UPDATED- Send Randy a Postcard and Lift him with Love!

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8.6.17      Send Randy a Postcard and Lift him with Love!



“Got word from Patricia, Randy’s friend. . .he is not receiving any mail. .he is now only allowed postcards. He is feeling a bit low…”

Postcards. . no stickers, no labels, no fragrences. perfumes, etc. . .

Send to:

Randall K. Beane
ID: 318366
Blount County Detention Center  
920 E Lamar Alexander Parkway  
Maryville, TN 37804-5002  

We are a cheerful bunch and can certainly find some fun postcards. They don’t cost much to send. Ready, set, go!
[1:49:24 PM] Red Wagon: Thank you ALL for your love and energy being sent to Randy!  He does know he has support – but he still has some bad days as you can imagine as he has been in jail since 7/11.  He advises he is eating decent, and feels relatively safe at present.  Please keep up the positive energy and love being sent to him.  Thank you ALL <3 <3 <3


[10:25:44 AM] Alex and Valerie: How would we access the TN grand jury transcription when they did the indictment?

[10:54:51 AM] Paul Francis M: http://www.tned.uscourts.gov/reporters.php


This is a YouTube video made by Angie, Randall’s friend, she has been there with Randy from the very Beginning of the story, good to know what it all happen from the start. Thank you Angie.


[5:50:40 AM] H Andrew: Trust in the I-Comms it works!

[5:53:28 AM] Paul Francis M: I heard a phrase once – “no yi, no chi”. Yi is intention and chi is eternal essence in flow. ALL is possible. Intention immediately let go as to outcome.

[5:58:38 AM | Edited 5:59:45 AM] Paul Francis M: Now that the immediacy of ‘last’ Friday is over and the likelihood is that Heather will be transported (as opposed to extradited) to Tennessee and that the indictment is (or appears to be) against both Randall and Heather, then that (this) will bring the focus on both of them together and that all efforts will NOW be concentrated on the entirety of the issues, with NOBODY LEFT BEHIND. (heart)

[6:00:13 AM] H Andrew: I know that ALL is flowing as it should. No ONE left behind! (like)

[6:04:01 AM] Paul Francis M: There is already considerable support out there and consciousness of what is happening. The context will be expanded as it flows so that ALL can get a clear picture of what this is all about and bring as much focus and light onto the subject as possible. This could go on for a while, so efforts in that context need to be sure, steady and consistent as it plays out.

[6:08:44 AM] H Andrew: Agreed Paul. 🙂  So we never have to walk this path again!


[6:10:17 AM] Paul Francis M: Donations for Randy: Paypal – itslovesilly@gmail.com


[6:11:17 AM] Ollie: I found this little snippet along with others very interesting in The Great American Adventure.. From the Great American Adventure.. “NOTE: You can buy your freedom for a price of $600,000

dollars through the Department of State, which is the cost of

procuring American diplomatic immunity pursuant to

International Law. In all other countries this same immunity can

be purchased for $95,000.00, which is honored in 90 of the 267

world countries with the exception of: The United States,

Canada and the United Kingdom. (Isn’t that curious?) My point

here is that everything is a game and for enough money, anyone

can play and secure their freedom from criminal law, civil

lawsuits, taxes and passports because everything in this world is

about commerce.”


[7:46:05 AM] Angie: Just spoke with Randy and he sounded alright.  It was a very brief conversation and he may get to call back between 1-2.  I also called the Blount County Adult Dentention facility, 865-273-5245 to confirm what he in fact can receive.  He can only receive post cards.. or photos.  Photos can be sent in an envelope but not letters???  weird.  NO BOOKS??  that is just pathetic.

He expressed his appreciation to all..


[7:48:45 AM] Jeffrey: Ha Ha, what about take a Screen Shot of your Letter, then print out with Photo paper, then send In. (rofl)

[7:49:45 AM] Angie: Good idea Jeffrey!  I also just had the idea to do a youtube live video while he is on the phone so he can be heard!!!!



[7:56:38 AM | Edited 7:57:02 AM] Terran/AK: Heather mentioned something to me in a call last night. We have long known the US Constitution only applied to the signatories and their descendants. Judge Robinson violated Heather’s purported right to represent herself. Now in the eyes of the system families Heather has a higher claim to those rights than they do (not my purpose to explain why), yet now they are afraid because if they won’t grant Heather those rights they know they don’t have them either! And they are worried!  All the oldest beliefs are falling…


[7:58:16 AM] Terran/AK: Btw did you notice David Wilcock is taking a vacation


31 Responses to “UPDATED- Send Randy a Postcard and Lift him with Love!”

  1. Marti Gordy says : Reply

    Hang in….we are ALL by your side

  2. Kevin Leaper says : Reply

    I’m going to buy some and mail them ☺️

  3. Jay J says : Reply

    I will send some love Randy’s way – I’ll see if I can put some money on his phone account or something as well, if they are not giving him any mail. Many prayers for Randy!

