Sophia Love: as we shift – Oneness. it is done

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as we shift – Oneness. it is done

by Sophia Love, published on November 6, 2017




November 2nd, 2017

Today I reached out a bit differently… I am not sure if this is the reason for the answer,
but perhaps it is part of it. This was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

It was not in the middle of the night, early morning or specifically anything different by way
of my location.  I was home.  There was drum music playing in the background, along with my
bird.  It was mid-day.  I suspect that it was just the right moment for something like this, and
that it is meant for us to know right now.

I did not re-visit the conversation until today, 4 days later.  As I did so, there was a song
playing, and I noticed it after I had already begun to fill up with tears.  I will include it below.

Reading it does not convey the emotion that came with the transmission, but it is the best
we can do.  I hope that you will, at the very least, be able to feel a sense of the wisdom and
love that accompanied the following conversation… Both have left me changed somehow.

“I am sovereign. I am connected to the all. I hear whomever is reaching out to me. I know what
I am and who I be. I am.

Is there someone who wants to connect?”

There is Sophia. I am here.

Hello. Would you introduce yourself please?

I am a conduit for Source.

A voice, one of the voices, available now to offer answers to questions about creation.

Do you have such questions?

I could, yes.  Do you have a name by which I could address you?

Dear child.
Naming conventions are convenient traps for the incarnated dreamers, with which they
use to separate, and thus deal with, other facets of creation, of themselves.

I hold no such desire.

Okay, thank you.
My question then is this – what is the purpose of life as a being in what we call third density?

There is no purpose, as such as defined by you – such that a can opener’s purpose is to
open cans.

There is a promise. The promise of life is expansion.

Expansion for whom?

Your question illustrates your perspective.

I almost heard “limited” before the “perspective”?

That you did.
It was removed however, because it implies judgment in your mind. It was not meant
that way. Not meant as judgment.

It was meant as truth.  A true description of the view from your eyes.  When compared to
the view from Source, there are places in which your eyes cannot see.
Hence the word “limited”.

Let it be said this way.

The expansion for which is occurring with life, is for All.  The All expands and is felt
with each addition and subtraction in form.

As the vibration slows down, the sum total of what is felt or realized decreases.  It takes
longer for it to be felt.

I am seeing a picture.

Yes. Explain please.

It is a signal. A signal of vibratory frequency.

The slower the vibration, the more distant each point (thought form, event, idea, moment) is
from each other.

  ~ See first illustration below, which was drawn while conversing~

Things are further apart – not felt or seen yet.

As the frequency speeds up, all points (still) exist and are closer, reaching each other more
quickly and (now are) easier to “see”.

(Note – This is where I “got” oneness. I could actually see it as it self-realized. Sophia)

 This is why, as our vibration speeds up, we feel, see, and hear more life.

Our other senses, although always there, come into play more readily because they are
(now) necessary and helpful.

It is more than I can explain with words.

And so it is with expansion and perspective. As the frequency of what you are, increases,
there is more to see and fewer limitations.

Are there more questions?

Is there an end to this expansion?

There is not.

As you, an individual experiencer of expansion, increase the rate at which all is
experienced – you eventually become the One.

I am seeing it.

~See second illustration below, which was drawn while conversing~


All of life, experienced at once.

From there, you desire expansion and again – create another way in which to do so.

You might call this a circle, for it returns ultimately to its beginning. It is never ending
and with each nuance of itself expanding simultaneously – eternal.

This does not end, but evolves.

What ends is a unique perspective, which you would define as a single human life.

Yet the perspective continues, is part of the expansion, and births others.

Infinity does not proceed along a single line that does not ever end.

It grows exponentially over an area that increases and expands with every thought.

So, to complete the discussion –

How could limitation be considered less desirable than unlimited?

For indeed, the thought that is now form is unlimited in its ability to create
limitations for itself.

Do you see?

All is perfect.
All is done in perfection.

I see.

Are there other inquiries?

Would you explain then, what is going on for humanity and the earth and this
acceleration of consciousness we are in the midst of?

The explanation for what occurs now for the human, other life forms, and earth, is seen
in our earlier illustration of frequency.

Those of you now focused here, chose to get the most of this vibratory acceleration –
doing so while stuck in a slow-moving form of life.

It happens in your linear time line and thus draws itself out in order for every form to
witness, or become in closer proximity to, every other form.

What ultimately occurs in this increase in speed and movement out of density is that even
those solidly convinced of their separation, can no longer deny it, (the unity), as the
All moves faster and faster with the increase in frequency.

As this increase happens – those individual expressions who will not or are not or
cannot, for whatever reason, absorb the closeness and unity of the rest, will fall off and
move to another more comfortable frequency for them.

Nothing stops or even slows down the acceleration.

It is being done as a whole – as a single unit – and therefore,
What does “slow down” even signify?

It is done.

Is that all?

Are there further questions?

There are many. Yet, I’ll keep it to one.

What will it look like for us once we, as individual parts/views of the whole, move finally
into a greater frequency where we stay for a while?

It will feel as if your power for manifestation has entered the realm of magic.

With oneness, things happen instantly.

With sovereignty, there are no outside others in control of your parameters or possibilities.

