Retired US Admiral James Lyons 2/11/2015

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Retired US Admiral James Lyons 2/11/2015



bz: Q made reference to this specific clip in a Q drop made on March 10th- see below




Admiral Ace Lyons speaks at a private meeting held in Washington DC on February 11, 2015. Those that asked him to speak probably regret doing so. Retired US Admiral James “Ace” Lyons exposed the corruption within our government, spoke about Islam, terrorism, exposed Secretary of Defense, and POTUS ‘ real agenda and whom he really supports. I guarantee this administration NEVER wanted this to get out to the public. Please download video, keep a copy, re-upload so this video doesn’t disappear. MSM surely won’t touch this topic, nor expose this truth! We need to get this video everywhere, we must force this into the MSM media for coverage. Original live leak video link:…



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