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20 Responses to “Scott Bartle: BANCORRUPTCY”

  1. Tonia says : Reply

    I love this video! Thanks for posting it here.

  2. Scot says : Reply

    Scott Bartle is one of my heroes. The man has a way with logic and sense in an illogical and senseless system that very few have the ability to convey. Thanks for the info!

  3. June says : Reply

    Wow, An honest guy with b****s. Me thinks the ships going down….quite fast! How many will jump ship??? Wheyhey!!! Freedom is coming with the I-UV exchange. Roll-on!!!
    Thank you so much Scott, a true BEing who DOes.

  4. Elizabeth says : Reply

    Thanks for posting this for those who didn’t know. However, this has been known and has been going on for years and continues to go on. There is no money. It’s all debt. The entire system is CORRUPT. It’s a system that was made up that all or most of us bought into, no questions asked. and it is a system that you are meant to fail in. Doesn’t matter how much you earn or how many possessions you have or how many choices you believe you have, it’s all a lie. They convinced us of the corrupt system and we then convinced ourselves it was all true which most people continue to do to this day. We have continued this through reinforcement of the lies and false premises and the distraction that is presented everyday through so-called modern technology.

  5. June says : Reply

    I’m going to use this on my house that I rent out. There isn’t much collateral in there since values dropped. Will keep this blog posted with the results.

  6. Chris says : Reply

    Isn’t it sad that many of us rarely even discuss this anymore. We know how it works and simply move on investing accordingly. The biggest issue is we can’t change it. We can only prepare for it all to crash and burn as it deserves to and as history indicates it absolutely will. Many will suffer and many are suffering from it imploding on itself. Thanks for posting

  7. Gerri says : Reply

    I totally agree. I live in Florida and bank with a major bank and this video is so true. Go figure that ALL banks are corrupt. Having issue with my bank being forced to pay the money back that provided and did not have to lend to me as we’ll as other borrowers. Why why why does the financial world have to be so corrupt when there are so many people out there broke and penniless. They change their guidelines on a daily basis. What is good for one and not the other that have same qualifications to apply for a loan is inconceivable.

  8. Robin Coulon says : Reply

    Love you Scott! You are a true warrior of the Rainbow, working to free all the people of the world.

  9. David says : Reply

    Taking this proposition to ist logical conclusion every borrower is complicit in fraud. They make a promise to pay the bank which they cannot fulfill and the n seek to back away from the commitment on the basis the system is corrupt. They are willing to accept the proceeds of the crime. ie the house or assets purchased and b enefit from these.

    Without the current system the economic community we live in would collapse. Unless and until you have a replacement then we need to be careful what we wish for.

    I for one am debt free and live within my means. If the rest of the world did the same there would be no growth and no jobs.

    We would live in communal cardboard boxes at the mercy of those who have the real assets and we would be slaves just as in feudal times.

    the system, flawed as it is creates our reality.

    Rather than just tearing it down create a viable alternative and stand up for our support.

  10. June says : Reply

    The system that we live has been designed to extract 85% of your total income by way of taxes stealth or otherwise. If you have no debts then you are one of the fortunate ones who do not need to bow down to the extractors.
    People have worked very hard to make a better life for themselves and their families and all that has happened is that the chains have become tighter and tighter. Most people did not deliberately set out to find a way out of their situations but are forced into it out of sheer desperation.
    Please do not judge others by your standards. We are just victims. If I loose my house so others can win then it has been worth it.

  11. David says : Reply

    Thank you June for your reply.

    My comment was intended as a tempering one not to denigrate the good work Scott Does but to suggest that the destruction of any system without replacing it with a workable alternative invites anarchy.

    I feel for the people caught up in the system with the current economic failures we face. I have been there. I have been bankrupted by the system. I live very frugally within my means. I choose not to go into debt and I have no assets. I am not rich I am poor in financial terms but far richer for not being at the beck and call of the banks and accepting where I am and how I am going to get back using the best available system.

    I have also benefited from the system. I made a great life for myself in the system and the system screwed me when I became too ill to work. I was desperate and accepted the banks life raft of more credit and more credit. I agree it is not ethical to lend to people who cannot afford it.

