# RKB “Its Time to Let Go of The Slavery Mentality”

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# RKB “Its Time to Let Go of The Slavery Mentality”








This call was recorded on August 22, 2017 7:59 AM PDT. A conversation with Randy K Beane and BZ Riger. Randy sends gratitude and appreciation for the postcards “Keep em coming”.

Randy talks about people being in a slavery mentality. And How, NOW, ” Its Time to Let Go of The Slavery Mentality”



 To Help with Randy’s Court Costs, phone call pre-paid cards.

RKBfund@gmail.com is the email address associated with the Paypal donations account. This is set up by Patricia.

 White Postcards Only!

Randy says please leep sending post cards. Just the white ones, with your name but no return address. They do not allow him to have the ones with pictures on them.

Blount County Jail
920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804-5002

Randall Keith Beane
ID # 318366


18 Responses to “# RKB “Its Time to Let Go of The Slavery Mentality””

  1. Heather Sheglidesby says : Reply

    Awesome conversation! I love Randys interpretation of two women inn a field. I overstand this to be as Randy described, more like the ego, and the original self are the two women.
    Audio is very low on this video, anyway you can increase volume .perhaps kauilapele could help?

  2. Thanks BZ and Randy!!!

  3. Zach says : Reply

    Curious to hear BZ mention the word humans, and then Heather talk about who she represents and her powers in another phone call. What am I missing here?

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      humans, as opposed to the the creatures, dog, birds, animals… that were aware of what was happening. As the humans in proximity at the moment were not consciously aware.

      • Zach says : Reply

        I get the context of that, I just took it as the connotation of “they” being separate from “you”. Still curious as to what Heather meant by what she was stating in the last 2 minutes of your conversation with her the other day.

    • Sharon says : Reply

      I’m starting to think this is all a load of Crap! All my payments have been reversed! I’m supposed to donate? With what? Very disappointed. Friends are all saying I’m defrauding gov. All I wanted was what was rightly mine. Nothing more nothing less. Help me understand?

  4. https://youtu.be/KdQDlV6hBXo
    REVERSING THE BRAINWASHING as the Only Hope for Humanity – part 3 of Will the Angels Come to Rescue humanity? Can they? This video by Sylvie Ivanova, NewEarth channel, is the one voice I totally understood as quite spot on as far as undoing the slavery mentality. People need to open their minds but they need instruction too. There are sources out there. You cannot just “pray” or meditate. It won’t help if you are still programmed with the former realm’s slavery programming and disinformation. You have to do some work, in other words, you have to read and discuss and reach out for new information, you must open your mind if you admit you don’t know what you don’t know. If you have not even been offered the info then you have no clue. If you can humble yourself somewhat…we all need to, then you can find the info you need to release yourself. Your consents in the “sub” brain that is hidden from us is your undoing if you don’t unveil it and confront the discrepancies you find. You will never find if you don’t look. Much bravery is needed, but we have that!

  5. Tim says : Reply

    Hey bz could you email me. I have some questions. I have been watching heather and randy since day one but am also involved in some groups on fb that I feel atlre putting people in very bad situations with their “process” of filing paperwork and accessing accounts. I could use some clearity. Thanks so much.

  6. Juju says : Reply

    Hope you’re out soon Randall <3

  7. Juju says : Reply

    And thanks Bz for the updates <3

  8. Kate says : Reply

    Can anyone clarify what Heather meant by CERN since 1971?

    I’m confused on what that meant. I’m new to this and trying to understand fully.

    Thank you so much. God Bless.

    • Debra says : Reply

      I think it’s that 17 mile long collider that’s built between two countries under the ground in, Switzerland you have some mad scientist or some kind of physicists that are playing with atoms that trying to maybe recreate the Big Bang all over again it’s kind of crazy.

  9. Oceanno says : Reply

    Got Randall’s cards out, couples not write a letter so I bought 4 post cards from post office and labeled them 1-4 and it became a letter. I hope he gets them Soon!

  10. Oceanno says : Reply

    Ego can’t survive when recognizing ALL as self.


    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      Update 8.21.17 10:01 PM PDT from BZ
      I am so happy with everyone’s inspired BEing and DOing. All the different creative things with all different focuses and directions. Its great Unity with Individual Creativeness. :- ) Beautiful.
      I wanted to make a NOTE- for clarity.
      That for Factualized Updates on HATJ and that area of Flow, the I UV is where you will find those Updates.

      If you see something/hear something/read something… unless you can see them showing you a screen shot/ a video pan of this I UV update page/ reading from the updates/conversations with specificity and particularity, then that information is their perception and perspective of things unfolding.
      I do connect directly with Neil Wolf with his Light Reports some times, so if that beautiful being is saying, “I just got a txt” “or” BZ just called me” That is Factualized Data/conversation/connection

      There is/are videos out there that purport BZ and or Heather “told…” “said…” “endorse…” -me , which are NOT Factualized information.
      You have amazing powers of Discernment/Resonance Tools, Use them, trust them. YOU are the Expert for you.

      I Love the Brilliance shinning out of Everyone/ All, no one left out! as all are catalysts and catalyzers in the last steps along the One consciousness flow as we ALL pull back the curtain and rip it down.
      (heart) BZ

  12. Oceanno says : Reply

    Love thy self!

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