#RKB Wake Up Stand UP- The Time is NOW

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#RKB Wake Up Stand UP-  The Time is NOW

I recorded this conversation with Randy 2:00 PM PST October 26, 2017




Randy gives a powerful insight about Standing in Your Power.

And gives you a glimpse into what his routines are like.

Randy’s “Pod” is 6′ x 12′- he shares it with 2 other men. and a toilet. There is no exit from the pod unless it is in the short windows of time out to make calls, exercise etc, eat. Once each day.

I wanted to give you a little glimpse of what Randy uses the money Patricia, myself, some of the team, and those who feel moved to share a little of their value send him, for.

The only way Randy can get any contact with outside family and friends is through phone contact (or white postcards you send him). And only during a specific few hour window each day. To have someone added to his visitor list in person takes 6 months. His cousin Patricia is on that list , but is a 6 + hour drive away, and can not always make it to the one, half day a week visitation is allowed.

Randy is representing himself. He was told he would have a room with paper, pencil, space to work in each day with his papers (discovery etc) But Randy has never been provided with this. Any Paper/pens/pencils, he has to buy and after 6 or more weeks they finally let him have a pad and pen. At a premium price.

So Randy has used what little phone time he has to communicate with the team, so things can be worked on and typed up. Communication can be passed onto his Elbow council as well, via Patricia. Randy is working on the upcoming court case. (yes the expectation is it will be dismissed but Randy feels its prudent to prepare.) He is also working hard on the matter of the false warrant from SC. There are no funds to pay a SC attorney to do it.
Some times Randy is on the phone with Patricia, while she is on Skype getting help from a team member in Ireland who is adept at UCC and the documents that need to be generated..

In order to have a tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, soap, BASICS… some clothes to sleep in etc. Randy has to pay for each item at a Premium price. Every time Randy orders something from commissary there is a fee of $5 and tax deducted from his total remaining commissary balance. No matter how much the item he is purchasing costs. No mater if he is never delivered the item. They still deduct the funds.

If you have not fully comprehended YET, These “jails” are Big business! And the “Justice system” makes sure there is lots of “product” in these places for them to squeeze every possible dollar out they can.

As you will be hearing very soon when the curtains get ripped down and things are revealed. Most, probably 90% or higher of the beings in “jail” are there wrongfully by fraud and duplicity on the part of the judicial system. Because the “Judicial system” if a HUGE profit center(s)

Randy is in for a “victimless” white collar crime and is in a prison whose predominant population is “hardened” convicted criminals most with violent offenses. Commissary “chits” are valuable currency in lock up, and an excellent payoff to be left untouched from “pod” mates…

If you feel moved to share some of your value with Randy and help him. You can do it in three different ways:

1. send to the paypal email that Patricia, Randy’s cousin set up for him. rkbfund@gmail.com. Go to Paypal and click send funds, enter the email address and what you would like to donate and any note.

2. To put money in Randy’s commissary account directly. Go to http://vendengine.com/
Click on start your deposit button lower center of screen. Next screen  click on start deposit. A new tab will open.
Select United States, select state, select Tennessee, select Blount.
Select Commissary and then B. look for his full name Beane, Randall- Keith and select. Then follow instructions.

3. To purchase phone cards directly, so Randy can call out to work on his defense and other calls he needs to make . Go to http://vendengine.com/  Click on start your deposit button lower center of screen. Next screen  click on start deposit. A new tab will open. Select United States, select state, select Tennessee, select Blount. Select Phone Time and then B.
look for his full name Beane, Randall- Keith and select. Then follow instructions.


Randy Soooooooooooooooooooooooo appreciates and Loves getting your postcards.

Your full name- written out, your return address. **** You need to write out your full name, not just initial for first name and last name written out.

This address in the To: section.
Blount County Jail
Randall Keith Beane ID 318366
920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804-5002



10 Responses to “#RKB Wake Up Stand UP- The Time is NOW”

  1. myaraine says : Reply

    Any word on when Randy will be getting out of Jail?????????????

