#UniversalCleanUp :History of Banking

the history of banking

Let’s take a simple look at the history of money and ‘slavery debt’, how it replaced the tangible asset of gold and how the bankers used a combination of simple mathematical formulas to make money out of thin air. Here you can learn how bankers created covert partnerships to take advantage of peoples’ ignorance of contractual jargon through the deliberate dissemination of propaganda. Such was the strategy for building their slavery system.

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. – Henry Ford

Now with the ‘removing of the veil,’ the puppet masters or The Powers That Were, are no longer are.



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9 Responses to “#UniversalCleanUp :History of Banking”

  1. SW says : Reply

    Your history is very inaccurate. Money has not always been an asset and it certainly wasn’t always gold!

  2. Ir. Jonathan Tamonob MBA says : Reply

    Whoever write this story, he/she has fail to explain the connection among Salomo treasures – Queen Shaba and Solo. It seems a huge jump story The writer should also be able to reveal the rightness that the treasures has been handover to Queen Shaba by the King Salomo. Archeologist and historian must work harder to help the writer to add the evidence on this part of story.

  3. Douglas Cross says : Reply

    Very intriguing! Is this Lucifer in control or is the Creator of everything in control? That is to me
    the ultimate question. To have the whole world believing in Lucifer would create total chaos as
    seen in the courts of Heaven itself i.e. Revelation 12. If the world’s population believe in the Creator then true peace will be here on this planet. That is the objective of many. It is my objective. Each man and woman can only speak and act for themselves. The Golden Rule
    is the Rule of Love (1 Corinthians 13) Lucifer is not a Creator he is one of the created ones and thus cannot be any type of righteous leader. The Messiah, the anointed one, has provided all mankind with freedom from rebellion (sin) (mistakes) (missing the mark) etc. Spiritual rebirth is therefore a necessary step and without it True peace, joy and happiness cannot be expected.

  4. Aiazmir SirionB says : Reply

    There is another alternative. A system where there is no money, and where people of this planet are recognized as the value. Gold will then have utility value only. No need to carry gold around because people are ultimately and intrinsically the value. They can exchange value through regional computer systems that record value exchange. These records are then used by local councils to plan economic activity. The balance on the computer system will always be zero. Inputs and outputs simultaneously. The means could be cellphones, and all value exchanges would be people to people.
    The entire system would be based on equal value for ALL.

    • D says : Reply

      SirionB is right on track. One thing to keep in mind also is that one man can live almost completely without assistance form anyone and only needs the natural world (see the documentary Alone In The Wilderness). Start with this mindset and notch it up a few degrees with family-based systems, sprinkle it with some worthy technology and we’re done.

  5. John says : Reply

    Why do you put items on Scribd. They are a pain to download, since one has to search for something to upload to them. Why not just make the darn things downloadable directly?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      I use scribd to easily display files for easy reading online. Above the scribd doc you will see a link that says to download directly click here… that lets you download it directly from I-UV.com

  6. Hussein says : Reply

    Hi there very well published information but im sorry to say you have it a little wrong my dear brother! If you would like to discuss this further i would be more than happy to explain what i know if your willing to listen. This whole system dates back to the days of pharaoh. They followed his system which still exists today. I have many many proofs. If we say to much pharaohs gaurds (police) will arrest us

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