.

Think of what the world looked like at that point. Many of us were disappointed, feeling

we’d been duped. We hadn’t, yet our emotions of fatigue and anger were consumed by

those who were still running things. That manipulation has ceased.


Since then, we’ve realized the fact of our godhood. It may be called by different names,

but it’s power is unmistakable. It is upon us now to direct the course of this energy.


We can do this with love. We can do this with compassion.


What is screaming at me now, is how it is our time to revel at the current pain and fear

of those who have wronged us. It’s a part of almost every tweet, post and video

announcing the possible arrests, accusations and incarcerations.


This is not the nature of a god. We have not come for revenge. We have come to rise.

We have come to inspire as many as want to join us, to do so.


There are among us warriors and way showers, angels, lightworkers, rebels and

revolutionaries who are brilliant in their discipline. Every moment bears a consequence.

Together we’ve achieved what was thought impossible. We’ve freed a planet.


Now we are asked to go beyond that. We must announce the end, but not remain there.

The past does not exist unless we look at it. What we have is now. It is chockfull of

creative possibility. It is a time of beginning.


As we showed the way long before 12.21.12, we are asked to continue to do so.

It is not a statement of what’s right or what’s wrong. Our story is filled with players and

parts, each exquisitely chosen and performed. Those working on the ending now are

doing a fine job. It is upon us to work on the beginning.


If this speaks to you, you’ll recognize it.


It is about focus. It is about discipline. It is about the realization of what we’ve been

saying right along. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


You see, there is no other in the cosmos that is a match for the human. They are all

watching us. And we, with panache and passion, heartache and joy, will put on

our most anticipated production. We will actualize this energy of pure possibility in our

every cell and moment. Feel it run through you and recognize why you have come.


You are the one you’ve been waiting for.


You are an anchor for the light. Let’s do this.


With love and blessings for 2018,



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