  4. Anna says : Reply

    I sent Randall Beanes a short letter (the paper was colourful and heart-shaped) last Tuesday (1st August) which he should have received at the latest yesterday. I did not write my address at the back so he does not feel he has to write a thank you note !! 😉 However, the ID number that was given then was ID #295122… So, I now have a doubt that this was delivered to him within the prison…
    Incidentally, I sent a letter to Heather in DC on the same day (1st Aug), with same paper…

    • Paula says : Reply

      Me, too, Anna! I used that ID number 295122 on a letter August 3rd, which he should have received Saturday, but I will try sending him a postcard with the new ID number tomorrow.

  5. Jana says : Reply

    Thank you for the info. I’ll be sending some fun cards from Florida 🙂
    Along with healing energy. Blessings to all.

  6. P. Edge says : Reply

    Sorry to hear he’s not doin to well, ive spent 2 years total behind bars and its not an easy thing. Im curious tho as to why he is not being allowed to receive mail? Will definately be sending a postcard, but it sounds like the COs at the jail are messing with him. Best of wishes

  7. Oliver says : Reply

    Post card sent.. to Randy..! <3

    Hugs Ollie

  8. Peter says : Reply

    That’s right in the middle a USbank and a First Tennessee Bank 🙂 The irony 🙂

  9. Tina Mason says : Reply

    TDA Accounts are now open and ready for use. They were waiting to open them Aug 1 not July they were waiting for the new Blockchain Technology to be used. Sept 15 the ACH will be ready all accounts are ready to be used. The UNiversal routing number 051736158 goes now with the SS#. It works.Even the routing numbers with a 22 or 32 are ready.The LAw that makes these accounts legal is HR 192.
    Add a Zero in front of your SS#. The account above is the Master Account.Along with the UCC-1 World Trust HEather did makes these accounts all legal.Use it as a business account. There ready and all legal. Heathers Lawyer needs to see this This is Heather and Randys ticket out . Here is all the info. If the Judge still doesnt release them she needs to step down as she will not be up holding her Oath of Office. And will be deemed Corrupted, Irresponsible and putting our lives in danger. The crimes they purport have no evidence therefore there was no crime committed The RV was not bought nor was it taken off premise. No one laundered money. The TDA is now called The Heritage Accounts. Our true Legacy.
    If after all this if things dont change for the better we the people need to put out Complaints about Heathers Judge. Make a Draft. REQUEST that she cannot uphold her Oath of Office that she needs to step down and Resign! This applies to Randys Judge too. I also think we need to hold the Banker and FBI agent in TN responsible for setting this up making accusations against innocent people is a crime. They cannot accuse someone of a crime if it wasnt commited.
    It was a setup and they need to be held accountable. DA Jeff Sessions should be notified also and lets Tweet Pres Trump he reads all of them. We can hand write letters to Donald at his Key Largo Estate in Florida he is on vacation there. We can swamp his home with many letters pleading with him to help. I think it will work. I love you all. Tina

    • EW says : Reply

      Tina- you seem to be fairly in the know, so hopefully you might be able to answer a couple of questions for me. 1) given where things are at with Heather’s case, should someone like me who hasn’t yet tried to access my Heritage AAccounts (TDAs), now wait until her case has run its course and is resolved? 2) if ‘no’ to the question above, can you point me to the best place for a step by step procedure? And have you done this yourself? If so what have you experienced? Thank you so much. Eric

      • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

        EW- I would recommend not directly accessing the TDA accounts right now.

        Especially if all this is new to you and you thought life worked the way the PTB have indoctrinated you, among millions of others, to think that it did; which is all a false construct.

        Have a look at this post https://i-uv.com/hatj-lets-show-how-many-free-sovereign-beings-are-on-planet-earth/
        for things you can put energy into if you feel so moved.

