#RKB Moving on Down The Road To The Field of Possibilities

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#RKB Moving on Down The Road To The Field of Possibilities

I recorded this conversation with Randy at 11:22 AM PDT.

Randy talks about the Alchemy Invitation and Possibilities as he Moves on down the road in the shifting energies.

To experience the Alchemy Invitation visit here 






5 Responses to “#RKB Moving on Down The Road To The Field of Possibilities”

  1. Tallison says : Reply

    Well Randy sounds really good. The energy shifting is having an affect on the whole. Exciting times. I sent Randy another card on Friday. I hope he’s getting them. What an exciting time!

  2. Cynthia says : Reply

    BZ- It is so amazing and fascinating to witness what is happening and all that is being accomplished. It really is incredible. Randy’s voice sounds and he “feels” significantly improved from previous calls. I am happy for him. THANK YOU for sharing. <3

  3. Oceanno says : Reply

    Beautiful! Love hearing his Laughter, Thank You

  4. Allison says : Reply

    So happy for RKB! Love and Light!

  5. Jay J says : Reply

    I met Randy in a dream. It was pretty crazy – he had been handcuffed, walking outside in the city, followed by an investigator who then had taken off Randy’s cuffs so Randy could go and install energy conversion systems to the city he was in. I ended up running from a bear, a tornado and two Yaks (no lie, I told you it was crazy) through a stadium.

    I pray that RKB is free soon!

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