Soft Disclosure: Top Scientist on CB- HAARP Responsible For Hurricanes,Floods

by / Monday, 11 September 2017 / Published in Disclosure

Top Scientist on CBS: HAARP Responsible For Hurricanes,Floods

Top Scientist on CBS HAARP Responsible For Hurricanes,Floods









World renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku [make no mistake he is in the pocket of and a mouth piece for the cabal] made a shocking confession on live TV when he admitted that HAARP is responsible for the recent spate of hurricanes.



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  2. Kennyboy says : Reply

    Did ANYONE note HOW the media whores here tried to marginalized what Michio said about the weather control by saying it was “Alledged” to have control???
    What a pile of BS the media is anymore! (Laugh!!!)
    They are a bad joke!
    THEY (Governments) are ones responsible for ALL the recent rotten weather all over the planet!….Especially the Zion-Nazi US government!…AND their so-called “Secret Space Program”.

  3. Kennyboy says : Reply

    Did I forget to mention that the creeps behind so-called “Soft Disclosure” (The LONG version) are members of the secret space program?

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