I Bet You Thought

I Bet You Thought
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I Bet You Though

6 Responses to “I Bet You Thought”

  1. It’s August 17, 2017.
    AND we want to know if Heather Ann Tucci Jaraff, will be released, and the current circumstances surrounding their cases.

    I am not touching the TDA accounts until they get out of jail. I’m not the only one, many people, are wanting to know that they are safe, and will be released, and if so, WHEN.

  2. Dee Ess Double Ewe says : Reply

    Evidently, people HAVE already and ARE CURRENTLY accessing their TDA’s with success and not being attacked. Some are receiving reversals (manually reversed evidently) but their creditor IS BEING PAID regardless of these reversals and not telling them, keeping their money! Some banks or creditors are being honest and crediting the payer’s account properly, some are doing so and closing their accounts afterwards to prevent further credits coming in from the FRB!
    ORDER is being PUT IN on the banking system by those brave enough to use their TDA’s and question authority and successfully defeat authority too in more and more cases as this evolves. It’s simply order vs disorder. When one introduces order into an area, confusion and disorder blow’s off! They will try to defeat us using such tactics. Simply IGNORE the confusion and disorder and KEEP PUTTING IN ORDER!
    Courts of LAW are not really courts of law, they are simply BANK’S ENFORCING THEIR STATUTES DISGUISED AS LAWS! STATUTES ARE NOTHING BUT ‘RULES’!
    Like ARNOLD say’s, “break the rules, not the law”….
    GodSpeed everyone!

  3. Caren says : Reply

    I keep imagining that these banks and companies would want to do business with us accessing the accounts they were locked out of. Some are not playing nice and I am making the intention that they do or we somehow have them put out of business
    The time of our evolution as the original has begun
    Thank you Heather and Randall

  4. Joseph says : Reply

    Good evening afternoon morning to whoever is reading. I am from Canada and just trying to catch up with everything. Could you direct me on how to achieve this gift you are giving. And has anyone from Canada been successful??please advise. Thank you very much and god bless you all!

  5. Oshun says : Reply

    You ca use an old closed checking acct as the routing number and your social security to access funds as well. Closed checking a counts are still open and are pass through to the federal reseve.

    • Candice says : Reply

      I used the Wells Fargo wire transfer routing number and my ss# as account, I used WF because they held my mortgage for 10 years. I paid my car payment 2 weeks ago successfully, no reversal and my electric bill 2 days ago with no reversal. They both sent me emails saying thank you for your payment and gave me an authorization number. Both of the accounts still say payment successfully paid and 0 amount owed at this time.

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