    I accepted these things because I wrongly believed things would get better and I would be able to get back and I wanted to use the system to create more wealth. I was as much at fault as the banks. They lent me the money and I refused to face up to the reality of my situation that I could not continue on my path.

    If the bank does not advance money people will not be able to buy the house they live in. They would have to rely on a sympathetic landlord who dictates their cost of living according to the landlords own desire for wealth. Losing their home is just returning them to where they would have been before. The interest is equivalent to rent from a not very sympathetic landlord who charges a high rent but with the opportunity over time to gain from the increase in the value of the property.

    If you are a landlord then you are helping someone less fortunate to live. Why are you complaining.? You could not have bought a second home (probably negatively geared) without bank lending. Why should you be able to benefit from the expected gains from this property over time but not comply with your promissory note to the banks who represent other people like you that put their money (and risk) into shares when you took the risk on the house.

    I am sympathetic to your cause however I point out again that the system provides everything we have today which for the majority gives them a life far better than they would have without being able to borrow in advance.

    When we borrow we are complicit in the system. We are being greedy wanting what we cannot pay for today. We make commitments we cannot keep. Therefore no matter how corrupt the system is we participate in it and by denying our part in it we are just as corrupt.

    Many people who are complaining the system has screwed them have been borrowing beyond their means because they expected the property they were buying to increase forever. This increase was never going to continue forever at the rate it was going. There are always ups and downs although over time the values will increase.

    I have so much to contribute to this debate both through my experience and my training but I find I get frustrated with the one sided arguments I see posted around pandering to people who participated in good times and who wish to withdraw in bad.

  12. Paul says : Reply

    David, you do have a very valid point about having an alternative to move to and which works for the majority who will take longer than other early adopters to adapt to the changes coming. Any suggestions as to what it would look like?

    Growing one’s own food is a start and there are many more doing that now than used to be in the recent decades. This is one facet that would aid a lifestyle without borrowing. Sharing facilities and equipment, such as cars, tools and appliances could make a difference too, yet how many in our communities only feel comfortable with one of their own?

    Getting to know and developing a mutually supportive relationship with our neighbours is a big one for many people though how can be live without them.

    The list could be very long and touch on many sensitive spots for many so let’s not go there. Hang on…. where else can we even consider, if we are serious about change for the better? Could we become our own bankers and do an audit on how we could live without the existing ones and their greed? I know I have a very good idea of what I have, what I need and how I can work with others to get what I don’e have or share any excess. Could we not actually be aware enough of our ‘real’ balance sheet and manage it better?

    All in good time this can happen, I trust, and with the work of I UV as a base, we can achieve a wonderful future.

  13. David says : Reply

    Paul, I appreciate your open comments. One suggested alternative is that we return to the old family and cooperative ways.

    I grew up with the immigrant Germans, Greeks, Italians then Asians and Muslims moving in, buying up houses and businesses; spreading throughout our community. How did they achieve so much on so little in so little time the Australians would say.

    They had family ties and cooperative arrangements among them where people lived together in crowded conditions and built a new home together pooling resources. Then they moved on to the next and the next. They did not seek to get more than they could afford but accepted their lot and worked tirelessly togehter to the common good.

    Australia lacks this spirit. The new generations want it all now.

    Australians do not wish to forgo anything for the greater good and this will be our undoing. We will allow those who create from nothing to take over from us who put ourselves above their station and then can only come down.

    Your ideas are useful but they fail to address the root causes of our destruction they are addressing an individual viewpoint not a collective one.

