#RKB- “its Beautiful BEing and DOing” a conversation on 8.20.17 AM

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#RKB- “its Beautiful BEing and DOing” a conversation on 8.20.17 AM









This is a conversation with Randy K Beane and BZ Riger, recorded on August 20, 8:33 AM PDT. Randy talks about the feeling of how beautiful it is of BEing and DOing. His gratitude to ALL and the ride he is on/we all are on.




 To Help with Randy’s Court Costs, phone call pre-paid cards.

RKBfund@gmail.com is the email address associated with the Paypal donations account. This is set up by Patricia.

 White Postcards Only!

Randy says please leep sending post cards. Just the white ones, with your name but no return address. They do not allow him to have the ones with pictures on them.

Blount County Jail
920 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804-5002

Randall Keith Beane
ID # 318366



21 Responses to “#RKB- “its Beautiful BEing and DOing” a conversation on 8.20.17 AM”

  1. Shakti Aabhaa says : Reply

    Thank you BZ 🙂

  2. Shirley Z says : Reply

    So good to hear Randy’s voice We are all on this RIDE with you Randy much love my friend and hearticular

  3. Rhoda says : Reply

    Pure Source Brilliance! Thank you BZ. Love and support to Randy Always in All ways.

  4. Oceanno says : Reply

    Love Hearing from Randall!! I can feel the Pure Love in his Voice! Vibrants right through my very being! Thank YOU BZ

  5. Patrick says : Reply

    Randy, I love you brother!
    You’re gonna make it and live free and unfettered soon.

  6. Juju says : Reply

    Be free Randy! Be free like my pigeons when I set them free to fly and always comes back home = ) <3

  7. sergei vanderwiel says : Reply

    triple thumbs up thanks ya`ll

  8. Howard says : Reply

    Thanks for the update it is good to hear that randy is doing well and I would like to express my gratitude for the big wake up call that Randy and Heather has done. Things are moving really fast now and I can feel the energy building. I hope everybody can put on those dancing shoes because i have mine on and am ready to go. The big outcome that I am setting my intentions on are, that this beautiful world that we live on will be the paradise and heaven on earth that all can experience if they wish. For those who are not ready for that, then I guess our paths will cross later in time. I see Randy, Heather and the whole gang at a huge festival celebrating our achievements. This day is soon to come and I plan on being at the party with all of you. So buckle up those seat belts and lets put it in to hyper drive, Destination= freedom fest 2017 and all are welcome. Thanks to all the beautiful beings helping to make this transition smooth as it can possibly be!

  9. Anna says : Reply

    Take heart, Randall. We love you. 😉

  10. lisa says : Reply

    I hope he can feel it in that dense place… i send him energy shots overtime i see his name and photo… which is very often… he’s cute too 🙂

  11. Harley chick says : Reply

    Hey Randy, much love and light and peace being sent your way.

  12. Klorgh says : Reply

    Wonderful to hear your voice, Randy. Can feel your heart shining out. You shall be freed. Thanks for being a pioneer on the leading edge.

  13. Mamma G says : Reply

    So beautiful to be a ‘fly on the wall’ listening to the vibrational conversation of aware Beings. The sound of Love is such a calming, peaceful flow, magically lifting all who partake of its resonance.

    Thank you for sharing this conversation, BZ. Much love to Randall, Heather, and All.

  14. researchit says : Reply

    White USPS postcards dropped in the mailbox today to both Randy & Heather. xoxo

  15. Janis says : Reply

    Randy, thank you for your incredibly loving energy! You are confined in a low vibrational space, but I believe that you are turning that around! I cannot imagine those around you not raising their energy with you in their presence. I can feel it! Thank you, too, for your courage and sacrifice in showing how to DO it!!! Love, love, love!

  16. Alex says : Reply

    Randy, BZ, Heather! I am FILLED WITH LOVE FOR YOU!!!!! Thank you for Being and Doing you!

  17. Dan Lutz says : Reply

    Very inspirational to hear what is happen inside the prison system. I have had close friends that where early into figuring out what to do to be free of the system, and ended up on the inside of a cell. I am sure all those that are meeting with Heather and Randall are adding to our success with all that they have experienced.
    Out here in Asia, I am experiencing many pieces falling into place and the GCR is proceeding. Thanks to Heather and Randall for their starting this tsunami of positive energy!

  18. Celeste says : Reply

    Such a wonderful conversation for us all to hear. I listened to it yesterday and thought about it all night. The gratitude Randall has and the love he has just overwhelmed me. If there are any who have ever thought this was just about the money they need only to listen to this call to truly see it is so much more than that. Been sending my postcards to cheer Randy on! Lots of love to all!

  19. Paula says : Reply

    OMG, they’re not allowing him postcards with pictures on them? Good grief, I wonder if any of the ones I’ve sent through are making it, then–I’ve never heard of using just plain white cardstock for postcards. Can one write on both sides? Or just the side with the address? This prison is driving me crazy. My letter came back after 2 weeks, cut open and taped shut, with the message that addressee was “No longer here…”–but they must have read or scanned it, just the same, and did not give it to Randy.

  20. Paula says : Reply

    Going to the prison website, doing a search for “white postcard” I found:

    Type of Mail Allowed for Blount County Corrections Department
    The Blount County Corrections Department allows inmates to receive pre-metered postcards like the type purchased from the post office.

    So it looks as if perhaps inmates are not allowed to receive postcards with stamps on them, just pre-metered ones? I will have to go to the Post Office tomorrow and see if they even carry plain white postcards… I might just call this crazy jail, too, if I can get a person, and ask them directly.

    Guess my “Get out of Jail Free” postcard wouldn’t have made it, either 🙁

  21. Rev. Enrique RUBIO says : Reply

    BZ, Heather, and I UV bolg

    I love you all so much, this community of “love, which binds them all together in perfect unity”. After three decades in Christian ministry has taught me I’ve still so very much to learn!
    ( Colossians 3:14 NIV)
    ¡ con la bendiciónes y gran poder!

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