It will take some adjusting as the freedom to set up your reality and presence sinks in.

Limitless is not a concept immediately grasped.  Habits are a challenge to release.

Yet, this is the “cherry on top” you signed up for.

There will be those of you able to jump right in and create their dream.

They will be your teachers.

Specifics are not possible as it will be your own creative potential making manifest
instantly and not even you know how far you’ll expand.

Thank you.
I think this is a good place to stop.

We will speak again if this is your desire.

Okay.  Goodbye then.

Goodbye Sophia.

This conversation ended with a single word from me – WOW.

–   –   –

So, I share this today with tears and joy.  I’ve been hearing from others for 5 years now.
This is the first time it’s affected me this way.  Please share this.

Please also know that as we get closer and closer to one another your beauty is ever more
apparent.  You are chosen and here to offer all of creation a close up view of
the most beautiful expansion that has ever occurred.  The more extreme the separation
we see, the more exquisite will be the transformation.

Trust. From your eyes, all is seen and from your heart all is felt.
Thank you for sharing the gift of you.

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for. You are anchors for the light. Let’s do this.

With gratitude and love,

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7 Responses to “Sophia Love: as we shift – Oneness. it is done”

  1. linda donahue says : Reply

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    This, and you are a beautiful thing ….. and us …..
    All is Well,
    The image of the points on the line was helpful. Thinking of the image also of the fine materials being placed upon a vibrating surface and the finer and finer resulting patterns brought it all home for me. I will never forget that demonstration. Vibration will bring us all together,, as One. Image this without fear, or controls. Knowing, and proceeding daily with faith. And so it is. Beautiful.

  2. Elane Hartley says : Reply

    ALL I too can say now is WOW!!

    Thank you Sophia, and much gratitude for passing this on, and all you do. Thank you too for sharing the gift of you.

  3. Belinda Frank says : Reply

    i liked the message but the beginning disturbs me some what. I felt like this “being” was judging other beings that do give a name. It sounded like ego talking. This does not make much sense to me, coming from an egoless entity.

  4. Gerry says : Reply

    Very nice explanation, however this portion I would certainly like more input as to the meaning: “As this increase happens – those individual expressions who will not or are not or
    cannot, for whatever reason, absorb the closeness and unity of the rest, will fall off and
    move to another more comfortable frequency for them.”

    What is meant by “fall off?” Will there be a separation of sorts? Will those individuals still be around those who evolved? How will all of this affect those who hold on to their need to try and control others?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Gaia has already shifted and jumped to an unprecedented, vibrational frequency and she continues to up-level as the vibrational frequencies increase.

      All Beings living on Gaia Must break down the old programs and lower frequencies within themselves/their mentalities/what they give their focus to/their contributions to… in order to be a vibrational match to the planet they live on.
      For a short time Beings can exist on Gaia without being a match vibrationaly but it will be uncomfortable and chaotic- to say the least.

      So that short window of time is the separation of sorts. Where collectives of Beings will, for a simple description, reside in “two earth” realities. New Earth and the old lower energy frequency duality false construct earth.

      The “fall off” is one way to language, those beings who do not do the work to integrate and release the old programs and lower frequencies. They will be Choosing, not to have Ascension in a physical body. They will Not choose to walk, into heaven on earth in the physical body they are currently embodied in.

  5. Gerry says : Reply

    As I reflect upon my journey, I wonder how many have experienced hearing their own frequencies as I do? For me it started around 2006. I thought I was hearing what I considered to be a “high pitched noise.” Through research I was told that many people were reporting it. However, upon asking individuals I knew as friends and family none of them could hear it. It took me two years to finally figure out that I was hearing my own frequencies. That is the only conclusion I could arrive at. Since the original start of the frequencies, they have never left me. At first it was rather annoying, but now if it were to cease it would be really strange for me. Sometimes in thought I will hear a tone normally in one ear or the other. As I type this a tone came to my right ear. I sometimes feel as if I am being given an answer, however I really don’t understand it. Just thought I would share my experience.

  6. dragonfly says : Reply

    [what we believe is]
    “reality is merely an illusion” -Einstein

    row, row, row your boat gently down the stream
    merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily – life is but a dream
    -the Cosmic Joke disguised as a children’s nursery rhyme

    love is not a feeling – love is the absence of separation and distinction

    the profound Mystery of Infinite-One-Eternal-Now Tao cannot be elucidated
    even using the name Tao is attempting to name That which inherently cannot be named

    the Unfathomable conceives the illusion of separation/duality – space/time, within/without, seeking/finding
    clothed with form and name, the Primal Creative Feminine ceaselessly generates the myriad things

    sincerely seeking within the brightest light, one is completely immersed in duality and illusion
    searching inside for the ever-present Truth simply perpetuates the illusion of separation

    there is no inside/outside, right/wrong, nowhere to go, nothing to find/vow/believe
    at any moment one may stop identifying with illusion to Realize I Am All-One

    illusion/Reality are different names, appearing to be separate things
    but there is no separation and no things ~ ALL IS ONE NOW

    this Singularity is absolute perfect sublime Darkness
    the entrance to Incomprehensible Source
    Tao Te Ching #1 (interpolated by dragonfly)

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