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The following is a public statement from Randall Keith Beane from the Blount County Jail in Knoxville Tennessee.  Randy wanted this put out there right away.
Its not meant to be an insult to anyone who thinks of themselves as “sovereign citizen” but Randall and Heather have NEVER resonated or identified themselves with that term (neither have I), and the separation it implies from the ALL of humanity, however it is construed to mean.  When she was asked once about that term she replied “what does that even MEAN?”
Heather’s UCC law filings have been followed by a widely diverse group of beings who have to deal with the court systems which are all based on UCC law and its international equivalents.  They may arrest you on a criminal charge but they always convert that to a “TRUE BILL” which is an undisclosed UCC “bill of lading” for human cargo which they monetize against the same TDA accounts the courts claim are “fictiious” and non-existant.  The legal dictionaries define it as an “indictment” but that truly is not what it is.  Every court case is monetized for millions of dollars as are prison bonds and court bonds.  China is the largest purchaser of US court bonds, holding an undue amount of financial influence on the court systems.



 To Help with Randy’s Court Costs, phone call pre-paid cards.

RKBfund@gmail.com is the email address associated with the Paypal donations account. This is set up by Patricia.

 White Postcards Only!

Randy says please leep sending post cards. Just the white ones, with your name but no return address. They do not allow him to have the ones with pictures on them.

Blount County Jail
920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804-5002

Randall Keith Beane
ID # 318366














  1. Ben Ellis says : Reply

    Thank you for sharing this call..My love to Randy for the role his soul has agreed to be a part of in this grand experience. Love and Light to you Randall. You will be set free in the blink of an eye..

  2. Gerry says : Reply

    It is so nice to hear from Randy. I so look forward to Heather and Randy’s release and I appreciate everyone’s efforts in all that they are DOing.

  3. rhoda says : Reply

    Thank you Terran for giving us the opportunity to hear Randy’s voice. I love you both. Randy is so calm, so gracious, so loving and fearless. I am so honored to know him. He and Heather are in my thoughts always; cheering you on and looking forward to the celebration.

  4. Anna says : Reply

    Force and Honor, Randall.
    We are awaiting your safe return.

  5. Richard Schaum says : Reply

    The only reason I post the following is because I don’t want to see others harmed. I also intend to post this on other sites for them and their readers to consider.
    I work as a Federal contractor, and know from my leo.gov COTOR, Heather, her followers and supporters are well known to Treasury and the FBI in Fairmount and Clarksburg, West Virginia. You need to consider all activity is being monitored with a trace and tag program collecting all IP addresses attempting to access their so called account.
    Treasury has told FBI (leo and cjis) these funds are the property of the US Treasury and are being hacked.
    There has been as many as 100,000+ attempts to move money to other personal accounts electronically. However, 75% of these attempts have been unsuccessful due to incomplete entries.
    Treasury has hired two contractors to change coding and access perimeters to shield these accounts from outside/private persons access. Certain states are a priority as well large transaction attempts.

    Remember, all should consider you are playing in their system and it is huge with a worldwide reach through all the private contractors that do the work of protecting these federal corporate principals. It’s all about what they perceive/believe to be their money.

    Be careful, be concerned and please be aware of what you cannot know what you do not know yet. Don’t play in their sand box with their referees, with their rules that change to fit their self-serving needs to win.

    I have a feeling you will not consider any guidance outside of yours, but here it is anyway. There is a lawful way to access your assets via a bill in equity of accounting. For a better understanding you can visit Scanned Retina to download. I trust you don’t suffer from the Not Invented Here Syndrome.

    Let me add, they know we have no means of enforcement in queue for what is believed to be a equitable solution and therefore make jest of any attempt to install the Rule of Law. Just sharing what should be considered.

    • Waylon says : Reply

      You claim that over 100,000 attempts have been made to access treasury funds and that 25000+ have been successful. What is the source of this data and how reliable is it? Also, you claim that two contractors have been hired to enhance security at the Treasury Department. Again, what is the source of this information?

    • Bryan says : Reply

      I guess we’ll know soon enough if the reversals do, in fact, reverse.
      If the reversals reverse – we will know this is all for real. I have heard of some reversals reversing.
      Also, it was clear that RKB did what he did very openly with maximum transparency.
      Then, some faction of the controllers decided they did not like what RKB had done – after it was done.
      But, the genie was already out of the bottle, so to speak.
      I do not think it was a “glitch” of any kind.
      This is all in agreement with the 2013 Motu Proprio issued by the Pope, as well. He said the trust funds were to
      be released to the beneficiaries. Either the Pope meant what he said, or he did not mean what he said.
      The timing of that Motu Proprio also pretty much coincides with the timing of OPPT – in the same year -2013.
      Did OPPT force the Motu Proprio ?
      Now it appears they are doing the dance of delay – by giving HATJ a tour of their detention facilities in
      various geographic locations. Also, they appear to be avoiding the OPPT UCC paperwork.
      Why don’t they just deal with that OPPT UCC paperwork – and discredit it as frivolous – if it has no power?
      They have not done that – instead they have tried to avoid it – so far.
      I’ll admit to not knowing anything 100% for sure yet. But we are going to find out (hopefully) very soon –
      unless they can transport HATJ around forever. It’s like that old song about the guy being stuck on the
      Boston subway – “He may ride forever beneath the streets of Boston, he’s the man who never returned”.
      Again, if OPPT filings have no power – why does the system not simply rule them to be frivolous ?
      That would be an easy-peasy thing for them to do – UNLESS THOSE FILINGS ARE THE TRUTH.
      Discrediting those filings would be easier than running from those filings – and keeping HATJ in constant transport.
      Those filings were perfected, and the system never rebutted them.
      Truth is, this is not about the TDAs. Debt and money are part of the overall illusion we live in.
      Money should go the way of the buffalo soon.
      We are supposed to ascend to a higher dimension of awareness above 3-D, and our ascension is being resisted.
      There remains much to be settled here.

