Your Strawman

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Your Straw Man


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  1. Gerard says : Reply

    Well that was refreshing and a huge confidence booster as well. Now I feel all the more ready for what is coming next 🙂

  2. Kathelena says : Reply

    I think this piece is well written and extremely important, and my appreciation goes out to the author. However, nowhere in the piece or on the introductory page on this website does it indicate who the author is. In the interests of full disclosure and transparency, that’s important information to have. Can anyone supply author information along with a source for verification?

    I also have a couple questions that I can’t find the answer to, hopefully some helpful soul will know the answers:

    1) Are Credit Unions included in this behavior? I only ever see the word “bank” in this and similar explanations of the banking system, and I’ve been told by several credit unions that CUs are not banks. What exactly, if anything, is different with loan transactions from CUs?

    2) If the banks can post money from our strawman account, which is based on our value as a Being, why do we the people not have free and open access to these funds? And by extension, how can we get access to our own representation of value (money) without having to enter into loan agreements that are clearly fraudulent? What IS the real money value of our account?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Republished from the author’s website

      • Kathelena says : Reply

        Thanks for sharing that I M Power, but notice that on that referenced site there is no indication of who the author of the piece is, or even who the owner of the website is. I was looking for that missing information. 🙂

        • Jae says : Reply

          Kathleen, you are 100% thinking about the wrong thing here. I mean even if that info was here the actual content makes it obsolete. I don’t know if you know what this information implicates but it’s so deep that you really ought to be asking where the first meeting will be held as the people body to conjorn?

    • Sebastian says : Reply

      Conoce usted algún “persona” que hable en castellano y conozca este tema profundamente? por favor le ruego que haga que esa “persona” contacte conmigo, sebascuarzo(arroba) muchas gracias por su atención y un cordial saludo.

  3. sonya says : Reply

    I agree with Katalena in that I too I would like to see the source of this articlel. I would also have liked to see more links to source material, eg, the basis for the statement that in the UK, taxes are voluntary. I do believe this to be the case, but I would like to see the law/statute which supports this claim. I have seen such supporting evidence for Canada and US, but have yet to see it for UK.

    • The site is mine and it offers the free download of a major free-energy eBook which has my contact details in it. My e-mail is engpjk (at) and you need to understand that in the UK, protection rackets such as Council Tax, TV licence, etc. are enforced by unlawful violence and intimidation. We live in a violent situation where there is no regard for the law as the regulations of the private ‘Law Society’ which are binding on its members and not on anyone else, are enforced unlawfully by the police and fake de facto courts. I have gone to court and challenged them, having established estoppel and informed the court so in advance. The court ruled that I was not involved in the case and consequently, asked me to leave the court. The violent seizure of assets continued with police protection. My problem is that as I changed my name, there is no strawman in my present name. If I had one, then I would take it into court as an independent third party representing the strawman and slaughter the opposition on the grounds that they cannot show the strawman’s current membership of the Law Society and so the court has no jurisdiction.

      • Preston Kibbey says : Reply

        Hello to all, I put my number on the back of my social security card the numbers in red on the fidelity site and it comes back with no results. So my question is, how much money am I worth and it seems like I seen something reading somewhere of numbers in the billions of dollars for the one people. Basically I want to get the process started and get out of poverty.

        • Not having a birth certificate, I can’t verify it myself, but I understand that the relevant number is on the back of your Birth Certificate (which is the strawman), so I suggest that you try again. Not being in America, I can’t check to see if the SS number happens to be the same. It is probably worth using the “Accepted for value” technique even if you do not know the alleged value of your strawman as it is almost certainly very high.

        • Frank Harris says : Reply

          I did the same thing too on (opened Guest Acct) and three different Bond Certificate accounts showed up;
          1) $30Billion
          2) $27Billion
          3) $30,000,582.00 Billion
          I then crossed referenced with my actual SSN, and these same amounts returned. Computer problem at the last minute prevented me from taking a screenshot. Went back 24hrs. later to entertain myself (and take screenshot) and was GONE!!! Called Fidelity the next day, spoke to Cameron Marcel, provided him with my same numerical information, who then could not pull up anything relating to the numerical information provided. I was able to copy the history of my findings (computer forensics investigation anyone???) and can only hope at this point that the Federal Reserve Bank possesses the Master File of these accounts and uses Fidelity as one of many tools to generate these massive amounts in our names. Talk about hiding in plain sight.

