Scoping Out “The Field”…Suiting Up To Play

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Scoping Out “The Field”…Suiting Up To Play




Playing with BZ Riger on 1.17.18

with “Pumping Quantum” to build our multidimensional muscles and build our holding power for the predominant energetic vibrational frequency that we hold, that we reside in…

As we step Fully Onto and Into the Path of Expanding the foundation and creating the new full on.

3 clear paths of flow are lighting up as all unfolds:
Actively bringing down the close of the old, the linear false construct.

Being a conduit, helping people step out of the rubble and notice the sun IS shining.

Expanding the foundation and creating the new full on. come play in the conversation and co-creation
For the previous video playing on these paths


4 Responses to “Scoping Out “The Field”…Suiting Up To Play”

  1. Tallison says : Reply

    Beautiful BZ…Yes let’s play…step into the new world fully with open arms and an open heart.

  2. Helen Walker says : Reply

    BZ at bedtime… you are so relaxing to listen to and this was especially sweet. Thank you with all my heart. x

  3. Jeanie says : Reply

    Thank you for your beautiful perspective!
    Fun way of seeing opportunities to play and BE!
    Much LOVE!

  4. Jeanie says : Reply

    This is so RICH!
    I will listen again and again!

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