Sophia Love: a message from one – Now is the time

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a message from one – Now is the time

by Sophia Love, published on February 13, 2018

Hey everyone.  This post refers to a quote that I learned to type (yes, on a typewriter)
with.  It may or not be familiar to you, but it is one of those things I have had no reason
to think about for lots of years. I was woken up in the early hours of this morning
with it going through my mind.  I did not get up then.

The following conversation happened a few hours later…

February 13, 2018

I am looking to connect with the being who woke me last night. When I awoke, this was
going through my head: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”.

Is this being available?

It is I. It is One.

Hello & thank you. What are these things you want to say?

These things concern all beings.  Most of them, for this transmission, living in the
country you occupy, the United States of America.

Okay. There is a mix of people who will read these words.

It is okay. This entire planet and race is in need of assistance from within. The infiltration
into the ranks of humanity runs deep.  The various coalitions of organized law
enforcement are working to take care of physical arrests.  This is not the job of most
humans, but certainly for some.

The job I am here to talk about, and the reason for your waking realization of that phrase,
“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”, is one of raising
awareness. You must all come out of your respective closets, regardless of how long
you’ve been in there or how large your audience may be.

It is no longer helpful to sit on the sidelines and watch the unfolding.  You are here,
in fact if you are reading this, you came here to roll up your sleeves and unfold
some of this massive covering that shields your people from the truth.

Most of your audience understands social media. This is a tool which can now be utilized.
More voices, more songs, more art, more poetry, more words – spread the truth as
you have discovered it to be.

The stage is set for a mass awakening and disclosure.

The shock will be eased for those unaware if they have access to their places on the
internet that now expose them to the truth, to something other than the story fed to
them these many years.

It is time to come out of the closet. This means in your social groups. In random

Know this – there is no part of your current main stream society narrative that is not
touched by this. The depth and breadth of this goes deeper than even you have imagined
Sophia. Your tears are shed for it all now.  Imagine getting this story over days, maybe
hours, instead of years, as you did. The shock and feelings of loss will be/could be
catastrophic. It doesn’t have to be though. It can become a coming together.

A re-claiming of your own power and sovereignty; an igniting of passion.

Humanity is stubborn and determined, independent and loyal. You’ve chosen this course.
It is the course that allows for help, yet not takeover and instruction by outside forces.

You’ve chosen to get this done yourselves, thank you very much.

It is one of the reasons you are considered, along with the earth, a jewel. Your light is
strong, individual and deeply provocative.

The saying I chose to woke you up with evokes memories for you. I wanted to inspire a
sense of duty.

For this time right now is one of the reasons you came.  Not meaning for you to aid
your country as in join the military forces, but aid your country’s people from the place
you stand right now.

All the information you can share with your loved ones, friends and associates
needs to be shared.  They will soon see a replica of it on their evening news.

Share it with love and compassion. You are One people. In truth, the saying should read
“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their people”.

This is what I woke you to say.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you. Goodbye Sophia.

So, I’ve been inspired to begin a free daily “love note” delivered to your box.  It starts on
Valentines Day, 2.14.18, but you can join anytime.  You can find the link to join on the
home page of my website – (click here) The love note will be in the subject line, less than
70 characters long!  No need to click to get the love!  Feels like we are all going to need
some surplus love to hang on to in the coming days and weeks… Join us!  I began these
love notes before I heard from One this morning… seems as if we are heading for some
intense moments.

Take care of yourself.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With gratitude,

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This is one of my favorite videos… from 5 years ago, it still rings true ~


3 Responses to “Sophia Love: a message from one – Now is the time”

  1. Teresa Blackburn says : Reply

    Absolutely perfect message.I thank you very much. I intend to share . I have been sharing on my social media about all the disclosure and learning many many things as well as sending love out into the collective in every way that I can. I’m on board. I am here. and I am grateful for this. so thank you very much. 💜🙏

  2. Tallison says : Reply

    I had a wonderful opportunity yesterday to “red pill” Two wonderful men near my age. I was waiting for a recall car repair at the the dealership. I had my dear four legged friend Quillbur with me that everyone he meets he melts their heart. It was two magical conversations that happened back to back. They brought up the topics and I inserted the information that I was told to share. The first Man brought up His experience in the military. I just listened to him and gave him my view point and he had an emotional release that was ready to come out. My heart was open to him. I gave him the love he was looking for. He left and immediately the second Gentleman walked in.
    He had a book with him. NVC written by Marshall Rosenberg.
    I just introduced myself and asked him about the book. Since I am a Teacher of Compassionate Communication I was interested to hear his perception of the NVC tools. We had a great conversation about the Great Awakening and shared a great amount of information. He too had an emotional release of some trauma that he was carrying. Wonderful exchange!❤️🧚‍♀️😍

  3. linda donahue says : Reply

    I had to come back and read this another time. There was something here for me to release, and then to fill up! Thank you for your messages. I have missed opportunities in the past… yet I have gone out of my way for many others. Last night Babaji told me “than I was not listening to him”. I AM Wolf Spirit Animal and Light Warrior. Things have softened for me, as compared to the past. Perhaps I have not changed with it as much as I could. The song, the dance has altered with time. My Wolf Warrior presence now calls for temperance along with others in my pack. Feel that? That was my cold wet nose ….


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