#RKB- Randall Keith Beane’s Unique View on Court Hearing of 10.18.17

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#RKB- Randall Keith Beane’s Unique View on Court Hearing of 10.18.17




I spoke with Randy today at 4:08 PM EST, 10.18.17, to share with you the unique view he had of the court room and the faces of the Creator Beings as the final moments of this purported case are flowing forward.


13 Responses to “#RKB- Randall Keith Beane’s Unique View on Court Hearing of 10.18.17”

  1. Kelly says : Reply

    Fantastic – Felt the energy!

  2. Tallison says : Reply

    Randy sounds good and very happy he stood in his power staying kind and compassionate.
    Awesome BZ!

  3. Janis says : Reply

    What an incredible human being Randy is! He sees love in everything! When you might think he would be down, disappointed, disillusioned, he is making me ask myself why AM I feeling that way if HE isn’t. Thank you Randy for setting me straight. I learn from you every time you speak. Love, love, love!

  4. So what was the final verdict today with RKB.

  5. Oceanno says : Reply

    I Loved Hearing Randy Voive! He inspires so many people!

  6. Arteestic says : Reply

    Wow, Randy. You are a great soul. Love light and laughter to your BE-ing-ness.

  7. Jacqueline says : Reply

    I am beyond Proud Of HATJ and RKB.

    I have Nothing, but Love & Light for you both. I admire both of you very much.

    I know everything will unfold beautifully as it is suppose to !

    God Bless you both.

    Keep the faith.


  8. Gern Blanston says : Reply

    Great to hear Randy in such high spirits!
    Thank you BZ.

  9. Janna B. Hampton says : Reply

    just want to let people know I know I’m supposed to write a song about Heather & Randy & WE THE PEOPLE, etc.
    I write alot of lyrics and I am currently working on a song about all if Heather and Randy and the love, the light, the whole BIG PICTURE.

    I CAN WRITE LIKE A Mo-Fo.. But have No musical or vocal skills( YET)!! But I will!! Until then, if anyone has music and or vocals that wants to CO~WRITE or collaborate with me email me at
    sexysongrtr@gmail.com or msfreedom405@gmail.com

  10. Paul Mc says : Reply

    Brilliant Randy! Really beautiful. Thank you so much for being such a guiding light.

  11. Neil Wolfe says : Reply

    Thanks Randy- glad to hear you standing strong! Good work brother!.

  12. Sandy B says : Reply

    I was so happy to hear these different perspectives from the courtroom, both from the girls and Randy. Thank you BZ for sharing. I am so energetically with them, sending my love and good vibrations. I am so looking forward to this being a major turning point in our future. Love you all!

  13. Carol says : Reply

    Thank you Randy. You are playing an amazing role in these proceedings. We love and know you will soon be released as you never should have been detained in the first place. Your strength is amazing! Looking forward to meeting you face to face. You are in my daily prayers.

    Carol J. in California

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