#RKB- We Are Threading The Eye of The Needle

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 #RKB- We Are Threading The Eye of The Needle

rkb-we are threading the eye of the needle







I recorded this conversation with Randy, at 5:00 pm PST, on December 29. 2017.

He share’s a conversation he had with Spirit last evening.

Randy says- Its Time- We Are all Threading the Eye of The Needle.





8 Responses to “#RKB- We Are Threading The Eye of The Needle”

  1. Cynthia says : Reply

    I felt and heard a lot of hope and confidence in Randy’s voice for the first time! That is great! 🙂

  2. Jay J says : Reply

    RKB, HATJ, U will be free! Yall have given so much – thank you. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Sheila Corona says : Reply

    I look forward with GREAT anticipation to getting to throw my arms around Randy’s neck and give him a great big squeezy heart to heart hug!
    What a service to humanity in making ALL transparent!

  4. Helen Walker says : Reply

    BZ, I appractiate you so so very much. You are so perfectly assiting this unfolding with your clarity and openess. Randy you ARE SO LOVED… xxxx

  5. Tallison says : Reply

    Randy sounds great! I so appreciate his ability to stay calm and centered and let his wisdom of knowing shine out. He is a very special one. I am holding the door open for him to walk out of that center very soon. What a wonderful metaphor he shared with us. Gratitude BZ for all you BE and DO! I look forward to hugging Randy too!

  6. Dusty says : Reply

    HI BZ,

    I’m with a powerful local paper in Manhattan. I love your sensibility and appreciate your hard work getting the information out.

    I would love to follow this case in our paper.

    Could we talk about the possibility?


    We distribute door to door in the West Village of Manhattan. We know all the politicians and the community is a powerful political outlet.

    I look forward to hopefully speaking with you.


  7. David Brown says : Reply

    We love you Randy!❤

    The impact you have had on my life, and as a result the lives of many others is beyond my comprehension. Since listening to Heather Ann explain the situation of your arrest on a recorded conference call uploaded to You Tube in July every breath I have taken has been infused with an awakening spirit, every observation has been witnessed from a brand new expanding perspective, every interaction with creation has been applied with a new spirit. I know this can only be the beginning, because I have yet to find an adequate expression of gratitude for all you have brought into my life, the life and spirit of my family/friends/co-workers/community and the countless lives of others. So much looking forward to that hug…it brings tears of joy just imagining it.

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