    • Paul says : Reply

      Thanks David.
      Your suggestion aligns with much of what I feel, too, yet I sense we can not go back to that which has passed and in fact is less relevant now, because our society and attitudes have changed dramatically. We are now required to view our existence differently, to wit, that which we can make of our challenging situation as it will be. In other words, we can change our future by being unto the moment, before we get there. Or, in other words again… we can create the future we want by being who we are in the present space and time.
      Naturally, this means incorporating what we know and have experienced to date, including the family traditions and spirit you refer to – an aside is that many Aussies are in fact descendants of such cultures as you describe and have an innate inclination towards those values, I feel – yet, taking charge of our own determination and worth. If out community is to be different then its members need to be of their own volition, participants and volunteers being of a similar mind and soul to those around them. Does this not make the collective, for me, rather than the other way around? Otherwise, do we not tend to get into the group think and have little or a reduced sense of self that reduces the whole? Numerous examples abound of groups or collectives that have wonderful intentions yet marginalise those who do not ‘get it’, so I do not see our path in that direction. How do we ensure any collective maintains the status quo or supports the whole?
      OK, so, as the expression goes: to each his own. Can we still say that or do I adopt your perspective and suppress mine, the variations thereof, that is? I realise it is maybe not that simple, yet when individuals join in heart and mind with freedom, great things can happen and maybe that is what you were alluding to, maybe not. For me, therefore, I respect my self and the journey of others and am not alone in this, yet I do not prescribe to a particular political, religions or economic solution or framework, not one that exists now, anyway. How then do I fit in to a collective, if that is the way forward? And therein lies the challenge, I feel.
      The concept of the OPPT appears to allow for each person to act in a way that serves them, with in the framework of our society, without the government and corporations holding sway, so I am considering returning to my roots as a spiritual being here to evolve and for me that means in harmony, love and integrity. That’s all I can say and I look forward to the world as it can be created.
      Please excuse the lack of specificity, though I feel that is for each of us to establish, in relation to those we live amongst.

  14. David says : Reply

    Love the way you think Paul.

    Our present is merely a reflection of the series of choices throughout our lives. The only relevant choices are the ones we make in the present moment.

    My point exactly, that we need to take charge of our future through taking responsibility for our choices today.

  15. Paul says : Reply

    Thanks David,

    I hear that we now seem to agree and that is cool, though may I say that = the ‘we’ you refer to relates to me and you, so, at the risk of being = seen as pedantic, I want to be clear and reiterate that any choice to be = made is made by me, at an idividual level, not me deciding for others or = vice versa. I realise it perhaps sounds silly for me to state that yet = so often I hear, for example: “You know when xxx happens, you do yyy…” = or “You feel xxx when yyy happens…” when, in fact, they are talking = about their own knowledge or feelings.

    This seems to be a very popular and accepted way of expression and it = is, for me, misleading by externalising and virtually seeking complicity = from the audiencewithout actually asking. When anyone talks to me inhtat = way I tend, at some level, to find myself questioning about or taking on = their perspective when ai really do not need, being the listener. I may = concur for the sake of the conversation yet it simply is not how I feel = or act.

    It appears that there is a fear these days of using the first person = participle when discussing or sharing and this is a way that things slip = into ‘group think’ and mediocrity, I reckon. The value of the individual = is diminished due to a wish not to appear different or challenging of = the status quo. Plus, the jargonistic use of the term ‘rampant = individuality’ being applied to those with a clear if strong opinion = which is not mainstream, a type of whistle blower in our midst rocking = the boat or, worse, scuttling it.

    Anyone, wishing the world be ourselves with immunity and this will bring = our innate and better natures to the fore, I feel certain, however optimistic and aspirational that may sound.

    Have a great day.

  16. G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B. says : Reply

    As a CONSTITUTIONALIST in Australia, I have for years advocated for a VELVET REVOLUTION to reclaim our constitutional and other legal rights. Regretfully very few people really even bother to consider what this means. And this is why we have politicians and bankers as well as judicial officer ignoring what legally is required from them. To them the constitution is worthless because they can do as they please and no one there to hold them accountable.
    Our constitution requires a 101 Inter-State Commission, this as the constitution refers to “shall be” making it compulsory, but instead the federal Government use its political muscle to pork barrel the monies. I have requested the Governor-General Quentin Bryce to appoint me as the Inter-State Commissioner so I can finally in accordance with the intentions of the Framers of the Constitution provide the general community with their constitutional rights as entitled upon. But, as always, if people fail to support me (merely writing to the politicians and the Governor-General to seek my request to be granted) then the Federal Government will continue to misuse and abuse the Consolidated Revenue Funds for its own political aspirations. it is the ignorance by people to appropriately participate that allowed the dire circumstance to be created and it will get worse unless they finally say enough is enough and we are reclaiming our constitutional and other legal rights, and we will and intent to hold offender legally accountable.

  17. harry testoni says : Reply


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