#RKB Metaphor & Sign of Chains Being Removed for ALL

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#RKB Metaphor & Sign of Chains Being Removed for ALL






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  1. Barbara says : Reply

    Oh Man!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy! No worries Randy, we will have the Mother of all Parties in YOUR Honor soon!!! (when his honor the judge completes his honorable homework LOL!). A reward for Patience accomplished by Creator Being Heroes under deep state duress can be manifested in the form of warm Pacific Northwest MarionBerry Pie– The Pie of Peace. Can you say a’la mode?

  2. Tallison says : Reply

    That is an awesome story Randy just told. No accident that his shackles caught up in the chair!
    He sounds even more empowered today! I’m seeing him free b4 much longer…very soon. Thanks again BZ!

  3. Bek says : Reply

    Randy’s extreme prison incarceration situation seems unusual in comparison to others accused of similar ‘white collar crimes’ in the Federal court system. His treatment and living conditions (shackles in the Courtroom??) seem out of proportion to the crime of which he is accused, and since he is a resident of Tennessee, he should be a low flight risk. A motion for his release with monitoring similar to Heather should be filed. (However, understand he will not leave that place until his personal mission(s) there are complete, whatever they are.)

    I am wondering if the motor home and the TDA funds were seized by law enforcement upon his arrest. In this case the innocent RV dealer is probably out $500k retail value of property and law enforcement probably got a $500k motor home plus $500k cash.

    In Alabama and other states there is movement to limit such civil asset forfeitures ABSENT A CRIMINAL CONVICTION by law enforcement personnel because it has been abused as a funding stream for local – and even Federal – law enforcement agencies. See Zero Hedge story dated 20 October 2017 on Civil Asset Forfeitures. There may sometimes be an underlying financial motivation for the zeal with which some cases are prosecuted over others.

  4. Greg says : Reply

    I can understand the logic of not filing motions etc. so as not to be seen as accepting and participating in the alleged court system. The action I don’t follow is participating at all with “their” scheduling. Judge Sherry and the prosecution are not taking this serious. “They” have done their homework. The judge and the prosecution are in over their heads in respect of UCC jurisdiction and are in a “do or die” situation.
    Judge Shirley set the schedule for the October 18th court day and. He and the prosecution showed up fully prepared to do nothing. The lead prosecutor didn’t attend. Collusion?? It is obvious all UCC judges and prosecution lawyers have declined invitation because it is suicide.
    It’s a “The judge is the prosecutor’s father” stalemate.
    How can any Corporate judge participate without prejudice in this action in the first place?
    Should Randy plan to decorate his jail cell for Christmas or what’s the closer here.

  5. I think Randy’s story is sooooo beautiful. Bless him for realizing it, feeling it and sharing it.
    So much FULL on Creation happening internally and externally in me
    Bless you all and all the communications that you share
    Love you all
    Katannya xxxx

  6. beverly says : Reply

    Thank you so much Randall!
    Sending love.
    I am imagining the big party very soon.

  7. I AM Original says : Reply

    Very very lovely done all of you beings

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