  6. Deb says : Reply

    Our New Reality is in fact in tact
    Creators People are coming together
    Loving Oneness forever with endlessness harmonizing vibration
    Celebrate Freedom is inevitable

  7. Dan Carpenter says : Reply

    Based on the recording, Randy’s ID is 318366 . Please correct the note above, or verify the ID stated. Good to hear from Randy and Bill! Much Love and peace to ALL.

  8. Darline Bazile says : Reply

    Sending love vibration to Randy. And Richard S please keep your consideration to yourself unless you are preaching fearlessness. We have enough of fear and need no more.

    Again sending positive, fearless love vibration to Randy.

    • Richard Schaum says : Reply

      Preaching no fear from me. Sharing facts and not to mislead anyone. Check you reading comprehension please..

      • sell-edge says : Reply

        hello Richard,
        I thank you for your input. I get where you are coming from and do not think it deserves negative ridicule. people, please think deeper before you react and reply. this is one of the rooted problems. Anyway, back to you Richard. I want to highlight a detail I found to be interesting in your fair warning post you stated in other words that over 100k attempts to move money from TDA’s to personal accounts yielded a mere 25% success rate implying that the other 75% that failed did so because of the closing window of opportunity so to speak. in my interpretation that is. as if the Fed was keen to an accidental pinhole leak the public has taken advantage of. correct me if I’m wrong please but, you did include the reason for the 75% failed attempt was due to incomplete transactions, correct? it’s the context of your writing that suggests people are being caught for stepping out of there rightful boundaries rather than simply personal mistakes made by each individual. which I think is much more likely with the pages upon pages of inaccurate directions on how to claim what’s rightfully theirs and probably some moments of haste contributed as well. we may not have created the trust accounts but they were ill gotten by way of generations of lies and selfish intent of the greedy hands that were placed in positions of trust by the people. whether chosen or not by the people to play these roles, they were and are only being allowed by the people to play those roles and be it by the grace of god and the loving nature thereof the people continue to succumb to the rules laid out not in their favor but as obstacles including the sacrificing of liberties, freedom, truth and even life in order to maintain order in whole. for if we the people choose otherwise, there is nothing on any level or scale that the much fewer participants of the falsified category of civil servant and/or authority can even wish to stop. we absolutely are the entire body by which they require in order to survive in this fashion. respect and gratitude is more than overdue. yet the ones who make the true efforts and nurture a rather peaceful change to truth and freedom by will Love even those that hate. love and truth are the only absolutes and constants. sorry to rant. I obviously needed to get that out. thank you to all for your contributions to a great awakening. been waiting for this for some time now. I too got lost for a bit. I’m back now.

  9. Mamma G says : Reply

    Randall mentions his ID# as being 318366, but for some reason there is a completely different ID# written above with the address. Can this please be clarified to make sure Randy gets his mail?
    Thank you, and much love xxx G xxx

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      One is an inmate number for correspondence and other things. One is a phone inmate number. No I can’t tell you why they do that. But we have them and use them where they are needed.

  10. Arteestic says : Reply

    I sent 15 postcards and now I find out they have to be WHITE ONLY…..NO PICTURES!!!! What the hell kind of a sickness has permeated our society to do something that IGNORANT and just plain CRUEL. It just tweeks my goat! Ok, so a white card can represent white light. I get it. But I had to have my moment of meltdown. I’m sending love and light to Randall as well as to all of the people working at the prison and the reason why I am doing that should seems obvious. We all need to do that.
    I can hardly wait until you are released Randy, you are a wonderful soul. Much love to you.

  11. Oceanno says : Reply

    Getting 4 post cards tomorrow. Getting Donation throgh Paypal tomorrow as well! Love You So Much!

  12. Shyii says : Reply

    Are your kidding me Arteestic? however, your right….White light!!! So, the card can’t have no pic on the front? where do you get an all white postcard? I guess my cards will be coming back as I had colorful cheerful fronts 🙁

    Sending you positive energy Randy and Heather…you too Arteestic….

    • Arteestic says : Reply

      No unfortunately, not kidding. It’s posted on this site. I Am still releasing to get over it.

      I suggest buying cardstock the weight of a postcard, cut it to postcard size, and send it with loving uplifting energizing words. And visualize LOTS of love and WHITE LIGHT and the PICTURE you want Randall to see when he gets it!

      It’s this CONTRAST that has us KNOW from our own beingness, what we DO want to happen….so from this Knowingness, we are EMPOWERED to realize our value, and that realization of self-value is what SETS US FREE!

  13. Chuck says : Reply

    is the ID # posted here for RKB the correct one. I had just got another ID # that Randy had given out on another call. It is a different number than the one posted at the top of this page.


  14. Simon Whitefeather says : Reply

    Hang in there fella. You’re a good man.

  15. BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply


    UPDATE: Donations for HATJ and RKB

    For the avoidance of any doubt, the Current and Only PayPal email address for any and all Donations to assist Randall Keith Beane with his expenses is :-

    rkbfund@gmail.com Managed by Patricia, Randy’s cousin

    Donations for the assistance of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf with her expenses may be sent via PayPal to the following email address :-


    Please put a note in the Paypal message box ‘for Heather’

    Can you all please update any links, web pages or contacts that you may have accordingly. Very much appreciated. (heart)


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