Modern Money Mechanics

Let’s take a simple look at the history of money and ‘slavery debt’, how it replaced the tangible asset of gold and how the bankers used a combination of simple mathematical formulas to make money out of thin air. Here you can learn how bankers created covert partnerships to take advantage of peoples’ ignorance of contractual jargon through the deliberate dissemination of propaganda. Such was the strategy for building their slavery system.

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. – Henry Ford

Now with the ‘removing of the veil,’ the puppet masters or The Powers That Were, are no longer are.


 Modern Money Mechanics











8 Responses to “Modern Money Mechanics”

  1. Douglas Cross says : Reply

    I have read enough of this many years ago to wean me away from all debt to banks. I care not
    to create new money for them or myself through them. How does oppt work in terms of getting
    money out of the banks for our daily living? Or has this not been addressed?

  2. Luis says : Reply

    This is a great question, I wonder if someone would like to share?

  3. daniel natt says : Reply

    ok so what i dont understand is…how all of this pertains to me and my family…like if i need food or need shelter i still have to pay money for how am i free…if everyone one earth has value how can i access that value to buy food or provide a better shelter for me and my family….please i have been reading so much information on all of this but i am finding it hard to find answers that i can use today and tell others about…with so much suffering in the world i think it is wrong to withhold the vital information that could truly change people and set them free… i am not doubting the valid nature of all the documents through the ucc…i believe that this is real…i just want to be free to DO and BE…maybe there is something i am missing but i speak from the common peoples point of view…looking for simple answers maybe in a step by step format that can guide me and that i can teach others and show them they are truly free…but how can i explain to them that they dont have to go to their slave system jobs anymore if i dont understand it myself? please any guidance would be greatly appreciated…

    • wyndstorm says : Reply

      In order for the people on our planet to be truly free, Everyone would have to AGREE conscously OR Unconscously that the game would change. Apparently, people – souls- source essences, are still CHOOSING to live in separation, becasue for them, the game isn’t over yet.

      Now, I have no idea what it would take to get everyone to agree, but it seems like that’s the delay, at least IMHO.

    • Cheryl says : Reply

      I’m been reading everything researching everywhere but cannot figure out what forms I need how to fill them out. I have the same rel world issues you stated how did it work for you. I’m in Michigan.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. andrew says : Reply

    Great question and one I would like to see an answer to as well. I believe this is all real and I am looking into it more every day. If there isn’t a “how to” guide then maybe I can make it?

    Hope Daniel’s question gets answered…


  5. noel says : Reply

    Before most of us can quit our jobs or get access to our value it may take a little more time. In the mean time the documents that can help us are above, click on OPPT ABSOLUTE to deal with those claiming against you or you owe them. YOU HAVE NO DEBT
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