        • EW says : Reply

          Thank you BZ for the response. But now I’m feeling more confused. I thought that everyone was being encouraged to boldly step forward and start accessing these accounts that belong to us, and in fact by doing so we would be helping the process. Yes I am new to this, but until now I didn’t get the impression that that mattered. Furthermore other than the post that you gave me to reference, what else should I be reading so as not to be new to this, and therefore ready to access these accounts? Perhaps I should be reading between the lines here, and what you’re actually telling me is that I should wait until after Heather’s case is either resolved or dismissed? Thank you so much for your advice and insight.
          I really wish there could be a conference call that we could all dial into and ask questions about this. Is there anything in the works along those lines?

          • BZ ⒾAM Riger says :

            The post I referenced, clearly says if people do not feel confident/ comfortable.

            You do what you feel moved to do. You are a sovereign being 100% responsible and liable for you, what you choose to be and do, who the truth of you is.
            if you Know that, then fabulous! 🙂

            Many do not yet know that.

            To many its an intellectual exercise.

            They can write about, talk about it. But not yet ready to stand fully in the Truth of who they are .

            Its all good. Everyone is where they are and that is perfect, events unfolding will help them to choose a new.

    • Sara says : Reply

      Hello This is so good to hear but how to you know this is true? Heather, Harvey and others I follow haven’t said anything about it. I would love to believe it, there is just so much information out there that I want to make sure it is true and factual.

      • Anna says : Reply

        Yes, there is, and too much is too much!! 😉

        I hope that when Heather and Randall get freed, they are going to write down the exact procedure for all to follow including the procedure for Americans and foreigners living abroad who have a TDA in the USA, and also the procedure that is to be used in other countries.
        That reminds me that I have just discovered something regarding the SS Account in France… I am going to post in the “Utilizing your TDA” where this info belongs.

    • Anastasia says : Reply

      Thank you for sharing Tina. What captures my attention is the verbiage ‘blockchain’ technology. I noticed Bitcoin had some doings on August 1 surrounding ‘blockchain’ something or other and Coinbase wasn’t accepting orders. And, as I mentioned in a previous post, there was a look and feel change with both Paypal and Wells Fargo the past 10 days or so. Something is definitely happening.

      And, Sara, that’s how you will know things are true…for you. No one can tell you it is so. You need to notice the little clues shown to you for my clues to guide me may be very well different than your clues to guide you as everyone is on their own unique path and at their own junctures along said path.

    • Corinna says : Reply

      HR 192 is in regards to satellite communications. You are confused.

    • Corinna says : Reply

      It is HRJ 192 not HR 192.

  10. Tina Mason says : Reply


  11. Deb G says : Reply

    I just now sent Randy $40 (net) for commissary, and I bought post cards — will send one every day for the next 7 days!

    • Patricia Crawford says : Reply

      Thank you so much, Deb G. Randy advises they are charging ridiculous prices for items PLUS a fee to order/process it as well. I am doing my best to keep track of donations so I can let him know. No….it’s NOT about who does what or how much, it’s ensuring accuracy from an accounting perspective with the ‘jail’ and I can actually hear him smile when he knows he has support~ He knows he has support….but even with support he has bad days. Thank you ALL for the love and positive energy you are sending!!

  12. Cyntia says : Reply

    Hi everyone, yes the other day I asked for Randy because I had a feeling that he might be feeling down and lonely with everything’s that has been going on with our sister Heather. Now is the time, more than ever, that we have the power to bring intention with our collective consciousness to shift everything for a positive, heroic outcome with Heather and Randy. Everyday meditate on Freedom for Heather, Randy and all Humanity with energy of pure Love and Emerald Light. Great video to watch for everyone.

  13. Paula says : Reply

    Well, dang! I spent a whole day and mailed him a 3 page letter on Thursday! I guess that means they’ll read and destroy it then. Well, I put some interesting things about the money system in there, so maybe it will open somebody’s eyes…and mentioned the SSP, too!

  14. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    ******** Update 8.6.17 **********


    Beginning at beginning at 7:38 PM EDT, over a period of several hours.




    ******** Update 8.6.17 **********

  15. Olinda says : Reply

    Sending you lots of Love n Light from my heart – stay strong – we love you.

  16. Olinda says : Reply

    All the way from India.

  17. Enriko Shakhnazarov says : Reply

    Hang tight bud we here for ya

  18. BeV says : Reply

    HeartToHeart hugs dear Randy winging their way over the Big Pond to you INGratitude withLove ThankYou

  19. Shyii says : Reply

    Stay strong Randy…we cannot allow anyone to block our light as each passing day goes by together it will only get brighter and our energies together will only get stronger…sending you a postcard tomorrow… feel the love Randy…

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