      • Kathelena says : Reply

        Hi Patrick,

        Thank you for answering the question of who owns the Strawman site. Your information is valuable and important, so thank you for making it available. Always good to know who to thank. 🙂

  4. Tricia says : Reply

    In sharing this with others, one knowledgable Man replied with clarification, adding his perspective thus: “… Your parents never “applied” for a birth certificate. They merely provided some information and nothing more. There is no “application” to “apply” for a birth certificate. The State creates one no matter what, with or without any parent providing information. The paper they provide information is called a information sheet. Not an application. The parent signs only as informant, not as any applicant. The baby is not registered at all. Only the birth event is registered which is the birthing of the new fictitious entity Name being created by the State. The State then issues you a certified COPY of the original which the State keeps as legal title to that fictitious entity Name. You merely USE the State owned legal “person” to conduct any commerce within the State regulated legal system of commerce which all of it is just fiction. Even when the parent signed as infomant, that was not their signature they signed, but the signature for the fiction Name the State owns and created after they were born. Everyone who has a copy of the birth certificate is authorized by the State to USE the State property Name and authorized to sign that Name FOR that Name. Everything you USE that Name for is all liability of the State. It is their property. They hold original legal title to it. The only reason everyone has problems from using that Name is only because they BELIEVE that is their property. So they make CLAIMS to that Name because of merely BELIEVING that is their property which is actually a false claim they make against State owned property. Any time a CLAIM is made in any court that claim MUST be bonded or insured. So your CLAIM becomes your CONSENT where you pledge your body and/or property you have to pledge as your bond/insurance as surety against your CLAIM. When you lose they take your body and put it in jail while their bond created cures or they take your property to pay your loss in court for YOUR claim you made! If you use their property Name properly and not claim it or anything registered in that Name then they have no consent from you and no claim by you and the State then must settle any claim against their property Name. It is as simple as that…. Anytime a names has a Last Name included that is a fiction name. There is no last name for living men or women, ONLY a given name, first-middle. So unless there is ONLY a first-middle name where NO last name exist at all, then the name is not for a man or woman. It does not matter how it spelled at all. It only matters whether it includes a last name or not. That is what the difference between a name for a living being is or if it is a fiction name. You will not find a birth certificate that does not have a last name. …
    In fact, no name can BE the human. The human can only be CALLED BY a name. James is the name the human would be called by. There is no last name attached. The only way to properly refer to a human by a name is where you would have write, the man called by James. Man is man and woman is woman no matter what. Man is not James. Woman is not Jane. Man is only called by James and woman is only called by Jane. James Martin or Jane Martin is fiction and has nothing at all to do with a living man….
    Of course when one actually KNOWS THYSELF, then they know all those codes and statutes and their definitions are not important at all because they know none of it applies to them anyway. They don’t even volunteer any more as a participant to that fictitious law society because they know it has nothing to do with them and they are not a party to it.”

    I replied: Thanks for Ur clarification and perspective on this treatise. It not being my document, I will attempt to relay your insightful comments to its author.
    : Your depth of comprehension of their illusory deception is incredibly commendable, allowing creation of precise solution in use of NAME without fallling into trap it has created for most people. (bow)
    The foreclosure upon the banks and “governments” (actually dead corp[ses] masquerading as same), by their non-response agreement to OPPT claims has dramatically changed the legal landscape in our world for those who recognize and choose to implement same. imo it has created True FREEdom from the slavery system most are still unaware of; declaring People BEing True Value as reflections of Creator (eternal essence embodied), allows us to re-claim our Creditor/ creator status and TRANSFORM and redeem the system back to its pure intention to actually serve the people in a very transparent manner.
    “idem sonans” being one of the issues addressed and negated by the OPPT filings, imo eliminates their use of NAME as a tool aginst any man/ woman aware of same.
    : Pending release of new tools to implement “monetization” FOR the People, using banks in transparent manner to facilitate same, brings them back to their higher intended purpose, peacefully re-claiming dominion over one’s self and intrinsic Value of one’s BEing and DOing.

    If any knows the author & can pass these comments along to him/her, I will have fulfilled my word; would also appreciate any feedback to pass back to commentor & knowing who the author is 🙂 I’d be willing to offer directly, if name & contact info is shared/ known:)

    Blessings to all here & thanks to all contributors. freemom7

  5. Kathelena says : Reply

    @ sonya – I know nothing about the UK tax system, but I wish you success in getting your questions answered.