  2. Jennifer says : Reply

    Dearest BZ,

    I would greatly appreciate it, when opportunity arises and as you feel moved to, if you would share this expansive experience with Randy personally from me as a Creator Being (though I Am and already have shared with him energetically

    • Jennifer says : Reply

      Dearest BZ,
      At times, only part of my comments make it through so…I will try again!

      Randy is no longer in a small, cramped and crowded “pod” on/in 3D Earth! He is linked with/connected in an ever expanding, gigantic, galactic Universal circle of loving beings on New Earth! This Loving Energy Frequency is shared willingly for him to play in. From one cell to another as part of the Universal Body. As a BEautiFULL Creator Being he has created, attracted and nurtured this abundance which he is receiving!

      I AM a Creator Being and I will no longer sit on the fence over any thing. I chose to Be/Allow All that I Am gently, firmly and in Love.

      Some may ask, what will we create? I/We are absent limits. Now is the time to choose. In one perspective, we have a choice to make. In another perspective, the choice has been made. I feel there is no waiting and that is really no longer a choice.
      Please share what you feel in this!
      Deepest Love all ways always,

  3. Jay J says : Reply

    Wow, it is great to hear from Randy. He said “They lock us up because we are the value.” Very, VERY true. So much prayer going up for Randy and everyone else now. We can pull our world out of this rut and move it into a future where what we once thought was impossible (world peace / ending all these wars, no hunger for anyone, no homelessness) becomes the new normal. I hope Randy is released soon. Thanks for posting.

  4. noel says : Reply

    Randy you are the man, we all know that your not a fraud, there will always be ignorant non believers most people will not read today, I have tried to inform others about what is happening, giving them information to read and later asking them what they thought, the answer is always… “I haven’t the time to read all that”. Soooo When they ask me how do they get access to their TDA’s, I’m going to say, “I haven’t the time to show you sorry. So mate, cheer up don’t worry about what others say. All the best Randy, you have my personal respect and thank you for what you do. “Heart”

  5. Oceanno says : Reply

    Randy, My Love goes out to you everyday! I will get some more cards today!

  6. lucy says : Reply

    : It is time for the Talmudic demons letting go of the enslaving of humanity. The Pentagon= the military that job is that for protecting the American people; instead they have committed hideous crimes against us by taking order from the “intellectuals con talmudic demons Jewishcons= Israel” that has been destroying the creation, and protecting their “dollar.”

    They, the military pretended: forgot that they are the employers for the American people, not the other way around!

    The National Security Act has been the key for these atrocities, by setting demonic military bases within our country: worldwide, and then setting up the military private courts=banks that go on disguising as public courts for the people=in unison with the BAR violating the lawful divine rights of our people; jails for profit, human trafficking, and endless crimes against our people, and the world.

    The National Security Act of 1947 was abolished: null void by the former OPPT and entered into ordinance worldwide.

    IT IS Time for cleaning up the garbage. It is time for releasing our people from their fucking jails that are there for profit for these criminals: and the irony of all is that all prisoners are paying for their own detention: incarceration… from original… How much clever, insane, and violation of our dignity is this?

    The fucking around is over!

  7. noel Puch says : Reply

    Dear Randy,
    i want to write a couple of words for you, stay strong, you are doing a great job for humanity!! and when i say it great , its realy huge job, and i want to share some words also for Heather, you are a winning combination, no doubt , you have the strenght to finish this in a huge victory for humanity!! we all from all the planet we give you light and support and love!, its a tremendous task to complete, but put in mind always you’r not alone , you have the capability , that’s why they chose you! NAMASTÉ

  8. Bek says : Reply

    I don’t know why it’s important but this video just popped up for me:

    Hallelujah – Pentatonix

    They sing beautifully. The lyrics are not very uplifting, but maybe it means something to someone reading this.


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