Sophia Love: as we shift – this stops now

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as we shift – this stops now

by Sophia Love, published on November 17, 2017


Love is at stake now.  Do not be fooled by costumes.

Who are you? Tell me. Show me your choice. With every headline and drama and moment
you are asked.

Are you love? Are you fear? Are you One? Are you Separate?

The unraveling shows itself now.

We came for this. As incredible and awful and painful as it appears, we were first in line
for this show. We wanted to experience every nuance.

It is one of the exquisite parts of being human at all – to feel. As we catapult into unity
and are simultaneously blasted with these horrific disclosures, well, I’m not sure
“exquisite” is a word I’d use.  Yet think about it, we’ve crafted for ourselves a fool-proof
method to attain oneness.

Here’s the instructions.

Self-love is paramount. In order for that to emerge, we have to forgive ourselves, for
everything. It’s that thing we are working on as we evolve, and it’s a process.

In the midst of our inner work, along comes every wretched, self-serving human attribute;
served up for us on twitter, you tube and main stream platforms. In every glorified
institution here on the planet, there runs a deep river of corruption – the church,
the government, Hollywood and the media itself.

These are versions of us in the most reprehensible state, asking to be seen. Why? So that
they can step out from the shadows and be dealt with. This time now asks you to love.
It asks you to forgive.

Not in an “Oh, it’s okay that (fill in the blank with any scandal being exposed today) happened,
he/she is a (fill in the blank with political party, religious group, etc.)  and we want him/her
to keep running our (fill in the blank with church, country, organization, judicial branch, etc.)”
way. But with clarity.

You do not have to forget. You do not have to allow it to continue.

Yet you have to acknowledge. Recognize every part of creation as part of you and
respond accordingly. If it is destructive, it must be stopped.

These days I move between horror, fury, acceptance and love. It is the love that will emerge
at the end of the day, triumphant and glorious. We know this, yet we are tired of waiting.

Know that you are shining the brightest of lights and they are spreading.  All of creation
can see your brilliance. Your radiance encompasses all of it, is part of all of it and sees no
divisions in any of it.

Keep on doing whatever you are to disclose and bring out every part of the human
condition.  Do it so that we all get a glimpse, finally, of what actually occurred here.

Do it so that we can then say THIS STOPS NOW. We don’t say it with hatred. We say
it as a matter of self-care.

Abuse is not an option. This includes self-abuse, as well as all others.

We are at that moment of gray. You know the one I refer to? It is not a fuzzy moment,
not at all. It is a moment of clarity actually. It comes when you really “get” that life is
neither black nor white but bits of both. In order to allow yourself to fully love, and
be fully loved – you cannot be afraid of either shade.

This means looking at any mirror or headline with equal acceptance.

If you have children you’ll recognize this moment. Your love for them is beyond
comprehension. Yet, right now their behavior demands a response. On the surface it
may not look very loving, especially to that child, yet no harm is ever intended. The
response is necessary and sometimes powerful, yet always constructive; always there
is love. What is at stake is the health of the organism.  This could refer to the family or
to the child. In today’s atmosphere, what is at stake is the health of the human organism.

The sooner we step back and remove ourselves energetically from the negative vibes in
the air; the faster we’ll witness our transcendence.

Our arrival in the new world is assured.  Along the way are lots of mirrors, some of
them pretty hideous. We have to love them all. It’s the only way.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
We are anchors for the light.
We’ve got this.

With so much love and gratitude,

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3 Responses to “Sophia Love: as we shift – this stops now”

  1. daniel says : Reply

    this is bullshit

    spirit did not sign up for this…and i speak for spirit when i say this line of conjecture ….very widespread in the so called lightworker community….is an implant of the matrix to loop us continually into feeling we arent doing enough…thus perpetuating that which generated the trauma in the first place….namely a sense of not being good enough…not bearing up to ones responsibillities….not being in the right,,,,,guilt and shame….however you spin these sort of admonitions……they are all designed to have the effect of making us feel the same wrongness that generated this mess and keeps it going ….the mess of spirit being forced to feel itself being schism-ed from itself…

    and these spokes-pieces perpetuating this call up to try harder and get real and “keep struggling for love” and all the other ways this same message is articulated…..mostly dont realise they are working to keep the abomination going …..i call these spokes pieces who are continually whipping themselves and others in this mouth frothing exhortation for us all to keep struggling….i call these ones the Leo false gods….cos you will find they usually have a leo starsign…..or ascendant…or a sign of the fire element….and i would put money on sophia love being a leo

    spirit did NOT agree to the experience forced on it in this hell realm…..did NOT “come here” willingly…it should not have happened….and it so pisses me off when these leo false gods say this… and the poor confused tortured representatives of spirit here are so weighed down by all the torment they have been forced to endure and role play out….that they ….stockholm syndrome style….. believe that its somehow their fault and that they are not working hard enough …which just adds to their burden of torment and guilt and feelings of lowli-ness…and thus the projection of more of the same ad infinitum….

    no….we are not here to struggle…in any way shape or form….and the sooner we all know this….the sooner the subconscious engram of false guilt shame and lowli-ness ….and the leo false gods that are working to perpetuate it…will be able to start falling away

  2. Paulo says : Reply

    Have you read this article to notice that it is not legible as is before you posted it? Cutting and pasting is just not good enough…

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Paulo, if you do not resonate with an article that’s great, it shows you you are using your internal guidence and Choosing what fits with your current perspective.

      The article is legible and is exactly as the author wrote and published it.

      Perhaps a comment on your perspective of the content would be a way to add to the conversation.

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