    @ Tricia – Your comments were very helpful! It’s been a struggle for me to understand this whole process, both the old and the new (remedy). I doubt I’m the only one. 🙂 If you have access to the knowledgable Man who posted his perspective, please thank him for me!

    All the best to all as we work together to build our new world

  6. sonya says : Reply

    Thanks, Tonia for the link.

    Kathelena, re the strawman and remedy – if you haven’t listened to Dean Clifford’s videos, they are well worth it. Imo he has pushed his understanding deeper than most and because of this he is able to present it clearly and concisely in accessible language.

  7. Maurice says : Reply

    This strawman idea is all written towards US and UK residents. Where can i find ANY proof of claim for the rest of the people that live in Europe?
    I myself live in Belgium, searched the EDGAR but did not find any corporation that could be linked to UCC.
    So what van the other people do to backup all of this?

  8. sonia says : Reply

    Can anyone please provide a link to show where the UK Gov is registered as a company. This would be invaluable information but I haven’t yet been able to find it. Thanks.

  9. John Samphier says : Reply

    I personally have a social security number and an Australian Birth Certificate number and a bond under both.

    In one I have 577 million U.S. Dollars and the or the just over one billion.
    Now it is important th enter your numbers correctly otherwise it will not recognise them. You must enter the in 3 numerals and then a space and the last as the come 2-3 or 4 to open the bond. Then scroll down the page until you come to search and log in to find the total value. Spending on the bond there may be two search button check bothe to find value. It will work and you may need to just experiment with the number to get the right combination By the way my just deceased wife has more tha 1 billion dollars in her bond.
    Hope all goes well but it is there!

    • william atherton says : Reply

      hi john , the Fidelity company is a US company is it not? SO are you in the US when you searched for your CUSIP Bond? I have a Australian BC and a Government services card number but have kept coming against brick walls! Have you been able to access your accounts and make use of your wealth? I would be interested in any methods you found effective to unlock the secret! regards Will

      • John samphier says : Reply

        I can access my bond value for both my bc and my social security number. It is important how you enter your number in the search window. Usually as it is printed with the same spacing between them

        Still working on accessing the funds!

  10. John Samphier says : Reply

    Here is the correct link… express/get__quote?bar=p

    Cheers again

  11. Marc82 says : Reply

    I live in GA and been researching info about the “strawman” for a month now, do anyone know all the documents needed for me to properly fill out the ucc-1 forms and get my money? I need to know step by step instructions on the whole process, thanks!

  12. tinky says : Reply

    I live in south africa and was born in Germany. Where can i find information about my strawman and ucc? Thanks

  13. Sean-patrick says : Reply

    Hi I live in the USA and I am new to this straw man knowledge. First does any know how to go about getting ride of your straw man, secondly can you provide links to help me on my journey. Thank you guys for your help.

  14. sally says : Reply

    How do I find my worth and access my money in the U.K?

  15. Why Sally…….Is there money that important too you?

  16. Look beyond the money folks because you will see something a lot more amazing? Forget about there illussionary assets, and instead think about YOU, and what YOU are? GOD shines, only if YOU allow it too??? LOVE ‘Always’ ‘all ways’ ~ Jason F

    • scottfree says : Reply

      that’s a great story Jason. but in real life, if a person feels there is a great deal of money they may be able to access then by all means any living person would go ahead and try to control those funds. seriously, it sucks being poor and if we can get our hands on something tangible then fuck everything else at least for the time being.

  17. bernie (sa-cor) says : Reply

    Greetings Beloved Jason,
    You are correct – Who we are as Gods/Goddesses is up front! Money; well, what if a Light Worker have plenty ascension assisting plans, yet is so short of funds to barely sustain his/her own? Say, plans like reversing pollution – using SSI (Keshe Foundation) technologies for flying cars and FREE electricity with Q6/24/144 etc!!! There’s also The Plug, head bands…; from the (former) site of blogtalkradio… Beloved brother, all this is currently “expensive” relative to the masses’ perception who (maybe) need it the most?! Thanks jason (with small letter ‘j’!

  18. hope for MORE content and thank you

  19. juanita burton says : Reply

    thank you!

  20. Juan says : Reply

    One of the best pieces Ive read on this subject. Great work!!!

  21. Mike van Velzen says : Reply

    How do you actually beat a foreclosure in Canada? Most info pertains to American law. Need assistance please

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